RICKY! LUKE SHAW MOTM! Manchester United 2-1 Brighton Fan Cam 

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Manchester United 1-0 Brighton. Ricky says we still need to play better, but champions league football is in the bag.
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4. april. 2021





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Sh Cm
Sh Cm 8 dager siden
This guy talks more bollocks than anyone I have ever heard
Eucalyptus Da Villa
Eucalyptus Da Villa 8 dager siden
Ricky : Marshall was Fantastic.
Rally A
Rally A 9 dager siden
3rd place nailed on!! We are second and we didn’t have the confidence to hold on
Keavon Shawbridge
Keavon Shawbridge 9 dager siden
The best thing about this is the shirt flex has on. 👌🏼
Don Tynan
Don Tynan 9 dager siden
I've said it before, but Flex is such a good moderator, much better than Mark, who welcomes opinions, but trashes anyone who doesn't agree with him???
Mark United
Mark United 9 dager siden
Too many hit and hope crosses from deep. One of his least effective displays in some time. motm my backside !! watch the Brighton goal who is ball watching who is caught not marking or even watching the player out wide on the left ? Every time caught out useless defender
Authentic The Exception
spoke about last nights game on my channel.....trash game over all but we got the win....PLAY DVB!!!!!!!!! him bruno and pogba are going to be a handfull for every defence in world football....we DONT need to play so defensive against the lower half of the table
FM 9 dager siden
MU is a mystery. The performance and 2nd position is a paradox.
Delroy Johnson
Delroy Johnson 9 dager siden
Like tha t shirt flex
Skerkey 9 dager siden
Flex and Ricky are a unmatched duo
Vega Obscura
Vega Obscura 9 dager siden
A team winning by playing bad is a sign of a strong team. Surely, if the team is constantly playing poorly, the manager needs to fix this but this has been going on for time.
Paul Friel
Paul Friel 9 dager siden
I like RIcky even though i disagree with alot of his input. Good to see him give praise about BRUNO and also agree that HENDERSON wasnt good.
Paul M
Paul M 9 dager siden
I thought Ole was brought in to get the team to play the 'United' way, what's happened to that? The whole problem is, for the last few years, the quality of transfers have not been good enough. You could name on one hand the amount of good signings in the last 10 years. How many current players would get into say the 2008 team? Probably one, and we all know who that is. Most of this first team wouldn't even be squad players then. There lies the problem, most of the players are not good enough. Not for United.
John Hughes
John Hughes 9 dager siden
Nico Davies
Nico Davies 9 dager siden
Martial is united best number 9 and to find him you need your better passers of the ball on the field. His hold up play is so so good.
Nico Davies
Nico Davies 9 dager siden
Get bissouma in a united shirt, id happily do a swap deal for Fred. I can't fault Fred's hard work but he cant look after the ball.
hbe421 9 dager siden
Rick does make correct points about playing simple and easy passes in triangles but he cannot identify that this is due to the coaching. If you put Lallana or Welbeck in our team they would look like worse players than Bruno or Rashford. The reason why they can create these passes is because of the movement off the ball which is all down to coaching.
Kunmi Oriade
Kunmi Oriade 9 dager siden
This is one of Bruno’s better game but he didn’t get more G/A so it seems average. He was more of a CAM than a SS.
Aziz 9 dager siden
No one realise the thumb nail says 3RD nailed on instead of 2ND place??
Pacy Rashford
Pacy Rashford 9 dager siden
Ricky: Dan James is better than Messi, I’m tellin ya Fleck
Christopher Habibian
Christopher Habibian 9 dager siden
I am so happy bruno is getting some praise off Ricky 🙌🏻✊🏻✊🏻
RTL 9 dager siden
How can people can it an "assist' if it aas unintended? Pogba was trying to shoot and it hit the ground not pass to a player.
