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Granada vs Manchester United! Can Solskjaer's United get the win in the Europa League?. Plus Jadon Sancho transfer latest. Get the latest Man Utd News on The UnitedStand. SUBSCRIBE here bit.ly/1CmczHm
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6. april. 2021





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The United Stand
The United Stand 8 dager siden
No better way to end the video to be fair lol!!! On a serious note. Internet went down so apologies. Back at 7
Shaun Booval
Shaun Booval 6 dager siden
Cant wait Mark.✌🏽
Awesumleeness 7 dager siden
I love w
Socotra Tours and Travel
@Robert McCormack there's always that one person
SinGames 8 dager siden
Congratulations to everyone involved in the United stand Community. That 1M plaque looks awesome Mark! Well done mate.
KING DEDEDEDEDE 8 dager siden
What happened
Jonathan Yanakiss Tsouvallaris
If United finish in 2nd and Win the Europa league that is Progress! No question about it...👹
Phillip Coleman
Phillip Coleman 7 dager siden
Hey Mark... big up on your earthstrong, mine is the 13th 🇯🇲
Boby Sinaga
Boby Sinaga 7 dager siden
Congrats 👏👏👏
Mika-eel Khan
Mika-eel Khan 7 dager siden
Tuanzebe V Soldado.😂😂🔥🔥
C M 7 dager siden
Manchester United the are not interesting for Sancho, Mark United the are interesting for Haaland Ole Want Haaland not Sancho
Eddy otu
Eddy otu 7 dager siden
Fabrizio is mugging us off, why the hell would united underbuy wingers: james, pellistri, amad and then overbuy sancho. Please do match previews without transfer hype mark
Abdifatah Gabeyre
Abdifatah Gabeyre 7 dager siden
You should see the 10M gift from NOsections.
lil REDD
lil REDD 7 dager siden
First united stand video I clicked off after 30 seconds,If mark thinks Scott should be starting I have no hope for him anymore😂
Francis Allen
Francis Allen 7 dager siden
i hope dvb starts and does a madness then asks to leave he has been treated like trash since signing him
Jason Girvin
Jason Girvin 7 dager siden
Donny is very intelligent people given game time could be a class act
7th Star
7th Star 7 dager siden
Granada will defend deep, James cant cross and has no football intelligence... Games like this is for Bruno, Beek, Mata and finishers like cavani and greenwood.
Socceryusuf 7 dager siden
I'm telling ya fleck he's the reincarnation of cruyff!!
Daniel Spagnolo
Daniel Spagnolo 8 dager siden
Did he just say Amad Traore
Smith Kunjayira
Smith Kunjayira 8 dager siden
home first i prefer...coz our team is very poor in home games this season
Brojendro Chanambam
Brojendro Chanambam 8 dager siden
Lack of motivation we canot predict man united it is very very big mistake of ole gunner
IC7 8 dager siden
Brexit back four I see 🤣
stevechapman2301 8 dager siden
Surely switch van den Beek to the left on the same side as a full back that will attack with an overlap
Juan Ignacio Jimenez
Juan Ignacio Jimenez 8 dager siden
Luis milla is an interesting CDM to look at
Tíernan Marron
Tíernan Marron 8 dager siden
Congrats Mark and the United Stand team!
George E
George E 8 dager siden
Now you can quit.
Hamish Nembhard
Hamish Nembhard 8 dager siden
Maybe Ole can figure out how to get Lingard to play the way he's playing for West Ham for United
Peter Moore
Peter Moore 8 dager siden
Aaron Oneill
Aaron Oneill 8 dager siden
Whats the score ,,, how longs it been on . !hahahaha
Idowu Sanni
Idowu Sanni 8 dager siden
NOsections got upset with the last statement!
Brrr Rbbb
Brrr Rbbb 8 dager siden
vaughan lockett
vaughan lockett 8 dager siden
CF Pogba Danny left Greenwood right, Brono , Mc Fred .
Bucky MacClusky
Bucky MacClusky 8 dager siden
Tuanzebe n Bailly, my cb partnership...
