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Could Manchester United attempt to land Jadon Sancho for a cut price of £50-60M as they await an estimation from Borussia Dortmund? Get the latest Man Utd News on The UnitedStand. NEW Transfer SHOW nosections.info/green/zYeSoHqpf32Jq6o/video.html​
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30. mars. 2021





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Arav Luthra
Arav Luthra 13 dager siden
No need to get sancho. Bundesliga players aren't cutting it in the premier league. Kai Havertz and Timo Werner, bundesliga superstars have been atrocious. Too much of a gamble with Sancho
bountylad 13 dager siden
KG the club was 100% correct in not meeting that ridiculous demand for Sancho last year
Reece 13 dager siden
Wow, KG hit the nail on the head and I completely agree.
pezarian 13 dager siden
Martial is talented but in a changing style of play with crap players around him
Reece 13 dager siden
Listen our sporting director is a numbers man not football man, he's doesn't see the flaws in our football, he sees well we've got 6 midfielders we are covered in the DM role. It's nuts at United, we need the footballing people back in the right places
Rob Ramos
Rob Ramos 14 dager siden
perisic was the most important transfer that never happened. He would have been creating more chances for our strikers
John Hunter
John Hunter 14 dager siden
So sad to hear about Claude’s passing just hope his family are coping
Se Yong
Se Yong 14 dager siden
Imagine in the final week of the coming summer window and Ed was revealing signing off the summer:" tadaa.. We have found the RvP2.0 in Aguero. Striker issue solved"
Adam Kensington
Adam Kensington 14 dager siden
You cannot compare martial and rashford goals based on appearancees, tony has tons of apperances where he only got a few minutes. Whereas rashford's "appearances" consist of a lot more starts
Retro Rube
Retro Rube 14 dager siden
I'd sell Martial and Pogba if he wants out, use that 100 generated add 60 and get Rice in a swap with Lingard a CB and either Sancho or Haaland if they are in the 90 million bracket. I know we're not getting anyone... why am I even bothering hahaha
GEORGE ROE 14 dager siden
joka619 14 dager siden
Paul LeBlanc
Paul LeBlanc 14 dager siden
Man U should get a new manager ole tactics is not strong enough for this team they need a more experience coach that could steady the squad and win titles emit ole
ShaneB 14 dager siden
Flex camera is 2021 and KGs is 2005
Phil Leyland
Phil Leyland 14 dager siden
I've watched United for 55 yrs, if we sign Aguero, I'll switch to supporting Liverpool. The club couldn't go any lower.
Retro Rube
Retro Rube 14 dager siden
The fact you even say that... speaks volumes. I'll just stop watching the club as much. Liverpool... get out of here lol.
Noelle Francisco
Noelle Francisco 14 dager siden
Kg stuck looks like he's seen a ghost 🤣
Paul K
Paul K 14 dager siden
progress not perfection 👌...im a firm believer in thats the way I live my life but progress is no good without the right actions ..
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse 14 dager siden
I think we will keep Lingard for all the reasons they say.
mark houston
mark houston 14 dager siden
Flex thinks we're finishing second ,good grief.
Neville Gti
Neville Gti 14 dager siden
Buy Koulibaly resign Pogba play Donny as the holding midfielder. United will be able to keep possession better and dictate ganes. Whilst the defence will be more secure. Play Amad on the right. Greenwood and Martial can play centre forward Rashy on the left.
Nicolas Diane
Nicolas Diane 14 dager siden
KG I love you mate but how do you have hate for Martial and love for Rashford when they have the same stats and our team DOESNT CREATE CHANCES?
David Moorcroft
David Moorcroft 14 dager siden
Liverpool are about to sign Konate Yey
Gregg Kirby
Gregg Kirby 14 dager siden
Drjay074 14 dager siden
If we only get one signing it has to be a cdm.
w00t777 15 dager siden
This united team and season is a train wreck. So disappointed in Ole and United
lofotor 15 dager siden
KG need a new camera with better eye auto focus. Great show though.
KG Tha Comedian
KG Tha Comedian 14 dager siden
ATP Synthase
ATP Synthase 15 dager siden
For some reason I think we will get Pau torres and then maybe someone in January.