AGASTYA 9 dager siden
ricky:im telling ya flex this bruno lad is good
dennilly 9 dager siden
Ole needs new coaches. Carrick and McKenna are just not good coaches
sun ny
sun ny 10 dager siden
Repping with the prince shirt 👍
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali 10 dager siden
Growing to like Ricky... some of his opinions are a bit whack but I understand why he’s on the show
Jonathan reid
Jonathan reid 10 dager siden
We will finish 4th
Frenzyexe 10 dager siden
Imagine Ricky managing us 😂
Frenzyexe 10 dager siden
@Mr ElItE Dan James captain
Mr ElItE
Mr ElItE 10 dager siden
Phill at CB James RW matic CdM mata CAM
Nasty niff-Atari
Nasty niff-Atari 10 dager siden
Another lucky win for united!
GregDaviesguitarist 10 dager siden
Next seasons team? Henderson Wan Bissaka Maguire Kunde? Shaw Garner VDB Bruno Rashford Silva? Greenwood
Red Lavish
Red Lavish 9 dager siden
That team will be shocking without Pogba
Kobin 10 dager siden
The inconsistent performances is disheartening, we seem to be waiting for something very terrible to happen before we react. Liverpool and Chelsea next season will be better so now is the time to act fast and either get some real quality players or give Ole the first team coach and bring in a top notch manager, otherwise next season will expose him.
Peter McLaren
Peter McLaren 10 dager siden
I'm sick of this sentimental rubbish with ole! he is holding this team back with his negativity. he relies on luck or individual brilliance! we wanted jose out for a similar style of play!
Chris Evans
Chris Evans 10 dager siden
I'm really not bothered about finishing in too 4 , ... winning any trophies is what it's all about, finishing top 4 is failure
Robert Riggon
Robert Riggon 10 dager siden
Ricky is DJ his dad lol
Abhilash Ravindran
Abhilash Ravindran 10 dager siden
Extra quality Rashford come on. He is average player for me
J H 10 dager siden
Ricky: "it's a close call between Matic, Mata and James for player of the year"...
Shaggy 8392
Shaggy 8392 10 dager siden
E P 10 dager siden
According to Ricky, it's a 3way tie.
Darshen Pillay
Darshen Pillay 10 dager siden
Phil Jonas?
Arnab Baag
Arnab Baag 10 dager siden
3rd place 😂😂😂😂
R. Akhtemiichuk
R. Akhtemiichuk 10 dager siden
Fleck, Dan James IS WORLD CLASS, do you know what I mean!!?
Rajeev K
Rajeev K 10 dager siden
Hey these fake pundits like Ricky keep crying and keep depressing us when we win ....
Rajeev K
Rajeev K 9 dager siden
@Matt Bates we need to learn to win and keep clean sheets.... the game will improve once we have 2-3 reinforcements...... we have come a long way ..... barring city nobody played well and barring city and us nobody won
Matt Bates
Matt Bates 9 dager siden
We need to win playing good football we are Man Utd it's like nobody appreciates quality of pass or ball retention anymore the small technicalities matter a lot
Suyash Shetty
Suyash Shetty 10 dager siden
Love you Ricky❤️ ..the best there is 🐐
Gza Ob1
Gza Ob1 10 dager siden
What a player Bissouma is, I'm telling ya Fleck.
Donovan Plummer
Donovan Plummer 9 dager siden
I rate him we should definitely buy him £35-40 mil
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali 10 dager siden
He was class yesterday tbf
Sanket Kumar
Sanket Kumar 10 dager siden
9+6= 15 Four 4's =16 Wrong maths!!!
Rohan Arora
Rohan Arora 10 dager siden
Jeremy Young
Jeremy Young 10 dager siden
If ya started dan james it woulda been 6-0 after 20 minutes fleck
Andrew Massey
Andrew Massey 10 dager siden
Ole out now...Give it to Ricky till the end of the season
denisg2000 10 dager siden
When will AWB learn to cross a ball?
