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Man Utd could solve their midfield issue without spending a penny of Solskjaer's transfer budget. The question is, is James Garner ready. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. GOLDBRIDGE Watchalong nosections.info/green/wq-Xq3isfIilzpk/video.html
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3. april. 2021





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Erez Tsur
Erez Tsur 2 dager siden
Go Garner! Love his style
Shawn Ugochwukwu
Shawn Ugochwukwu 8 dager siden
Might be reason Ole don't worry about CDM
Faizal Kassim
Faizal Kassim 8 dager siden
Anthony Loyo
Anthony Loyo 9 dager siden
The way he sets up and send it flying in a couple of seconds gives me Xabi Alonso vibes.
Brían Ó Cionnaith
Brían Ó Cionnaith 9 dager siden
I love rice but bissouma would do us a job and not fail ré yesterday match
Paul Collinson
Paul Collinson 9 dager siden
I’ve been name dropping Garner for weeks on your CDM videos. He’s like Nicky Butt with Scholes long passing DNA. Better than Fred by a long way
Jacob Aldridge
Jacob Aldridge 9 dager siden
Glad Mark made a video about Ghana
Jsmcr89 10 dager siden
He won't play van de beek so he won't play garner
Will Sum
Will Sum 10 dager siden
Is Denis Law a traitor? Utd to City ? Out your depth Ole
Jesse Collins
Jesse Collins 10 dager siden
I think james gardner can be our new carrick but just bit better passing
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
He will be back in Man Utd next season ... and Ole will sit him on the bench ... and the legacy of McFred will continue ... 😅😅😅
HABIMANA Kudra 10 dager siden
Just seen ndindi and fabinho mn we need a cdm
Embhah M Sut
Embhah M Sut 10 dager siden
2nd place not because of Ole ..it's because all clubs like Liverpool ,Chelsea & arsenal are playing crap football ....if all those clubs are in good form ole won't be any near 2nd place ..
Sachindev Jughaloa
Sachindev Jughaloa 10 dager siden
So we want to win the premier league and champions league by selling pogba and de gea and let a twenty year old newbie run the midfield! "oh but we are building for the future, you just keep waiting mister"..... B.S.
Ally Todd
Ally Todd 10 dager siden
Sell Maguire and Matic to raise funds for buying Varane, and offer Pogba on a swap to PSG for Marquinhos. Get Garner back but play him in the U23 side while we tread water with McTominay and Fred. If he continues to impress move him up, if not beg, borrow or steal to get Rice or Grealish. As for the right wing, jury's out on what we should do there but once, and only once, we have fixed those positions should we look at strikers.
Lá Salette
Lá Salette 10 dager siden
Garner is only getting better
Michael Pitchford
Michael Pitchford 10 dager siden
James Garner & Dylan Levitt are Man Utd`s best CDM`s atm, true fact
Raj shah
Raj shah 10 dager siden
I agree with Josh...why would we forget the fa cup loss to Leicester just because we are 2nd in the league...we won't forget such a shocking loss and great chance to get to the final...especially after 4 lost semi finals...
Hatchet Mac
Hatchet Mac 10 dager siden
Tori Ola
Tori Ola 10 dager siden
7:50 if only zein knew 😂😂
xavier brown
xavier brown 10 dager siden
Adam Shuiabu
Adam Shuiabu 10 dager siden
I’d rather see Gardner play at Brighton he won’t get any game time at Utd
iRed 29
iRed 29 10 dager siden
Unpopular opinion: I’d have Danny Ings as our striker over Martial
Duncan Paterson
Duncan Paterson 10 dager siden
Ole will defo call Garner Garny
Mohammed D Malik
Mohammed D Malik 10 dager siden
Send Garner to Rangers next season and let him learn off Steven Gerrard. Imagine being a midfielder and having had both Stevens Gerrard AND Michael Carrick as mentors!
James Shapland
James Shapland 10 dager siden
I think what you mean is he is never rushed, he moves the ball quickly and accurately. However, he never looks panicked or caught out, he always knows what he wants to do and where everyone is.
