DE GEA STAYS! Solskjaer's CB Dilemma! Man Utd Transfer News 

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Man Utd & David De Gea have no transfer plans to part ways and Solskjaer faces uncertainty in a key transfer position. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. United Stand Merch collection united-stand.myshopify.com/
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7. april. 2021





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KeGGs 6 dager siden
The thing about wan bissaka is that he’s amazing against wide wingers (sterling) but he struggles against wingers who cut inside
amir mohammed
amir mohammed 6 dager siden
Unfortunately we should sell De Gea to PSG and raise funds for areas that we need. Trust in Henderson, not ideal but due to the Glazers we have little option but to raise funds by selling key but not essential members of the squad
-- 6 dager siden
What ever we do, we can’t extend Bruno’s contract
Leon Lovelock
Leon Lovelock 6 dager siden
Hope david and pogba leave.
-- 6 dager siden
And Bruno
Mr Brightside
Mr Brightside 6 dager siden
If united dont get koune or varane or someone quick then I'd rarther not us sign a cb its just making it look on paper the glazers spending cash but there doing it in a way the cheap, United always been quality over quantity in fergie years now were the opposite, weve already got 4 average slow CB why are we linked with torres & kid at fiorentina there all slow I give up
Mr Brightside
Mr Brightside 6 dager siden
Everywhere you go always take de gea with you
-- 6 dager siden
And leave Bruno behind
Mr Brightside
Mr Brightside 6 dager siden
That clothing range is awful, theres a reason its unheard of, I guarentee mark will not be wearing those threads when hes not on air
-- 6 dager siden
Bruno wears them mate
Calvin Farello
Calvin Farello 6 dager siden
mark skywalker-bridge
-- 6 dager siden
Imagine what we could do if we sold Bruno now
Jacob Miller
Jacob Miller 6 dager siden
Ben white is a very very very good cb and can be as good as rio
Andrew Talbot
Andrew Talbot 6 dager siden
You do know he played for athletico Madrid not real Madrid before united! 😄
Kevin McGrath
Kevin McGrath 6 dager siden
Get De gea out
-- 6 dager siden
And Bruno at the same time
Simon Little
Simon Little 6 dager siden
Tuanzabe over Mings or White
-- 6 dager siden
Or Bruno
connor smith
connor smith 6 dager siden
It has be decided but your gonna get 10 to 15 years out of Henderson about 5 out of years out of de gea I love de gea
seyi dowole
seyi dowole 6 dager siden
Sell henderson with a buy back clause and keep david
-- 6 dager siden
Do the same with Bruno I reckon mate
Aj 1
Aj 1 6 dager siden
Clearly De Gea ready to go back home.. got a kid now been away from his wife for a while now.. he’s ready to return and will continue in La Liga
-- 6 dager siden
fmjohnnotv 7 dager siden
Happy birthday for yesterday
tomrob06 7 dager siden
Personally get rid off our dead weight like Fred Jones mata matic Then we focus on our players so a class cb could let us play for offensive then a cdm who can receive the ball and pass it up quick that should be our summer transfer window then we should sort the inside with the coaching staff we have players who have a lot of potential so we want to get the best of them then we do our best until the winter transfer window where we should focus on a striker and rw mainly a consistent striker then it’s how we would play. That is a miracle that we would need to win the prem but it’s a dream that’s far away
-- 6 dager siden
Yeah and Bruno get rid of Bruno and get a better player in
arshhh 7 dager siden
The perfect signing would be tomori or konate
-- 6 dager siden
@arshhh not a joke
arshhh 6 dager siden
@-- nice joke!!!
-- 6 dager siden
With Bruno departing
Keith rigby
Keith rigby 7 dager siden
Agree Mark, AWB was targeted in the air last game. Slow getting back into position and lacking defensive all round qualities
-- 6 dager siden
Same with Bruno tbh
Lance Pillay
Lance Pillay 7 dager siden
De gea straight swap for Varane, De gea wants to retire by real Madrid because hes from Spain and real Madrid is one of the biggest in Spain and the world
JOHN ASHLEY 7 dager siden
Johnson Gitau
Johnson Gitau 7 dager siden
I would certainly prefer Henderson however De Gea deserves a legend send off!