Thinesh Mahendran
Thinesh Mahendran 10 dager siden
Never and while his tackling is good his positioning sucks
Emmanuel 10 dager siden
They passed the ball better than us. We need better ball handlers than break and pass players.
Dory Issa
Dory Issa 10 dager siden
The passing wasn't bad today
Oddy Pele
Oddy Pele 10 dager siden
The reason why Brighton were playing better than us is because they have a better coach than us.
Oddy Pele
Oddy Pele 10 dager siden
@Jack & the Headbangers EVIL Most definitely. We play highlights football. Not enjoyable to watch. No pattern of play, no combinations, slow build up no cohesion. Watching other teams playing, i am certain that we are only better Sheffield Utd at the moment in terms of how we play football. Although we are grinding out results for now...but its not sustainable.
Jack & the Headbangers EVIL
Yeah and doesn't it make u think that even if we get the players we need ole wudnt b arsed to get the best out of them..
Mohammed Abbas
Mohammed Abbas 10 dager siden
This is a stupid old man
Mohammed Abbas
Mohammed Abbas 9 dager siden
@Matt Bates nah mate he has agendas and favoritism
Matt Bates
Matt Bates 9 dager siden
This man knows the game Mohammed you should listen
Gab 10 dager siden
Yeah it just bothers me that Brighton could put in so much hard work being in complete control just to be totally undone by two little moments in the game.
Really89 10 dager siden
For all the excellence of City’s form, United missed out on a title race by just 4 results since Xmas where they should have better. The Sheffield defeat and the draws against WBA, Palace and Everton. This United side could/should have won all 4 games. Result? They would now sit just 5 points behind City, with a game in hand and 8 games to go.
One Day You May
One Day You May 10 dager siden
Is he seriously saying our team doesn't have much more quality than a team who is sitting in 16th in the table?
Serginho Da Jamaican
Serginho Da Jamaican 10 dager siden
If They had a striker they would be higher up. They create lots of chance and defensively they’re solid.
Jay Rothnie
Jay Rothnie 10 dager siden
Ricky praises bruno on a game when he wasn't that good then a game when he is un playable am "AM TELLING YOU FLECK DAN JAMES AND MATIC WON US THAT GAME"
LetsBeReal 9 dager siden
Shows you that you don’t actually know what “good” is. Bruno kept it simple in possession today and that’s good. Perfect even.
Fury’s fists Number one
Fleck for me MOTM has to be either Martial or Matic
saeed 10 dager siden
we need carlo ancelotti , ole done his job , time to move on
Red Lavish
Red Lavish 10 dager siden
I get where rickys been coming from with Bruno for a long time, we all know Bruno can’t dribble, has got no pace and can’t pass but he has other qualities that others on the pitch don’t have like hunting down the ball and trying something different.
Varun Katyal
Varun Katyal 10 dager siden
Greenwood had a better game than Luke Shaw but of course the agendas are REAL..
Sammy 0jay
Sammy 0jay 10 dager siden
AWB is the worst RB I’ve seen
Adrian Marrinan
Adrian Marrinan 10 dager siden
Worst header of a ball I've seen and has no idea to position himself for a header. Dont know why opposition dont target that area more between him n Lindelof. As for going forward its amazing really cos he always played as a winger in his youth so you would think he'd be able to pass/cross a ball. But awful at both. Got a really strange technique cant get his foot around the ball. Why that is not being improved? But then nothing is being improved at this club. Hes not the brightest either, Ive heard a few interviews. Not much going on inside that head which doesnt help matters. Imagine paying 50m for him. Brighton paid 4m for a much better player. Leicester bought 5 better defenders for less than 50m!
Jack & the Headbangers EVIL
He's hit his ceiling... he's aweful going forward and ole and his coaching staff nil improved him...and his defensive game is overrated...he's clueless inside the box
Lindsey Celia
Lindsey Celia 10 dager siden
It's shocking how Brighton could be allowed to play so brightly and purposefully at old trafford, which made them looked more like the home team.
