Players Turn On DE GEA! Man Utd Transfer News 

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Man Utd players have turned on David De Gea and forced Solskjaer to make a goalkeeping change according to reports? Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. United Stand Merch collection united-stand.myshopify.com/
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5. april. 2021





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Anders Jensen
Anders Jensen 6 dager siden
Sounds like some media-divde and conqcer-stragiy...
trey lee
trey lee 6 dager siden
Y are u guys trying so hard to be news. You don't have the resources or enough connect to do this. You should focus on analysis. I don't watch this channel anymore.
G M 7 dager siden
Axel and Eric would be a better cb pairing than Maguire and Lindelof.
G M 7 dager siden
Goalkeeper mistakes are never forgotten. De Gea is still being picked out for previous season's errors.
G M 7 dager siden
He probably wanted to test Henderson and then De Gea said I've been playing well and we need the points. Ole: Fair enough I'll push that trial back, have a good game.
raszebe zebulun
raszebe zebulun 7 dager siden
David is a great keeper the others good not great
Mario Tabone
Mario Tabone 7 dager siden
It's because they are jealous of DeGea for what we pay him weekly even though none of the defence deserve to earn as much as David. He has kept us going for the past years at least until Fernandez arrived !!!!
Andy Gunn
Andy Gunn 7 dager siden
Yellow 7 dager siden
Yellow 7 dager siden
It's Manchester United doing the leaks. They always are and probably will be.
RED RULES 11 7 dager siden
If it’s true the players have turned on DeGea then there must be a reason but hey Mark think he knows best. Idiot
TOM NYIHA 8 dager siden
Hi mate, next tym do goals conceded in champions lig this season and europa
Bleachguy 8 dager siden
i just thought is it the defensive coaching a good coach would make more difference regardless of how good a player is
Bleachguy 8 dager siden
de gea may not be dropped but after granada if its dean de gea defiantly dropped
Bleachguy 8 dager siden
de gea not responsible for alot goals let in and doesnt deserve dropping first donny mistreatment now de gea faithful servant of our club treated like this im furious about this
Hamzoloo 8 dager siden
16:36 didn't De Gea pass it straight to the Leeds man while the defence was completely out of shape? trying to blame AWB for that is laughable.
Dennis 8 dager siden
its probably just henderson and his camp
Paulo Ramírez
Paulo Ramírez 8 dager siden
I said it before and I say it again, we have a BIGGER problem with Harry Maguire. His not at Manchester United level, no leadership, crap mentality and english bias. I'm getting really worry about the club, I feel they're about to make a bunch of bad decisions in the summer.
Lcfc Jayy
Lcfc Jayy 8 dager siden
So apparently Maguire wants De Gea gone, wants an English CB, doesn't play next to a player of colour...Very Sus
Lucien Lewayne Chetty
Lucien Lewayne Chetty 8 dager siden
It's sad to see de gea going but I think long term, Dean would be a better return on investment as he is younger. But David has been such a great keeper and he literally had been carrying this team. It's a shame the way they treated him.
Francisco Reyes
Francisco Reyes 8 dager siden
The three English ones, Shaw, Magwire, Bissaka are the top suspects for me.
Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri 8 dager siden
Harry Maguire was atrocious before Christmas. Why wasn't he dropped? First of all, Maguire is not a leader and if he remained in the team to justify the 80M! It's a joke!
Alvito Ezequiel
Alvito Ezequiel 8 dager siden
Paul Farrell
Paul Farrell 8 dager siden
Maguire is clubhouse cancer
Patrice Jende
Patrice Jende 8 dager siden
Lindelof and De Gea are friends, don't blame this on Lindelof Mark! Have you thought that maybe the club is the "leak" to make it easier to sell De Gea..
ben lennon
ben lennon 8 dager siden
The whole de gea situation gives real Madrid vibes, and that makes me feel sick.
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse 8 dager siden
Riola is the mole
Nick Kassaby
Nick Kassaby 8 dager siden
Awb is the problem. Just listen to mark say who is at fault for the goals, the name said the the most is awb
MrLuja 8 dager siden
Henderson is the future Gea is the past.
kory grey
kory grey 8 dager siden
The more he keeps saying it out loud the more I cannot believe our players are putting stories out. We’re not Arsenal.
Paddy Joyce
Paddy Joyce 8 dager siden
Players should all look in the the mirror simple as that instead pointing the finger at de gea whose been a hero over the last decade...ole aswell starting to do my head in and showing to be a weak manager...starting to become ole out
Jake Marshall
Jake Marshall 8 dager siden
I've heard DDG in plenty of interviews, he speaks better English than half of the England squad. So we can scrub that off as a made up reason. I'm honestly of the opinion that Maguire has a lot of power in terms of the team. If were listening to a sub par CB who's won sod all over one of, if not the, world's best GK, then its worse than we imagined
Faizal Kassim
Faizal Kassim 8 dager siden
jjtotheb 9 dager siden
Team hendo
Nigel Green
Nigel Green 9 dager siden
If true what you say about de gea then we have a problem
luke pinkham
luke pinkham 9 dager siden
Another ballshit story
HANS HSN 9 dager siden
so bottom line is the coach is a bottler, he's not even got man-management skills. get a new coach
tobi kayjaykay
tobi kayjaykay 9 dager siden
Filter the list by the player’s history from previous clubs in relation to team news leaks
Zack Ralte
Zack Ralte 9 dager siden
This is what happen when People like Ole and Maguire are leading the club... DDG is more of a red devil than the both of them.