Yazid Aji
Yazid Aji 10 dager siden
Has anyone thought that James Garner could be our long-term replacement to Michael Carrick? same style, slows the game down in a good way, dictate the game, long-range passes
Unbearable 2020
Unbearable 2020 10 dager siden
Arsenal might get something out of Liverpool 😜
David Smethurst
David Smethurst 10 dager siden
Excellent point about the contrast between the United DNA narrative and actual dull style of play on the pitch. The point about having a style that allows for development into a title challenging team is also spot on and a subtle point well made
nsubuga kasozi
nsubuga kasozi 10 dager siden
Garner isnt really a cdm. In the youth team he used to play with Levitt and levitt used to do most of the defensive work. Honestly garner isnt even that talented. Yes he has a higher ceiling in comparison to macfred but he really isnt all that. Basically Garner isnt the answer
David Smethurst
David Smethurst 10 dager siden
Dortmund’s big attraction is that they give young players a chance to play at the top level and then they let them move on. However the way they stopped Sancho moving and now Harland means I think their appeal to young players must be diminishing. Dortmund is now looking like the hotel California in that you can never leave! Bellingham will be their next victim....
Akinloye Ayorinde
Akinloye Ayorinde 10 dager siden
What are the weaknesses in his game?
Matt Gudgeon
Matt Gudgeon 10 dager siden
Came to hear about milenkovic, marks too braindead to remember to talk about him
Archie Thomson
Archie Thomson 10 dager siden
I would put him at Brighton until January and see how he copes is the prem
Andrew Mangala
Andrew Mangala 10 dager siden
If Garner comes back, he must play otherwise he regresses. Which doesn't help anyone, otherwise let him go to Rangers at the very least and hope Gerrard plays him. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Darren Ray Frost
Darren Ray Frost 10 dager siden
And Matic really needs to go, and he can take Fred with him.
Darren Ray Frost
Darren Ray Frost 10 dager siden
Garner reminds of a mix between Veron and carrick, bold winning and great passes. He could be what we need in the mid, but i dont think Ollie will give him the time and chances he needs, so a loan would to another premier club would be great.
Outram Gopaul
Outram Gopaul 10 dager siden
Garner is an amazing player,he look like Busquet
BIG RON 10 dager siden
Ole won't play Garner. He don't he play Donny who cost £40m...He would not have played a 16/17 year old Bellingham...that is why he moved to Dortmund
7th Star
7th Star 10 dager siden
We don't know Garners mentality, can he make it at Utd, the pressure, expectation, demand and criticism....big fish in a small bowl, Championship or Brighton or small fish in a big bowl, playing at utd. Too many top players crumble at utd. Perfect example Lingard...
7th Star
7th Star 10 dager siden
Haha so funny....What are you talking about Joshua!!!....you need to do stand up comedy..
Lindokuhle Fortune
Lindokuhle Fortune 10 dager siden
F*ckng hell. is this really how low we have fell? My GOD!!! Mark, the Glazers have you in their pockets now.
Luke Peter Ashworth
Luke Peter Ashworth 10 dager siden
Mark your 5,11 on a good day 😂😂😂
Rishab Prakash
Rishab Prakash 10 dager siden
we need too loose old players like mata matic lingard etc. ik they all have been amazing but our youngsters can not develop if they are the 5th choice. Greenwood developed so well when he was given regular chances in one season
#i_think_the_lad_is_a_good_footballer_but_i_do_not_want_the_same_thing_happen_to_Him_that_happen_to_AXEL TUNZEBE_WHEN_HE_RETURNED_FROM_VILLA_HE_DID_NOT_GET_A_CHANCE_TO_PLAY_FIRST_TEAM_FOOTBALL_AND_DEVELOP INTO THE FOOTBALLERS THE CLUB NEEDS.
