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4. april. 2021





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Andrew Lyons
Andrew Lyons 6 dager siden
What is this nonsense about De Gea? Ole has to make difficult decisions and we have two top GK’s... he’s decided to give Hendo a chance and rightfully so IMO. De Gea has not been up to his high standards since the World Cup. Ole finally makes a tough call and still gets called a coward?
Carl Keelee
Carl Keelee 7 dager siden
Lost my respect for you after this, Flex.
kevin kwak
kevin kwak 8 dager siden
kg gotta go... let flex host
Footballscholar 8 dager siden
Lads getting frustrated with all the negativity. City are on fire, and we are the best of the rest at the moment. But improvement has been made year on year for Ole, goals , points etc. And we all complain the squad ain't good enough just yet. So how are we getting the results we are.......... The players you all criticise are stepping up. Results business lads!
Fat Thor
Fat Thor 8 dager siden
What happened to 'Reckless' KG? I'm not used to this balanced KG..
Adam Kensington
Adam Kensington 8 dager siden
Flex and Alex 10000% deluded here. Fernandes is easily our player of the year.
Rin Sanga
Rin Sanga 7 dager siden
I'll have whatever they're smoking.
dutchman 8 dager siden
and then goes out in the group stage lol
Aritra Bakshi
Aritra Bakshi 9 dager siden
Luke Shaw is POTY by a country mile. I love Bruno but he hasn't played well in a lot of games this season. In fact I think he played much better last season.
Hmm 9 dager siden
Shaw poty? Get out alex, looks like after the birth of your child you've gone insane😂
3000KJH 9 dager siden
Cavani is a true pro. Saying he's not trying because of thinking about home is nonsense. He had a bad game, with no service again. The whole team was bad.
Paul K
Paul K 9 dager siden
is Greenwood mentally mature enough to take the center forward role for the rest of the season ...im excited we got top 4 but on the flip side im not cause we never make it out of the group stages unless we get at least a right back for competition for wanbasaka and a strong holding ball playing midfielder think Greenwood will light up next season but the champs leauge bit big fir him just yet
Paul K
Paul K 9 dager siden
I play in a vets leauge we move the ball quicker
Erik Stoop
Erik Stoop 9 dager siden
For me it is clear acording to management De Gea has a too high wage and needs to leave . So the media and the club tries to make him leave. In Dean Henderson they think they have a great replacement
Jenny Neame
Jenny Neame 9 dager siden
Did you see Liverpool v arsenal. That's the way yo play football. Brilliant. Watch this space
GriffoChaz 9 dager siden
Since Tuchel's first game in charge of Chelsea, he's lost one game (WBA 5-2). In that period, Ole and United have lost one game (LEI 3-1). Tuchel has done well with Chelsea but there is the context of the situation.
jfranc07 9 dager siden
we also sit every week and praise brighton and potter then come back and act like they are a minnow and play total crap weekly....ugh
jfranc07 9 dager siden
we can win a game and mans can come on this channel and just get depressed.
SIDE M 9 dager siden
Luke shaw best LB in Europe???? 😂😂😂
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 9 dager siden
What is wrong with ole? He never learns for his mistakes, Brighton are a better coaches team, than Ole's United.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 9 dager siden
We cant play MC Fred, we need a proper CDM..
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 9 dager siden
We are playing like a mid table team, ole is out of ideas...
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 9 dager siden
Top 4 may be done, but we barely beat a Brighton team. If we had Potter, or another manager with better tactics we might have scored4 goals. Ole has shown he needs proper coaches especially in the defensive area to practice on basic defensive formations. We were horrible passing the ball side ways and backwards.
denisg2000 9 dager siden
We need Bizouma!!!