EmanzHD 8 dager siden
mariusz wiszowaty
mariusz wiszowaty 8 dager siden
Please don't just call me a pessimist but I really lost any faith in Solskjer and his staff. I don't think that the present set up of MU can put my team back on the top of European football. I wouldn't be surprised if we draw this game after very questionable performance. I really hope I am wrong...✌
IrishSinner89 8 dager siden
"Henderson suits Ole's style of Play more" Mark: Nope that's it, end the Video!! 🤣
Sudharshan v e
Sudharshan v e 6 dager siden
Shows how immature Mark is.!! Its true though Henderson fits Ole's style of play as he likes to probe outside his box more often. David de Gea is a liability when a team wants to play high backline. There is a reason why Spain doesnt pick David de Gea.
Slabicus Headicus
Slabicus Headicus 8 dager siden
Granada to batter us? Probably.
Famara Traore
Famara Traore 8 dager siden
Came on sancho
Lee Bishop
Lee Bishop 8 dager siden
the Granada game is the one that United is more likely to lose to.
Adenike Roseline
Adenike Roseline 8 dager siden
Why does Goldbridge always say "we need to win the game" like telles is some youth left back hes literally a world class lb who played in the ucl
Adenike Roseline
Adenike Roseline 7 dager siden
@TERRO Gz but its granada and thats the game for telles to play
Adenike Roseline
Adenike Roseline 7 dager siden
@James .
James 8 dager siden
Not world class
TERRO Gz 8 dager siden
i don’t think it’s about telles not being good enough (he is), i think it’s about not making too much changes in the team at once
Molly 8 dager siden
Congratulations United Stand, well deserved 👏👏👏👏❤
Alex Scheffers
Alex Scheffers 8 dager siden
I think we should rest Bruno and rashy for spurs
kevani coco
kevani coco 8 dager siden
What is your fascination with sancho we've got Pellestri to come back ,James ,Diallo, rashford even Greenwood how many wide players do we need, surely a world class Striker or defender is more needed
henry kwidini
henry kwidini 8 dager siden
It is mine but it's you really 😂. 1million subscribers, hilarious Mark!
Aaron Oneill
Aaron Oneill 8 dager siden
Its ours bredda
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 8 dager siden
Im hoping we blitz them 8 nil in the fist leg so we can put out the reserves in the second leg.
G0alkeeperss 8 dager siden
Happy birthday legend y
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown 8 dager siden
If they’ve conceded the most goals and are mid table surely they score quite a few or am I missing something
为无 8 dager siden
Granada is the Burnley of Spain people, let's be careful.
Retro Gamer
Retro Gamer 8 dager siden
I thought in the intro he was gonna say...Hi I’m mark gold bridge and I’ve had a shave
Ntokozo Ntombela
Ntokozo Ntombela 8 dager siden
😁😁😁 can we praise a player that did NOT touch a ball and praise his movements. Please guys. Yes we like the lad, and yes we want to see more of him. But he hasn’t really showed his quality or given the opportunity to. Let’s be patient.
20TageVegan 8 dager siden
I would play telles on the wing for dan
Jamie Adam
Jamie Adam 8 dager siden
ofc ed would let them train at The Hill, coz he dont want city to win ucl.
Jamie Adam
Jamie Adam 8 dager siden
Ed masterclass. Telling bvb to come to The Hill. r u impressed Sancho bout our generosity ?
Adz Music
Adz Music 8 dager siden
Saurabh Mhapsekar
Saurabh Mhapsekar 8 dager siden
10:30 all good options but we can't do anything without an effective CDM. With a CDM we would see Pogba - Bruno - DVB ahead of a CDM and Rashford - Martial/Greenwood spearheading
Bereket Alem
Bereket Alem 8 dager siden
Mark says it's mine gold 😅
SinGames 8 dager siden
Congratulations to everyone involved in the United stand Community. That 1M plaque looks awesome Mark! Well done mate.
