Dortmund's Sancho Price STILL €120M! + Nuno Mendes - Telles SWAP? | Man Utd Transfer News 

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3. april. 2021





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Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
Flex: Man Utd is Glazers' cashcow. Absolutely right ... sad but true ...
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies 10 dager siden
Harry Kane, Jack Grealish, Jadon Sancho, Erling Haaland & Declan Rice are too expensive at present due to the times Haaland will go either to Barcelona, Bayern, Chelsea Man City, PSG & Real Madrid due to his relationship with his Daddy & Agent. Paying silly wages doesn't make sense but if your going to keep any players, you pay them what they are worth & give the youth a chance as long as they are good enough. Time to cut out the Mediocrity & Sentiment out the Club, where depth and competition for places is needed. There's other qualities out there at a reasonable price, so it best to search and invest well for the future.
Parag Sangani
Parag Sangani 10 dager siden
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies 10 dager siden
We Need to Sell before We can Buy. Next Step: To improve the Squad in the Summer Windows. Time to cut out the Mediocrity & Sentiment out the Club, where depth and competition for places is needed. Man Utd Squad needs more refreshing but with Lingard, Jones, Rojo, Mata, Matic, Dalot, Grant, Romero, Joel Pereira, Maguire, Lindelof & Fred at the Club shows that we lack the necessary ambition to go to the Next Level, Challenging for the Title & more. Time for them to move on. A keepers Clear Out is needed too due to standards have dropped. We have to consider Fred & DeGea for a possible departure, we must keep Bailly & Andreas Pereira where defending & cover for Bruno is Priority. We also need at least 5-7 more players e.g. GK, 2CB, DM, CM, RW, LW.& ST and at least 10 players need to move on by the summer! Over 150M has been lost due to poor recruits so Ole & the board have to buy smart in the recruitment department, so being sensible would go along way when it concern the Club's development. There's other qualities out there at a reasonable price, so it best to search and invest well for the future. Our general play will improve once we add more depth of quality players to the squad that can play the Man Utd way.
D K 11 dager siden
Ridiculous no more than £70m in in this climate I would just walk away if Dortmund guna be silly.
G Unruly
G Unruly 11 dager siden
If u think martial is good enough.. ur the same person who thinks because the back gate has got a dog sign on it.. theres a dog in there!
Dean Schofield
Dean Schofield 11 dager siden
If this was goldbridge he would be screaming and moaning I’m done with him
pisko 21
pisko 21 11 dager siden
Sancho🗑💩💩 50 mil max
Frank Edward
Frank Edward 11 dager siden
Sancho fee is a joke and should be treated as such. We need a CB and have just bought Amad and Pellestri. We need to play Amad and blood him for next season.
DIRK BIROT 11 dager siden
Its moreike the manchester united tax
Jon Oconnell
Jon Oconnell 11 dager siden
Inter still owe us for rom
charlesS 11 dager siden
Ha Dortmund lost to the forth placed team and now 7 points behind them bull now Sancho price is not going to be £100 mill also the best is he is out of contact in summer 2022 so Sancho was soo upset he did not get manutd move so he will probably think see if manutd come for him this summer or go for free in 2022 summer
Robert McCall
Robert McCall 11 dager siden
Sancho is worth 20 million not 120 ... Haaland price 150 no way sancho is worth 1/4 that
dalee quipp
dalee quipp 11 dager siden
It's easy to say spend less, but the untied rate is higher even for the same player, other teams know we're chasing city and Liverpool, so they know we will pay a bit more than others.