Sean Patterson
Sean Patterson 9 dager siden
We always say there’s no game plan and it does feel that way but we continue to mostly succeed (2nd place atm) Maybe Ole’s entire game plan isn’t tactical and more physical. We seem to wear our opponents out after about an hour before we find joy. It’s the theme of this season. We concede then we come back. It’s very frustrating to watch. I’m happy to win and 2nd place ain’t bad but it’s still not good enough. We’re miles off from City. If Liverpool didn’t have so many injuries, we’d be 3rd surely
AlexTotal Gaming
AlexTotal Gaming 9 dager siden
Bro ole isn't actually part of the tactics, hes even said this. Hes a man manager, carrick n McKenna are in charge of tactics and that. Why do u think he never comes on the touchline
Have a pint. Go on
Have a pint. Go on 9 dager siden
Our football is terrible
Nandosz 9 dager siden
Flex to moderate the show please lads. Haha KG gotta let the boys speak! GGMU!
k Se7en
k Se7en 9 dager siden
bruno was bought for us to win , was not cantona bought for us to win . these arguments are baseless
pedro nunes
pedro nunes 9 dager siden
De Gea is the best paid player in the prem. that wage bill has to go!
Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie 9 dager siden
By dropping De Gea to 2nd you lower his sale value so its another stupid business move but from a business sense moving De Gea out is better due to the stupid wages he got put on. They cant have both next season whatever happens.
zuhair farooq
zuhair farooq 9 dager siden
We are not real madrid who throw their club greats like casillas under the bus. Its disappointing that de gea is being treated similar to this
k Se7en
k Se7en 9 dager siden
if ands and buts , the same thing was being said at the begining of this season
k Se7en
k Se7en 9 dager siden
buisness end of the season . win how you can
k Se7en
k Se7en 9 dager siden
seriously no game plan , did the players execute ? pogba gave the ball away , bruno as well .
Jay London
Jay London 9 dager siden
I love shaw and think he's one of our best players but you take bruno out that team and we are a mid table side
k Se7en
k Se7en 9 dager siden
united won , why so sad chaps . chelsea , lesciester , Arsenal and Spurs lost . better managers than Ole
gobchops 9 dager siden
De Gea treatment disgusting? What about the treatment of Sergio Romero who for me was a better keeper than De Gea
blindpinkthunders 9 dager siden
Dreadful performance...again....Stole the win....at least the useless Martial is done for the season.
Gaz Gaz
Gaz Gaz 9 dager siden
Top 4 or even 2nd is ok but what are we going to do to avoid yet another CL group exit?
Adam Kensington
Adam Kensington 8 dager siden
I don't get why everyone is obsessed with top 4 when we arent ever competitive in the Champions League
Long John Silver
Long John Silver 9 dager siden
Love the show guys! Big up Flex and Kev! Plz get Jack of the show. He sucks 😩
Invisxble 9 dager siden
Suyash Shetty
Suyash Shetty 9 dager siden
Luke Shaw is definitely player of the season.
Kay Jay
Kay Jay 9 dager siden
As good as Bruno and Rashford is this season. And their numbers certainly speak to that. It's not even a debate who has been the best player by a country mile this season-Luke Shaw. Both Bruno and Rashford have had too many average and poor games which have been masked by a G/A stat. It shows how strong their mentality is to play poorly yet still deliver a clutch moment but Shaw has been consistently at a very high level throughout this season!
J Plays
J Plays 9 dager siden
Progression? Okay, what progression? What did Ole Gunnar Solsjkear do, which hasn't been done by either van Gaal or Mourinho? Changed the way of play? Winning Europa? Winning the Champions League? Where is the progression next to replacing players? Are these replacements better than the players we've had? Players who were at Manchester United, have played a Champions League semi final and a Europa Cup final! Progression? My arse!!! There has been NO PROGRESS at all! None!!
Anthony 9 dager siden
I don't know why people are surprised my Ole caving on the Henderson De Gea debate. He's a coward.
Jon Oconnell
Jon Oconnell 9 dager siden
Who going buy him on 350k and transfer fee
Jon Oconnell
Jon Oconnell 9 dager siden
Do you think the board have told ole to do that to de gea
Neil Stewart
Neil Stewart 9 dager siden
The problem is, we're in this position purely because of the brilliance of individuals. Very rarely have we got a result with an overall great team performance.
Sean Patterson
Sean Patterson 9 dager siden
So true. We rely on the other team making a mistake so that our stars can get a bit of space. We cannot pass through a press worth a damn.
Jon Oconnell
Jon Oconnell 9 dager siden
Do you think we play like that because of no crowd
Zanos 9 dager siden
Top 4 and no trophies ole out
Anthony 9 dager siden
KG has gone back to his deluded ways
loler 9 dager siden
Awb offers nothing going forward! Even if we get in a RW, is not gonna help him improve his game. In fact the winger would have to do all by hisself. Man cannot cross the bloody ball
Pree Market
Pree Market 9 dager siden
Shocking... its not a debate... Fernandes! Player of the YEAR!!!!!
Elorm Agbo
Elorm Agbo 9 dager siden
No morning show?
Andi McGaw
Andi McGaw 9 dager siden
The panel is politically ignorant.The guys are ignoring this country hatred towards foreigners and think players don't see that. More World Class players will leave the Premier League including Utd. Europe is a better prospect for living.
Kieran M
Kieran M 9 dager siden
No trophies but playing Mourinho style football and getting top 4, not good enough! ole out!
TheImaginaryBeing 9 dager siden
De gea may want to go. And anyways, he’s expensive- they are more or less equal in ability so I’d sell de gea to lower the wage bill. Plus, I hear people in this channel saying pep is handling Aguero correctly etc... well what’s the difference? He was their greatest player, but you need to release when it’s done. De gea was great, but it’s done, maybe earlier than expected but you can’t let Henderson leave
Andi McGaw
Andi McGaw 9 dager siden
Brighton is a better coached side? Brighton 16th in the table and 28 points behind
Jarle Malmin
Jarle Malmin 9 dager siden
Bad news for Bailey... He got himself a case of C-19
Nick Saunders
Nick Saunders 9 dager siden
Bruno poor today also u play Greenwood upfront and every team will love it because he’s not good enough
denis omahoney
denis omahoney 9 dager siden
Ole doesn’t have a game plan because our players must not train or be coached by our very substandard coaches if we don’t improve in that area if not ole will be a gonna by Xmas ..
Micael Schiller
Micael Schiller 9 dager siden
We need a cdm so bad!!
Micael Schiller
Micael Schiller 9 dager siden
What do you thik gonna happend when we don't habe a cdm?The only cdm we got is Matic,and his finnished.And all this nostalgic.This is where we are,it's not 1998
Luke Adamson
Luke Adamson 9 dager siden
Big up Alex and Flex, Shaw Army😂
Richard Shaw
Richard Shaw 9 dager siden
Jay is Johnny bravo gone wrong 😂😂
83 Smith
83 Smith 10 dager siden
Sir Alex is over seeing Ole's management
Nick Saunders
Nick Saunders 10 dager siden
United fans can’t moan about teams sitting back against them because that what united do against the top teams
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam 10 dager siden
50:55 the Brazilian Ronaldo was the best player in the world at the age of 19. And as you said Mbappe and Halland are doing it.
Damien Daly
Damien Daly 10 dager siden
cavani is not getting any service our full backs or so called wingers keep coming in fucking side and not winging it and zipping balll into him ffs
Muki Naziri
Muki Naziri 10 dager siden
You're seriously deluded if you think you're the second best team in the land you're at the very best 5th or 6th best
Don Ragnar
Don Ragnar 9 dager siden
More like 10th
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam 10 dager siden
37:40 the English media is acting like Dean Henderson is the second coming of Oliver Kahn or something
jerry dennehy
jerry dennehy 9 dager siden
Very disappointed with Ole handling of DeGea, Ole is gutless, DeGea is a great servant of the club
Gagan J Singh
Gagan J Singh 9 dager siden
True 🙌
Muki Naziri
Muki Naziri 10 dager siden
Very fortunate you got top 4 don't deserve it if Fernandes is not thare you're just a rank avarege team eaven last night you're outplayed by Brighton thare played much more attractive football
Gunahlan Subas
Gunahlan Subas 10 dager siden
keep crying you pillock
HArshit MIshra
HArshit MIshra 10 dager siden
Cry more i bet your team is mid table or below
Amin Johari
Amin Johari 10 dager siden
Forget Haaland, get Andre Silva from Frankfurt. Should be cheaper. Portugal international. Will work well with Bruno & most importantly, No Riola.
Jayant Jha
Jayant Jha 10 dager siden
I am so so disappointed to not see any praise for Maguire again after a brilliant performance. He is the most hated footballer, reason being our fanbase has more favourites and scapegoats than any manager ever had at this club.