Shane Heffernan
Shane Heffernan 10 dager siden
That's throwing him in the deep end ok give him first team game time but not play him every game we need an every game starting dominant CDM, I think at least one or two more season's on loan. A loan in a Premier League club would be very good just so he gets to know what the prem is like
soto 10 dager siden
Haaland will demand the ball. Where as Martial doesn’t demand nothing he just floats around. he isn’t a proper number 9. I do like martial though left wing player
mark wilson
mark wilson 11 dager siden
Pogba and VDB can’t break the McFred partnership Garner has no chance
Raphael Frank
Raphael Frank 11 dager siden
Mctomminay wouldn’t have the same impact in the championship! We need to send all of our youngsters to the champions to season them for 2-3 years then access whether we keep them or and give them chance or cash in on them for our transfer fund!
MG Tookee
MG Tookee 11 dager siden
I knoooow they’re not man United quality Mark but I do rate Mcsauce and I hope Fred can improve also . As for Matic, get rid and get Garner in!
Terry Houston
Terry Houston 11 dager siden
Actually our midfield thots when they get the ball is " oh shire" why me?
Vinde Zarksville
Vinde Zarksville 11 dager siden
But Mark, look at players like philips who came from the championship last season and we here saying he can play in our utd squad, the only trouble is he is with leeds utd...
Akim Williams
Akim Williams 11 dager siden
From raging at Dutmond to favorite Easter egg lol....Like the originality lol
Miles McGrew
Miles McGrew 11 dager siden
“A certain area of a man’s groin measuring”. That is pure Goldbridge at his best. 😂
Hmm 11 dager siden
Mark: Tushel Mark few seocnds later: Tuchel Me: Mark pls make up your mind😂
Shreyas Ajgaonkar
Shreyas Ajgaonkar 11 dager siden
And make a public declaration not to sign players associated with mino riaola till he gives out a public apology for his comments
Shreyas Ajgaonkar
Shreyas Ajgaonkar 11 dager siden
Convince pogba to sign a 2 year contract and sign a release clause about 50 mil to be activated after a year..gives people like garner and mjebri time to improve and gain some experience
Tanka Shrestha
Tanka Shrestha 11 dager siden
Looking at the city's squad, I can say Manu won't win the league another 5 yrs.
arvie ocampo
arvie ocampo 11 dager siden
how are you suppose to make chances for the forward when ole players 6 at the back? so why would you think ole is going to lead us forward ole tactic is the reason we ain't winning reasonably
Avinash Kumar X - A
Avinash Kumar X - A 11 dager siden
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best 11 dager siden
The thing is that mctominay has something that has been lacking in man utd players over the past years( post roy keane) and that is aggression and strength. On top of that, mctominay can play and he can score. Every champion team has that kind of player.
Civil Discourse
Civil Discourse 11 dager siden
The aim of a new CDM should be a player who can play the role alone so we don’t need the double pivot. Like Fernandinho did with KDB and silva before...
John Hamilton
John Hamilton 11 dager siden
Greenwood the best natural finisher of any English striker there is about.
Amin Johari
Amin Johari 11 dager siden
Forget about Haaland (& Rioja) get Andre Silva
Kizito William
Kizito William 11 dager siden
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the reason United has fallen into mediocrity. This is the reason United haven't replaced Matic with someone capable.
Aiman Moe
Aiman Moe 11 dager siden
How would Donny feel if a championship player came in and just plays more than he can
Terry Houston
Terry Houston 11 dager siden
Can't be worse than now can it.
Sindo M
Sindo M 11 dager siden
dont come Garner...you will be ruined like Axel........except for Greeenwood there is no youngster he has really given any fair chance
Jason RT
Jason RT 11 dager siden
I just saw Garner, and....nop, he does not have the level yet.
John Morgan
John Morgan 11 dager siden
Someone's been watching youtube highlights.
Sean Reid
Sean Reid 11 dager siden
He's a hybrid of Lampard and Scholes... He slows the game down when the ball goes in to him by shifting it but he speeds it up by releasing it with different range of passes
westhamonline 10 dager siden
Except much worse
Sean Reid
Sean Reid 11 dager siden
Happy u see what I see in Garner, he's better than all three, and his range is as good as Paul, Matic goes bring him back. Ole needs to bring him back
J lingz The goat
J lingz The goat 11 dager siden
Said this with over a year but oh well
Garry Hawkes
Garry Hawkes 11 dager siden
I aware only last week mark was saying that garner was no where near ready and now all of sudden hes a revelation.. lol
John Singh
John Singh 11 dager siden
Your just making excuses. Results want count.