Aaron Oneill
Aaron Oneill 8 dager siden
What plaque were is it
MR.ROCKNROLL 8 dager siden
If you want to play van de beek like that play him on left as wan bi Saka can not hold the width but shaw can and playing James on right can help us hold width on both sides
Anthony Wisdom
Anthony Wisdom 8 dager siden
I always worry when We're favourites to win the game comfortably. This is exactly the type of game that we don't turn up for. Especially when we approach the later stages. Hope I'm wrong.
Tony Loomes
Tony Loomes 8 dager siden
Sorry vdb is not up to it mark
Gaz Gaz
Gaz Gaz 8 dager siden
If UTD can't get past Granada then Ole can't be the manager next season.
Derrick Ozoemelam
Derrick Ozoemelam 8 dager siden
M.Romero 8 dager siden
Im from Granada, Antonio Puertas is dangerous
RASHFORD THE GOAT 8 dager siden
Am I the only one who feels tuanzebe is one of our best cb's disgraceful how ole "the brilliant man manager" has treated him
BK 201
BK 201 8 dager siden
Style of play is "Direct football" more like basic ball tho
Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson 8 dager siden
Pogba has done nothing in his time at United, Yeah he’s had a couple of good games in his 4 years at the club..... best cut our losses and get rid
Aaron Dawson
Aaron Dawson 8 dager siden
We don't need Sancho
The Batman Channel
The Batman Channel 8 dager siden
Seems like the wife is sleeping on the couch tonight haha😂😂😂
deezy duffers
deezy duffers 8 dager siden
My channel
Big T
Big T 8 dager siden
The Alhambra Palace in Granada is amazing, the troglodyte caves and the night life! Spent a week there ten years ago!
Lewis Astle
Lewis Astle 8 dager siden
Its more likely Raiola told them United are still interested, to drive up his wage demands.
Ducky MoMo
Ducky MoMo 8 dager siden
Donny at RM?
Mr P
Mr P 8 dager siden
Congrats on the one million subs. Been with you since 50k. Amazing journey.
Big T
Big T 8 dager siden
Congratulations and much deserved, I've been watching on and off since the beginning! Top man!
steven woodall
steven woodall 8 dager siden
J Sancho is greatly overrated, certainly not worth anywhere near 100 million maybe 40 or 50 at most
Alan Kenny
Alan Kenny 8 dager siden
I think it will be Matic instead of Scott. That way he can play Pogba. If Scott starts, then Fred will start. VBD will start ahead of Bruno. Team I think will be De Gea, AWB, Lindelof, Maguire, Telles, Matic, Pogba, VDB, James, Greenwood, Rashford. Think Ole will pick him
Shampah 8 dager siden
Now buy a mic filter 😉
RAW SON 8 dager siden
Mark the Golden Play Button Bridge... Congratulations to TUS Team Lots of Love ❤️❤️
Alan Kenny
Alan Kenny 8 dager siden
Granada always go attacking. Thats why they concede so many. United will wreck them on the counter
Investor9872 8 dager siden
That gold NOsections plague looks cool. Congratulations on reaching the million sub milestone!
New Happiness
New Happiness 8 dager siden
Why isn’t Telles considered ahead of James on the left?
Sonny Blundell
Sonny Blundell 8 dager siden
Sancho would be good for us, wan bissaka brilliant defensively but not so much in attack and sancho is brilliant in attack so that could be a good mix but we need a CDM and a defender and to get rid of afew players including McGuire, also we would be better off with grealish than we are rashford but that wont happen.
Neil Jackson
Neil Jackson 8 dager siden
Rice, Sancho and Kounde would be nice, unlikely though knowing the board
Diavolo Da
Diavolo Da 8 dager siden
Sancho and kounde yes. Rice is another overvalued, overrated average english player.
Neil Jackson
Neil Jackson 8 dager siden
@Dar Mon agreed
Dar Mon
Dar Mon 8 dager siden
Dosent matter who comes in ole is not good enough
Jay Quinn
Jay Quinn 8 dager siden
Mark is spot on about the Pogba Bruno and VDB being on the pitch at the same time we have missed a trick we could have caused so many team’s problems wiht the interchangeability.