Don Tynan
Don Tynan 9 dager siden
Its a good point, a particularly poor 1st half, against a team that, despite playing good football, are fighting to stay up???
Steven Donovan
Steven Donovan 9 dager siden
Why? Brighton do that against everyone
Englishman Abroad
Englishman Abroad 10 dager siden
Will never catch City unless our owners change. Second is the new first.
ryan Babel
ryan Babel 10 dager siden
Tale of two halves TBH, we were below par in the first half, we dominated the second half Brighton didn't even have a shot in the second half.
Benito Miori
Benito Miori 10 dager siden
Pogba awful, byebye!
Noblemann 10 dager siden
The worst thing that can happen to Manchester United is Ole doing a respectable job. Imagine if a 50yr old Fergie was available right now. Ole would not be sacked, because why? He is doing a respectable job. An Ole doing a terrible job would have been the best thing to happen to Man United. At least then the club could go out and attract a marquee manager with attacking principles
clive gilbert
clive gilbert 10 dager siden
Maguire MoM.
Red Lavish
Red Lavish 10 dager siden
Sorry I’m a bit slow but can someone please explain why flex said good maths when Ricky said he’d rather win 4 4’s than a 9 and a 6.
erim ahmet
erim ahmet 9 dager siden
Haahaa it's in the ball park 😂😂
J haych
J haych 10 dager siden
Maguire was better than lindelof
Michael White
Michael White 10 dager siden
Ricky Van Gal to the bitter end
John Miller
John Miller 10 dager siden
3rd place, is Ricky expecting Chelsea or Leicester to finish 2nd?
Cantona G
Cantona G 10 dager siden
If we're 2nd & you're questioning why we're 2nd & you're saying we can't win the league with the majority of these players, then surely Ole is over achieving? By Rick's logic
Duvaughn Kelly
Duvaughn Kelly 10 dager siden
Liverpool outside the four , chelsea not good enough after spending 200 mil, arsenal is awful despite having good players, spurs inconsistent as hell with an experienced team and coach. Yea it has been a strange season, we play god awful most weeks but still win games.
David Alfonso
David Alfonso 10 dager siden
FFS Ricky!
LiamTalksMotorsport 10 dager siden
I actually predicted 2-1!
Lindo Sibiya
Lindo Sibiya 10 dager siden
Paul Pogba poor ???!
ryan Babel
ryan Babel 10 dager siden
flex was just pandering to ricky
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel 10 dager siden
Ole seriously needs to change the style of play for next season as this 4231 is just to conservative.. When he came in as a interim he played a 433 for which worked ok..
Paul Arevalo
Paul Arevalo 10 dager siden
Did i hear right: "Bruno did well" ? LoL. Glad Ricky acknowledging it. Thx
Frankie Ag Nostos
Frankie Ag Nostos 10 dager siden
The international "break" was not a break for those called up for international duty. That is why many top teams and players have been flat in their first match after the break.
Imraan Omar
Imraan Omar 8 dager siden
@h Did Jota play only 30mins or so? Against players that also went on International Duty and played from the start of the game. Trent look the better than he had for 5 months and he had a break while Mane looked tired
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali 10 dager siden
But this isn’t the first time we’ve played like this
h 10 dager siden
that’s no excuse because compare liverpool and chelsea yesterday? did jota not go on international duty?
Brodie Snelling
Brodie Snelling 10 dager siden
I was waiting for someone to say that.
General Don
General Don 10 dager siden
I picked his man of the match before he started talking because none of his other favorites could have gotten it. Either Lindelof or shaw
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 10 dager siden
I don't think De Gea was dropped by Ole ;For crying out loud De Gea is a father and on Paternity leave 😁
Amit Sinya
Amit Sinya 10 dager siden
Ricky is absolutely correct in his assessment of Bruno. Bruno has no discipline, he has no tactical awareness. Manchester United will never win league or Champions league with Bruno Fernandez.
