Solskjaer's TOP 5 Striker Transfer Targets! Man Utd Transfer News 

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30. mars. 2021





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smruthi sharma
smruthi sharma 5 dager siden
Sell or loan De Gea, Pogba, Martial, Dalot, Perreira, Fred and Matic and deny Mata a new contract. Sign White, Grealish, Rice and Sancho. 🔥🔥🔥
Jonas Gustafsson
Jonas Gustafsson 6 dager siden
Isak yes plz
S,Lalhmingliana Hminga
Haaland only
Joseph Richards
Joseph Richards 12 dager siden
newcastle rubbish new manager sack bruce
Joseph Richards
Joseph Richards 12 dager siden
i best premier league liverpool champion in the world
Joseph Richards
Joseph Richards 12 dager siden
manchester united rubbish leave paul pogba join real madrid transfer window last summer open june 9
Joseph Richards
Joseph Richards 12 dager siden
joseph richards are football and hollyoaks better than eastenders and emmerdale and coronation street
Joseph Richards
Joseph Richards 12 dager siden
are joseph richards sexy and good looking better than wayne rooney and paul pogba and david beckham and ryan giggs and michael owen and frank lampard and michael charters and paul gordon and tyrone richards and de gea and pep reina and ozil
Joseph Richards
Joseph Richards 12 dager siden
transfer window rubbish leave haaland
Joseph Richards
Joseph Richards 12 dager siden
joseph richards are liverpool better than manchester united
Joseph Richards
Joseph Richards 12 dager siden
joseph richards rubbish manchester united paul pogba
David Morgan
David Morgan 12 dager siden
What about Ollie Watkins 🤷🏼‍♂️
Gift Mumba
Gift Mumba 13 dager siden
There is no risk on Patson daka mark. This guy is good, even haaland came from the same team.
Neo Ren Jie
Neo Ren Jie 13 dager siden
Man Utd and top players just don't go together.
sam bog
sam bog 13 dager siden
halaand? dream on... look at recent forward signings. Cavani well past best, injury prone. Ighalo lols. Sanchez, great transfer that was
Søren Christian Platz Forum
He is a good striker....
Kian Smith-Brown
Kian Smith-Brown 13 dager siden
harland has a release clause
IC7 14 dager siden
1:59 Just wanted to shout out this message that Mark made here, class act. Claude May Rest In Peace 🙏
Michael Burley
Michael Burley 14 dager siden
Welcome to hahaaland
Dixon Sichy
Dixon Sichy 14 dager siden
Patson Daka 🇿🇲🇿🇲
Red Timez
Red Timez 14 dager siden
The last thing we want is an overrated one season wonder in Calvert Lewin
Christophe Oosterwijk
Christophe Oosterwijk 14 dager siden
ole was actually right about lukaku being sold when he said "I believe Martial and rashford will score a lot of goals this season" and he said that after he sold lukaku which was in the year of 2019 and he was right because martial and rashy were on fire last season as well as greenwood
Keith Corbett
Keith Corbett 14 dager siden
They will buy nobody
chuck lombardo
chuck lombardo 14 dager siden
We shud sell Rashford and martial and buy sancho and daka
chuck lombardo
chuck lombardo 14 dager siden
It will be patson daka because Woodward will go for cheapest option gud player though
chuck lombardo
chuck lombardo 14 dager siden
Forget bout Calvin lewin overated it has to be haaland martinez or patson daka
apple account
apple account 14 dager siden
Daka or Calvert Lewin
Gilsz WARRIOR 14 dager siden
Silva and David should be on the list too
mark houston
mark houston 14 dager siden
Edwards from celtic for me ,Calverton Lewin give over very very overrated 80 mill ffs
Zee One
Zee One 14 dager siden
Should not of sold Lukaku
Darshananth Jayaraman
Darshananth Jayaraman 14 dager siden
Man utd r no more a top side...the faster the fans realise it the better for their mental health
Zee One
Zee One 14 dager siden
Unfortunate but true
Darshananth Jayaraman
Darshananth Jayaraman 14 dager siden
Man utd r stuck with martial..
ATP Synthase
ATP Synthase 14 dager siden
Daka could be a good gamble. Playing in a front two at Salzburg is a down side but he seems tenacious and could be shifted to the wings if it’s not working out as a striker. Could be the player that Ole could shape into what is needed for the team.