Shelly Cumbridge
Shelly Cumbridge 15 dager siden
RTL 15 dager siden
Man Utd already have Amad and James both of which Ole benches for Greenwood on the right. Lingard could even play there. Pallesteii also plays there.
Rin Sanga
Rin Sanga 15 dager siden
KG ma maan, straight facts right there.
a2z 15 dager siden
Kg 🔥👏
juicebox Leal
juicebox Leal 15 dager siden
United need better scouting. Theres plenty of young gems around europe.
Brian Casa
Brian Casa 15 dager siden
And another terrible thing is fans comparing Fergie n Ole?! Now how the hell can you lot compare these two dons? Fergie changed the whole concept of the club!! Plus he could get the best of simple players like, fletcher, cleverly, etc.. most importantly he made the whole team play with intention! Ole is not the one! N I predict great disappointment next season
Brian Casa
Brian Casa 15 dager siden
Fans need to accept that their standards have fallen for sure! This would never happen during the glory days! We are a freaking big club, acting like a likkle club! Get serious people and stop that emotional crap! We don’t win title with emotions..
Brian Casa
Brian Casa 15 dager siden
Stop freaking blaming the players, bcoz of bad management!!! It’s annoying me so much! How come LVG got the best out of Shaw, Rashford, Martial? Because he play to their strength! All this stupid focus on the players is so ridiculous! That Cooper guy went so far to say that it’s Martials body language (it’s his freaking personality, so now football is abt judging someone based on their personality)??! Wtf is that to do with him being a football player? It’s a madness for real! This football club is designed to let the players be scapegoats for their failures! The manager is the number one person to get the blame! The players are playing according to his philosophy! Stop blaming the players! Just look at Tuchel!! Chelsea players didn’t adapt to Lampards style, but look at them now, look at Liverpool, look at city, hell Brighten plays better than us! So don’t come at me and say it’s the players cause we have better players than Leeds, but look how they play!!
clive gilbert
clive gilbert 15 dager siden
No more Pleeeeze!!!~..no more Sancho maybe.!!...The Gazers have Greenwood, James, Pellestri, Diallo...and, god forbid, Lingard who can play RW....They ain't gunna spend a penny more than the need to....
Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri 15 dager siden
I understand what you mean KG about our comparison with Real Madrid, but the main difference they have elections for their president! We have no say with board members or CEO.
Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri 15 dager siden
If you sack Ole, what other top manager do you think would be stupid enough to come in when he knows he's not getting the backing from the board? That's the major problem!
Ideozu Blake
Ideozu Blake 15 dager siden
Erik ten Haag, the Ajax manager imo. With the board we have, i feel we shouldn’t go for managers who will ask for 70,80,90 million players sadly as the board won’t deliver consistently. Erik won’t ask for players of that valuation. Maybe around the 40,50 million players with high ceilings he can improve. He’s really good with youth players as well and he plays really good possession based attacking football
Ajmal Cosman
Ajmal Cosman 15 dager siden
We are going to be the new tottenham, when Poch was overachieving at best.
alish khadka
alish khadka 15 dager siden
If sancho cost around 50 yo 60 m then we should sell Dan James to Leeds and selling few other player can get us around 50 to 60m
Luis Fernandez
Luis Fernandez 15 dager siden
Pogba + £20m for Varane and Jesse + £80m for Rice done deal perfect summer.
20 times
20 times 14 dager siden
You value rice at 100mil?!?? Bro ...
HArshit MIshra
HArshit MIshra 15 dager siden
Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri 15 dager siden
If we had Pep or Klopp as our manager with the same players that we currently have, how much better do you think we would be?
Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri 15 dager siden
I'd get rid of Dalot, Fred, Lingard and Periera. In addition to the 100M, get a quality CDM, CB and striker. I'd also consider selling Martial to the get someone like Sancho for the RW. If we play Bruno, VDB and Pogba in the midfield and have Bailly or other quick CB replace Lindelof, we'd be a much more balanced team.
Daniel Munroe
Daniel Munroe 15 dager siden
I wont emotionally invest in this again. I did it with bruno in summer 2019 and he didnt come until january. Then i was totally convinced jadon was coming last year i was so convinced then it didnt happen and since then ive just been like "meeeh blud" Nobody is coming. Wont believe it until they holding the shirt.