DragunMann 11 dager siden
Dan James + 10m for Raphinha Lingard + 30m for Rice Sell Pereira, Dalot and Matić [30-45m] Buy Koundé (50-60m) BUT, If Pogba wants to leave, we should do EVERYTHING to make a Pogba for Varane swap, not get Koundé, and buy a proper striker [Privy to Isak, personally] Gk: Hendo/DDG [Whoever doesn't go] Defense: Shaw, Maguire, Varane/Koundé, AWB Mid: Rice, Bruno, VdB Front: Rashford, Isak, Raphinha
jorge masvidal
jorge masvidal 11 dager siden
He's not worth 120 mill
juicebox Leal
juicebox Leal 11 dager siden
Jota would bench Rashford bruv
juicebox Leal
juicebox Leal 11 dager siden
I like lingard but cmon man. He has had a few good games and you think someone would pay 25-30 for him at 28 ? I dont see anyone offering more than 15.
bountylad 11 dager siden
We don't have good coaches to develop talent. We have to buy top class ready-made players for nearly all positions to win anything. What is Man City lost expensive signing? Probably £60 million
AKA_MAZ 11 dager siden
Nice to see you on a morning show flex. Keep it up bro 💪🏽👊🏽
Simon Dixon
Simon Dixon 11 dager siden
Big up Flex and the gang! Just wanna say thanks for playing a big part in getting us all through the lockdowns! Love you guys 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
fcom123 11 dager siden
Srry y’all broke my excitement with last year Sancho saga. Can’t get into it. Good luck js7 but fine without u mate
Harry Lam
Harry Lam 11 dager siden
We have Amad, why dont give him play time so he can develop into another Sancho? We can then take the available funds and buy an elite CDM and CB
Mr.Villain 11 dager siden
United aren’t the same club they use to be. United is just a joke now nothing else.
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 11 dager siden
did you work that out all by yourself?..or did some one have to help you work that out?..muppet!!⚉👹
Lester Lee
Lester Lee 11 dager siden
Conte is the best Man United agent ever! Keeps buying up all our 'fringe' players!
bountylad 10 dager siden
@Lester Lee that's true....he also won the EPL more recent than us so he can win in a slower league but also in England.
Lester Lee
Lester Lee 11 dager siden
@bountyladIf Inter wins, it means that Conte is a good manager in a slower league. It does not change anything about Man United's poor management or coaching.
bountylad 11 dager siden
May not be so funny when if Inter wins the League with our rejects....would say a lot about United and our coaches.
I want Raphinha to play for us. Looks like a perfect right winger. Skills, presence of mind, selflessness and Most importantly that fucking crossing ability which only Greenwood has.
stephen dowling
stephen dowling 11 dager siden
Is it Easter Saturday or Groung Hog Day??? Listening to this am starting to believe the latter....🤔☹
Robin goddard
Robin goddard 11 dager siden
Why is it united are buying all English players have we learned nothing most people hate international because England and the players are overpaid and bottles jobs so why is it acceptable for us to use them there will be no difference other then it’s England team with ole tactics it would be a worse England squad doing nothing but defending
Ernest Hutagalung
Ernest Hutagalung 11 dager siden
Diogo jo ah
Raphael Frank
Raphael Frank 11 dager siden
Solkjaer will ruin any young player by not giving them games!
Robin goddard
Robin goddard 11 dager siden
No sancho and no Haaland and we will get Dan white
Joel Mathew
Joel Mathew 11 dager siden
John Bamford
John Bamford 11 dager siden
Dortmund may think they are clever now pricing players out of a move, but could bite them in the ass down the road. Look at the players Tottenham used to sign, then they played hard ball over Modric, Van der Vart, Berbatov. What happened players stopped seeing it as a stepping stone squad and they had to start signing player from teams in lower leagues because, players don't want their careers ruined by stubborn chairman. Footballers careers are short so even a year somewhere you don't want to be is a long time, also the club may loose interest look at De Gea, he missed his opportunity to go to Madrid and they never tried again.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 11 dager siden
Not getting Sancho and Haaland isn't the end of the world. We can still become a top side without those two. Theres lots of players out there that would improve out attack and midfield like Sabitzer, Neto, Ousmane Dembele, Raphinha, Kessie, Camavinga, Calvert-lewin, Danny Ings, Maxi Gomez, Bamford,Tolisso,Calanoglhu, Cantwell.