Douglas Roehling
Douglas Roehling 11 dager siden
If Jimmy go to Scotland it will hard him up. And rangers will be in Europe football
AG 7
AG 7 11 dager siden
If we can’t get both cb and cdm, we should atleast get cdm, and use Bailly and Tuanzebe.
Reza Razak
Reza Razak 11 dager siden
lol another overhyped bang average english player
Adam McCourt
Adam McCourt 11 dager siden
Jesus stop the Haaland talk!!!..it's getting old and boring and it's not happening!!
airforce1969 11 dager siden
I do not think Halaand is the solution and we have way more issues than just needing a proper no. 9 in my opinion. However, to say "If Halaand would win us the league than why aren't Dortmund in second" and act like that's some sort of brilliant counterargument is just ridiculous really...
Dave Sherratt
Dave Sherratt 11 dager siden
Laird looks absolute quality
Yellow 11 dager siden
_ETHAN AMPADU is 20 yrs old. He is a CDM and currently plays for Chelsea._
Yellow 10 dager siden
@Splendiferous Finch OOPS. your right. he was on loan before but at a german club.
Splendiferous Finch
Splendiferous Finch 11 dager siden
He plays for Sheffield Utd at the moment, not sure he’d start for Chelsea when he goes back
Montana Hills
Montana Hills 11 dager siden
It will never be gangsta Squad of past. beside bissaka n shaw. real Gs
James Pattinson
James Pattinson 11 dager siden
Some has an opinion: “Shove it right up your arse”
Frank Edward
Frank Edward 11 dager siden
Unless you play Garner instead of Fred MU will never know.
airforce1969 11 dager siden
Jeez Mark can go in way too hard on his own fans sometimes...
Karl brocklesby
Karl brocklesby 11 dager siden
U have some muppets on here ffs😂 Cannot be football fans let alone United fans. .
Callum Morton
Callum Morton 11 dager siden
You have literally never watched james garner play a football match
SAli Another day
SAli Another day 11 dager siden
Ole don't trust in youth, he does the opposite of united dna.
Gavin Gould
Gavin Gould 11 dager siden
No it is quick fix united need soumare or cavingha knowing united probably go with garner those
Michael Durham
Michael Durham 11 dager siden
Of all the youth who were coming through..Greenwood, Gomes, Garner, Chong and Williams, I always felt like Garner was going to be a nailed on starter...he always looked so assured on the ball. If Haaland was the answer for United, Dortmund should be at the top of an easy German League and he’s getting service there.
Ashutosh Pattnaik
Ashutosh Pattnaik 11 dager siden
Is Garner defensively as good or nearly as good as Matic was ??
afellownerd 1
afellownerd 1 11 dager siden
I'm also excited about Dylan Levitt. Though his development def isn't as far along as Garner's
Zedo 11 dager siden
Garner reminds me of Carrick
phil good
phil good 11 dager siden
give garner another year on loan then let him compete with whoever we bring in, is what id do
asr1227 11 dager siden
If Garner is good as Rice, why not...
AKA_MAZ 11 dager siden
Inter would buy Fred. They love leftovers.
Messymouf Entertainment
garner has been a talent for afew years but the loan has shown he can actually do it and we wanted bellingham when we have players id say are on the same level,laid is really good but hes had afew injuries that slowed his progress but again on loan hes smashing it with assists
Galvatron Cartman
Galvatron Cartman 11 dager siden
25/30m plus Garner on loan to Brighton for Bissouma would be perfect for us.
Messymouf Entertainment
dortmund are 7 points from champions league.and poch lost again
Masco CZ
Masco CZ 11 dager siden
36:28 Enjoyed that "voice crack"
David Jones
David Jones 11 dager siden
Mark, 40 years watching United, you do talk shite, I bet you don't remember Tommy doc, 1977, beat the scouse, I swear badge not been sacked, we would have won the league, playing the United way.
Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts
Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts