HAALAND €150M OR BUST! + VARANE FOR £59M? | Man Utd Transfer News 

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Manchester United are set to lose out on Erling Haaland, with Mino Raiola offering the player to Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City.. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. United Stand Mugs Click HERE united-stand.myshopify.com/
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1. april. 2021





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Marcus CHIN
Marcus CHIN 4 dager siden
One feels sorry for Flex and Mark trying so hard to keep positive for United. They are both working so hard.
rob roberts
rob roberts 8 dager siden
swap de gea pogba and martial for mbappe
Gang Jitsu
Gang Jitsu 12 dager siden
Varane for 59m?? What a joke what is with the prices nowadays.
vaannebilim 9 dager siden
Too low
CJ Legend89
CJ Legend89 12 dager siden
It wouldn't surprise me if our summer transfers were Ben White (£35 million) Yves Bissouma (£40 million) and Andre Silva (£35 million). Total = £110 million. Here is the players we can sell. Andreas Pereira (£10 million) Jesse Lingard (£15 million) Nemanja Matic (£12 Million) Phil Jones (£8 million) Dan James (£24 million). Total £64 million. Net spend £66 million.
Barbara Hollingworth
Barbara Hollingworth 12 dager siden
Great show
DAVID WING 12 dager siden
If Cavani goes to argentina cab he take rojo with him
DAVID WING 12 dager siden
Going on the Brexit fc imagine ole aiming to put this team out Henderson Wamb. . Mag. white. . Shaw Garner Mctominay. Lingard James . Rashford Greenwood ~ Brexit fc taken to the max 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Samson Munthali
Samson Munthali 12 dager siden
Are you ready for the protest??
Stuart Munro
Stuart Munro 12 dager siden
If Halland went to United. He’d end up like Martial ,once Ollies training methods kick in
Hatchet Mac
Hatchet Mac 12 dager siden
Forget Haaland one player doesn't win you the league. A good CDM and CB is more important.
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson 12 dager siden
Haaland will never join Man City as long as Pep Guardioala is there. Pep never signs players from Mino Riaola.
Eucalyptus Da Villa
Eucalyptus Da Villa 12 dager siden
No ways he's worth 150 m
Christos Joseph
Christos Joseph 12 dager siden
Another story not worth making a video on.
Samuel Onyekachukwu Obieze
We can get Haaland if we could pay for the Arsenal reject! How much did we pay for him?
Paulson 12 dager siden
Anyone else click off the vid when they see it’s flex and not mark ?
Darkstar8473 12 dager siden
Of course Flex would take Ndidi over Rice ...
Mugen Tenshin
Mugen Tenshin 12 dager siden
If City gets him then it's all over for several seasons... All the other teams needs to get together and collectivly get him just to avoid letting City get him.
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson 12 dager siden
Pep will never sign a player from riaola. Period.
Rhys Powell
Rhys Powell 12 dager siden
I feel like we could have a world class CDM and we still wont create chances. We dont get enough bodies in the box. Our forwards are just that "forwards" none of them are number 9's but at the same time none of them are proper wingers, they just play upfront. There is no movement, watch City and they pull teams apart, we go out and hope someone can do something.
Ayad Alrawi
Ayad Alrawi 12 dager siden
Aguero to Chelsea Haaland to Man City Messi to stay at Barca Werner to Real Madrid
Israel Amorim
Israel Amorim 12 dager siden
The sore blinker generically moan because patricia concurringly heat upon a aspiring waste. incredible, agreeable violin
Zee One
Zee One 12 dager siden
Any so called special relationship Ole has with Haaland is irrelevant If Ole realised he was a generational talent he should of brought him to United when Ole joined or should have convinced him to sign last year Ole is largely irrelevant to most signing the players goes where it’s best for them
Kris DaRed
Kris DaRed 12 dager siden
Transfer window not even open yet and im already fed up and realise the club and the board are inevitably going to let us down
Pat Bhukkanasut
Pat Bhukkanasut 12 dager siden
The more I watch the United Stand, the more I am depressed about the reality of United. Being positive feels like saying a prayer 🙏 which will not be answered.
kenneth vekima
kenneth vekima 12 dager siden
Give Anthony Martial + Donny VDB + 80million for Haaland and Sancho
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse 12 dager siden
Just a mercenary. Perfect for Real Madrid.
sam bog
sam bog 12 dager siden
why would halaand want to go to utd? lol
Tom Brownbridge
Tom Brownbridge 12 dager siden
Matt judge will be asked to meet at the United gates and speak through the car window as they drive through to city for real talks.