Arturo Filio Villa
Arturo Filio Villa 11 dager siden
Even if Sancho was 100M I still wouldn't buy him. We need to cover so many other positions first.
RON_T_REX 11 dager siden
Psg vs Lille watch our for SOUMARE performance .... Mywishlist cdm playing against poch mbappe neymar
Faiz 23
Faiz 23 11 dager siden
Soo many Sancho alternatives i mean we spent whole market talking about this deal this window just go for a bid if refused walk out there raphinha neto buendia (neto will be a serious talent and this is the time to take them saying we should not go go 100m signings these are the players city Liverpool will go for in
Miyo 11 dager siden
Can we bin any Haaland news unless the kid is at Carrington
Manchester United Club
Manchester United Club 11 dager siden
If we know dortmond want the 120mil there is no way they will sell him for 75. Then we should just move on and look for another target. Think dortmond are planning to sell halland so they won’t be pressured in lowering sancho’s price.
kevin millington
kevin millington 11 dager siden
They wont get 80m for him let alone 120m
Eoghan Ryan
Eoghan Ryan 11 dager siden
Forget about sancho he's not worth anything over 60 million
Evil Jim
Evil Jim 11 dager siden
We need to sign the 100m players before they are the 100m player !
United Fannary
United Fannary 11 dager siden
£108M? Dortmund is deluded once again. I don’t believe it though
ddjj2009 11 dager siden
Still 😂😂😂
Thomas Nolan
Thomas Nolan 11 dager siden
dortmund are delusional. no one pays that for sancho and he's been shite this year
Ziani Nadir
Ziani Nadir 11 dager siden
What about paying 120 for sancho but just paying 70 this summer and the rest in add ons or maybe paying the next summer
J. S.
J. S. 8 dager siden
@charlesS look up his contract hes renewed it
charlesS 11 dager siden
Don't you even know his contract is up in 2022 can get him free
RTL 11 dager siden
No Sancho don't pay the Bundesliga Tax. It's going to be like Shy Havertz and Finding Timo
fcom123 9 dager siden
red flag
red flag 10 dager siden
Forget sancho
Shafiih 10 dager siden
Na sancho still is more experienced in English football
blagd 11 dager siden
RTL 11 dager siden
Sancho is not worth anything over £50m. Bundesliga teams all play very high lines so there is so much space behind, in England loe blocks are very common.
joka619 11 dager siden
tbh i still think its quite important to get sancho, we need a quality RW, sancho is only just 21 he will be worth whatever price we will pay for him as he will be in the club easily for the next 5 years, if not more. having a proper RW, will allow us to play greenwood centrally too and takes the burden off of wan bisaka, thus negating the need for a striker and rb for this year. its a smart move to go for him they year i reckon, and diallo can be his back up, and id offload dan james to leeds. also, i think a cdm is more important than a cb too. we need to go back to playing a 433 and we can only do that with a proper cdm, and i reckon camavinga is the only one who can do that. he looks so goof for rennes and france, he runs the midfield by himself easily to allow others to go forward. he only has 1yr left on his contract and is refusing to sign further for rennes, also madrid were the favourites before but he was only going there for the french connection with zidane and varane and both may leave now, and he looks upto pogba so this is a deal that could be done quite easily too!
Humzah Qureshi
Humzah Qureshi 11 dager siden
Your ideas are great. However, the people running our club have the mental bandwidth of a fly
SLM3573 11 dager siden
the well we never really liked you anyway theme continues with Sancho, this channel spent an ENTIRE summer and 100 videos about done deal 90%
Ajmal Cosman
Ajmal Cosman 11 dager siden
They came back the last day of the transfer window and said we are not getting him. That was terrible..
Shaun Foley
Shaun Foley 11 dager siden
ever time you've said we've got this player we've git that player and we ain't so why should we believe any thing you say
kokohaha360 11 dager siden
Telles is wasting his career here, better to have a young player who can develop as Shaw’s understudy
Prince Okoye
Prince Okoye 11 dager siden
Low key Dortmund are quite trash at negotiating but there’s no way they won’t reduce sanchos price
aklordx TTV
aklordx TTV 11 dager siden
Ruben neves as cdm? The guys a box to box.
