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2. april. 2021





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S.A. A
S.A. A 8 dager siden
"Rashford and Mbappe gap isn't huge" 🤣🤣🤣
Lucalanciotti666 9 dager siden
what about icardi from psg
Martin Allbutt
Martin Allbutt 10 dager siden
Eric Bay Asia best defender I would keep him
Ben Reel
Ben Reel 10 dager siden
Break the bank for Haaland and sell that useless waste of space Martial 20mill and Jesse 30mill. There is 50mill plus 100 for Haaland. No brainer . Yes Haaland would be a catalyst for Utd... Ronaldo is 37 😎Haaland is 20.
will 10 dager siden
Watching city is an absolute pleasure. Makes me fucking angry! Solskjear Outttttt
hobbo420 10 dager siden
Talking about a contract extension for Mata, there, thats the 1st signing of the summer.
Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters
😆😆😆 Sancho... * Again * ? I see other clubs climbing over each other to sign him 🤦‍♀️
SLICKY TV 10 dager siden
mark saying he prefers chelsea to win the champions league because he rather meets chelsea in the final in the uefa super cup
Duncan Clowes
Duncan Clowes 10 dager siden
spend big lol.. clueless
OConnor_60 11 dager siden
Let’s stop talking about Haaland. We can’t afford him, his agent is anti-United. It’s not happening...
Mark Wilkins
Mark Wilkins 11 dager siden
Mark i had to agree with you on the eric baily talk very true eric is still a very good player who has the drive to be better and also at that age were he needs to be playing regular football but it is his injuries that let him down so moving him on would be a better outcome for United to cash in and upgrade
Robert Doyle
Robert Doyle 11 dager siden
Mark that's all you ever talk about is Haaland, Sancho and feckin Pogba. You just change the feckin order !!
Chung Lee
Chung Lee 11 dager siden
This prat wouldn’t swap mbappe+cash for rashford???? What a fucking praaaaaaaatttttt.
Paulo Ramírez
Paulo Ramírez 11 dager siden
I would do the deal Mbappe + €20M for Rashford.
Paulo Ramírez
Paulo Ramírez 11 dager siden
44:13 Yes, Manchester United 😂😂😂
Paulo Ramírez
Paulo Ramírez 11 dager siden
We are 3-4 players away from challenging for the title, not winning it, challenging. Our chance to sign Haaland was last january, the board blew it.
Yusuf Wadkar
Yusuf Wadkar 11 dager siden
Only MctomSuckers believe VDBeek is not good
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho 11 dager siden
Bailly swap deal with Bastoni?
thalayakgomo 11 dager siden
That McTominay comment about him not being good enough even at box to box is spot on, he is the same group as AWB, Dan James, Fred just not good enough for this club
D J 11 dager siden
Oliviabridge lmaooo
thethreelions3 11 dager siden
I'll be pi*sed off If we buy Halland and don't get a CB, DM and RW. We could literally get; ST: A. Silva 30m, CB: Kounde 60m DM: Locatelli 30m for what you'd pay for Halland. Then use pogba funds to get Sancho.
Husaam 'Huzzy'Hashmi
Husaam 'Huzzy'Hashmi 11 dager siden
The thing is with Eric Bailly is that he's got such a big impact in the dressing room
BoxLink 316
BoxLink 316 11 dager siden
If we only sign one marquee signing and sell Pogba we are no better off
Sonny Blundell
Sonny Blundell 11 dager siden
We should be looking at ndidi he would be perfect, haalaand would be a dream signing, kounde and another play maker like grealish.
Paradox R.N.O
Paradox R.N.O 11 dager siden
They should buy rice
david cox
david cox 11 dager siden
The Glazer's/Woodenhead Spend Big ? EL Bull$hit Same Story Every April By The Time The Window Opens The EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES, GLAZER'S/WOODENHEAD OUT🚀
Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie 11 dager siden
Monitoring FC back in the game. Bow are Inter bidding for more of our players when they supposedly missed the Lukaku payments there meant to have paid already.
Κωστας Μπαμιχας
If we buy a RW and a CD, would we be challenging for the title? If not maybe we get Halaand before anyone else and go for the rest next season.