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel 9 dager siden
This would never of happened under fergie.. It clearly shows ole as basically lost the dressing room especially if some of the player's as turned on degea..
angel queenシ
angel queenシ 9 dager siden
They turn on one of there best players yet the likes of maguire the big fat donkey gets away with the shambles at the back.
tobi kayjaykay
tobi kayjaykay 9 dager siden
Yves Bissouma🔥👌
Steven Hodgson
Steven Hodgson 9 dager siden
Aren't the coaching staff in the dressing room? I wouldn't trust those charlatans.
User 1013
User 1013 9 dager siden
I know who leaked these news... *drum roll* ... It's Aguero. He's leaving and he'd want his best friend from Manchester to leave with him.
paulos asfaw
paulos asfaw 9 dager siden
am optimistic kind of guy but worst time yet to come for ma beloved man utd am afraid!!!!!!!!!
Michael Palfreman
Michael Palfreman 9 dager siden
More reasons to drop Maguire.
HS fitness
HS fitness 9 dager siden
It sounds like he scared to drop player and it seems like the players have more power over him
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 9 dager siden
So a newspaper get something right, so it means everything they say is right. Mark talk so much bullshit its unbelievable
mirkososa 9 dager siden
A fair football view at these times, amazing!
Michael Palfreman
Michael Palfreman 9 dager siden
Too right Mark. It's so easy to blame the keeper.What about the defence!
Κωστας Μπαμιχας
Mark, no need to go through Davids season. We all have eyes and see how he has performed so far. Unfortunately, modern day football requires the keeper to have good technique, passing and communication skills. I am not saying he is better or worse than Dean, but what i will say is that it would be a sad day for united when the players start deciding who is going to play, who is going to be dropped and who is to be signed. If any of these reports are true, then Ole has to go.
Yellow Garden
Yellow Garden 9 dager siden
Women in these teams will make a huge difference. Won't be long until it happens
Munir Adam
Munir Adam 9 dager siden
The article exposes what some people already know. Ole is spineless. He probably picks McFred because they’re influential in the dressing room over a newbie like Van De Beek
amarpall sidhu
amarpall sidhu 9 dager siden
Call in Mi5 to sweep for bugs at the club including the managers office.🤔
Fred Waller
Fred Waller 9 dager siden
Jack O'Connell John Egan enda Stevens George baldock and Chris Basham in front of hendo then man utd could challenge city and Liverpool fact hendo can trust those players after all he played behind them at Sheffield United and knows them 100 million would get them
HUGH McNEILLIE 9 dager siden
Is there perhaps a bit of jealousy from some of these weak players that De Gea is on £375k a week ? Seems crazy when they are all vastly overpaid but could be a factor.
William N
William N 9 dager siden
DDG is the most senior player in United.... he takes no shxt from anyone
O H 9 dager siden
Aldo Revael
Aldo Revael 9 dager siden
De Gea makes couple mistakes on passing mark.. he fail making good distribution
Fred Waller
Fred Waller 9 dager siden
Name the players who have turned on De gea because hapless harry is not as good as he thinks he's far too slow a dead squirrel is faster
HUGH McNEILLIE 9 dager siden
The manager is weak. We can all see that. Just watch him squirm during games delaying substitutions, not making decisions. Picking his favourites when players like Bailly, Tuanzebe and Van De Beek are clearly going to improve the performance. Clueless, absolutely clueless.
Wuming Kelvin
Wuming Kelvin 9 dager siden
its the god damn fridge
HUGH McNEILLIE 9 dager siden
Well done Mark for calling this out for exactly what it is. Arse covering from sub standard over paid outfield players. I wouldn't be surprised if this is coming from the captain as the weight of the over paid transfer fee and the United shirt has clearly been too much for him. Hopefully Ole and Maguire leave at the same time.
HUGH McNEILLIE 9 dager siden
Ole is a rabbit in the headlights. Great player but embarrassing excuse for our manager. I'm sorry but he is lower have of English Championship at best. Time to go.
Sam Isaac Alex
Sam Isaac Alex 9 dager siden
The way the club and some fans r treating him is not right.
Patrick Donnelly
Patrick Donnelly 9 dager siden
Big albino mario successfully refuting his own hypothesis
Jerry K B
Jerry K B 9 dager siden
I am starting to hate Ole....