Vk Deen
Vk Deen 11 dager siden
all player are fed up all fans are fed up ole is fed up... welcome to the glazers utd
James William Sanders
James William Sanders 11 dager siden
Spend £150m on a CB, CDM and ST. Spend £30m on a back up GK and RB. Sell Pogba £40m, one of the keepers (Henderson personally) £40m, Lingard £20m, Dalot £15m, Pereira £10m. Net spend of £50-60m (achievable). Get rid of Mata, Matic and Cavani, Jones (if possible). Loan out one of Tuanzebe and Williams and keep the other for cover. Starting xi next season (back ups): de Gea (new back up GK) Wan Bissaka (new back up RB) New CB (Bailly) Maguire (Lindelof) Shaw (Telles) New CDM (Fred) Van de Beek (Mctominay) Greenwood (James, Amad) Fernandes (Van de Beek) Rashford (James, Martial) New ST (Greenwood, Martial) Still need another CM and RW but can wait until next season for those.
Saurabh Mhapsekar
Saurabh Mhapsekar 10 dager siden
IN: Ruben Neves £60 mil Jack Grealish £80 mil Raphael Varane - Pogba Swap Alexander Isak £40 mil OUT: Bailly £15 mil Dalot £15 mil Periera £10 mil Martial £30 mil Lingaard £20 mil Net spend £90mil
Music 11 dager siden
Why are United at the bottom of the league when it comes to pricing their players out for transfers????? Bailey - 15m?
Music 11 dager siden
You Tube Advertisements are a joke now. Far too much!
Stephone Fox
Stephone Fox 11 dager siden
It pisses me off when they say Sancho has had a not so good season r u blind he started off shaky but is up there in the league
Johan 11 dager siden
Mark with the hangover hangoverBridge
Darkstar8473 11 dager siden
Telles is fed up you say? Well the United website begs to differ XD
Darkstar8473 10 dager siden
@Bill Molloy I think you missed the whole point.
George Brobbey
George Brobbey 11 dager siden
I think we’ve moved on from the Sancho deal and should move on. I love him and in a perfect world I would want him. There are other realistic options at RW (Raphinha, Buendia, Bailey or Sarr) but I agree that CB and CDM are the priorities this summer.
Dean Watson
Dean Watson 11 dager siden
Not Buendia god no
Alvin B
Alvin B 11 dager siden
Dortmund need to sell sancho and they won’t offer 120m euros
UNIDENTIFIED Team 11 dager siden
Lol 120 mill !? They can keep him Just forget it and go for someone way cheaper pedro neto an option or stick with amad
mobility saf1
mobility saf1 11 dager siden
I have no problem us getting haaland. If we can get a cdm and a cb. Long shot? Yes. However.....haaland is a generational talent. If we can ffs, buy him
FO7SCH 1989
FO7SCH 1989 11 dager siden
We need to build a squad good enough to get service up front, united should try to get him next season with lower price and lets see what happen
Peter Smigiel
Peter Smigiel 11 dager siden
CB, CDM, RW, ST in that order
Jack Linford
Jack Linford 11 dager siden
Just got telles
Luke Parisot
Luke Parisot 11 dager siden
The price is already lowered to 80-100m euro.
Justin Moakler
Justin Moakler 11 dager siden
What was the likelihood that if we bought Sancho last summer, that Dortmund replace him with Diallo
Hmm 11 dager siden
I would gladly swap telles for nuno mendes
Jarle Malmin
Jarle Malmin 11 dager siden
No Sancho this summer... time to look for other players not from Dortmund. I am baffled that players would want to go to Dortmund who continue to outprice players like this.
Raj shah
Raj shah 11 dager siden
Where is goldbridge?
mobility saf1
mobility saf1 11 dager siden
Do ruben neves ffs
Gabriel 11 dager siden
Why? Ppl say they want a mobile DM, neves is far from mobile, and he doesn't even play as the holding DM for Portugal.
