Haaland Not The Man! Dembele & Konate Transfer BIDS? Man Utd Transfer News 

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Man Utd's transfer pursuit of Erling Haaland is a waste of time in more ways than one and could a late Kounate and Dembele bid solve United's issues? Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. United Stand Merch collection united-stand.myshopify.com/
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7. april. 2021





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Tell All
Tell All 2 dager siden
Varane, Dembele and Declan for $$ +Lingard(Moyes should make him the captain as well)
Tell All
Tell All 2 dager siden
with those signing, Paul stays for sure. Unless Madrid wants to do a Varane for Paul swap
Neilamond Matlhare
Neilamond Matlhare 4 dager siden
Man utd need to buy Haaland and Sancho.... this will make the best trio in history in like with Rashford.,.. the winning front ever to be seen even if it means quarter of the team needs to be sold....
Richie Alan
Richie Alan 5 dager siden
The people that follow this channel are the same people that follow AFTV and Matt Gaetz sarcastically.
Philip Roche
Philip Roche 6 dager siden
I tottally agree when has Haarland proved to us he is worth 170 million not to me.
sunta sunkutu
sunta sunkutu 6 dager siden
An watching sub numbers mark, your channel is actually gaining on AFtv. Keep closing the gap, well done.
Omar K
Omar K 7 dager siden
We need him. No way is that a mistake
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
Take that is Man City ... Man Utd are Guns N Roses Beatles Queen Metallica ... all wrapped in one ... 😅😅😅
Richie Mason
Richie Mason 7 dager siden
We won't get him wel get aload of dogshit like normal and be miles of the fucking league because we are a complete joke
Mads Soth
Mads Soth 7 dager siden
Spot on. Without service, he cannot do much on his own. Great player though.
David Patterson
David Patterson 7 dager siden
Mark! We can’t get these players .....they don’t want MU...unless we over pay 💰
Sanj 7 dager siden
Starting XI v Granada (4-2-3-1): De Gea; Shaw, Maguire, Lindelof, AWB; Fred, Pogba; Rashford, Bruno, James; Greenwood.
Sam Spedy
Sam Spedy 7 dager siden
happy birthday bro 🎉
ROGER B-D-R 7 dager siden
happy birthday MARK it s mine too seriously amazing i didn t know 7 April gang what up man i m kiddin lol
Sylvia Nikolette
Sylvia Nikolette 7 dager siden
The remarkable curve serendipitously arrange because hardboard successively ban mid a gray greasy great observation. sad, unnatural course
Mark Wilkins
Mark Wilkins 7 dager siden
Happy Birthday goldbridge 🍻🍻🍻❤️❤️❤️
J. B.
J. B. 7 dager siden
One way to think about it is that Haaland is too big of a star for us not to buy now, i.e. we can't afford to let a star of his caliber go to a competitor in the PL or in Europe. I'm not saying I subscribe to this approach, but it's alternative way to think about it.
Oliver Biskit
Oliver Biskit 7 dager siden
Happy Birthday Mark
Wythenshawe Kid
Wythenshawe Kid 7 dager siden
You woke up then🖒🖒
Jon Darbyshire
Jon Darbyshire 7 dager siden
Happy birthday mark 🥃🥃🎂🎂
Peter Shaw
Peter Shaw 7 dager siden
We wont get haaland but isnt there an argument that if we were to sign him ALL our players would step up, pogba, rashford, martial/greenwood would improve as they have someone to aim for as opposed to feeling they need to go for it themselves before running into a wall.
Bruce Mitchell
Bruce Mitchell 7 dager siden
If we could reduce the passes while attacking we'd get in the box more and score more.
petriokas 7 dager siden
Haaland with 21 goals in 21 games in the bundesleague. Without him were would they be?