Jayant Jha
Jayant Jha 9 dager siden
@Unbearable 2020 Expected response
Unbearable 2020
Unbearable 2020 10 dager siden
Hes bang average and gave away a peno that wasnt given when it was clear
heyne williams
heyne williams 10 dager siden
We got the Derby Cup,Top for Cup and UCL first round Cup.3 trophies,well done Ole.
Roberto Kubas
Roberto Kubas 10 dager siden
Maguire needs to start taking shots on outside man he can do it
Ryan Keogh
Ryan Keogh 10 dager siden
We are 2-1 fc
OT'99 Banter Room
OT'99 Banter Room 10 dager siden
Business end of the season and we got the three points which is great but this way of playing is not sustainable. We have quality players but no style of play. We do not have enough days where we win games comfortably, it feels like we are grinding out the win in most games. We are miles behind City and even Liverpool. OT99_BANTERROOM
Hmm 10 dager siden
Dunk and maguire arguing made me laugh, I thought they're twin brothers (similar pace) fighting😂 what a nice family bonding that was
DBX 10 dager siden
Maguire the uglier though!😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best 10 dager siden
Can it be that we are playing bad football because the players are unhappy and lacking passion/winning mentality? Why do we blame everything on Ole? I think its just the circumstances..
kaising1688 10 dager siden
Ole plays a safe type of football....sustaineable only around top 6 position but wont win anything...play safe and rely on individuals to do it right in one of the minutes of 90....no style....if we have style then we might lose more matches than we have...and thats why we win tight matches
mobility saf1
mobility saf1 10 dager siden
Yeah we celebrating top 4. We have just become average. With an average manager. Really
Deepansh Chopra
Deepansh Chopra 10 dager siden
No guys, this is not fair, Cavani is on the half way line to get the ball cuz no one can pass it to him in his position not non existent! just the "graveyard shift"
loler 9 dager siden
Exactly! Yet people thing getting a no 9 in the summer is gonna do us good. Fix that midfield and stop babysitting the CBs! Get midfielders who can bloody pass the ball to the forwards
Charles Adesanya
Charles Adesanya 10 dager siden
Same with martial but no one has the same energy to say it for him
Le-Rhone Miller
Le-Rhone Miller 10 dager siden
These men dont know real season why de gea dont play and they accuse Ole of having no balls
Damion Roye
Damion Roye 10 dager siden
Ole playing Hendo had nothing to do with the media. If Ole didn’t see the potential he would’ve been sold or sent out on loan again. THIS WAS OLE’S INTENTION BEFORE THE SEASON EVEN STARTED!
clive gilbert
clive gilbert 10 dager siden
Maguire MoM for me!
Anthony 10 dager siden
We're actually going nowhere with Ole, we can paper over the cracks all we like. But it's actually glaring that he's out of his depth.
Anthony 10 dager siden
@Mar Medli How? If you can see the clear flaws even when you've been given countless proof and you choose to ignore it then you need to stop watching football
Mar Medli
Mar Medli 10 dager siden
Brojendro Chanambam
Brojendro Chanambam 10 dager siden
Second place is fix for man united but3 Rd 4 the place can be from seven team che.lei.. w h u.tot.liv.everton.
Andy Gunn
Andy Gunn 10 dager siden
EMER Official
EMER Official 10 dager siden
I love FLEX the Troll!!! LOL
Max leigh grace 88
Max leigh grace 88 10 dager siden
He is also fond of you I hear
Nair Da
Nair Da 10 dager siden
As always, turn down the volume at the start of each video, never go wrong
Andy Gunn
Andy Gunn 10 dager siden
Max leigh grace 88
Max leigh grace 88 10 dager siden
PortionHub 10 dager siden
Jay needs to relax a little bit, trying to act like roy Keane
Iron John
Iron John 10 dager siden
Thought that since the first time he appeared, find it a bit cringe.
Max leigh grace 88
Max leigh grace 88 10 dager siden
He is being a little vicarious
omar idriss
omar idriss 10 dager siden
Shaw 100% POTS.