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross 11 dager siden
UNITED ARE NOT GETTING SANCHO,I,m sure somebody is fucked in the head
Dale Mcmanus
Dale Mcmanus 11 dager siden
Even with amad we still need sancho , we have rashford as lw and amad rw after that James is not utd standard don’t care how much Ricky blows him he’s not good enough , Greenwood is a striker and is lost out wide , martial can play of left and that’s it for wingers , one injury and we fucked need sancho he’s world class and can play of both wings , would mean we don’t have to rub rashford onto the ground like we have past two years .... city have 4-5 world class wingers !! Wouldn’t go near haland either trust mason upfront and martial get sancho in who’s creative and rice who will allow others to create and flourish then get kounde or varane ... so many players we could get out club or use in swap or player plus cash deals
J Plays
J Plays 11 dager siden
If you want to buy devolped, good players, you have to pay for them. I do not mind what others say, but clubs who devolop these young players, have the right to ask whatever they ask for the player. Buying clubs like Manchester United has absolutely no right what so ever to complain about the questioned price. If Borussia Dortmund want £108 million for Sancho or £150 million, Manchester United has to pay that fee for these players, regardless. Like it or not, and if the club doesn't, there is an another option; educate your own players! That is obviously not the preferred choice from Manchester United, they want to keep on buying. And if possible, the club is willing to offer these bought players huge wages which makes it allmost impossible to sell them when the player failed to fullfill his potential. I don't have to ask how the club does in the Premier League, in Europe or financially. I know, they want to spend their way out of trouble in which they horribly failed for allready seven seasons.... But, please keep on going to become the laughing stock, if we aren't allready. SEMI FINAL in Europe coming in. Remember last 4 semi finals? And please, do not underestimate any opponent in Europe! Most do have a well balanced squad, able to rest players and come up with a tactical surprise! What do we have to surprise opponents? Fred?
David Lee
David Lee 11 dager siden
Great Show Flex 👏 Loving The Shows Keep It Up All You Top Guys & Thank You 😊
Ry Earl
Ry Earl 11 dager siden
Don't want sancho ain't getting haaland and that defender isn't what we want, he's exactly the same as what we have and telles going for a kid is a big mistake
Francisco Alvarado
Francisco Alvarado 11 dager siden
Flex is class shouts out Mark's second channel but doesnt say anything bout his no selfish bone in his body ... well guys check out the flex his ott shows with kg are awesome
Husaam 'Huzzy'Hashmi
Husaam 'Huzzy'Hashmi 11 dager siden
I think Psg or Chelsea will be the only one to get Haaland
Michael Palfreman
Michael Palfreman 11 dager siden
Far too much. Forget him once and for all
MrCygan 11 dager siden
How about Pedro Goncalves + Max Aarons + Ruben Neves/Rice. Haaland next year, cuz this year nobody will buy him. €180m for Haaland, in case we can buy him next year for €75m?
Tuukka Halonen
Tuukka Halonen 11 dager siden
Someone will buy him this year that's for sure.
Steven 11 dager siden
Walk away from Sancho completely. Sick of Dortmund holding us to ransom
Adam Runager
Adam Runager 10 dager siden
It isn't their fault, they set the price, man United wouldn't pay it. It's man United's fault for being stupid enough to think that Dortmund would roll over and not accept their evaluation price
baz 11 dager siden
Shuhei Hisagi
Shuhei Hisagi 11 dager siden
sancho wont even go for 80 million anymore, he had a poor season and has less time left on his contract now
FO7SCH 1989
FO7SCH 1989 11 dager siden
Contract expire in 2023 Game stats this season: 31 game, 12 gol and 16 assist! Last season he play 44 game score and assist 20
Jack Linford
Jack Linford 11 dager siden
He hasn't had poor season
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best 11 dager siden
Base on history, man utd will not buy Haaland. We did not buy Lewandowski nor r9 not even Batistuta. We have trouble even to get Harry Kane. The hope is that man utd is wounded enough, hungry and angry enough that we want to prove a point in the transfer market. The next transfer window is the best time ever to try get Haaland. The way we can bargain the price is that Haaland has never played in the EPL. Norway may not be in the world cup. He is not bundesliga top scorer. Dortmund will not be in champions league. Haaland no matter how he is hyped is still unproven and raw. To attract Haaland to man utd, we need to sell him the idea that he can only be a great legend by winning the epl with a man utd that is starve of success. It will not be the same winning a league title with Barcelona who had Messi/Ronaldinho or Real Madrid who had Cristiano Ronaldo. Winning the epl with Man Utd is the ultimate challenge.
