Pogba Still Wants Transfer Out! Man Utd Transfer News 

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Man Utd still need a Paul Pogba transfer solution this summer as Pogba still actively pursues a United exit according to reports. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here bit.ly/1CmczHm
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31. mars. 2021





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John White
John White 12 dager siden
why not make it two French players to go 😁, I cannot wait for Pogba to go stick that in yer pipe and smoke it 😭, we have plenty of mid fielders exspect vanbeek to get a decent run in the team,
Lucifer sixsixsix
Lucifer sixsixsix 12 dager siden
Yawn, Pogba wants out! Why is this sentence still being broadcast. It's as interesting as a banging headache after the night before.
Matthew Black
Matthew Black 12 dager siden
Sell Pogba and buy Sancho, buy Neves, buy Ndidi, buy badiashile, Buy Isco, keep Lingard play Williams as RB. Switch back to 433 with a CDM and a False 9.
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
Well he used other players agst Leicester ... but unfortunately we know what happened ... 🤷🏽‍♂️
Pokeballdk Denmark
Pokeballdk Denmark 13 dager siden
The perfect swap deal with Juventus would be Pogba for Ronaldo!
raymond blood
raymond blood 13 dager siden
Gideon Maroa
Gideon Maroa 14 dager siden
Should go all in for kane , goals are guaranteed
Guzman AGBATA 14 dager siden
Coutinho left Liverpool 2, i love Paul but him leaving is good for both parties.
Hariharan S
Hariharan S 14 dager siden
Man Utd should let Pogba go. It is blessing in disguise. Man U should look to sign talented player but who can keep a low profile in social media and contribute to the team in positive ways.
Hesekiel Ndawedwa
Hesekiel Ndawedwa 14 dager siden
Ronaldinho talent was better than anyone I ever seen, he's the greatest football entertainer of all time.
Eric Sin
Eric Sin 14 dager siden
Utd should just get rid of Pogba this summer and move on. He had a few good games , went missing in many games and several long injuries. With his constant media circus destabilizing the team, he is more trouble than he is worth.
bruno Fernandez
bruno Fernandez 14 dager siden
We need bale Kylian mbappe Kane Jesse lingard Sane Robert Lewandowski Ibrahim sterling David alba Haaland Sancho
Jasi 14 dager siden
“The past isn’t always the now” Goldbridge 2021
Sam Adelson
Sam Adelson 14 dager siden
We should look to bring in Calvert Lewin and Silva
Grotton Is Red
Grotton Is Red 14 dager siden
Can you really blame Pogba ?
Kush_ Ste
Kush_ Ste 14 dager siden
No. Breaking. News. Mark. Please. Stop. Repeating. I. Repeat. Please. Stop... ... Repeating.
Jack Steedman
Jack Steedman 14 dager siden
I think Pogba will go I think he should go. Do I want him to stay because he’s a world class midfielder, yes. Do I was him to leave because he wants to leave, yes. I’d say sell him, Matic and McTominay and buy Camavinga and Rice
Jack Steedman
Jack Steedman 14 dager siden
Rice VDB Bruno Fred Camavinga Mata But then again we need to sell Mata too. Sell Mata and bring Januzaj back
paul troalic
paul troalic 14 dager siden
I personally don't think it would make a scrap of difference if Pogba stays or goes. How many games has he played this season exactly? I would like the other French player to go too. They are not giving their all for the Club.
Gareth Mosgrove
Gareth Mosgrove 14 dager siden
T. Agbeseyi
T. Agbeseyi 14 dager siden
No new information here, let's get players who want to play with passion for the club. There was a reason why Fergie got rid of him, no real reason why Mourinho had to buy him to rejoin the club.
david cox
david cox 14 dager siden
Mark Kofi
Mark Kofi 14 dager siden
I'd love to see Tuanzabe go off to Germany and make himself a star.
Luke Devine
Luke Devine 14 dager siden
Question, considering we already need a midfielder cdm to be specific surely if pogba leaves we have to replace him too? It would be criminal not to replace him I haven’t even heard us linked to anyone
Evora 14 dager siden
The only impact will be a positive one. Let him go
Aidan Target
Aidan Target 14 dager siden
Avik Majumdar
Avik Majumdar 14 dager siden
While i don’t agree with Mark on most things!!!! But he is such an entertainer!!! His enactments of the conversations of Ole, Carricky, Ed and Phelan are hilariously funny!!!! Great work on covering relevant united news whether its transfers or injuries or team selection!!! Cheers Mark!!! 👍
S K 14 dager siden
I agree Mark the Axel situation is getting ridiculous now, I believe the same he could be world-class.