Saahil Prusty
Saahil Prusty 10 dager siden
What happened to flex?? I didn't see anything during the international break
Max leigh grace 88
Max leigh grace 88 10 dager siden
He hibernates during international break
Jay Blood MUFC
Jay Blood MUFC 10 dager siden
That simple pass jay was on bout were Dean dived on the floor n lindolof patted his back he didn't do that acting like he did a decent save he did that to waste some time just like taking the ball to the corner the keepers gota do his bit init
BB Sackmi
BB Sackmi 9 dager siden
That s what happened when people just start to make statement for the fun of it.thanks for clearing that out
Max leigh grace 88
Max leigh grace 88 10 dager siden
Yeh maan me nat ya taaking abooot Jay blood
airforce1969 10 dager siden
Bruno has to do it all by himself in midfield. He's that important to us, he's our player of the year. Shaw is a close second.
Ollie Kelly
Ollie Kelly 9 dager siden
@Tiny Doc Bruno carries Pogba NOT Drogba you MUGBA
Ian Bwire
Ian Bwire 9 dager siden
Pogba carries Bruno what the hell is this guy saying
Zanos 9 dager siden
@Suyash Shetty Bruno was bad wdym "all by himself he passed it sideways for an assisted allow it man
Arnab Baag
Arnab Baag 10 dager siden
@Tiny Doc pogba can't even carry himself u Dougnut
Kinq Israel
Kinq Israel 10 dager siden
@Tiny Doc agreed we won because pogba control the second half of the game playing Box to Box
Moonlight Graeme
Moonlight Graeme 10 dager siden
Our passing is so slow, Brighton had loads of time to get into position with our slow, predictable passing. Ole and the coaches are clueless and we have no style of play. Ole Gunnar Freestyle.
Max leigh grace 88
Max leigh grace 88 10 dager siden
@Sir Alex Ferguson Please retire for good
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson 10 dager siden
We will never ever win a league under ole. We will never win a league again under the glazers period !
Ollie Kelly
Ollie Kelly 10 dager siden
We seal the deal for the TOP FOUR boys, hopefully we can beat Granada this week.
Jenny Neame
Jenny Neame 9 dager siden
@Sir Alex Ferguson you are right. Its not done yet. And shaw best left back in Europe joke 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Jenny Neame
Jenny Neame 9 dager siden
Top 4 secured for champs lge. Still won't win it. Don't celebrate just yet not over. Still not the team Liverpool are
Ollie Kelly
Ollie Kelly 9 dager siden
@Sir Alex Ferguson TOP FOUR is secured I don't think we're going to lose ALL our games by now
Hmm 10 dager siden
@Sir Alex Ferguson It's secured. 2nd and 5th are 9 points apart lol
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson 10 dager siden
Top 4 ain't done trust me.
Riad Rahamatullah
Riad Rahamatullah 10 dager siden
Jay... but just a couple months ago YOU Were calling for Henderson's inclusion in the XI... you're a hypocrite!!!
Riad Rahamatullah
Riad Rahamatullah 10 dager siden
So should we say too that Liverpool's win and improved defence was NOT because of VVD??
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies 10 dager siden
Mediocrity has to go but the feeling at present that the team is not balanced, Strong offensively, but defensively they should have been no nonsense defending but our 'Usual Suspects' Maguire & Lindelof were the reasons why we lost those last three semi finals, a quarter final & this season group Stage. If the opportunities arises it would be best to replace Maguire & Lindelof at a loss by recruit at least 2CBs. They Are Not Man Utd type. There's Better Out There, so Man Utd is not a charity but one of the Top Club in the World that have standards to maintain. Why are we always compensating for Harry 'Potter' Maguire 'The Fake Captain'? When he's a 80M, 100kg 15st 10.5lb Joker who can't Run! Maguire and Lindelof are the 'Usual Suspects', Individually & as a pair cannot defend 'Unacceptable' Not Man Utd type. But Bailly & Smalling are 'World Class' Individually & as a pair can defend 'Acceptable'! Man Utd type! Sell Maguire & Lindelof for £30M each and Replace them with Koulibaly & Smalling for £60M. That would be Excellent Business! The Team as a Whole is more confident & plays better when Bailly the 'World Class Defender' is in the Team, So Our chance of winning the game is a lot higher! Maguire & Lindelof are the worst defensive due at Man Utd for over 35 years!
Maz I
Maz I 10 dager siden
Buy Smalling back? 😂
Ganger 4,5 mill