Wayne Toms
Wayne Toms 9 dager siden
What happened to the Chelsea page you used to run? 🤦‍♂️
Joshua Lawrence
Joshua Lawrence 9 dager siden
Fish and chips pagers news 😂
Gunahlan Subas
Gunahlan Subas 9 dager siden
just pouring fuel into the muck with this video though...ironic isn't it all this talk about pot stirring...utd stand turning into some kind tabloid bottom feeder
Patrick Donnelly
Patrick Donnelly 9 dager siden
Sensationalist bullshit at its best
Christian Krillz
Christian Krillz 9 dager siden
I love this club, but it really disgusts me how we operate and deal with stuff... we are finished... literally AC milan style aka FINISHED
Jeezus Mario
Jeezus Mario 9 dager siden
The best player in the past decade for manu has been David de Goat. I will always have his back no matter what. He deserves it.
Maximus Decimus Meridius
You don't need to be a genius to work out Harry Maguire is the dressing room rat,Mr brexit himself.
Simphiwe Twala
Simphiwe Twala 9 dager siden
The problem is we listening to a tabloid paper. And we get hypertension over a the same paper that said Neymar is coming to United.
Steven Nostaw
Steven Nostaw 9 dager siden
DeGea MANU LEGEND our Greatest Player in the Last Decade. Bulls**t Agendas
Jarod Reddig
Jarod Reddig 9 dager siden
Marks is a genius and spot on as usual.
Keith Joseph
Keith Joseph 9 dager siden
Goldbridge crying again cause David has been dropped get over it dean is the better goalkeeper
RTL 9 dager siden
Duncan Castles said De Gea was looking to be moved on a month ago before anyone else reported it so he does a contact from the club on this issue.
Dave Ferris
Dave Ferris 9 dager siden
actually screw this im sick listening to you talk bollox about de gea im away
RTL 9 dager siden
Some players run the club. Lukaku mentioned this. The players got Jose sacked. The players spoke to Woodward about LVG and he got the sack. Ole is not in charge. Mercenary FC.
Rodegell Johnson
Rodegell Johnson 9 dager siden
De gea and pogba needs to go they aint contributing anything
Nicholas Hardy
Nicholas Hardy 9 dager siden
Guarantee its Maguire.. the story about an English speaking CB? Well that hasn't come from anyone who isn't English I think its Harry.. who else would ole listen to when it comes to team news and if the story about the dropping De Gea is true like it all seems to be adding up.. and it's sad that De Gea is being targeted he's literally done nothing wrong this season at all
Christy R
Christy R 9 dager siden
Solskjaer saying Man United have "two first choice goalkeepers" is an oxymoron which gives credit to rumours that he's weak willed and doesn't know his own mind
J I 9 dager siden
Eric Bailey is our best centre back by far! Why isn’t he playing.
Roger Williams
Roger Williams 9 dager siden
Spot on, Mark. Kudos to you for doing the objective analysis to show that there is no justification to drop De Gea for Henderson this season.
steveomcbigarms 9 dager siden
We said this early on. He lacks the bottle to make subs... plays the same team every week even when players need rotation or when players come in and play well he doesn't give them a chance because hes afraid to upset the regulars.
Fifa Eric
Fifa Eric 9 dager siden
but actually david is just too quiet and lack of leadership. That's why ole prefer dean
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez 9 dager siden
Heck even Mourinho's dressing rooms are better than ours! At least Mourinho is blunt and honest. All I've seen are lies and division coming out of Manchester United.
Slabicus Headicus
Slabicus Headicus 9 dager siden
If there is a shred of truth to this MEN de gea reports, Ole is going down Mourinho Lane with that kind of management.
constgiannik3 9 dager siden
Great show Mark, love the support for David
Einar Johan Skandsen
Einar Johan Skandsen 9 dager siden
I have for years complained about de Gea regarding his ability away from the line. He is among the best in the league on the line, but without doubt the worst in the league away from the line Both de Gea and Pogba should have been traded when their value was high. Now they have limited value.
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez 9 dager siden
It's clear that Man United is trying to make an all-English team. If we're forcing out our most important player over the past 10 years because he's Spanish, how can we expect to sign any decent foreign center-backs like Kounde, Varane, or even Torres? I only see Ben White coming in.
Kevin Sims
Kevin Sims 9 dager siden
You should never have paid 80 mil for Maguire that’s were all your back 4 unrest is coming from he’ was protected at Leicester now he’s exposed at United .
Fifa Eric
Fifa Eric 9 dager siden
Phil Jones
Veer Agarwal
Veer Agarwal 9 dager siden
In a way this situation is not ideal for Henderson if he will be number one. He will always be regarded as the one who caused de gea’s departure and our fanbase might turn on him.
Reza Razak
Reza Razak 9 dager siden
what a blatant assumption on who the dressing room culprits are Mark
FranowaynebyWAF 9 dager siden
Thats bullshhhhhh
Andrew I
Andrew I 9 dager siden
Biggest club in the world being run like a Mickey mouse club what a disgrace if this is true.....Glazers to blame 109%
Tore Hund
Tore Hund 9 dager siden
Another round of conspiracy teories
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