James 14 dager siden
Deja vu
Paul Reilly
Paul Reilly 14 dager siden
Bryan Rubio
Bryan Rubio 14 dager siden
$40M for Kounde, $40M for Camavinga, $40M for Antony (Ajax RW), $60M for Rice instead of going all in for Haaland. I hope we can get $60M for Pogba, $15M for Matic, Lingard, Fred, Mata and Pereira each.
Ragnor Thormass
Ragnor Thormass 14 dager siden
Oleeees ar the wheel FANTASTIC. Long may it continue downhill. Funny u NEVER mention that since you've stopped getting dodgy pens = how poor you are. Leicester dominated you
Stephen Dixon
Stephen Dixon 14 dager siden
Pogba is soooo overrated, 70% of the Time 3/10, 20% of the time 6/10 and 10% of the time 10/10.
Mark Kofi
Mark Kofi 14 dager siden
50% of the time, he works every time. 😂🤣
Miguel Logan -
Miguel Logan - 14 dager siden
Glazers, Woodward n Ole lack ambition to win trophies and titles will drive pogba out . Next bruno will follow pogba wanting to leave a club and manager with no ambitions. ManUtd will be left with ole's favourite players like mctomminy, fred, james,maquire, lindoloff in starting line up
Darshananth Jayaraman
Darshananth Jayaraman 14 dager siden
Yea no brainer..he wants to win trophies...end of story ..
Abenet Damte
Abenet Damte 14 dager siden
He waist his 4 year golden age for nonsense club that want business only not trophies,i feel sorry for him he is one of best midfielder in the world so he need to go to somewhere including city he can win some trophies...this club is about to dying like other great club believe or not...they milking club like caw
S C 14 dager siden
We should swap pogba for bale with madrid
Sean 14 dager siden
Make up your mind Mark mate
vidhya gnanasekaran
vidhya gnanasekaran 14 dager siden
gerrard to man utd could replicate sir matt busby
Trevor Sharkey
Trevor Sharkey 14 dager siden
Nobody will pay his wage so hes stuck here til his deals up end of
Emir Deljanin
Emir Deljanin 14 dager siden
Anyone ever wonder what could have been if we stuck with lukaku and had fernandes feeding him
Matt B
Matt B 14 dager siden
Buying Haaland would be like buying an Xbox Elite controller whist not owning an Xbox
Ted Lawyer
Ted Lawyer 14 dager siden
Why would Pogba want to stay if Man U has no ambition. We don't even want to sign a CDM even though Fred can't pass and Matic is too slow. Ole is not even playing Pogba in the midfield much this season. Unless the club show more ambition our best players won't stick around.
Richard Hudgins
Richard Hudgins 14 dager siden
Please stop it!!! Im tired of hearing about pogba leaving.... He aint going anywhere
A.R Achterberg
A.R Achterberg 14 dager siden
Pogba, Matial, Cavani, Baily, Williams, Bruno, Henderson, even Lingard wants to leave... what a f** joke +only 70£ M.!!!!?
Truth 14 dager siden
I don’t care about his talent. Pogba can manage his agent. Get him and agent out of the club. He’s allowing Mino Riola to disrespect the club. That’s unacceptable. I hope all this new contract offer is marketing strategy to maximize his selling price.
Rjb771996 14 dager siden
We need to sign ndidi before we go for any other player
Barry Johnson
Barry Johnson 14 dager siden
This guy never gets it right it’s been da same bs story for a year now Paul is staying den next video Paul is out which is it make ur mind up n stick to it
Abdel Chowdhury
Abdel Chowdhury 14 dager siden
We are not looking for the United way... We are looking for the Glazer way... We only hire yes man and that includes Ole and fletcher... If it was about United way, we wouldn't have hired fletcher over van der Sar...
Lewis Brannigan
Lewis Brannigan 14 dager siden
Would you swap keepers though?? Like david in champions league would be a rock was dean the champions league keeper or only when went euro?
gavin greensmith
gavin greensmith 14 dager siden
Mark.... ole doesnt use the youth, wont use players if bought as he will stick with his favourites, but is ole in lol.
Abdel Chowdhury
Abdel Chowdhury 14 dager siden
I would believe something was wrong with Axel if I hadn't seen our incompetent, unqualified manager do the same to other players who are better than his favourites... Gomes, Donny, Bailey, Williams... Slowly getting the same vibe on Amad... They won't get chances cause Ole believes in favouritism... After all, that was his only qualification for getting the United job...