Varun Chandar
Varun Chandar 15 dager siden
Here we go again
Aldo Revael
Aldo Revael 15 dager siden
Doesnt matter ole given 100/200/300 mill.. Look at lampard please.. We never gonna win somethinh with this kind of way playing
Mark Miller
Mark Miller 15 dager siden
The board has completely destroyed this club on a sports level and have won the champions league on a financial level so they couldn't give an F. 4 billion the club is worth now, trust me they are high 5ing running around the office singing glory glory Man Utd. 😥 Ole is actually performing miracles, he has to play crap football to get points because the players are not very good, how we are 2nd nobody knows except Bruno😂🤣.
Amin Johari
Amin Johari 15 dager siden
Buy Bassouma & play Tunazebe & Bailly more. Also get VDB on the RW of a 4231. We won’t win the league though. Forget about Sancho. Glazers already bought a RW solution (in their view) in the form of Amad & Pelistri. IMO Haaland is either Chelsea or Man City bound. Why wouldn’t he? Probably be there 3-4 years before going to a RM or Barca...
Michael Durham
Michael Durham 15 dager siden
Can Jessi play as a striker?
Derrick Ozoemelam
Derrick Ozoemelam 15 dager siden
Kg is right the standards of this football club has dropped by a lot of the fans. I hear people talking about it’s progressions it takes years to to find foot basically. Bullshit this is Manchester United do people know the legacy we got. Our best players need to play and we need to start winning trophies period
BuZzY TuRkEy
BuZzY TuRkEy 15 dager siden
You know what ye any man who rates lukaku likes a different type of ball to me. Like fair enough if that’s what you like but nah that ain’t for me
Football Utd
Football Utd 15 dager siden
The Board will give OLE " Danny Welbeck Return" cuz that's the type of player who will agree to play for him.. Sancho and Halland didn't choose us because of our clueless manager and his favourite coach and set of players
Abdel Chowdhury
Abdel Chowdhury 15 dager siden
We don't want United DNA... We want Glazer DNA... Otherwise, van der Sar who is qualified and has United DNA wouldn't be overlooked for Fletcher and a banker... Same with Butt.. Ole is definitely a Glazer man...
Reagan 15 dager siden
Sancho is overrated and overhype £150m for Mbappe !!! please MOVE ON guys !!
Reagan 15 dager siden
IDGAF We don't need sancho Please MOVE ON We need a new ST, CDM, RB, CB
Joseph de selva
Joseph de selva 15 dager siden
Than if you guys are not sure why bringing the topic about Sancho can toy stop this outrageous show
Rally A
Rally A 15 dager siden
Is he 50k now?
Joseph de selva
Joseph de selva 15 dager siden
Told you guys that they think we don't know what they are getting at the same 90% club again making us fools to go on this saga again
Justin Moakler
Justin Moakler 15 dager siden
Big game April 3rd, 4th place Frankfurt vs 5th place Dortmund, 6 pointer game for last champions league spot.
KhongGuan 15 dager siden
let alone Halland, the board cant even sign Sancho when he clearly want to join united.
Adam McCourt
Adam McCourt 15 dager siden
Shout out to the AFTV community ..Stay strong ..much love
jonah bishop
jonah bishop 15 dager siden
If Dortmund can sell both they will. 200 mil would buy them a whole new squad lol they buy on the cheap and sell high they can get 6 class players from Europe with that and easily come 2nd in the bundesliga and may compete with Bayern in Europe and the cups
Will 15 dager siden
KG cuts Flex off so much now
chrsalg 15 dager siden
It wasn’t just Ferguson that went David gill went aswell
chrsalg 15 dager siden
We have had to lower are standard as this board are sorry not board owners are using us as a cash cow
chrsalg 15 dager siden
But kg Real Madrid have fans as board members not Mercenaries
chrsalg 15 dager siden
Kg your bi polar
chrsalg 15 dager siden
But flex if there not going to give it to ole there not going to give it to any one bruv
Andy Nasution
Andy Nasution 15 dager siden
Ole is replica of LVG and JM
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 15 dager siden
I do combine both of their qualities! Cheers, Ole
Shteviemac 15 dager siden
Rest in peace claude and condolences to all the aftv crew, Love and peace lads Still wanna hear kg screaming, "you're not ole!" 😆
keene Lucien
keene Lucien 15 dager siden
I think we are gonna spend big the new technical director needs to make a statement to get the fans on his side just like how ed did when he came in under lvg
N M 15 dager siden
This was the best I’ve ever seen KG - finally has opened his eyes.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 15 dager siden
He must have finally removed that wool that I pulled over his eyes! Cheers, Ole
17degea 15 dager siden
from now on i only watch this and sunday show mark puts on way to much advertising ( ps: I still love mark)
Duvaughn Kelly
Duvaughn Kelly 15 dager siden
KG has basic football knowledge
Ashley Jenkins
Ashley Jenkins 15 dager siden
KG is right bruv, he speaks the truth. We Play shite football & that's down to coaching & Ole. Maguire & Wan-Bissaka were class until they came to Utd now they are bang average. Fact!!!!
