Solskjaer Press Conference Reaction! Manchester United vs Brighton 

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2. april. 2021





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Dáire Reilly
Dáire Reilly 10 dager siden
Has Goldbridge ever pronounced a word properly?
Parag Sangani
Parag Sangani 10 dager siden
Who is starting for united today and is Cavani playing today how is starting for us today and will cavani be playing today and what’s your prediction
Balan Balasundram
Balan Balasundram 10 dager siden
Gabriel of Arsenal is not good after all. Luckily, we didnt buy him.
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies 11 dager siden
We Need to Sell before We can Buy. Next Step: To improve the Squad in the Summer Windows. Time to cut out the Mediocrity & Sentiment out the Club, where depth and competition for places is needed. Man Utd Squad needs more refreshing but with Lingard, Jones, Mata, Matic, Dalot, Grant, Romero, Joel Pereira, Maguire, Lindelof & Fred at the Club shows that we lack the necessary ambition to go to the Next Level, Challenging for the Title & more. Time for them to move on. A keepers Clear Out is needed too due to standards have dropped. We have to consider Fred & DeGea, even VanDeBeek for a possible departure, we must keep Bailly & Andreas Pereira where defending & cover for Bruno is Priority. We also need at least 5-7 more players e.g. GK, 2CB, DM, CM, RW, LW.& ST and at least 10 players need to move on by the summer! Over 150M has been lost due to poor recruits so Ole & the board have to buy smart in the recruitment department, so being sensible would go along way when it concern the Club's development. There's other qualities out there at a reasonable price, so it best to search and invest well for the future. Our general play will improve once we add more depth of quality players to the squad that can play the Man Utd way.
Dar Mon
Dar Mon 11 dager siden
Sell henderson this summer
Lovejoy 11 dager siden
Football Press conferences are just pathetic. It's almost like they put them on to break up the day for the footballers and to justify a profession, full of special-needs kids and adults, who are stealing a living asking questions which you already know the answers too.
Joseph de selva
Joseph de selva 12 dager siden
Why don't you go there and ask Questions you Pratt
Legendary Marv
Legendary Marv 12 dager siden
Sell: lingard, pereira and a goalkeeper Get a CB cdm and rw in.. Mata out of the club end of the season. Loan Tuanzebe out with Williams also garner and mengi, get dalot back in as comp for awb
DesZero XR
DesZero XR 12 dager siden
It's not only the Euros. There is the Olympics also after that, isn't it?
T100MILLZ * 12 dager siden
Matt poor Judge of character 🤣
Invisxble 12 dager siden
sir ole gunner solskjaer lol
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 12 dager siden
I'll be so pissed off if on Sunday ole goes counter attacking defensive against Brighton of all teams or I could see Brighton doing a smash and grab
Milan Carrasco
Milan Carrasco 12 dager siden
Amad could start! Unfortunately Dan James will start most likely as well or in place of Amad
Emmanuel Mordecai Waholi
Ole out out
Davie Allan
Davie Allan 10 dager siden
Not only ole the problm the route cause of the problm is the glazers!
peter djeric
peter djeric 12 dager siden
Will riola have to quarantine?
David Alfonso
David Alfonso 12 dager siden
Is everyone ready for McFrOle on Sunday!
Kavi Kind
Kavi Kind 10 dager siden
Laxman Pujari
Laxman Pujari 11 dager siden
McFrOle 😂 good one
Themba Majola
Themba Majola 12 dager siden
No choice...
Ezii Jr
Ezii Jr 12 dager siden
OLE needs to use the famous " Asked and answered" statement.
alibabashero 12 dager siden
Is it not fair to say man utd is run by a bunch of idiots if giving phil jones a new contract and dea gea 350k a week. The wages are out of sync with the value returned. When has phil jones even last played a game. The wages are crazy.
Red Mc
Red Mc 12 dager siden
I’m on about next season what are u on about 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jad El-Khoury
Jad El-Khoury 12 dager siden
Have we sold Darmian yet?