Eugene P
Eugene P 14 dager siden
Amazes me how Marks says spending 150 of haaland is riculous of we got nothing else but lat year at the begining of Covid he was 90 percent Sancho in.ill gv him the benefit of doubt and maybe hes learnt but that level of contradiction is jus taking us for fools.
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 14 dager siden
Mark we can Exchange Pogba for Varane,Get Haarland,Saul Nguez to play alongside Van De Beek and Fernandez in mid field then also get Greylish !
Lewis Brannigan
Lewis Brannigan 14 dager siden
We wont get haarland so we want a fucking defender thatll stop him..
jobz Joe
jobz Joe 14 dager siden
I was never surprised to hear that Paul pogba want to leave, Paul is on duty still now pogba in pogba out so discussing
A S 14 dager siden
Impact of losing pogba guys u not had him most of season
lj lake
lj lake 14 dager siden
I'm over the pogba situation if he goes he goes
Kevin O'Brien
Kevin O'Brien 14 dager siden
I think Pogba is too fragile.
Lewi Tadese
Lewi Tadese 14 dager siden
When Mark was talking about going into a car auction who else thought of Porche?
Divout 14 dager siden
While I don't really like Pogba I don't think he would risk breaking his contract to spite us. Because that's what Mark is describing when he says Pogba wouldn't play for us his last season.
Nathan AUCREMANNE 14 dager siden
I'm only here for Mark's impressions of Ed, Ole and Carrick! 😂🤣😅
Nathan AUCREMANNE 14 dager siden
@Vibe With Crypto 😂 he's just so snarky with it! It's the most condescending impersonation you can get and I'm here for it! 😂
Vibe With Crypto
Vibe With Crypto 14 dager siden
Love the Sean dyche impression
Nathan AUCREMANNE 14 dager siden
@Samir Malhotra "Carricky and da boys!" 😂🤣😅 Sounds like a Guy Ritchie film
Samir Malhotra
Samir Malhotra 14 dager siden
mohamed bayoumy
mohamed bayoumy 14 dager siden
So your talking rubbish ther mark butt walked out for other reasons
mohamed bayoumy
mohamed bayoumy 14 dager siden
Well mark am I rong in thinking Nicky butt walked away from the club cause he wanted the job Fletcher got and butt felt he should of had that job. He didn't leave after all these years cause he doesn't believe in where ole is taking the club now...no he just pissed off
Vikalp Maithil
Vikalp Maithil 14 dager siden
Tim cheh
Tim cheh 14 dager siden
Grealish In !!! Pogba out!!
joka619 14 dager siden
imagine your manage judging people on their appearance. what a prat.
Blueside 14 dager siden
Sarr Zakaria Silva and a CB
Music 14 dager siden
Manchester United are on their way down. The way this club is run on the cheap will never win us anything. I don't even see us winning the Europa league. We are quite simply not good enough. This next transfer window will be a disaster, as it always is with United. Glazers are amongst the greediest people on the planet.
Jack Linford
Jack Linford 14 dager siden
I think every United should be more positive
Through_The_Turnstiles 14 dager siden
This comes up time and time again for one reason. Sadly greedy agents run the show. Nothing about it being united, city, Chelsea etc. Agents want their paws in the cookie jar. Sadly it's that simple.
Toni Mendza
Toni Mendza 14 dager siden
What about CR7, any chance getting him in the squad?
Larry Tan
Larry Tan 14 dager siden
Don't worry we got Phil Jones to cover midfield 😂
Cali Shakes
Cali Shakes 14 dager siden
Pog too selfish. He will run his contact down so he can get the wages he wants cause a team will not have to pay a transfer fee. I will kinda be happy to close the Pogba chapter. He fail at United and the Glazers failed him.
