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Lee Dearden
Lee Dearden 4 timer siden
Diallo only played about 50 minutes in Italy so no stop thinking hes ready to start. We moan about lowering the standard but people say a player who didn't start at atalanta should start for us. This season he will get little minute time an next season not much better
Desire To Reality
Desire To Reality 4 timer siden
Goldbridge for football director
Raphael Frank
Raphael Frank 4 timer siden
Wanted to fall sleep when it started will Haaland!😴
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 4 timer siden
So we scouted Haaland at Molde, we couldn't get him, he then went to Salzburg, we wanted him after that, we couldn't get him. Just forget it United, move on
DRGUKIINAUGANDA2016 4 timer siden
Erling Halaand is an overrated player. He absolutely bottles it against top teams Even Mason Greenwood would have troubled Mancity more.
w00t777 5 timer siden
If we need to splurge 85mil on Declan Rice, we should go ahead and do it.
crimson wicked
crimson wicked 5 timer siden
the P.E. teacher loves not winning silverware
MrBingbow 5 timer siden
Ullou evvriboddi an vellcome totheUNAITED STAND!
Adah40 6 timer siden
I respect KG but you're talking shyt this whole show. You had something to drink or smoke before or something? Martial will SHINE under a proper manager, so is Lingard.
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone 6 timer siden
You’re really comparing our squad to Chelsea’s? Why always looking to criticise our manager? Your internet fans might like it but do you really think it helps our team?
MMAoracle 6 timer siden
Not Ings ffs🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
Halloom 6 timer siden
was watching a quiet video before and had the volume to max for the intro..... my poor ears
Ricardo Moran
Ricardo Moran 6 timer siden
God does not exist
ROGER B-D-R 6 timer siden
neves ndidi tielmans
Ian Robertson
Ian Robertson 6 timer siden
Forget Haaland, the transfer fee is over the top and his monthly salary is ridiculous, not worth it
Josh Cox
Josh Cox 7 timer siden
I wouldn't have signed haaland with a release clause either 😂 screw that his agent is raiola 😂 hell have suiters every other month 😂
Kevin njalla
Kevin njalla 7 timer siden
When talking about pogba staying we don't need to talk of martial, he can go, we need a fast winger that can run pass defender and give crosses or shot
Kristjana Magnúsdóttir
Really love the interviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Colin McDermott
Colin McDermott 7 timer siden
In for Ings? Typical United I've heard it all Now 🤦‍♂️
Tell All
Tell All 7 timer siden
for about a minute, Per-Atle had me convinced that Ole should be our manager for years to come..He made a great case...but nah, the loss in Leicester was it for me...sack!
Tim Jones
Tim Jones 8 timer siden
Another Great interview Flex, nice one👊🏻👍🏻👏🏻
arjun manikandan
arjun manikandan 8 timer siden
Who all want Roy Keane on united stand goldbridge vs roykeane Clash of legends
James Wright
James Wright 8 timer siden
I want Cavani to experience a full capacity old Trafford
Didi Dada
Didi Dada 8 timer siden
Haallad, Grealish and Richarlison brazilian from everton are my fav. If Pogba, Degea and Cavani leaves. Sell Martial, Phil, Dalot, Perera, Mata and Matic keep Vandabeek and fred.
steveomcbigarms 8 timer siden
30 to 40 million for an injury prone 29 year old Ings.Not worth it. He's a good player... would suit the situation...but there's better younger choices for that price.Grab that Celtic striker..last year of contract..proably cost less...and a much more potential.
Simphiwe Twala
Simphiwe Twala 8 timer siden
Great Interview. Ole has a plan and I pray he sits the haters down.
adinem 8 timer siden
Anyone reading this.... I know this is obvious but if you close your eyes the gentleman sounds like ole himself!! Lol
The AJ
The AJ 6 timer siden
Norwegian accent
Andi Hakim
Andi Hakim 8 timer siden
Martial have to go too
Aziz Enezi
Aziz Enezi 8 timer siden
no squad depth im not ole out we're doing good in the league and europa league but the inexperience part of Ola really pisses me off
Abs Jr
Abs Jr 9 timer siden
Halaand is going to man city contracts have already been signed, man utd need to move on
darren paul schofield
darren paul schofield 9 timer siden
Is Harlan another summer smoke screen for the board for the transfer window
Churchill Lowayne
Churchill Lowayne 9 timer siden
We are likely to get Tammy Abraham😂😂
Karl brocklesby
Karl brocklesby 9 timer siden
U got some morons on here ffs
OT'99 Banter Room
OT'99 Banter Room 9 timer siden
UTD to get Varane and Sancho in the Summer!
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel 9 timer siden
When will the United stand realise that haaland ain't coming.. He choosed Dortmund over utd before..
lord h fisher
lord h fisher 9 timer siden
Cdm poao palihino at sporting unbeaten cdm this season
Dynesh 22
Dynesh 22 9 timer siden
This guy raised so many points that made some of us realise..yeah Ole wanted those players and imagine where we would had been going to next transfer window, we would be nearer to city level.. hope what he said about the board and owners seen what Ole can do and back him in the transfer..
Ajmal Cosman
Ajmal Cosman 5 timer siden
@Nathan McGuckin we are way ahead of liverpool, but i agree with you with City
Nathan McGuckin
Nathan McGuckin 6 timer siden
Even with new signings we would still be quite a few miles behind city and Liverpool
airforce1969 9 timer siden
Mark has mentioned San Der Berg a few times.
Cali Shakes
Cali Shakes 9 timer siden
Dybala sucks
My names Jeff
My names Jeff 9 timer siden
"Man United fans want to keep pogba" More fans want him out for being inconsistent as feck there is better out there stop comparing him to the likes of mata you don't use that argument for Maguire do you now.
Ryan Rivers
Ryan Rivers 9 timer siden
Expectation Haaland reality Danny ings
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 10 timer siden
As child I was sent to bed no dinner for bad behaviour it made you think and behave better
Abdel Chowdhury
Abdel Chowdhury 10 timer siden
We need a CB who can teach our £80m captain... I don't know why Ole rushed to make him captain... He's been decent last few months but should never be the captain...
fcom123 10 timer siden
Cracking interview flex!! Long live TUS Scousers in the mud! 😂🤣😭
Captain Dusk
Captain Dusk 10 timer siden
Got + 2% Norwegian after watching this video
Blue Viper
Blue Viper 10 timer siden
United aren't getting Haaland,😂 Manchester is blue
Angry Skeleton
Angry Skeleton 9 timer siden
Cool! Have a good day
Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez 9 timer siden
Cool! Have a nice day
pppscooby 10 timer siden
Perfect example in the two dortmund champions league games shainst city, Haaland no goals, no real chances, no real service. He won’t solve utd problems, need to build the team first.
Darkstar8473 10 timer siden
Ole, "David I need you to be more vocal" David, "This performance was not good enough"
Adam McCourt
Adam McCourt 10 timer siden
The first 30 seconds of the clip Per sounds a bit like Christiano Ronaldo.
CHOCCY BARR 10 timer siden
Even if we did sign Haaland, there's bound to be a release clause in the contract.
David Tuer
David Tuer 10 timer siden
One player doesn't make a team. We tried it with Pogba and look how that's turned out. We've brought other players in from the German and French leagues and they've been ok, sometimes, other times they've not produced. Sancho is another one. Look how he performs for England. OK is the best you can say. Rather carry on building the team as Ole has been doing.
Ben Brewer
Ben Brewer 10 timer siden
No haaland pls
Wdz One
Wdz One 10 timer siden
Haaland is the Norwegian Lukaku
The AJ
The AJ 6 timer siden
@Wdz One lol
Wdz One
Wdz One 9 timer siden
@Zeta reticuli mbappe is the best player in the world right now he’s better than Messi and Ronaldo combined
Zeta reticuli
Zeta reticuli 10 timer siden
Lol to think people rate him over emperor mbappe
Edward wynder
Edward wynder 10 timer siden
I love to know that this guy actually talks to OLE and his opinion and thoughts on who to get is exactly what we need so I hope OLE takes this on bored. And what he's saying about OLE wanting to playing a higher line is music to my ears
Darkstar8473 10 timer siden
Flex really fucked up when you said Swedish meatballs.
Devil red 7
Devil red 7 11 timer siden
I love it when people say we don’t need Sancho because of amad. We don’t even know if he’s going to a good player for us yet. He still has 2/3 years until he’s integrated into the first team squad
SHAFI999 11 timer siden
I would like Ruben Neves He is Actually Good He can Ran you a Midfield
Bleachguy 11 timer siden
ole man management second to non i disagree
My names Jeff
My names Jeff 11 timer siden
We can't afford it? Rarely is deals that size all up front hahahah of course Manchester United could afford him with something like 70 million up front, ain't nobody dropping 150 Ms upfront cash lol
619 Trading
619 Trading 11 timer siden
We had a chance to buy him for 20m and it was maybe too cheap. It way wiser to spend 8x that amount a year later!