Gregg Kirby
Gregg Kirby 13 dager siden
Any signings we make will prolong oles managerial time at man united.. no signings 🚫OLE OUT🚫
nic luttrell
nic luttrell 13 dager siden
Please learn to pronounce "three and think" not"free and fink "
Brad Hugh Skynryd
Brad Hugh Skynryd 13 dager siden
We could do with a French revolution in summer rabiot varne dembele pogba would probably sign if we got that
X_amad.diallo_X 13 dager siden
Philip Marshall
Philip Marshall 13 dager siden
This channel is a kids show 😂
Vittal Narayan
Vittal Narayan 13 dager siden
De Jong flopped at Barca?! Lol who are these people who say these things?
sunjay patel
sunjay patel 13 dager siden
We won't be signing any superstars, we are just a average club now, but the board think Man Utd are a elite club..😄😄
jarzhinio 13 dager siden
United being linked with Haarland could well drive his price up, so maybe other clubs will have to sell one of their players whom we want to sign? It would be great if Ed Woodward was sacked, that would make a huge difference to the madness of United's hiring and firing
Laxman Pujari
Laxman Pujari 13 dager siden
How about this for a transfer plan ? Sell Martial, Fred, Matic and Bailly, get 80-90 mil, add more 80-90 mil into that & get Brozovic, Tapsoba, Lozano and Tammy Abraham. If Pogba wants to go to Juve, swap him with Bentancur.
Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson 13 dager siden
Get a striker next year, get a CB and a CDM this year.
Steve Hodgson
Steve Hodgson 13 dager siden
Haaland ain’t coming to the premiership not this year or in the next 5 years
Thomas K. Siam
Thomas K. Siam 13 dager siden
The answer is no. Halland is not worth that amount. He is slow that is understood. EPL need fast attacking striker. Haaland don't have that quality. Don't be fooled by Riola. He is a blood sucker.
Jodie April Mae
Jodie April Mae 13 dager siden
United should NEVER deal with Raiola - no one should deal with him. If Pogba goes for next to nothing then THAT is exactly what will happen to any one united buy with him as agent. The reason Raiola can do this is because of the business entity that is Manchester United Glazered- ie MUG!!
Only Hooman
Only Hooman 13 dager siden
What is so special about Rice? - Genuine question!
Tlotlang Molemela
Tlotlang Molemela 13 dager siden
Pep wont do it! Raiola and pep dont get along. pep wont take his crap
JK1 JUSTIN 13 dager siden
Love the vids
7th Star
7th Star 13 dager siden
Looks like the homeless guy is upset, no one is buying the new issue....
tomtomufc 13 dager siden
Haaland didnt even have utd in his mind let's be honest hes just freinds with ole,AND THATS THE BOTTOM LINE BECAUSE😆😆 you know the rest😆.
T_dwah TM
T_dwah TM 13 dager siden
Bruno for captain and Rashford assistant
Digantanil Giri
Digantanil Giri 13 dager siden
Buy Varane, Sancho, Rice, Andre Silva, Trippier, decent back up GK from La Liga on free. Sell Lingard, Pogba, Martial, De Gea, Dalot, Matic, Jones, Pereira. Let go Romero,Mata, Cavani. Theoretically possible. Only issue - requires competence, which we don't have
mobility saf1
mobility saf1 13 dager siden
If haaland was to sign for united, he literally would become a cult hero
milner3 13 dager siden
He's going to barca...
Stephen 13 dager siden
Stephen 13 dager siden
Stephen 13 dager siden
Stephen 13 dager siden
Yash Rana
Yash Rana 13 dager siden
Get koude and sancho
Anthony 13 dager siden
Guardiola has a bad relationship with Raiola
Jodie April Mae
Jodie April Mae 13 dager siden
Everyone has a bad relationship with Raiola !
SAli Another day
SAli Another day 13 dager siden
Fans making shopping lists for summer transfers, this is not football manager. Some of the transfers fans are dreaming to do, keep dreaming.
Owen Faul
Owen Faul 13 dager siden
Hamse Warsama
Hamse Warsama 13 dager siden
I would say if we don’t go for haaland then teams like city, barca and Chelsea will sign him. Yes we need to strengthen in at the midfield and defence but we need to take the advantage. Next season is about signing haaland and a cdm or a defender then the season after sancho. Short term pain and long term gain.
Nahid Miah
Nahid Miah 13 dager siden
Get koopmeiners!!!!
buster colin
buster colin 13 dager siden
I can definitely see a swap deal with Phil Jones and Haarland.
j0nathanztoc 9 dager siden
No very unfair deal for us
Christopher Yates
Christopher Yates 12 dager siden
Plus an other 20 million for Jones. Jones = priceless 😄
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best 13 dager siden
@tomrob06 In fm14 that is true lol
tomrob06 13 dager siden
It would be our loss Phil Jones is our best defender Phil Jones>Prime Rio and vidic
Reeves Wong
Reeves Wong 13 dager siden
Who would want to play under a PE teacher?
fade 13 dager siden
Think about it, why would a player of Haaland caliber want to join Man Utd? Footballers have egos, they want to win titles. We all know we’re not going to get to the top or win the title any time soon so we can only get ‘mercenaries’ or those that aren’t at the top level.
fade 13 dager siden
Zlatan came to Utd because of his love for Mourinho, Pogba returned to Utd because of his love and allegiance to Utd from a young age, Bruno because he grew up watching Ronaldo at Utd and Donny probably because of Van Der Saar and maybe because he had nowhere else to go. Then you have your mediocre players in the starting line up and the squad.
David Alfonso
David Alfonso 13 dager siden
McFrOle... 😂 😆
DRGUKIINAUGANDA2016 13 dager siden
The incompetence of United board will see them ignore a 59m pound Varane and sign Ben white for 70m pounds. But does it make sense for Raiola to taunt Haaland around Europe if he is in demand. May be he is just hyping the demand
Swarup chhetri
Swarup chhetri 13 dager siden
# macfroli
Joseph de selva
Joseph de selva 13 dager siden
Where is your other partner KG alias Hardy
Joseph de selva
Joseph de selva 13 dager siden
The circus without you clowns you Pratts
Arshid Hussain
Arshid Hussain 13 dager siden
Halaand will go to Madrid or Chelsea.. He will not stay long at one club. three years max at one club.. At Barca it will not be happening as they will insert high release clause, Man city do the smart bussiness too.. It will be chelsea or Madrid
Joseph de selva
Joseph de selva 13 dager siden
We know this story about varane too can I ask you something can you stop this transfer story don't you all have any other things to talk about
Joseph de selva
Joseph de selva 13 dager siden
That we know the whole thing we don't need your talks on this Halland story
AzYouWere 13 dager siden
I beleive our priority should be dm, rice is the man, he breaks lines crisp forward passing great energy and positional sense, for me he should be top target
VK in Bangkok
VK in Bangkok 13 dager siden
Flex would you swop Mason with cash for Haaland since you said wont swop Marcus for Jadon? Credit Dortmond how they always able to hype their young stars thru the years. Unless Haaland goals wins Dortmond league title (they are 5th now) n UCL, he will not be worth 100m
VK in Bangkok
VK in Bangkok 13 dager siden
Flex, is it fair to say City best midfielder is Fernandino at 34years old n we already slating Matic n Mata at 31. Age has no bearing in how an athelic takes care of his physical conditioning. Likewise Giggs wont be a regular if not given playing time since 17year old - these days to say 21 young is ridiculous when our motto has always been "if you are good enough, young age not an issue" City success like SAF, base on performances not age. Sir Alex will cut a young or old player when he sees start of decline, now we renew contracts without performances but financial reasons 😪
David Patterson
David Patterson 13 dager siden
MU CDMs our worse than CB.....get a top class CDM....
Febian Lim
Febian Lim 13 dager siden
Swap VDB with rabiot then we have good CDM and swap pogba with varane. We still have 80M budget we could sign another box to box like franck kessie for 30M then we spend 50M on pedro neto. If we done that this could be our best transfer window
Devil red 7
Devil red 7 13 dager siden
Rabiot isn’t a dm
Krishnadev Nair
Krishnadev Nair 13 dager siden
Why waste energy and time on Halland... concentrate on real targets...like Leipzig does
andrew harkness
andrew harkness 13 dager siden
IF we as fans love united why not start a crypto coin to buy players for united, lease back clause to our club its a no brainer!!!!
artearmy 13 dager siden
Miyo 13 dager siden
You man getting gassed for no reason. Does he even want to come here ?
andrew harkness
andrew harkness 13 dager siden
cris alvarez
cris alvarez 13 dager siden
what type of cdm we need, some busquets type or some N'Golo Kanté type ?
cris alvarez
cris alvarez 13 dager siden
​ @Devil red 7 true, but one thing is play like manchester city and other thing is play like a small club how resigns the possession of the ball and you counter attack or hold inside the area , united have dignity at least united can make some good passes to hold the ball, manchester united is still competitive.
Devil red 7
Devil red 7 13 dager siden
Ole ain’t got the tactical know how to play ball with a player like busquets
William Turner
William Turner 13 dager siden
We will never get Haaland, never with this type of crap board.
china brown
china brown 13 dager siden
Haaland ,Declan rice an wardprowse would be a fantastic summer
ojda 13 dager siden
Haaland is pronounced like The "a" in "wall" so learn that, instead of saying "haaaland". I'm Norwegian and know.
Devil red 7
Devil red 7 13 dager siden
No1 is going to pay 150 m straight up. It will be broken over the length of the contract or a couple of years.
Didi Dada
Didi Dada 13 dager siden
The kid is super great. Fast and score goals with his left foot better than Rashford and Martial combined. I would prefer him over martial in any day. Would love to see him play with Rashford and Richarlison and grealish spare on Rotational Everton Soares, Greenwood and James. Pogba, martial, Lingard, Mata, Matic, Dalot, Chong, Phil and perera sold. Keep Vandabeek to use his a awesome spare on Rotational... $150m its not right...100m i can understand...united is always brought to this mess where they end up settling for 40m players where Haallard ends up sold for 90m to real Madrid.
Chris Halsall
Chris Halsall 13 dager siden
United will spend all summer chasing Haaland then offer 80 million. When that’s laughed at we will offer 82million. He will go to a club with ambition instead. Then we will raid the championship on deadline day and grab a “bargain” . The kid is so young I fail to see how we lose on him. Even if we pay 160 million and 4 years from now we have to sell at 120 million he’s worth that kind of loss. That’s assuming he doesn’t go up in value, which he most likely will.
Divout 12 dager siden
Now try "we buy for 160m and he goes for free after 4 years refusing a new contract"
Jason Girvin
Jason Girvin 13 dager siden
Riola the shite bag🤣
Freddy Morris
Freddy Morris 13 dager siden
Where can I buy the tracksuit top he's wearing?
DJBICK 13 dager siden
James Anderson is called Jimmy more than anything else haha
George Mercer
George Mercer 13 dager siden
why can this board borrow 160 million for dept against covid for the club...but thay cant borrow 160 million for transfers
Terrance Twonk
Terrance Twonk 13 dager siden
We should save ourselves the embarrassment and avoid going in for him altogether, will only be to waste months then watch him sign for someone else anyway
steveomcbigarms 13 dager siden
He's off to Spain or City.Nobody else could afford him...maybe Chelsea...but he wouldn't go there.
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson 12 dager siden
He will never join City as long as Pep is there. Pep never deals with a snake like riaola.
The Dapper Don
The Dapper Don 13 dager siden
Haaland will sign for CITY PSG Real madrid Barcelona Liverpool Chelsea
Jon Terry
Jon Terry 13 dager siden
Apparently his reps are in barca so we ain't getting haaland
Umar Khan
Umar Khan 13 dager siden
Since Fergie retired I keep hearing Man Utd are in transition, it’s been almost 8 years now. I’ve seen people transition genders than us, why is it taking this long
Aaron Barnes
Aaron Barnes 13 dager siden
Utd will sign konte and Harry kane that's it
Aaron Barnes
Aaron Barnes 13 dager siden
That's crazy to think we spent close to billion since the days of Sir Alex and don't even think he'd spent that over his whole career 😂
Aaron Barnes
Aaron Barnes 13 dager siden
@Joon - young that's scary how big of a mess we've made and to still call themselves biggest club in the world they and we should say don't deserve that title atm lol
Joon - young
Joon - young 13 dager siden
probably the same amount as city have spent too and we’re still no where near them.
Aaron Barnes
Aaron Barnes 13 dager siden
There's noway were gonna sell the players that are on these crazy wages and if anyone thinks we're getting CB CDM RW and ST 🤣 are u serious fs we will sign CB and ST and ST depends if we can get 50mill for Martial
Habibur ali
Habibur ali 13 dager siden
The only way we get halaand is if nobody else in the world of football wants him.
Aaron Barnes
Aaron Barnes 13 dager siden
To get haaland I'd offer them 40mill plus DVB, Martial and Fred and if that doesn't work throw in De Gea as well 😂🤣
Jithu Madhavan
Jithu Madhavan 13 dager siden
@El Capitano oops got it but glazer morons along with directors might be thinking like this and wasting the whole summer by selling this crap
El Capitano
El Capitano 13 dager siden
@Jithu Madhavan it's a joke
Jithu Madhavan
Jithu Madhavan 13 dager siden
Borussia could not pay their wages and for not taking Fred they might give us 10 million