John Derick Sison
John Derick Sison 12 dager siden
These journalists are as useful as Messi's right foot
joka619 12 dager siden
tbf pep said this last year, they always say this and then they end up getting 4 players at reasonable prices. lest we forget they got diaz, ake, torres for 120m combined and a bunch of u19 players totalling 35m. meanwhile we overspend on players we dont even want.
Idowu Sanni
Idowu Sanni 12 dager siden
Mark avoided the Mohawk comment cleverly
ingsve 12 dager siden
To get questions about midfield United would need to sign an english player in midfield
Matthew Gartell
Matthew Gartell 12 dager siden
Apparently we are trying to swap doinarunna for donnarumma
Dotz Cotton
Dotz Cotton 12 dager siden
Haaland has made his admiration for Liverpool public, he isn’t going united 😄
Karl 12 dager siden
He wouldn't go to them hasbeens, their glory years are over, they're on the decline!!!
XR 12 dager siden
He's going Manchester City or Real Madrid
Ashutosh Pattnaik
Ashutosh Pattnaik 12 dager siden
Don't play Rashford. Bring him as a substitute or play him 45 to 60 minutes. We can only request and suggest.
Mar Medli
Mar Medli 12 dager siden
Ole should be clever this summer and sign Donnarumma on a free and sell both keepers to raise the pot.
GeeOff Rooster
GeeOff Rooster 12 dager siden
That would be the boldest move in football history.. as much as that actually might not be the worst idea I’ve heard, it’s too bold.
Denis Vah
Denis Vah 12 dager siden
You dont want a new raiola client, plus raiola would probably say if u want donnarumma let pogba leave
Simon Stenlund
Simon Stenlund 12 dager siden
How’d you guys react with a transfer window where we only buy Rice and Kounde while Mata, Cavani and lingard leaves?
Arash Dev Ahlawat
Arash Dev Ahlawat 11 dager siden
That would be the best transfer window we can have but we have to sell Pogba as well, there is only one year left on his contract and buy a striker, I don't think we can beat other teams to get haaland, so we get a CF such as ....... I don't know😂
Slabicus Headicus
Slabicus Headicus 12 dager siden
I would be shocked if we got players of the quality of Kounde or Rice in this ‘pandemic market’. And I absolutely expect Cavani to leave, Lingard might get rebranded back to us and the board will probably give mata a new deal 🤣
Christian Catterson
Christian Catterson 12 dager siden
Would still need a replacement for Cavani imo. That would be a stepping stone transfer window which would be a good thing but would need further improvement on the squad in following window to compete
Kartik Tyagi
Kartik Tyagi 12 dager siden
I would be glad.. Would do anything to not start Mcfred and Mglof ..
Amen Zerabruk
Amen Zerabruk 12 dager siden
Bless will be an amazing transfer market for me
G N 12 dager siden
Started with a Rashford jibe, Ole would have to do really well in a united shirt, unless he does charity work on the side. WTF?
Slabicus Headicus
Slabicus Headicus 12 dager siden
I love when people look for something that’s not there. Speaking of looking for something that’s not there... how’s your 🍆 ?
Steve Webster
Steve Webster 12 dager siden
The premiere league is like the F1, with Mercedes Manchester City and us Ferrari..
Steve Webster
Steve Webster 11 dager siden
Well obviously you guys don’t know much about F1 because Ferrari where once a force to be envied but now are one of the worst teams just like Manchester United are heading if they don’t do some good recruiting strategies.
Riiico 12 dager siden
United a Ferrari?? Nah more like a mini at best
Nayeemul Haque
Nayeemul Haque 12 dager siden
I support both the Red for more than 20 years. Red till death
Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez 12 dager siden
Bruh we are a supermarket cart
A.R Achterberg
A.R Achterberg 12 dager siden
Let’s get together and buy some players
metube 12 dager siden
Name & shame these journalists
Steve Webster
Steve Webster 12 dager siden
I will say it again 50 Mil for a CB not much else.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 12 dager siden
Despite injuries to Rashford, Martial and Greenwood, myself and Carricky are working very hard to find a way to not play Van De Beek. Our current ideas are to play Mata and James. Cheers, Ole
Kamal Thapa
Kamal Thapa 12 dager siden
Keep going Mr ole
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 12 dager siden
@Dheepak Surya Kalyana Raman Thank you! Cheers, Ole
Dheepak Surya Kalyana Raman
This is hilarious! I love your comments man
Honeyboy 12 dager siden
wish you could stop screaming at the start of vids, jesus christ
Vaibhav Mehra
Vaibhav Mehra 12 dager siden
*Spot on From Simon Peach* for a sec I though he said Simon Stone, quite a rarity tbh😂
soto 12 dager siden
Mark why have you never gone to a press conference?? Go instead of Flex n lets see your questions boy?
soto 10 dager siden
@Fredo Td 😂🤣 it was half a joke. He should though, he talks the talk, lets see it in a real press conference 😂🤣
Fredo Td
Fredo Td 11 dager siden
Lmao he would never be allowed. If this was a serious suggestion
Football Utd
Football Utd 12 dager siden
Mark don't you get bored of this bus Parker giving same type of rubbish answers in press conference every week? These days everytime I hear this Norwegian fraud talk, I wanna slap him hard.. FFS plzzzzzz get rid of him plzzzzzzz 🙏
Kamran Nemazee
Kamran Nemazee 12 dager siden
Zayn miyassi you absolute king
Legit Walrus
Legit Walrus 12 dager siden
Crazy how quickly our own fanbase has turned on Fred as soon as he dips in form. Seems there always needs to be a scapegoat
Arunachala Sivateja Mudigonda
They're not proper fans mate.
Legit Walrus
Legit Walrus 12 dager siden
@Kedar Panday Its a very fair point
Era 12 dager siden
@Hero they are both pathetic bench players at best
Hero 12 dager siden
I think Fred is underated and Fred is being used as a scape goat personally I think mcsause has been a lot worse
MILO ICE 12 dager siden
Man’s been in a dip in form since he arrived 😭
Really89 12 dager siden
Dortmund can demand what hell they want. It means nothing unless some fool club are willing to pay it. No one will pay €150m in summer 2021. Many would pay £70m in summer 2022. He will end up at Madrid. All bets off.
low 12 dager siden
Could pep be saying they can't afford a striker to try drive the prices down on certain players 🤔
soto 12 dager siden
The other clubs will know he is talking out his ass. Specially that they need one now Aguero is leaving
SRL Back Up
SRL Back Up 12 dager siden
Lindelöf Plays with a Zimmer Frame Regardless of a Bad Back
Gary McCormack
Gary McCormack 12 dager siden
Scattershot questions - nothing substantial.
Noelle Francisco
Noelle Francisco 12 dager siden
Sometimes when u hear these questions they ask, I find myself pulling my hair out. Terrible at times.
Don Ragnar
Don Ragnar 12 dager siden
@Ole Gunnar Solskjaer are you going to start Scott McDonald’s and Fred Fries against Brighton?
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 12 dager siden
If you think it’s bad for yourself, you should try being me! Cheers, Ole
Donald Dick
Donald Dick 12 dager siden
No point going in for halland when we've only 100mill to spend this summer.
soto 12 dager siden
If that lol
Paul K
Paul K 12 dager siden
martial and lindeloff didint train today thats fantastic 👏
JamesG78 United
JamesG78 United 12 dager siden
All them journalists have a set of questions that has been sent to them from the club or else they're not allowed to be in it lol
Christian Catterson
Christian Catterson 12 dager siden
@Damian Sheenan basically the same thing
Cedric Arthurs
Cedric Arthurs 12 dager siden
I feel the same
Damian Sheenan
Damian Sheenan 12 dager siden
No they don't!!! What they do is send their questions to the club then Manchester United approve what questions are allowed.
Ilir United 4live
Ilir United 4live 12 dager siden
Preseer conference Bridge we love ❤❤ youbridge
Devesh Amatya
Devesh Amatya 12 dager siden
Ultra defensive. To shut media up wish ole said he will play both of them in the same game
Paul K
Paul K 12 dager siden
fred or mactominey
Paul K
Paul K 12 dager siden
@Mar Medli please good shout 🙏
Paul K
Paul K 12 dager siden
@Jonathan Williams none of em
Paul K
Paul K 12 dager siden
@Jonathan Williams you for real?
Mar Medli
Mar Medli 12 dager siden
Garner by the looks of things next season
Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams 12 dager siden
Rab Nab
Rab Nab 12 dager siden
Mark seems to be on the charley again
VK in Bangkok
VK in Bangkok 12 dager siden
For Pep n City to sign Haaland, he will need to drop Riola as his agent. Pep statement is also to shaft it to Mino. We have shown not to work with Mendes n I can see same happening with Mino in the foreseeable future. There are many giod n world class players not under Riola
T1NY B0MB 12 dager siden
United need to become a more on the break team. Thats when we win. Don’t care how boring it is, we need to win things this year. Euorpa is our only chance for silverware
0_0 12 dager siden
Keep your wishes to yourself, more people want to play beutiful football, which gives you not only the silverware, but also beuty of football
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser 12 dager siden
Everyone getting onto journalists for their questions, are we forgetting how many silly things Ole has said? Honestly the double standards is laughable
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 12 dager siden
Also you can add..*you'd be surprised how many stars wanna sign for united*😂😂👹
Paul K
Paul K 12 dager siden
yes correct ...trophies are for egos for him to say that is his ego talking...The ego has landed
Sam Isaac Alex
Sam Isaac Alex 12 dager siden
Would u guys take John Stones if he wasnt a city player
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 12 dager siden
we should never buy buy anyone from the blue inbreds!⚉👹
Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie 12 dager siden
Pebbles is not great but at Man City he doesnt need to do much defending so he looks better than he is.
danny cole
danny cole 12 dager siden
Benjamin Kadima
Benjamin Kadima 12 dager siden
Take it easy Goldbridge you will get a stroke calm down
Sanket Kumar
Sanket Kumar 12 dager siden
Forget ABT halaand ,get midfielders who can pass the ball forward. If we sign halaand he will never get the ball because we will keep losing it in the midfield.
Lusala Lusala
Lusala Lusala 12 dager siden
I thought Cavani is a prolific striker, so I don't understand why United who failed to sign Sancho (cheaper) could buy Haaland with a price doubled.
Slabicus Headicus
Slabicus Headicus 12 dager siden
@David Parker Argentina*
David Parker
David Parker 12 dager siden
Cavani is headed to Uruguay
Mengezi Phiri
Mengezi Phiri 12 dager siden
Imagine if Mark was the Man United owner... Man United would be competing for titles
Talent Backs
Talent Backs 12 dager siden
Media is a joke They don't even deserve a Coke 🍷
808 Rex
808 Rex 12 dager siden
Someone give this man a record deal
808 Rex
808 Rex 12 dager siden
Sanyko Rodrigues
Sanyko Rodrigues 12 dager siden
Noelle Francisco
Noelle Francisco 12 dager siden
Red Mc
Red Mc 12 dager siden
Man City will sign haaland ! Man United will sign Sancho ! Remember me!
F D 11 dager siden
@Chiro Ghosh they will be desperate beacuse nobody want to pay 120 mil for him and sooner or later his contract will run down
Chiro Ghosh
Chiro Ghosh 11 dager siden
@F D well!!! Well nobody gave 120mn this year also hence they didn’t sell.. If you want to buy him, you need to pay the amount they want, especially if they are not desperate to sell after a Haaland deal..