M V 11 timer siden
A decent guy the club should hire him, puts a very positive spin on the club and even Ole. A good watch by the way.
Margaret Hii
Margaret Hii 11 timer siden
Foolhardy!!!! If Ole buys Haarland, Ole will surely be out. Look, how can Haarland give ManU a good chance to beat ManC???? In the champions League draw, Dortmund with Haarland still lost to ManC! Haarland, alone, will not assure ManU’s success!
Fuzy 11 timer siden
Against the big boys halaand not proven ie city leave him and sancho dortmund played us its now our turn don't need them
eyob tekle
eyob tekle 11 timer siden
Phil Jones is back 💥
nicnac 11 timer siden
Ole came out and basically said he can't manage a squad because they are playing twice a week on the regular. That's the bottom line. Playing players isn't a risk it's called squad management, that's aside form the fact if Axel had been playing all season he'd be first choice now. Ole has to go, this won't change with new players
Cian Mulvey
Cian Mulvey 7 timer siden
If Axel had been playing all season we wouldn't be in the top 4. He cost us time and again when he was given a chance in the PL.
Energetic180 11 timer siden
He can get Sancho at the same price as we got maguire...let that sink in
Arturo Filio Villa
Arturo Filio Villa 11 timer siden
So basically we won't get a CDM. We will get a CB and we should get Sancho where imo we should spend in a quality CB around 50M max and the rest in Sancho hopefully no more than 80M
ingsve 11 timer siden
Again with regard to rotation. Earlier in the season you complained over and over again because Ole rotated too much.
Jon Waddell
Jon Waddell 11 timer siden
The red shirt thing sounds plausible
Johan 11 timer siden
The one who always asks weird questions about norway in a Man United press conference
Casey Ofoma
Casey Ofoma 12 timer siden
Another underwhelming performance by Haaland against Manchester City. He barely touched the ball.....I don’t want to hear another complaint about Martial. I’m now convinced Haaland will not make a difference in this team
AJ NZ 10 timer siden
Agree, he was very static tonight. I could see him suiting UTD but Pep will definately not want him. In no way would he suit the City way of playing. I can't see Pep changing his way of playing to suit Haarland. Even though Kane is 27 I think he would be a better purchase for both clubs. But good luck getting him of Levy.
Gaz Gaz
Gaz Gaz 11 timer siden
Sadly he couldn't do the business over 180 mins of football vs City, not saying it is totally his fault just putting it out there.
Brant Wilson
Brant Wilson 12 timer siden
Literally could've interviewed any of your viewers and gotten the same info. Love u tho flex
Jack & the Headbangers EVIL
Ole wants two and half teaspoons of sugar in his morning tea... Ole wants pink and white toilet paper rolls neatly placed in the holder in his ot office toilet Ole wants this..ole wants that🤦 Dem captions 🤦 How about something concrete?
Dar Mon
Dar Mon 12 timer siden
Sancho is worth 60max no matter how long he has on his contract he's slightly overrated
Quincy Birant
Quincy Birant 12 timer siden
We need Haaland to the club
abdirahman abdikadir
abdirahman abdikadir 12 timer siden
no more haaland, he is martial with better finishing as he doesnt track back and doesnt press
Steven Banner
Steven Banner 12 timer siden
Great show !!! We have our doubts but if Ole wins Europa for the fans & players it’s all eyes on the board transfer window ... Even me I don’t like our football with some of his decisions but if you are an Ole outer please if Ole doesn’t get backed after being 2nd, winning Europa & knowing how we can play against teams like PSG, Citeh, Spursy, Everton etc etc then please can we direct all our anger also frustration on the Board by doing something about it as a collective if they fail us again after the transfer window because they will!!!!
Big Dusky
Big Dusky 12 timer siden
Big up Flex fr you have grown with this channel so much on a professional ting. comfy on cam 👍
Capt. CoCo
Capt. CoCo 12 timer siden
DDG, Cavani, Haaland and Pogba's update is annoying now. This week's been all about them with few changes in caption
Energetic180 11 timer siden
Tomorrow, “lingard to come back and sign new contract?!”
KM F 12 timer siden
This guy only gives his opinion, and most of his opinions are based on info we already know. He didn’t give us any new “inside” information. Im not impressed.