United Fan in Aus
United Fan in Aus 10 dager siden
Bang on correct
Runganathan Naidu
Runganathan Naidu 10 dager siden
So do you believe with James, Martial & Matic we would have won this game 3 - 0.
LiamTalksMotorsport 10 dager siden
I agree, Luke Shaw was the MOTM, was the only spark we had in the first 50 or so minutes!
Emir Deljanin
Emir Deljanin 10 dager siden
All this season needa is a trophy to be a success. It’s shocking how short people’s memories are, the start of the season everyone would have thought top 4 is over now we are staying in 2nd behind a city team whose project ran its course for 5 plus years
Stank Marvin
Stank Marvin 10 dager siden
A trophy would be fantastic but.... it wouldn't be enough to show me ole is the man, we do not have a style of play or nothing, he has no idea how to change a game if we are on the backfoot, no tactics just "go out there and play lads" its not sustainable at all. You know its a coaching issue when teams like Brighton and Sheffield play better football than us.
BlackBoy 007
BlackBoy 007 10 dager siden
Guys I'm begging y'all to check out rabona TV's NOsections video on the Glazers...they're much worse than we think
Will Chan
Will Chan 10 dager siden
Chuffed, because OG Ricky is chuffed!
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 10 dager siden
We need to get a CB,a CDM and another younger out and out Striker fast plus a RW to be @ City, Liverpool and Chelsea level next season irrespective of the Manager
Abdullah AAA
Abdullah AAA 10 dager siden
Ole out 👞
Kapilan S
Kapilan S 10 dager siden
We play better with Matic. However he’s not the same player. We got to replace him. Look at Liverpool they put Fabinho back in his normal position and they look better. CDM is such an underrated job on the pitch. We used to have Carrick.
Harjit Domeli
Harjit Domeli 10 dager siden
Can't believe it Ricky actually given some credit to Bruno
Harjit Domeli
Harjit Domeli 10 dager siden
@General Don I had written my post and heard what you saying afterwards cheers
General Don
General Don 10 dager siden
He praised him then said anyone could have made that pass
Pauline Campbell
Pauline Campbell 10 dager siden
I too have been waiting for Ricky to praise Bruno and a few times too praise at long last overdue but he done it. The one thing I'm still waiting for is for Ricky to give Bruno man of the match which he has been given numerous times by everyone else, holding by breath.😉
Harjit Domeli
Harjit Domeli 10 dager siden
Football is garbage Brighton were far better team than us. Their patterns of play were much better each man new exactly what to do where to go and their transition from back to front was very impressive. Ole need to sort out a system of play which the players understand and can deliver on the pitch.
Hope Chigudu
Hope Chigudu 10 dager siden
13:20 Lindelof for MOTM, this man is monumentally deluded.
United Fan in Aus
United Fan in Aus 10 dager siden
Lindelof was class
Amestan Sadik
Amestan Sadik 10 dager siden
Luke Shaw is my favorite player, but he wasnt that good tonight.
eslermanu47 10 dager siden
Donny has to get more starts.
Ander Pereira
Ander Pereira 9 dager siden
@Dabigguy77 even if you don't feel he's done enough to directly earn starts, he can't be doing worse than Fred, McTominay and Matic.
Nani Ballin
Nani Ballin 9 dager siden
@Dabigguy77 you're just another blind supporter who already prepared to find an excuse for ole. Ole will have you doubting vdb and Believing in Scott, Maguire and lindelof. He's a Brexit manager he'd rather used Pogba everywhere on the pitch to accommodate Fred and Scott. It's literally obvious ole is mediocre so he entertains Mediocrity. He can't discover nor coach anything hence why he rather run Rashford dry.. Rashford will be done by 25 under this regime
Dabigguy77 10 dager siden
@Nani Ballin I literally haven't seen anything!!! ANYTHING!!! he's not impressed in anyway what so ever! Prove me wrong.
Nani Ballin
Nani Ballin 10 dager siden
@Dabigguy77 zero understanding of the game
Bobby Payne
Bobby Payne 10 dager siden
@Dabigguy77 you cant just play him once a month and expect to see great performances you need a run of games
Jash Shah
Jash Shah 10 dager siden
Ricky is right, our style of play is not sustainable in the long-term, we have been bailed out in the league numerous times but those days did not come against PSG and Leipzig in the CL, or against Leicester and City in the cups, a better opponent will exploit you, maybe Ole needs backing in the summer but these players need to be coached better to both defend and attack more as a team than just some individuals doing it
red flag
red flag 9 dager siden
We look terrible but are second but I feel we are just as close to mid table as we are to first.
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed 9 dager siden
@Jash Shah yeah I agree with you hopefully van de beek lives up to his potential and ole looks at the cdm problem
Jash Shah
Jash Shah 9 dager siden
@Ali Ahmed I feel our midfield pivot needs a complete revamp more than any other signing, there are so many partnerships in the league that are better than Fred-McTominay eg. Soucek-Rice, Partey-Xhaka, Hojbjerg-Ndombele, Kante-Kovacic, players that are press resistant, can make simple forward passes and are positionally aware, as much as I love Pogba for his attacking potential, he’s a liability when he plays deep because he’s not disciplined enough to play that role, when we lose possession opposition players run past our midfield like they’re not even there
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed 9 dager siden
@Jash Shah fair good take tbh cuz even pogba might leave , but right now the right side and the defensive partnership is weak so imo I think those signings will improve
Jash Shah
Jash Shah 9 dager siden
​@Ali Ahmed I feel like for the system he prefers (4-2-3-1), we don't have specialist players in their positions that are also high quality, our midfielders barring Matic who's aged are more of number 8's than number 6's, we play a striker out of position on the right at times (I would even say that Rashford is more of a wide forward than a proper winger), so if we upgrade those positions maybe we can see better continuity under the 4-2-3-1 system, I would say the jury is still out on Ole purely because we have technically progressed under him (even though it's not fast enough), but if he does get a marquee signing this summer and we continue to play inconsistently then I'll fully admit he has to go
eslermanu47 10 dager siden
How is this team in second place?
Lewy 15
Lewy 15 10 dager siden
Luke shaw was okay tonight not great not bad like
Daniel amador
Daniel amador 10 dager siden
The legend that outside old Trafford daring to go against the young fans telling them that Bissaka couldn’t pass to save his life and that he was always out of position. You were right. You are wrong about James though.
Niall Wagner
Niall Wagner 10 dager siden
‘On the ball, Wan Bissaka is like a fish riding a bike’
Bautista Las Heras
Bautista Las Heras 10 dager siden
Ricky Is right, you can't keep these results playing like this but somehow they've been doing it for a while now, it's weird
S L Jones
S L Jones 10 dager siden
Bad coaching
Duvaughn Kelly
Duvaughn Kelly 10 dager siden
Its a funny old season fleck
Jash Shah
Jash Shah 10 dager siden
We have the quality to blitz teams in short spells during a game, which against inferior opposition has been enough to get victories, but generally as a team we come up short because of a lack of cohesion in attack, that’s a big reason for our failings against the better teams this season, well drilled teams with better players nullify us easily
Ms G
Ms G 10 dager siden
Lindeloff??? He was slow to react 🤷🏽‍♂️
Marcus CHIN
Marcus CHIN 10 dager siden
Manu just lucky! Boring and not creating chances. Not progressing with current team of coaching. We are where we are is due to other teams losing.
Martin O'Sullivan
Martin O'Sullivan 10 dager siden
4 defeats in 30 games is not luck.. make it make sense loooooool
Marcelo83 10 dager siden
In all honesty with the state of incompetency with refs, decisions and fly like contact every single week I don't know how Brighton didn't get a penalty!
S L Jones
S L Jones 10 dager siden
Maguire was awesome
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What Color Is My Hoodie?
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