F3di Young
F3di Young 15 dager siden
I have a feeling Man City will sign Harry Kane or Andre Silva
hbrawner 15 dager siden
The constant Ole slander is sad. Our fans really think this team is better than it is
mata Hari
mata Hari 15 dager siden
@PrometheusTV still wonder why flex bashing martial, try giving martial to leicester or everton and watch him eat his own words.
PrometheusTV 15 dager siden
Mourinho had a better team that right now, Bruno is making this team better
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah 15 dager siden
I agree with Jacque Cousteau
Luis Finney
Luis Finney 15 dager siden
Kg whos this world class manager that could come in to replace ole? Yes oles style of play dosent work at times but can we really get a pep klopp zidane? Theyd take one luck and be like nah you wont back me bruv the glazers have ruined our club to the point where we cant even get fully competent coaches
Robert McCall
Robert McCall 15 dager siden
Nobody wants Sancho .... his form this season is on par with martial performance
mustafa abdullahi
mustafa abdullahi 15 dager siden
Sancho is world class
Robert McCall
Robert McCall 15 dager siden
@Ole Gunnar Solskjaer lmao
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 15 dager siden
The important thing for me is that he is still running around a lot. That is all that matters! Cheers, Ole
Neil Benjamin
Neil Benjamin 15 dager siden
Flip flop.... KG is all over the place again.
Ben Hough
Ben Hough 15 dager siden
Why sack ole?, it’s not for performances. His league form is fantastic, one or two blips in the cups and the pressure builds up. I can’t see us losing the europa or dropping out top 4. The people who want ole out on style of play are deluded. They have no idea of ole’s style of play. It’s basketball football. A poor Summer and no January window, makes ole look bad. This is not his fault. No pre-season doesn’t help either. His style of play still is not fully developed yet. Sacking another manager and bringing another style of play is shocking. Fans who want ole out are clueless. (He’s also put down foundation for a director of football)
Derrick Ozoemelam
Derrick Ozoemelam 15 dager siden
@Ashley Jenkins u speaking facts
JJungle 15 dager siden
Well, it's not too bad overall, but have fun watching city and pool within the next 5-10 years
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 15 dager siden
It takes other mangers like Graham Potter, Brendan Rodgers, Klopp weeks to develop a style of play, yet I’m 2 and half years in and still developing a style of play? I don’t think so! All I know is counter attack and hope for a piece of individual brilliance! Cheers, Ole
Ashley Jenkins
Ashley Jenkins 15 dager siden
Fans who want Ole out are not clueless How many years are you going to say he's learning on the job. Our football is boring shite & the only player that's really improved under Ole is Shaw & We all knew Shaw was class until he got that bad injury in the Champions League As I said in a previous response to you, Maguire & AWB were class until they came to UTD, now they are bang average
Stephy's Gaming
Stephy's Gaming 15 dager siden
Liam Naughton
Liam Naughton 15 dager siden
Not again, oh please
Splendiferous Finch
Splendiferous Finch 15 dager siden
I’ve a feeling we’re getting Mitrovic
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 15 dager siden
Don’t get to excited! We’re only getting him on loan. Cheers, Ole
gavin greensmith
gavin greensmith 15 dager siden
Finishing 2nd without actually challenging isnt good enough, its fair enough not winning but we should at least be challenging.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 15 dager siden
Don’t worry! I’m going to bring in Declan Rice to partner Mctominay next season and aim to become the ultimate 1-0 grinding machine. I’m aiming to nick every game with a piece of brilliance, counter attack, jammy deflection or a penalty! Cheers, Ole
Kyle S
Kyle S 15 dager siden
Sancho just won player of the month how is that bad form lol
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 15 dager siden
Because my definition of good form is that a player is running around like a headless chicken, working hard! I’m not interested in their quality or technical ability. Cheers, Ole
Ema WT
Ema WT 15 dager siden
As we have no hope of signing Haaland, we should go in for Sancho this summer.