F D 12 dager siden
@Chiro Ghosh no, nobody will pay 100 mil plus for sancho plus his contract is running down
Dheepak Surya Kalyana Raman
Nope mate
Salman Hussain
Salman Hussain 12 dager siden
no we should get ben white🥴
Manchester M9
Manchester M9 12 dager siden
And at the end he told the last journo straight 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kenan Cangirli
Kenan Cangirli 12 dager siden
Mark youre a goat
Bahadır Çakır
Bahadır Çakır 12 dager siden
Doğru. :)
Kris W
Kris W 12 dager siden
Ole, even Lindelhof for Fred Please
Kris W
Kris W 12 dager siden
Ole, Donny for Fred please
Jai Kurbaan
Jai Kurbaan 12 dager siden
ψ S̵̨̢̼̥͎̦͍͍̖͒͑Ȩ̷̛̹̫̙͔̗͓̫̫̺̖̬̥̗̹̽̈́̽͑͊͊̄͂̐̇̇̚͠L̸̡̛̪̣̺͔̝͇̖̺̫̻̳̰͙̰̦͉̒͒ͅL̷̗͕̫̲̗̅̾͑̂͗͐̂͝L̶̢̨̨̛͖̼̼͈̜̫͓̝̰̤̫̹̱̰͓̩̘̬̝̤̺̤̱͒̍̂̀̄͜Ļ̸̫͙͆̓͑͆̊́̆̈́̽͊͗̄̓͒͗͊̈́̈́̓̀̚̚̕͠͝Ḻ̴͓̞̹͔̮̝͔̱͂̈͒̇̏͐̿̈́̐͊̃͜͜͝L̷̛͈͙̖̯͍͔͈̣̣̬̻̦̾̅̉̅̈́̔͛̅̀̇̌̐̃̅͝͝L̷͙̤̞̠̦̟͙̝͈͓̇́̒̓̌́̆̑̎̉̍̽̉͌̂̀͝͠L̶̨̡̧̡̛̥͕̫̪̣͈͎̱̭̭̦̦̘͌̄̀̈͑̊̀̅́̅̃͜͝L̴̛̹͚͎̙̻̩̥̂͗̏̐̔̋̌̉͊̉̓͐͒̐́̇̂̈́͌̇̓̉͂̕L̴̡̗̥̮͔̤̺̣̩̭̥͖͑̓̽̇̿̅̏̓͊̅̋̿̋͑͘̕͝͠ͅL̴̨̢͉̯̜̖̼̬̯̯̱̗̟͗̍̐͐́̐͋͝L̵̨̡͔͓̼̊̾̐̈́́̿̓̂͛̽̏͐͆̂͘̕̚Ļ̴̧̨̝̪͕̯̦̝͚̞͎͍͕̺̱̭̙̝̖̥͇̤̝͖̃͐̄͗̊̑̑͒͗͊̐͆̈͊͛̒̉́̐̽̇̏͒͜͝͝L̴̨̢͎̭͖͓̥̞̫͔̯̗̬͎̣͔͈͍̖̭̰̜͉͛̇̾̾͛̊́̅͌͛̒͑̍̽̿͛͌́̔̍͒̕͜ͅL̸̡̨̠͇͍̦͍͈͍̰̤̜͘͜͜Ļ̴̛̛͈͕̭̙̪̰̳̪̬̝̤̳̟͑̔̆̄̓̿̊͗̄͂͒̄́͊̓̄͜͜͠͝ ̷̨͕̯̳̮͈͈̟͎̬̪͖͍͙̺̲̲͚̎͊̒͋̈́͌̎̈́͑̽́̇̆̆͗̃̔͆͝ͅͅB̴͕̱̰̭̆R̵̨̡̥̖̟̩͚̻̯͇̬̗̣̪̰̪̆̍̑̍̀̈́̆͛͐͐̋̒̌̄́͌͐̀̔́̚͜͠͝͝U̵̧̡͇͕͈̰̻͖̗̼̣͉̗̤̭̯̳͈͎̘͔̣͗N̵͇̯̺̝̟͎̞̪̺͓͋͒̇̌͐̅̋̎͠ͅO̶̢̨̗̙͕̙̲̥̪̳̪̜̺̰̣̙̪̯̗̙̭̥̻̺̖̮̫͖̒̉̀͊̈͊͆̈́͑͑̈͘͜͝͝O̸̳͂̎̋̾̎̈́͂̀͊̃͛͂̃͝͠͠͝Ơ̸̧͇̘͔̦̦̲̖̞̝̰̩͉̰̝̰̬̥̗̰͈̖̍̿̽̏̕Ǫ̸̢̼̙͇̭̬̼̫̙͍̪͈͕͕̘͍̞͎͙̟̲̈̄͒̾͂̿̓Ö̷̱͍̳̥͈́͒̀̓̍̔̈̌̇̿̃͐̂̒͆̽̽̚͘̕͝Ơ̴̡̛͕̭͈̼͓͔̳͍̪̱̝̓̆͂̄̃̓͒̎̀̋̆͛̆̀͂͐̅́̉̍͌͑͗̚͜͝͝ͅO̴̧̜̝̤̗̭̝̟͎̠͎̳͖̜̘̭̰̱̻̭̝̤̓̅̔͌̇͂̀̒͑̓̔̌̓̌́̾̀̍́̈́͗̕̚̚͠͝͝͠͠Õ̵̳̙̖̥̔̾̓ͅͅƠ̴̢̡̨̛͈̪͍̯̦̜̰̙̜̰͕̬̣͇̱̘͙̳͐͊̔̉͐͂͑͐̈́͊̏̽̇̓͐̆̈́͆̆̚͜͝O̷̘͈̔̎̒̇̔̾͋͑́̅͘̕͘͘Õ̵̻̦͚̝͓͚̒̂̀̀͐̂O̷̢̦̗̪̎͜Ö̵̡̻͙̰̮̥͍̬̪̦̫́́̊̀̌͊͒̍̐̋̈́̔̓͐̓̊͆̎͒̆͘̚͘͜͜͝ͅƠ̶̛̯̭̯̙̙̦̲̳̹̣̠͛̓̓̄͑̽̈͂̽̓̇́̔̃̓́̕͝͝͝Ơ̶̡̢̨̡̝̲̰̯̗̠̫̩͈̩̰̥̓͊̈̓̑̐̀̄́̓̒̎̎̉̍͗̇͒̑͜ͅÖ̵̗͉͚͇̠̼̝̱̹̬͍͇̼͖͎̇͌̄̔̓̑͒̓̉͌̓͂͆̅͝͠ ☠