alibabashero 11 dager siden
Dont need Sancho. Need to sell Pogba and half the team.
Mike NO7
Mike NO7 11 dager siden
Big up flex good show you and Mark should mix it up more
Paul R
Paul R 11 dager siden
You would sign Neto and have another left winger?! Wtf are you on?
Jason Reeves
Jason Reeves 11 dager siden
Poor at the back...poor up front....embarrassment for 10 years now !!!! Bring on another season of just get fourth F.C !!!!!
mobility saf1
mobility saf1 11 dager siden
You forgot poor in the middle
The PiratePeteShow
The PiratePeteShow 11 dager siden
I wouldn't pay that much for Sancho I don't think he is worth it. Pleantly of alternatives. But I would spend that for Haaland cause their isn't many young top strikers these days, most are in their 30s
Gabriel 11 dager siden
I wouldn't pay 150 for anyone. We need to learn how to be productive
Mark Gallagher
Mark Gallagher 11 dager siden
Sancho.. overrated.. overpriced...big chip on his shoulder.. trouble ..steer clear
Paul R
Paul R 11 dager siden
The most important position to fill is the right wing. It's our worst position and we need a baller.
Ajeeb 11 dager siden
What about giving Amad diallo a chance
The PiratePeteShow
The PiratePeteShow 11 dager siden
If Dortmund don't make champions League they won't have a pot to piss in. Dortmund will always get good talent cause sadly big clubs can't give them enough game time
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 11 dager siden
as long as they beat city that's fine!👊⚉👹
Ross XD
Ross XD 11 dager siden
My guy
Davy Fisher
Davy Fisher 11 dager siden
I’ve heard reports were looking 25M for Pereira then we’re hearing here 15M for Bailly! This is ludicrous it should be the opposite way around and yes that is taking injuries into consideration. If Bailly wasn’t injury prone he’d be worth 40M easy. If a 15M bid comes in for Pereira you gotta take that we will get gready and end up with him stuck on the wage bill like Romero
Davy Fisher
Davy Fisher 11 dager siden
@RTL I thought that myself but paper talk I heard this morning someone has offered 15M and we rejected it we are holding out for 21M and no surprise they aren’t willing to go that high
RTL 11 dager siden
15m for Pereira. Lol why would anyone pay that for him? He doesnt even start for Roma.
Deon Felix
Deon Felix 11 dager siden
Is Dortmund on drugs? The kid ain't even worth 80mill in my opinion
Fabio Maia
Fabio Maia 11 dager siden
Grealisch Declan rice in. Mata Lingard matic out
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson 11 dager siden
Lets raid Jorge Mendes clients, Pedro Neto, Andre Silva and Nuno Mendes..
Jo Daresh
Jo Daresh 11 dager siden
@Ivan Donson but after the de gea and Jose situations he doesn't really like utd. Will still do business with them tho
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson 11 dager siden
@Jo Daresh he helped us on Fernandes deal. Jorge historically has relatively good relationship with almost everyone.
Jo Daresh
Jo Daresh 11 dager siden
His client was Jose aswell and doesn't really like utd either
Tee Mill
Tee Mill 11 dager siden
Telles is too good to sit on a bench so he probably is peed off. Plus, I don't see him going to Sporting after playing for Porto.