Manoj paul
Manoj paul 7 dager siden
i think we are in the Europa league because that is our level it hurts me to say this but that's the truth
sagar salvi
sagar salvi 7 dager siden
Kenny Nathan
Kenny Nathan 7 dager siden
Mark loves saying luke shaw is the best lb in the world
-- 6 dager siden
@tomrob06 yeah he’s better than Bruno
tomrob06 7 dager siden
I would say he is imo
Vibhav 7 dager siden
The legend will end his career in man utd only I will cry at his last match
Full English Breakfast
Why would anybody want to keep David DeGea, he is overpaid, inconsistent, and now unhappy losing his place, cause he went to Spain and Henderson has played well.. Just sell him, we don´t need him..
Niall Wagner
Niall Wagner 7 dager siden
That boohoo man clobber looks horrendous
S.M.K 7 dager siden
Robert Riggon
Robert Riggon 7 dager siden
Why sell the world best keeper after what he has done for us ✌️
KUZUMA SATOU 7 dager siden
Harry is overrated and overpriced af
-- 6 dager siden
Same with Bruno
rabin poon
rabin poon 7 dager siden
If we sold De Gea, he would go to Juventus or PSG If we sold Henderson, he would end up at Sheffield United or Newcastle This tells you everything you need to know.
-- 6 dager siden
That’s why we need to sell Bruno
Lovejoy 7 dager siden
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the luckiest guy on the planet. A completely Rubbish manager who has somehow been manager of the world's greatest club for nearly 2.5 years. Stealing a living.
J C 7 dager siden
It will be a waste if De Gea choose to leave. I'm not surprise there will be statue made for him . He's a legend.
Nicky Taylor
Nicky Taylor 5 dager siden
Statue dont be stupid he’s been world class yes but that would never happen
MJ 7 dager siden
We need sancho, a CB and a CDM but that won't happen
Raymond Mountford
Raymond Mountford 7 dager siden
De Gea is a great servant to Man United and deserves respect for his service to the club
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best 7 dager siden
If we think erling haaland is not a good signing for united, then wait for when he signed for man city..
-- 6 dager siden
Swap haaland for Bruno
Nanaiz Younis
Nanaiz Younis 7 dager siden
Idiotic board! We had romero and he was good on the bench Degea is still 30 and henderson should have been sold in a buy back clause! Thats how u solve it . But what do i know about it edward
Joshua Kaumba
Joshua Kaumba 7 dager siden
Switchdoktor 7 dager siden
Hope so best keeper in the world still
Sanal Sundar
Sanal Sundar 7 dager siden
@TheUnitedStand - There was an article yesterday in which it was said that Lindelof has mentioned that he loves playing with Harry Maguire and that everyone can see that they are doing really well 😂
metal 2
metal 2 7 dager siden
I would love to see james garner and zakariah be our cdms
Rayden Tan
Rayden Tan 7 dager siden
Reymin Hangmi
Reymin Hangmi 7 dager siden
Dave should leave...his salary is too high....others wll start demanding better wages if players like dave earns that high
clay buzz
clay buzz 7 dager siden
I would take Sancho, bassouma and any centreback better than lindelof/maguire.
Hunter 7 dager siden
Let me start by saying I really think a lot of DDG, but..... there comes a time when you need to move on from every player. In order to stay at the top, you must be ruthless. I loved Wayne Rooney, but you have to move on at some point in time. It’s better to get some value out of the player while he’s still serviceable. Let’s face it, DDG is not close to the top GKs in the world anymore. Yes, he can make the occasional cat reflex save with his feet, but he doesn’t dominate the box, and he gets pushed around often. Match that with a empty suit defense and that’s why we do not win like we should. United needs to develop a lockdown defense, that starts with upgrading the GK and CBs.