Zee One
Zee One 14 dager siden
Ole can't teach finishing he had also said he is not a coach we have poor coaches
Dar Mon
Dar Mon 14 dager siden
Maguire out
Consigliere Onchwati
Consigliere Onchwati 14 dager siden
I don't understand why we are not in for Odsonne Edouard from Celtic
Billy Pug
Billy Pug 14 dager siden
I hope it’s not DCL he’s not clinical enough
Josh Nunn
Josh Nunn 15 dager siden
Andre Silva best option, prolific, Portuguese and would suit us well.
tedson kabiru
tedson kabiru 15 dager siden
Goldbridge i don't believe we gonna sign anyone this summer
Free Bash
Free Bash 15 dager siden
Why are we looking for a young striker ? We currently have a big prospect with mason greenwood at 19 years of age who is only going to get better He should be our main striker and until he is „ready“ we have martial who can do a good job and than step down towards the bench after ( I hate that people think because he is young he is not ready to play) The only one I would take is Haaland as he is going to be the best N9 in my oppinion in the next years
Ad A
Ad A 15 dager siden
Simon Andre
Simon Andre 15 dager siden
Calvert Lewin is a class player but he’s not worth 80 million
adam 15 dager siden
Ole best finisher in the prem mark gone delusional again
Gunahlan Subas
Gunahlan Subas 15 dager siden
Calvert-Lewin would be perfect maybe the Everton connection with Murtough can be useful??
Benard Tembo
Benard Tembo 15 dager siden
Patason Daka chipondo kuma goals,let's get him👍
Ollie 15 dager siden
Calvert Lewis is my first choice (even ahead of Haland)
rob kennedy
rob kennedy 15 dager siden
ole was a risky striker to buy from norwegian league
Vinde Zarksville
Vinde Zarksville 15 dager siden
Marks logic is awful... You just from saying we should have bought haaland the first time out before he went to Dortmund, amd now from the same league and a former teammate of haaland yu say no...?????🤣🤣🤣🤣 you're lost and bias...stop having double standard..
Abednigo Obadje
Abednigo Obadje 15 dager siden
B.Z 15 dager siden
Bookmark this. Utd will end up with either of Andrea Belotti or Alassane Plea, Belotti wouldn't be bad but Plea will be the new Timo Werner for United.
B.Z 15 dager siden
Bookmark this. Utd will end up with either of Andrea Belotti or Alassane Plea, Belotti wouldn't be bad but Plea will be the new Timo Werner for United.
Steven L
Steven L 15 dager siden
Mark is losing it today, that NOsections life is a real struggle
Gerald Gunn
Gerald Gunn 15 dager siden
Dominic....? Loool and you say you don't want mings last season he was awful been good 4 a season and now his better than martial loool
klen o'hara
klen o'hara 15 dager siden
"Fred is rubbish" then 5 seconds later, "let's not wash our hands of Fred" which one is it Goldbridge?!
Zee One
Zee One 14 dager siden
It's both it's neither
sam biani
sam biani 15 dager siden
You missed aguero
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones 15 dager siden
how can you possibly say that 30m for an unproven striker outside of Holland wasn't a risk? That was the exact definition of a risk lol
Nani Nels
Nani Nels 15 dager siden
I would go for Watkins from Villa if we can’t get Izak.
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 15 dager siden
Man United squad 2021/2022:De Gea,Shaw, Maguire,Varane,Wan Bisaka,Saul Nguez,Pogba,Martial, Rashford,Andre Silva;Henderson,Telles, Lindelof,Bailey,Fred, Mctominay,Diallo,Van De Beek,James,Greenwood;Experienced bench:Grant,Mata,Matic,
Hassan A abdi
Hassan A abdi 15 dager siden
I would a striker 30 mil bissouma 30 mil and sancho 70 sell lingard and dalot for 40 or marquee cb with a striker maybe cdm but if we get a good cb Fred can play with pogba and Bruno
Black Rose
Black Rose 15 dager siden
calvert lewin?? I think Goldbrirge has finally lost it, poor guy!! calvert lewin is hit and miss and let's see what he does next season. He couldn't even get in the Everton team for years. Even now he's dried up.
LJ 15 dager siden
i reckon Silva is suitable for teams like west ham or newcastle
Pepanji Simbeye
Pepanji Simbeye 15 dager siden
Patson daka is a risk we can take . His got promise
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 15 dager siden
Andre Silva is the perfect buy for us along with Joao Paulinha from Sporting FC for CDM
jivo76 15 dager siden
Calvert Lewin, Daka and Isak could all be a 1 season wonder. Haaland and Silva are proven goalscorers on a consistent basis. Lose Haaland to City and lose the hope to win the EPL TITLE for as long as Guardiola there.
Wise Acre
Wise Acre 15 dager siden
We need Daka, cheap and prolific
Bleachguy 15 dager siden
for me no to haaland cause his agent dominic calvert lewin yes definitly
Bleachguy 15 dager siden
i think pogbas creativity and passing makes up for freds flaws but asking fred to stay bk and let pogba and bruno do there thing fred could drop bk cover shaws position which would allow shaw more freedom to go forward fred been left footed makes sense covering shaw i usually see shaw going up and maguire covers left hand side id prefer left footer
Bleachguy 15 dager siden
we have martial and mason as st rashford and diallo for lw and rw james and pellestri we need start playing mason in position he needs in future no more mason on wing anymore we only need a utility player that can play on atking positions
Ivan 15 dager siden
Maybe we can Bring back Depay for free?