Tore Sollund
Tore Sollund 11 dager siden
It will be exciting to see where Håland goes . Clearly Håland had been super for United. It has been contact with Barcelona Real Madrid. An liwerpool Manchester City Liverpool Chelcy and Manchester United. I hawe seen many matches with Håland hi is incredebly god. Who has 20 goals in 14 games in Champions leaga. And he is only 20 hers old.
steveomcbigarms 11 dager siden
Rice is overrated... just like Maguire... we need someone cheaper and more talented.
EB WAN KANOBI The Chosen Wan
Since when is Bruno world class. Maybe if he didnt lose the ball as much and had more of an influence in the 90 mins thats played. But nope. Not yet
Glen Pillay
Glen Pillay 11 dager siden
Just spoilt my Easter weekend
Lemuel 11 dager siden
40mil+lingard for rice and 60 mil for kounde
Lemuel 11 dager siden
40mil+lingard for rice and 60 mil for kounde
Lemuel 11 dager siden
40mil+lingard for rice and 60 mil for kounde
Izat Azmir
Izat Azmir 11 dager siden
Varane, Rice, Neto...sell off Jones, Bailly, Lingard and Henderson
Jenny Neame
Jenny Neame 11 dager siden
Oh here we go again. Romano this romano that. What a load of bull white.
Jenny Neame
Jenny Neame 11 dager siden
Bull shite
Eric Polese-Lopez
Eric Polese-Lopez 11 dager siden
100M: Kounde (60) + Douglas Luiz (40)
Eric Polese-Lopez
Eric Polese-Lopez 11 dager siden
Yes and No - u are belabouring the point. Definitely creating chances for our fwds is a mayor problem...but 100% there are strikers who lift a team and create chances themselves with their movement, desire and power. Haaland 'could' be that guy
trickle teeth
trickle teeth 11 dager siden
Surely try and navigate a swap with Inter Baiily for Skriniar
HANS HSN 11 dager siden
you're right Ronaldo and Haaland won't help united win the league. only getting a new coach will do it
sonny7singh 11 dager siden
Hi Mark, it really upsets me that you are so adamant that we should get rice? It pains me to say why do we go for him as opposed to a foreign language player who is better and cheaper???
7th Star
7th Star 11 dager siden
All you do is stretch out a 10 min video to 40mins, repeating, talking rubbish... Head line grabbing nonsense...
Brad Hugh Skynryd
Brad Hugh Skynryd 11 dager siden
I’d love depay to come back
Anthony 11 dager siden
Wait people think if we got Halaand or Ronaldo we'd win the league???
Michael Webb
Michael Webb 11 dager siden
it doesn't make sense that anyone will buy haaland this year when you can get him next year for 60 why would you pay more than double to me his worth no more than 80 this year cause of that buy out clause
onotu aliyu ohindase
onotu aliyu ohindase 11 dager siden
I would love Jadon Sancho, Varane and a proper CDM to come to United.
Jeff Holden
Jeff Holden 11 dager siden
Donny next season when pogba leave as long as olly the pe teacher lets him in
gopishan kliga
gopishan kliga 11 dager siden
Keep dreaming guys
Digger Gardi
Digger Gardi 11 dager siden
Man United to spend big!? they always spend big because Man United have to spend big being one of the clubs that are always overcharged as soon as they get interested the price shoots up dramatically and if Donny VB is worth £60m then so is the average Pompey player for it's not about the spending big so much as it's about spending big on the right players that's the trick.
Springtrap Lover2010
Springtrap Lover2010 11 dager siden
Haaland is such short term thinking, with Ratola as his agent, he will only spend 2-3 seasons at the club and will then be looking to move somewhere else.
Red Timez
Red Timez 11 dager siden
13M for Milenkovic 20M for Zakaria 60M for Sancho 120M for Haaland Sell Lingard 30M, Fred 20M, Perreira and Dalot for 30M combined and Lindelof for 20M
Ray Pickvance
Ray Pickvance 11 dager siden
Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson 11 dager siden
Head says get a CB and a CDM. Heart says get Grealish.
Springtrap Lover2010
Springtrap Lover2010 11 dager siden
If it's an attacking player our marquee signing, it has to be Sancho, that allows Greenwood to move into the middle, Sanchos creativity and movement will automatically increase the chances created. I like Haaland but I wouldn't take another player who has Rhiola associated with them. If Pogba isnt gonna sign a new contract use him in a swap to get Verane and we could use Lingard to get Rice.