Jai Kurbaan
Jai Kurbaan 12 dager siden
@0_0 I am the special one.
0_0 12 dager siden
How did you do that ?
Kris W
Kris W 12 dager siden
Ole, Axel for Fred please
Rahul Wanjari
Rahul Wanjari 12 dager siden
It's good to see from Pep showing interest in Haaland or any striker publically, Ole's attitude also given hinted they can't afford him. Raiola can't use these Manchester clubs for his advantage.
Mar Medli
Mar Medli 12 dager siden
@Anonymous Pep is telling porky pie's , they probably after two.
Anonymous 12 dager siden
Pep literally just said in his presser that they cant afford a striker this year
Monzy 12 dager siden
These 'journalists' ask the stupidest questions ever
Cookie Man
Cookie Man 12 dager siden
@Ander Pereira Journalists want headlines and soap opera.
Ander Pereira
Ander Pereira 12 dager siden
@Bam Bam remember when Samuel Luckhurst got butt hurt because Flex was in a press conference asking questions? Pathetic really, Flex asked good questions that resonated with fans but the "journalists" asked the most inane questions possible.
Bam Bam
Bam Bam 12 dager siden
They want to keep a good relationships and suck each other off instead of actually doing a good job... maybe that is the job.
Koh Chung Wei
Koh Chung Wei 12 dager siden
Brighton are potentially a banana peel game... Can't afford to drop points here
The Batman Channel
The Batman Channel 12 dager siden
@oasistimes Exactly lol😂
henry kwidini
henry kwidini 12 dager siden
They always give us a hard time
KING DEDEDEDEDE 12 dager siden
We need to go strong a must win game who knows we might drop points to spurs
Jaz. D
Jaz. D 12 dager siden
Its ok united have harry maguire
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel 12 dager siden
So is utd a banana peel especially at home..
I have some awful news...