-- 6 dager siden
Personally I’d sell Bruno
Damian Afenkhena Damianfurnullblast
Mark: SIT DOWN DE GEA HATERS! De Gea haters: I am.
Chuddy Holliday
Chuddy Holliday 7 dager siden
When we were massively under performing since sir Alex left Dave kept us in game and single handed kept us in the European places. Save after save after save. Nowadays we are better and we don’t have teams popping shots off at us left right and centre we struggle with crosses and that’s where hendo strength come in and the entire defence play better with hendo in net it’s that simple. He has to be the one to take over from David like it or not. De gea club legend but mufc right now need hendo more than David. Ole knows that and the defence knows that. However if David leaves Joel pereira I don’t think is good enough to be a back up so we will sign a back up keeper. Like mark said the club have created the problem with the gk position all because they paid Sanchez daft wages they had to pay David the same
The Theatre of dreams
The Theatre of dreams 7 dager siden
Honestly if we replaced Pogba with VDB, then bought sancho, kounde and bissouma then I would be very happy
Pat Bhukkanasut
Pat Bhukkanasut 7 dager siden
De Gea is in his prime, awesome news. Sit down Henderson and wait your turn young lad.
Slabicus Headicus
Slabicus Headicus 7 dager siden
Or just jog off. Anyone that’s watched de gea from the moment he arrived at old trafford would be able to recognize that Henderson is no where near as good as de gea was at his age. Thanks but no thanks.
CHOCCY BARR 7 dager siden
Why give Mata a new deal when we can get Calhanoglu on a free and he is at least three years younger?
-- 6 dager siden
And sell Bruno for better
Matthew 7 dager siden
Maguire is an excellent centre back in a 3 man cb in the middle, I don't think he suits the high line we play with too much area for him to look after and no pace to get back, I reckon lindelof and someone like varane or kounde would be much better next season
Compost Smurf
Compost Smurf 7 dager siden
We aint going anywhere with either starting, our defensive recruitment has stank since vidic and evra with Shaw being a rare exception
brian kenome
brian kenome 7 dager siden
AWB's ball-carrying is horrible to say the least. Sometimes it makes you wonder what these players do in training
Joseph de selva
Joseph de selva 7 dager siden
Told you guys before this fridge just don't have concrete news he will go around too get you fans out there riled up with his mouth and the next he will talk about Pobga and Romano
Callum 7 dager siden
Wtf u on about
Jon Corrick
Jon Corrick 7 dager siden
Torres top of my list
RSL 183
RSL 183 7 dager siden
Can you just admit your sources are bullshit
Joseph de selva
Joseph de selva 7 dager siden
Next this Pratt will be saying pobga will be staying
Compost Smurf
Compost Smurf 7 dager siden
Or whatever is being reported in the press like hes always done, no? So many braindead ppl in this comment section.
Joseph de selva
Joseph de selva 7 dager siden
We know that all the whole it's only you Pratts are twisting and turning
DJ Alastair Stirrup
DJ Alastair Stirrup 7 dager siden
What boohoo who r under investigation for modern day slave labour in a under cover operation pai g them£3.50 per hr and put all staff a risk of covid ect
Reza Razak
Reza Razak 7 dager siden
Since when Dean is "Fantastic" mark? Hes so basic.
Peter Moore
Peter Moore 7 dager siden
Ben white a good new player
S Peled
S Peled 7 dager siden
Right manager over right winger
Nhlonipho Msweli
Nhlonipho Msweli 7 dager siden
"One of the fastest CBs in the world"?? "Twice the player Maguire is'?? LOL!! U'd swear Mark was talking abt somebody else, when he talks abt Varane. I think we should respect all his achievements in all the excellent teams he has been in, but he is soooo sh*t as a defender. I'm wondering if Mark even watches him during games.