Kaaviya Suresh vidhya
Kaaviya Suresh vidhya 11 dager siden
44:15 Newcastle, Sheffield United?
Kaaviya Suresh vidhya
Kaaviya Suresh vidhya 11 dager siden
We should try and start a bidding war for Jesse with Leicester City and West Ham United, Could get 30-35m
gorata gaborekwe
gorata gaborekwe 12 dager siden
Bring Lingaard back, keep Pogba to run his contract coz it looks thats going to be case, sell Mata, Bailly, Pereira. Get a centre back, Sancho and a striker out of contract . Play Donny as a box to box with Fred as a cdm
hobbo420 12 dager siden
Ole tells United fans not to get over excited about the summer transfer window,next day United to spend big.
Jacque Legoy
Jacque Legoy 12 dager siden
If you were Haarlan would you sign for a PE teacher? Please
Maitreya Desai
Maitreya Desai 12 dager siden
Will you let hendo and dalot for lewin
Anthony 12 dager siden
Mark all the issues you stated at 14:45 are all issues with coaching...
Anthony 12 dager siden
Declan Rice you're looking at upwards of £60m and that's if you negotiate properly. Why would you spend that on one player when you know there's better out there for cheaper?
Anthony 12 dager siden
Out: Lingard £30m+£5m add ons, Pereira £5million, Romero free, Dan James £15m, Tuanzebe £15million+5million add ons, Jones £5million, Mata free, Chong £5million. That should bring in around £70million from players that aren't United standard.
Anthony 12 dager siden
Halaand rejected Ole once, why wouldn't he do it again?
Anthony 12 dager siden
Why would you 'cash in' on Bailly when you know the club won't reinvest and he's the best CB at the club?
Regan Nicholas
Regan Nicholas 12 dager siden
Agreed! We shouldn't waste our time chasing Haaland or Sancho, we need to get a decent CB and central defensive midfield player .. Done!!
Usher Masladov
Usher Masladov 12 dager siden
two weeks ago i tweeted about inter milan would take bailly on any day .
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best 12 dager siden
The reason why we want Haaland is because Rashford, Mason and Martial has not up till today fulfil their potential.. otherwise, we can ignore Haaland.. cristiano is already aging and will not have much of an impact but Haaland will be devastating for United.. if united wants to be top, then Haaland cannot be ignored..
Jason Private
Jason Private 12 dager siden
if we have a 100 million to spend and then sell a couple of players and get about 170 then we could get sancho for 70, rice for 60 and kounde for 40 but also inter still owe man u around 42 million pounds from the lakaku deal
Slippers Are On
Slippers Are On 12 dager siden
Man Utd is a business, Not a club. Don't expect a lot to happen under the Glazers.
Joe Taracena
Joe Taracena 12 dager siden
If Eric Bailly would’ve had a great injury record he would be in the top 5 CB in the world right now
Aabhaas Mehta
Aabhaas Mehta 12 dager siden
If only the world consisted of Harry maguires 😂😂
joba Tamrat
joba Tamrat 12 dager siden
With all the situationship he had with united over pogba i would be surprised if riolla bring halland to united too
Kjetil Hove
Kjetil Hove 12 dager siden
Mark. Strikers with right movement gets more chances than people like Martial. Thats what Erling Haaland is 100% the best at in the world. Combined with better finishing means he would probably get us 15-20 more goals with the exaxt same squad we have now. That would get us alot closer to city. Wake up.
F K 12 dager siden
Still i'm more concern about united in needs : cdm-cd-st with that 150M or get more with selling some player.
F K 12 dager siden
Jesse could become a transfer to get Declan right ? But i more agreed of we sell : fredd-martial-pogba of we want Haaland. Gardner and hannibal could fill the firsteam subs.
sanjay nathan
sanjay nathan 12 dager siden
If United seriously wants Haaland.Maybe a businessman Ed the Wood should negotiate and pay separation of Haaland with Mino and place pre agreement contract with Dortmund on next summer move. While waiting for Haaland this summer we buy CB,CDM and Winger( Sancho)..just a crazy idea..GGMU
Donny Bench
Donny Bench 12 dager siden
With Sancho we might still be in Champion's League
Nadir Munoo
Nadir Munoo 12 dager siden
Daniel Szwec
Daniel Szwec 12 dager siden
Hate that we look for a "marquee" signing + another position; rather than buying the players we need, in the positions we need.