Kevin Graham
Kevin Graham 7 dager siden
Crixus 7 dager siden
Happy birthday Mark!!!
rehzin x
rehzin x 7 dager siden
Won’t sign haland but wanted sancho last season Bruno and pogba would provide service for haland
Jakub Pruzinec
Jakub Pruzinec 7 dager siden
Is Goldy 40 today ?
adam84657 7 dager siden
Mark has been gaslighting us about so many transfer that never happened. Except Bruno who turned out to be a good player only. Does not have the wow factor. Forget it cus no top player is stupid to play for a pagan like OGS
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 7 dager siden
Why would Haaland sign for a club that broke his father's leg he must hate our club?
Cole T
Cole T 7 dager siden
To the guy referring to ole as a puppy and Klopp/pep a bear..... a bear is quiet. A puppy is loud af. Lmao. People that try too hard to slate the manager 🤣🤣
octavio santos
octavio santos 7 dager siden
Sorry but you're wrong about Haaland .
D Jm
D Jm 7 dager siden
Harland is going to Man City or Real Madrid. Get real. United need to concentrate on selling Martial, Jones, And loads of other trash.
Adam Cox
Adam Cox 7 dager siden
Happy birthday Mark 🍻
Adam Cox
Adam Cox 7 dager siden
I have supported this great club since the 70's and it's heartbreaking to see how the Glazers have destroyed it 😢
Adam Cox
Adam Cox 7 dager siden
@Mick Foskett Do you know who signed off the deal to allow the Glazers to take over?
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 7 dager siden
Me too!..can only hope someone buys those parasites out someday soon!☠👹
Gza Ob1
Gza Ob1 7 dager siden
Happy birthday you Pratt lol
David Blandin
David Blandin 7 dager siden
What's the difference between Dembele's injury record and Rashford or Pogba"s ?
ChrisSidwick 7 dager siden
Liverpool thought they couldn’t survive without Coutinho and Suarez - then build a team and win a title, agreed you need a squad
Simon Gurung
Simon Gurung 7 dager siden
Buying Haaland without key CDM and CB is like buying a padlock without key 🔐.
Aitch Ess
Aitch Ess 7 dager siden
Happy birthday Mark!
jaybillyjosh 7 dager siden
when i was 7 in 78 my pe teacher told us to pass the ball the way your facing why am i seeing that happen with man u ?
Sanket Shambharkar
Sanket Shambharkar 7 dager siden
Happy Birthday Mark👍👍
Mr Miyagi
Mr Miyagi 7 dager siden
Do people not realise that haaland is gonna cost 150 million plus 600k a week. Mbappé may be up in summer for 120 million and 600k wage. Know who I’d go for
Kish Brath
Kish Brath 7 dager siden
Happy birthday
Silas Pumla
Silas Pumla 7 dager siden
I think Andre Silva---Rice---Kounde and not sell De Gea will do us good
jo el
jo el 7 dager siden
Happy birthday 🎂
JA M 7 dager siden
So Pogba, Bruno, Scotty, Fred, Gardner, and then whoever else you bring it potentially. And the main reason your against a number 9 is because of your precious Martial
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 7 dager siden
Happy Birthday Mark 🎂
Labiang Sun
Labiang Sun 7 dager siden
🔴Happy Birthday MARK🔴IDK how old r u but IK u getting old so keep up the good work
D'Mender Gill
D'Mender Gill 7 dager siden
We need a winger like Beckham
El Sol
El Sol 7 dager siden
Enough already with this story!!!!! Por favor 😤😤😤😤😤😤
D'Mender Gill
D'Mender Gill 7 dager siden
Watched Harland against city. He no where close to Rooney. He will be crucified by Man Utd fans. His value will skyrocket down. He needs service to score
Michael Kung
Michael Kung 7 dager siden
Nobody will be stupid enough to pay 175m for one player under this circumstance
oliverian07 7 dager siden
Fair play to u for understanding where united and city currently stand. With the debts and loans I doubt you guys will actually spend 100 million + this season. Haaland was never coming to united. They want to be linked with every top player regardless because it’s good press. It’s the fans I feel for as the club is being run into the ground by the glazers
MUFC 1999
MUFC 1999 7 dager siden
Honestly I haven’t felt a single bit excited or belived these Haaland rumours. I believed it for Sancho and I’m not gonna end up being disappointed again.