Derrick Ozoemelam
Derrick Ozoemelam 8 dager siden
We don’t put our best players on the Pitch 🥴🥴🥴
Dar Mon
Dar Mon 8 dager siden
Sadly our manager is an absolute moron
Darkstar8473 8 dager siden
Exactly ... what style of play.
Jack & the Headbangers EVIL
I've won about a 100 quid or more betting on us conceding in the first half in majority of games this season 😂...and I'm doin the same again against Granada 😁
Lenin Ceballos
Lenin Ceballos 8 dager siden
Congrats again on the million subscribers and swaggy plaque!
SQ 25
SQ 25 8 dager siden
16:35 “an issue between solskjaer and ole” ... right
fameboi carti
fameboi carti 8 dager siden
Bro I didn't even notice 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣This is one underrated comment 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯
Ovar Osbourne
Ovar Osbourne 8 dager siden
Nikunj Pasari
Nikunj Pasari 8 dager siden
Rashford can be given 1-2 weeks off...so he can face Europa league semis
Nikunj Pasari
Nikunj Pasari 8 dager siden
If we win by 3-1 or so, we can rest some players for next round...
Nikunj Pasari
Nikunj Pasari 8 dager siden
Pogba leaves for 50 million...David for 25 million and Lingard for 25 million... Budget 100 million + 100 million on players sold = 200 million Which players do we want from 200 mil ?
Quick Clips !
Quick Clips ! 8 dager siden
I’m afraid the glazers would take like 50 percent of those sales of players
Praveesha Chapman
Praveesha Chapman 8 dager siden
Van de beek on the right? Big risk. He never plays there.
Sai MJ
Sai MJ 8 dager siden
We bottled it against Leicester I would not underestimate anyone. Well is that not the reason we all love football ??
philip wilkinson
philip wilkinson 8 dager siden
Bloody hell we' re not going to have all this Sancho bollocks again.If they want him stop talking about it and go and sign him.The talk around transfers at this club has become tedious and embarrassing the last few years. Linked with everyone and sign none of them.
Iush Man
Iush Man 8 dager siden
VDB has played as a false 9 during his time in Ajax. Why have e never considered VDB as a false 9 option? His off the ball movement is fantastic!
bobthechimp1234 8 dager siden
Yoo I thought the title said grandpa 😂
Kyle Kalakoda
Kyle Kalakoda 8 dager siden
Congrats US 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
A P 8 dager siden
I’m not convinced Fabrizio Romano is the guy to listen to about U.K. transfers, I understand he has got a few things right and obviously has contacts in the game but he is always so vague and repetitive I call BS on these transfer gurus
A P 8 dager siden
@Derrick Ozoemelam 😂
Derrick Ozoemelam
Derrick Ozoemelam 8 dager siden
What u on about he’s dead actuate in my opinion
Kapilan S
Kapilan S 8 dager siden
I think the board wasn’t happy with De Gea. I don’t think it was Ole.
RASHFORD THE GOAT 8 dager siden
0:26 Well done Mark you and the chanel deserve it👏🥳
7ouie 8 dager siden
Can’t blame him guys, everyone has wifi trouble sometimes
daudikisakye 8 dager siden
Switch mctominay from vdb. Put Dan James on the right and martial on left
Messymouf Entertainment
i think these spain teams just play high and we will win 3-0 or 3-1 if we switch off after going ahead
Jack_2023 8 dager siden
Makes me laugh, Augero and Cavani are probs at similar stages of their career slightly older and injuries etc. Man City and chucking Aguero out and United are begging cavani to stay. That’s the difference in wanting to be the best and win titles
DJ United
DJ United 8 dager siden
Big Well Done and thanks to Mark, Drawty, Flex and all the contributers who work so hard and give their time for our beloved United.
Kaaviya Suresh vidhya
Kaaviya Suresh vidhya 8 dager siden
Telles has got to play
Messymouf Entertainment
rashford is going to rbe run into the ground by 26 at this rate spine damaged shoulder damaged now ankle.
Ganger 9 mill
Customizing Many Shoes.
Ganger 9 mill
Customizing Many Shoes.
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