Chilled Gameplay
Chilled Gameplay 15 dager siden
DCL never gonna leave unfortunately
joka619 15 dager siden
just get sancho for 70m and then play martial and greenwood in the 9 and diallo and rash as the two wingers, with the fromer being back up to sancho and dj for rashy. we dont need a new no.9 just yet, martial and greenwood can still come good once we have some proper wing play which sancho adn diallo will help with.
chuck lombardo
chuck lombardo 14 dager siden
And pellistri
halmia 15 dager siden
alexander isak in spain. WORLD CLASS: NOT EXPENSIVE
Matthew Azzopardi
Matthew Azzopardi 15 dager siden
All I can think watching this video is are any of these better than Lukaku (bar haaland of course) we are such a joke
Shane Simpson
Shane Simpson 15 dager siden
Needs feed though
Shane Simpson
Shane Simpson 15 dager siden
Shane Simpson
Shane Simpson 15 dager siden
The PiratePeteShow
The PiratePeteShow 15 dager siden
On Haaland, his agent spoke and said they wanted Dortmund cause it was easy and to let the player grow, and said maybe it was a mastake but we never expected him to reach this level already
chuck lombardo
chuck lombardo 14 dager siden
Haaland will be at Barcelona
Tonka 15 dager siden
Daka is actually a very interesting signing
Shane Simpson
Shane Simpson 15 dager siden
Who's gonna feed the striker ?????
SuperJixs 15 dager siden
Mark where is the coaching? If you're saying daka is a risk, he's a very good play man come on.
wxfiez fn
wxfiez fn 15 dager siden
U chat about haalands agent in the morning then omgggf..... but gud content keep it up
gillco 15 dager siden
Mc tominay better than Fred
Zee One
Zee One 14 dager siden
Not as a CDM
Rutul Thakkar
Rutul Thakkar 15 dager siden
Get Calvint-Lewin (Rooney 2.0)
CHRIS14 15 dager siden
cavani out DCL in
Croissant 15 dager siden
I cant believe we are buying a striker when we need to invest in other positions
CHRIS14 15 dager siden
we should get calvert lewin....perfect striker if we're not getting halaand
Mr.Villain 15 dager siden
We can buy one of the best striker but he will end up being on the bench. We all know how is Ole, he will start his Anthony, James and Greenwood instead.
Seferio 15 dager siden
I would love to have isak in Man u
Don Tynan
Don Tynan 15 dager siden
Calvert Lewin is interesting? Chris Wood, would be a more interesting move? A big, aggressive striker, who makes things happen, due to his physicality!!! Why(Mark), does it always have to be a "name", foreign striker? An aggressive forward would be a real change....Worth a relatively cheap punt, remember Ighalo, before dismissing as sub standard???
Tito Zadravec
Tito Zadravec 15 dager siden
What about ben godfrey for a cb
Chris Andromeda
Chris Andromeda 15 dager siden
“Normilarily” lol
king Fergie
king Fergie 15 dager siden
Van nistelrooy was £19 million I think
David Alfonso
David Alfonso 15 dager siden
Andre Silva is the best option Man Utd should just get him
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 15 dager siden
yep..silva and neto on the right wing!👹
Shaun Ashfield
Shaun Ashfield 15 dager siden
We missed the boat by not signing Moussa Dembélé he would of suited United style perfectly
Evan Frost
Evan Frost 15 dager siden
Sell Dalot, lingard, phill Jones and Pereira. Guaranteed to get about 30 to 40 mill for all of them combined.
Zee One
Zee One 14 dager siden
Sell jones hahaha
Evan Frost
Evan Frost 15 dager siden
Free CAVANI....... To go play for another club. He has helped us and he was good for us when we needed him, but he is old and injury prone.
Robert Alvarez
Robert Alvarez 15 dager siden
Prefer Martial over Silva tbh, I don’t rate him. He won’t be strong enough for Premier league. Which is why he failed in Italy
Paul Dawe
Paul Dawe 15 dager siden
Konate having medical with liverpool today 34m nice bit of business from klopp
tnmyat2 15 dager siden
My guess is United will probably go for Sergio augero because we mucked about on haaland the whole summer and will get our pants pulled down by Dortmund again.
Jonas Nilsson
Jonas Nilsson 15 dager siden
Isak is quality and if he comes you should get your manners together and stop putting Lindelöf in the outs when he clearly is the most complete cb we have. And i dont just talk about the Swedes , every united player wherever they come from should have your full support. If one starts doubting in his ability it could be devastating. There is a reason why the absolute best always delivers!