Michael Kung
Michael Kung 7 dager siden
Happy birthday Mark, have a blast🍾
SoonerBEEaTuna 7 dager siden
Like haarland would go united when the best club in Manchester actually want him
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 7 dager siden
you take him pal!⚉👹
khal 7 dager siden
The thing about signing haaland is its now or never, it's not the same with other players who we could probably still get, next season, haaland is leaving this year, whoever gets him now wins, he will be an absolute monster, and we should get him at all cost.
Lee Lifeson
Lee Lifeson 7 dager siden
We will never get halland! We can’t afford him.
Colin Roomes
Colin Roomes 7 dager siden
I believe we will swap van de beek and cash for varane. Diallo and cash for Sancho. Lingard and cash for rice.. sell martial degea dalot Chong matic Bailly maybe pogba and bring in haaland
Gary McCormack
Gary McCormack 7 dager siden
These are the wilderness years. Awesome games to watch are few and far between. We need to change the style of play and get things on track in training.
Steven Rennie Johns
Steven Rennie Johns 7 dager siden
Look At Norwich City...How they play...
Rais Isah
Rais Isah 7 dager siden
Alhaji Sesay
Alhaji Sesay 7 dager siden
Happy birthday 🥳
Obzen 7 dager siden
If you had been following Hålands games in Dortmund and the previous clubs you would know he is not one you pass up on if you have the chance to sign him.
Lester Lee
Lester Lee 7 dager siden
Happy Birthday Mark! Thank you and the United Stand for all the great work!
Manu Edwards
Manu Edwards 7 dager siden
The glaziers are a crash course in American economics. They are wealthy but out of touch with everything else.
Steven Ow
Steven Ow 7 dager siden
MU needs a CDM, a CB, and a right winger......and camaraderie and teamwork. Signing big names in the last 7 years have flunk with flying colours under Moyes, LVG and JM.
John Fulco
John Fulco 7 dager siden
Don't put all this Haaland obsession on Ed and Murtough. Ole is is just as much to blame for it. They all live in this fantasy land while our play is never improving
Adrian in Cape Town
Adrian in Cape Town 7 dager siden
Name any serious club, that comes out and publicly provide details of their transfer "comings" and "goings", at this stage of the season.
Adrian in Cape Town
Adrian in Cape Town 7 dager siden
Other than the usual media rumor mill, which as United fans we're well used to, what concrete information do we have, that United are actually in for Haaland. It definitely will not happen this summer. Next summer maybe, for his release clause, but not this summer.
Rusty James
Rusty James 7 dager siden
Everyone is leaving Will we have a full squad Peace family
Mr. 007
Mr. 007 7 dager siden
At this rate I'm sure if United Stand keep posting Haaland news they would able to raise enough funds to buy him
Chad Mckenzie
Chad Mckenzie 7 dager siden
We were linked with Koulibaly then Upamencano then Alaba then Ramos then Konate then Varane then Kounde and we will finally end up with 8th choice again BEN WHITE!!!
Edmundo Jasper
Edmundo Jasper 7 dager siden
So mark thinks not signing the best young player who will most likely go on to be the next zlatan is a bad move? Yeah just give us the news mark don't need that stupid shite your trying here, not sure if your are trying to be funny but it comes across really fucking stupid
Brian Turner
Brian Turner 7 dager siden
United when it comes to transfer, they talk the talk but never walk the walk . They are the AstraZeneca of the vaccine world
Andrés DAAB
Andrés DAAB 7 dager siden
Forget Haaland 🤣🤣🤣wtf???