Lewis J
Lewis J 12 dager siden
100 million for a CB and a cdm would help us the most
dareal James
dareal James 12 dager siden
Ahhh mark😂
saket kothari
saket kothari 12 dager siden
pedro neto for rw
Asha Singh
Asha Singh 12 dager siden
We will get Sancho and cb.
lHLDN2K 12 dager siden
The amount of adverts on this video was ridiculous
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 12 dager siden
Jason RT
Jason RT 12 dager siden
Something that you do not have to worry about...is when your boy comes over, it's ok, we can wait.
Ted Lawyer
Ted Lawyer 12 dager siden
When I see the signings then I'll believe Man U will spend big this summer. More likely, it will be frugal transfer window and most new signings will be funded by sales of our own players.
My names Jeff
My names Jeff 12 dager siden
Why's it not "Brexit FC" when it's sancho? The Hypocrisy.
doofamafoofa 12 dager siden
Think Ole has to go regardless of outcome. The favoritism is enough of a reason for me.
Rainizaz Mohd Razali
Rainizaz Mohd Razali 12 dager siden
Humankind: No one would be dumb enough to buy Haaland for that ridiculous amount in this period and then put up with Raiola's antic from the third day onwards. Woodward: Hold whatever Im drinking.
Justin Maguire
Justin Maguire 12 dager siden
Even if we buy a cb and cdm we arent winning the league! This is the only summer to get the best striker for the next 10 years. Why not get him this year when possible and get the final pieces next summer?
Krishnadev Nair
Krishnadev Nair 12 dager siden
Next title...Transfer Disaster
Rubeni Ndlovu
Rubeni Ndlovu 12 dager siden
60million plus Jesse will get Declan Rice that lives 40million to get Neto which will put us close to the title pending Pogba stays
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 12 dager siden
If we want Rice his price will become £100 mils plus the drama in the news it takes all summer of smack stories etc
Kyle - Anthony Depass
Kyle - Anthony Depass 12 dager siden
We should go for Soumare (35 mill) to replace Matic,Leon Bailey(45 mill) who is quick and can cross and dribble and is one season away from being a massive star and still have 20 mill to get a young defender and probably selling some dead wood would can give us 25 mill to be add on the 20 mill left in the budget to get a decent cb who is quick and good on the ball like Niklas Süle who can be persuaded to leave Bayern because of their new signing and he is not earning wages their that he could earn at United plus we could also bring Depay as a Center Forward who should go this summer for free
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali 12 dager siden
Alvin Teo
Alvin Teo 12 dager siden
Mark is still too optimistic with Manutd transfef fees. How many times have you have been disappointed since. Haha. 200 million somemore...
Yellow 12 dager siden
Conte knows HOW to get the best out of a player. He KNOWS Ole doesn't so he definitely will take anybody Ole tosses away.
Feena Smith
Feena Smith 11 dager siden
Ole has one of the worst squads (on paper) I've ever seen in 35 years of watching United (we STILL don't even have a Right-winger (!) just for starters) and for some reason ppl think we should be performing like the United of old!? Look at the talent in other top teams squads! What other team in the top 4 of any of the leagues has so many holes, young unproven players with potential or over the hill players in it? He's not perfect, he's still young, but he's performed a miracle for what tools he has at his disposal. Don't blame Ole - blame the board! GGMU
Yellow 12 dager siden
Nobody really wants to come to United. Why?? The reason I say this is because Sancho, Haaland, Ronaldo, Rice don't come to ManUtd for THE CLUB. They don't make it known until they get offered a high salary. Pogba wants to leave and Cavani's father is leaking info. NOT GOOD...AT ALL.
amarpall sidhu
amarpall sidhu 12 dager siden
United need a finisher which Rashy and Martial are not. Cavani means no finisher. If the owners are just stingy, promote the juniors from the under 23s.
Iambiguo us
Iambiguo us 12 dager siden
Why would any bloke need to wear clothing with 'MAN' brandished across it?
Yellow 12 dager siden
Ya gotta be kidding me. SERIOUSLY? United has been trying to find a striker since Lukaku. What the hell??
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