John Fulco
John Fulco 14 dager siden
What does ole do good enough? Certainly not his team selections, in game management / subs, or his tactics. Is it being a yes man? Guarding the glazers? Its also not winning
Daniel Paton
Daniel Paton 14 dager siden
He will leave on a free for a second time to avoid a pay cut
Nohman Ahmed
Nohman Ahmed 14 dager siden
trus mw iff untd cud afford halland they would jus go for Kane ,so hope Ole can turn our form around Flex n KG last nite said the boatd aint goin no were but the maneger n players can change players need to be held acountable Martial is a enygma do not get the guy rash is playing with a injury n allways a new pog wants to leave story jus go bro good luck we have deffo not got our moneys worth out of Pog
Bleachguy 14 dager siden
sometimes its nice to recharge the batteries tho i do miss it
david Stirton
david Stirton 14 dager siden
pogba s gona end up leaving for nothing
Nohman Ahmed
Nohman Ahmed 14 dager siden
jus sell him or he will walk for nothing
Bleachguy 14 dager siden
this will never happen in summer pogba sees we get varane and rice or sabitzer he would say il see in january if il stay
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 14 dager siden
Heres how I would balance the books Lets say the board give us 75 mil total. We are now forced to sell Pogba to Juve - Swap deal for Demiral and 30 mil Sell Lingard to West Ham for 25mil Sell Van De Beek for 35 mil Sell Dan James for 15 mil to Leeds Sell Chong for 7.5 mil Sell Perreira for 7.5 mil Sell Brandon Williams for 15 mil Swap Martial + 45 mil to Dortmund for Sancho Swap Matic + Dalot for Kessie Buy Calvert Lewin for 80 mil Buy Pedro Neto for 50 mil Buy Sabitzer for 35 mil
Kishan Rai
Kishan Rai 14 dager siden
Good for pogba.....he deserves better than our club......
Bleachguy 14 dager siden
i do think donny can fill in pogba fred and donny and bruno
Ujjwal Karmacharya
Ujjwal Karmacharya 14 dager siden
100 days out of 365 days your headlines are on Pogba. Strangely he is in one day and out the very next day. It is really embarrassing. Let him go whenever he wants!
dan edis
dan edis 14 dager siden
Not being funny but get the glazers out man city are playing how united have spent !!! With a name like glazer you should be able to see through pane but all they seem to be doing is LICKING WINDOWS 😴🙈🙈🙈
Ujjwal Karmacharya
Ujjwal Karmacharya 14 dager siden
Different story every single day 😢
makale ramaphakela
makale ramaphakela 14 dager siden
The way Van Der Beek exposes Ole's coaching skills is sad to watch
dan edis
dan edis 14 dager siden
Swap pogba and martial for Ronaldo and bentancur !!! then buy tonali and varane or kounde pogba wants to go so let him but let martial go aswell then what ever we sell after that can be used for dividends maybe have to use minimum 40% back into transfer funds though
Robert Alvarez
Robert Alvarez 14 dager siden
“Ya FOR YOU!!” 😂😂😂😂
Marcus CHIN
Marcus CHIN 14 dager siden
We know he wants to leave so why keep talking about it. Do boring Mark!
javanie thompson
javanie thompson 14 dager siden
Tomorrow news: pogba new contract!
Owen Brown
Owen Brown 14 dager siden
“Sir Alex wasn’t doing it at the very top before United” you sure about that one? Won two European cups at Aberdeen before United 🥴
IndigoMann 14 dager siden
Pogba could realize that Ole isn't the coach to take UTD to the top of the league and Europe. I believe he loves UTD and as a professional footballer he wants to WIN TROPHIES, and currently the team isn't good enough to compete competitively.
Jaz. D
Jaz. D 14 dager siden
Pogba bigger than united
Mad For it
Mad For it 14 dager siden
I guarantee pogba will stay next season as no one can afford his wages and fee and will leave year after on a free where he can get the wage he wants as there will be no buying fee to pay.......watch this space!
Ayvree 14 dager siden
Why is everyone so stuck on haaland joining this club !?. Haaland is playing football in 3rd or 4th gear while ole is still in 1st and doesn’t know how to swift . So why would he join a club on a fast decline
ingsve 14 dager siden
Listen to the UTD podcast with Dan James. He talks about it there. Basically, he looked at some of the games he had played in the latter part of the season last year when he wasn't doing great and compared it to his time in Swansea and figured out that he wasn't really being himself on the pitch. He was being too safe and not taking players on and being afraid of losing the ball etc. After that he got his head down and started putting a shift in more during training and eventually said to Ole that he is ready to play now, and that's when Ole put him on again. It's not always down to Ole if a player is not playing. If they are not putting a shift in during training and not showing the right attitude in games then you're not going to get picked.
Harijay Bhat
Harijay Bhat 14 dager siden
Why would talents like Pogba or Fernandes want to stay at Man Utd when they are in the prime of their careers and absolutely no chance of winning anything substantial? The manager himself said he doesn't care if United win anything or not? It is just an EGO thing anyway, according to him. We only care about getting into the Champions League to fill the coffers. We are Tottenham in disguise.
DevilWearsRed 14 dager siden
Tuanzebe can’t have a potential injury problem. If he has, we would have given him a 5 year contract! 🤷🏻‍♂️
MK 14 dager siden
Why sacked Van gaal????
Ganger 9 mill
Ganger 9 mill
I have some awful news...