Blue Maniac
Blue Maniac 7 dager siden
In Manchester Mark we also have the fanbase mate you'd have to come one day and see for yourself 👍
Blue Maniac
Blue Maniac 7 dager siden
@Mick Foskett not fans....your club isn't even in Manchester. You're McDonald's FC
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 7 dager siden
@Blue Maniac ..😂😂..that old chestnut 😂😂..nor or city fans..try Stockport..rochdale..oldham..bury..blackpool etc⚉👹
Blue Maniac
Blue Maniac 7 dager siden
@Mick Foskett you're not even in Manchester 👋
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 7 dager siden
😂😂😂..dream on pal..United will always be bigger ..Manchester has/is/will always be 🔴👹
Nigel Green
Nigel Green 7 dager siden
Man City are the new spice girls of football 😂
Tibusi Makamo
Tibusi Makamo 7 dager siden
Happy birthday mark 💪🏽
Joe Allen
Joe Allen 7 dager siden
Haaland would completely blow up United’s wage structure. A 20 year old kid wants a €60m gross annual wage?! How would that go down with the squad? That’s after paying a €150m transfer fee and €40m in agent commissions. It’s a JOKE! No club in world football can afford this over rated kid. And the fat annoying agent is a BONUS?!? €40m for that? City have already walked away.
KingaR 7 dager siden
Happy birthday Mark!
Stephen 7 dager siden
Yeah the real fans you mean! Even goldbridge said it yesterday “Cooke is an English name defending a Spanish team it’s wrong!” He doesn’t remember he’s all for mixing we’re not all in that way of mind it’s our club english Manchester people maybe the odd southerner who can support!
Nigel Green
Nigel Green 7 dager siden
The club is in ruins in caparison to 8 years ago
Edson Santos
Edson Santos 7 dager siden
João Palhinha from Sporting Lisbon is miles better than Konate. I hope United get him. Devastating number 6!
Tommy Werner
Tommy Werner 7 dager siden
Happy birthday mark
hebbaan Iqbal
hebbaan Iqbal 7 dager siden
Happy Birthday to the goat Mark 🥳🥳🥳🥳 😎 thank you for all the content mate 😁
black anaconda
black anaconda 7 dager siden
with OLE even with messi,ronaldo,lewandoski this team will be europa league team
cedric DCunha
cedric DCunha 7 dager siden
We won’t get Haaland, we need a CB and a CDM!!!
Infinite Wisdom
Infinite Wisdom 7 dager siden
Anyone who spends 80 mill on Maguire deserves all that comes after.
Nigel Green
Nigel Green 7 dager siden
Nigel Green
Nigel Green 7 dager siden
Happy birthday mr goldbridge ✌🏿✊🏿✌🏼✊🏼
Ricardo Fidalgo
Ricardo Fidalgo 7 dager siden
BIRTHDAY BRIDGE! Happy birthday goldy hope you have a good one bud, look forward to meet up in dublin soon 👍
K 7 dager siden
Y would you wanna keep pogba he done nothing but disrespect the badge and that ain’t good enough and to be honest he has been bang average since you guys brought him 130 pl games and 28 goals won more games without him then with him.
Akshay Kadam
Akshay Kadam 7 dager siden
We never ever consider haaland to man utd. First of all United needs to give fix role to greenwood. Are they looking at him as a rw or striker. I consider as a striker. United required CB,CDM,rw then we can think about striker.
Tiruchi Shakir
Tiruchi Shakir 7 dager siden
Please discuss about Declan Rice transfer
AMCDS 7 dager siden
this is what i appreciate on this channel: passion with realism.
Ilir United 4live
Ilir United 4live 7 dager siden
We are buying all players in the world in paper i real live no one lol 😂
AMCDS 7 dager siden
players that shine in the Bundesliga don't necessarily do so in other leagues. Mkhitaryan and Jovic, for eg.
deepak Upadhyay
deepak Upadhyay 7 dager siden
Happy birthday mark .... Great content as always... Keep up the good work✌
AMCDS 7 dager siden
"Man City a well oiled club" 😂
AMCDS 7 dager siden
Man utd's main problem is not the players, it's tactics. A world class club needs a world class manager.
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