Freshkid 47
Freshkid 47 6 dager siden
I wonder if you watch him after saying what you just said🤦🏾‍♂️
Jon Terry
Jon Terry 7 dager siden
People keep banging on about we need a fast defender to push the back line up, how we need mc fred to bubble wrap maguire and lindelof, they play deep because de gae is vulnerable to the counter if the back line pushed up because he is rooted to his line, he promotes deep play, everytime Henderson has played maguire and lindelof have pushed up to the half way line because Henderson cone off his line, de gae has been brilliant but imo sell him
Lars Anonymous
Lars Anonymous 7 dager siden
remember a few videos ago when Goldbridge said that he didn't want to talk about the GK situation? Media rules you too, mate
Compost Smurf
Compost Smurf 7 dager siden
Still dont understand the format of the show after years eh? God help ya.
Bentzi Lanning
Bentzi Lanning 7 dager siden
Mark does a great job of making people feel he values their opinion, as opposed to just their subscription.
Joey Collottinho
Joey Collottinho 7 dager siden
Callum 7 dager siden
Trigger Man
Trigger Man 7 dager siden
Mark I think Liverpool will sign kabak and konate possibly. And maybe move on Matip just coz of he's injuries! So it will be Van Dijk , Konate, then Gomes and Kabak and Nat Phillips as 5th choice. I think Man United will sign Ben white. 🤣🤣👍
oscar oscar
oscar oscar 7 dager siden
The fax machines are all in working order in today but they may break tomorrow Thursday when we play Granada
Jon Oconnell
Jon Oconnell 7 dager siden
Did you see Bruno interview
Harry Law
Harry Law 7 dager siden
Honestly Mark I can see us getting Pau Torres
Andy Joyce
Andy Joyce 7 dager siden
Thank God. That has made my day. Happy that big Dave is staying.
M.A 7 dager siden
Didn’t realise he left us? Lol
-- 6 dager siden
Bruno needs to leave
A Ali
A Ali 7 dager siden
why are we not in for tapsoba
YSF 7 dager siden
Happy bday Goatbridge🐐
game ram
game ram 7 dager siden
De gea has my full support 👍
Clifford Bradley
Clifford Bradley 7 dager siden
More U turns than the government.....
francis kampwita
francis kampwita 7 dager siden
Don't know if it's just me but I do not get mark's and our fans obsession with kounde..he isn't that good ... and isn't even that quick and makes mistakes aswell
francis kampwita
francis kampwita 6 dager siden
@-- how does that make any sense? Is Bruno a defender?
-- 6 dager siden
Same like Bruno mate
Faiz 23
Faiz 23 7 dager siden
Look at madrid reguilon is someone they will take after Marcelo if they want de gea still young and Henderson we sell with clause having option to get him back and deans value is kinda dropped after last season not much time played so buy back clause also probably won't be that high
Adam McCourt
Adam McCourt 7 dager siden
Mark.. United are quiet on centre backs because they won't start looking till the last week of the window.
Adam McCourt
Adam McCourt 6 dager siden
@-- bloody hope not
-- 6 dager siden
Yeah Bruno out in the next window I bet
Tebogo Benedict Moerane
Sell Henderson with a buy back clause!
Tebogo Benedict Moerane
@-- How many Brunos we got in the team?
-- 6 dager siden
@Tebogo Benedict Moerane because we can do better than Bruno but get that buy back clause in there just in case he becomes world class
Tebogo Benedict Moerane
@-- why?
-- 7 dager siden
Same thing with Bruno
Matthew Bolas
Matthew Bolas 7 dager siden
The Adrian rocky part got me in stitches😂😂😂 happy birthday mark and well done to everyone at the united stand
Irish_Chief 6 dager siden
He still won trophies in the last three seasons . But yeah 😂😂😂😂
Paul Nandra
Paul Nandra 7 dager siden
I thought akanji from Dortmund looked good last night
M a Ali
M a Ali 7 dager siden
Keep david de gea
ken juan
ken juan 7 dager siden
I'd say sell Henderson but include a buy back clause...De Gea has been solid for most seasons, just because he had one bad season and Henderson one good season at Sheffield does not mean De Gea is finished or that Hendo is ready to take over.