Matt Davis
Matt Davis 15 dager siden
Keeping pogba is no.1 cdm is no.2 priority and no.3 is a quick cb. Knowing our club I’d be amazed is any of that happened. Would expect them to chase a striker they can’t / won’t pay for all window and dither over Pogba.
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel 15 dager siden
Here we go with the sancho bull💩 once again..😴
Dan Cronin
Dan Cronin 15 dager siden
Get bissouma for 20mills if Brighton go down get Andre Silva for 40-50mills then koulibali for 50 mill sell the kid on loan at AC Milan for20 mill.theres yr 100mill. Give greenwood a run at no. 9 an vdb a run at no.8 or out on the wing
david porter
david porter 15 dager siden
Guys forget the results we are an awful side to watch
20 times
20 times 15 dager siden
Watch us buy morata
Elin Grome
Elin Grome 15 dager siden
Ben Hough
Ben Hough 15 dager siden
I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with KG’s opinion, ever. There’s always a reason why, which just goes over his head. Needs to think more deeply about his opinions. He speaks too loosely.
Ashley Jenkins
Ashley Jenkins 15 dager siden
@Ben Hough didn't say get rid of Lindelof, bruv
Ben Hough
Ben Hough 15 dager siden
@Ashley Jenkins I don’t think we should get rid of lindelof, I agree we need a alternative to challenge lindelof to partner Harry Maguire depending on the game. Depending if ole wants to play a high line or not.
Ashley Jenkins
Ashley Jenkins 15 dager siden
@Ben Hough What's the point in bringing Haaland in, we don't have any decent wingers & we need a creative CDM. I'd drop Bruno deeper & play Donny at No10. Play Martial on the left & Amad on the right. Get rid of McFred & Slabby & AWB at the back & bring in a new attacking right back & also a fast CB to play with Lindelof as he reads the game better than any of our other CB's
Ben Hough
Ben Hough 15 dager siden
@Ashley Jenkins I reckon we’re coming out the Van Gaal and mourinho coma, ole has inherited. I don’t think our style of play is that boring. I’ve seen worse since sir Alex left. The signings he has made. Even though they haven’t worked out, you can see the direction ole wants to head in. Why do you think ole wants to bring haaland in, instead of Declan Rice or Zakaria?
Ashley Jenkins
Ashley Jenkins 15 dager siden
He speaks facts Bruv, You can't say it's not for performances, we are one of the worst teams in the league to watch. Boring football fc. This ain't the Utd way.
The PiratePeteShow
The PiratePeteShow 15 dager siden
We need a top striker. Martial doesn't get in the Box and stands still outside the box, he wants the ball to his feet to turn around and run at defenders. Rashford, Greenwood, this is another reason we you need a proper striker. Oles football style of direct football suits a proper striker not an inverted winger as a striker
619 Trading
619 Trading 15 dager siden
Why Sancho? We just spent 40m on a guy named Diallo
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 15 dager siden
That was to appease the fans and pretend we’re looking to use young players. Cheers, Ole
The PiratePeteShow
The PiratePeteShow 15 dager siden
We are playing Scot and Fred to protect the Centre Backs. If we bought a better CB we wouldn't need to and midfield would play better. Look how Liverpool changed by buying a CB
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 15 dager siden
I’d still play my boys Freddy and Scotty anyway as I see them as the best midfield pairing and the future of my great Man Utd rebuild! Cheers, Ole
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel 15 dager siden
Liverpool have a elite manager where utd don't..👍
Shannon Quirk
Shannon Quirk 15 dager siden
KG looks like a cardboard cutout
Preshhd 15 dager siden
Is it me or football doesn't feel right after Claude passing away? Tbh I couldn't care less who we got in the summer, whether we are getting Sancho or not. Maybe I'm overreacting because this is still raw. But it truly puts things into perspective.
Simon Ashton
Simon Ashton 15 dager siden
89% club
Ganger 9 mill
Ganger 9 mill