-- 7 dager siden
Do the same with Bruno
aklordx TTV
aklordx TTV 7 dager siden
As I said, club legend. The dressing room needs to put some respect on his name.
-- 6 dager siden
Same with Bruno
Jon Terry
Jon Terry 7 dager siden
Better players than de gae have left, his wages is too high, time for him to leave
Callum 7 dager siden
mark looks so weird without glasses for some reason
Bryan Teles
Bryan Teles 7 dager siden
Get Porto's cb cheap fast and strong really good players and has learnt from pepe
Frank Edward
Frank Edward 7 dager siden
New CB quick physical and mobile should be a MU priority. Can you actually sell De Gea as his wages are Astronomical. As per usual MU overpay their players to retain transfer values, which isn't working.
jake winfield
jake winfield 7 dager siden
Were not ready to lose de gea
Splendiferous Finch
Splendiferous Finch 7 dager siden
DDG is definitely started tomorrow, I’ll be shocked if he’s not
Splendiferous Finch
Splendiferous Finch 6 dager siden
@D if you know you know
Slabicus Headicus
Slabicus Headicus 6 dager siden
@-- go support another club so this fanbase can do better
-- 6 dager siden
@Slabicus Headicus sell Bruno so we can do better
Slabicus Headicus
Slabicus Headicus 7 dager siden
@-- Bruno is the only reason this club it still relevant. You are the only reason herpe cream was invented.
Messymouf Entertainment
You mean all the trash I said you was promoting has come to fruition.didnt see that coming 😶
Sam R
Sam R 7 dager siden
Happy bday Mark 👑
Chrisxerri 7 dager siden
The only Brighton player we should sign is Bissouma. Quality!
Chrisxerri 6 dager siden
@-- why are you so desperate to get rid of our best player?
-- 6 dager siden
@Chrisxerri if we can’t sell Bruno we should at least swap him
-- 6 dager siden
@Chrisxerri who says I’m joking? I’m deadly serious
Chrisxerri 6 dager siden
@-- You do know a joke gets stale after the 10th time its said.
-- 6 dager siden
Swap with Bruno
Solomon Aragaw
Solomon Aragaw 7 dager siden
You keep changing your mind everyday. De Gea wants to leave, united will let him go. so what's your problem? you keep recycling the same non issue.
Yasheen Mahabeer
Yasheen Mahabeer 7 dager siden
David De Saver ❤ Dont we ever forget that when we were struggling that David de Gea was there right with us through it all (Arsenal at the Emirates double save with his right hand and his left foot) It's not his fault that we had him playing in a defence with Jones, Smalling, Rojo, Blind through the peak of his career
Abhirakshit Nawani IITB
@Nishen Cris what a great, respectful, logical way to make ur point.. Genius!
Adam McCourt
Adam McCourt 6 dager siden
That game against Liverpool at home De Gea v Sterling
Nishen Cris
Nishen Cris 6 dager siden
Don’t you ever say about Rojo! He did a very very big part in his job and helped Dave a lot! Moron!
-- 6 dager siden
Sell Bruno
Irvin Davids
Irvin Davids 7 dager siden
Don't put Daley Blind in that, he was class
Energetic180 7 dager siden
Happy Birthday Mark 🎉🍾🎊
Multibox01 Delivery
Multibox01 Delivery 7 dager siden
Yea, ill check out Boohoomans clothing, i mainy use active wear
Jonas Sundbom
Jonas Sundbom 7 dager siden
Awb is bad at postioning himself and lindelof get the blame as usual
Jack & the Headbangers EVIL
Ricky once said AWB getting on the ball is like a fish riding a bike and I agree with him to this day ..how did united pay 50 mil is beyond me when there were better players much cheaper..
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