Van De Beek TRANSFER SWAP? Solskjaer Wants a CDM! Man Utd Transfer News 

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Man Utd are considering a Donny Van De Beek Transfer swap as Solskjaer looks to bring in a CDM according to reports. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. United Stand Mugs Click HERE united-stand.myshopify.com/

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1. april. 2021





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MORE THAN LIFE TV 6 dager siden
Will you people give Utd a freaking break... after all ... Chelsea has purchased Kai Harverts and he has been totally none existent for them the whole of the season and no one is making any Speculations about him...
Sir England
Sir England 12 dager siden
Still banging on about a cdm
nash Khairuddin
nash Khairuddin 12 dager siden
Ruben Neves
Fred Waller
Fred Waller 12 dager siden
The only fools where man it's for 84 million too much for hapless harry Maguire total fools and it wasn't even April
Mark Callaghan
Mark Callaghan 12 dager siden
We seem to have a huge amount of dead wood at the club , players past their prime and players who never made the grade. Can we have a clear out when the pandemic fades?
Lovejoy 13 dager siden
Just make sure Fred is nowhere near this team next season. That would be progress. I'm fed up of watching this player who can't pass a ball, play in such an important positon.
Poosham Ramrutton
Poosham Ramrutton 13 dager siden
Herrera and Fred got the same problems that dvb is facing but with the time and trust they've got from t the coach prove to be very good so in spite of sending dvb to other team the coach must give him much more responsibility he can play deeper role in the midfield so give him the training and his chance rather than bringing new faces and restart adaptation process again
Lindokuhle Fortune
Lindokuhle Fortune 13 dager siden
If utd were to sack ole. Which European giant will run for his signature? They've all seen him do his thing in the past 2years.
Old Boyz
Old Boyz 13 dager siden
U got me there for 23sec dammit😅😂
Miles McGrew
Miles McGrew 13 dager siden
All you need to know about the state of United right now is that a majority of our players actually seem happier when in international duty. That’s not a good sign.
Monkey Face
Monkey Face 13 dager siden
It's been the same video rehashed since lockdown started.
Monkey Face
Monkey Face 13 dager siden
Hello evvvvybuddy
Mike Lee
Mike Lee 13 dager siden
Mark was criticising Southgate; but polished Ole for same offence if not worst.
L-e-gendary 13 dager siden
imagine have Donny an Pogba on the bench for McFred and round still wondering why good don't want to come to United.
Mick Moore
Mick Moore 13 dager siden
Every transfer window I'll bet any club you name see Woodward and Matt Judge sniffing around and and put 20% on the price of players because they don't want to deal with them. The Glazers have made us pariahs because they employ that pair of eejits.
Ole Bitsch
Ole Bitsch 13 dager siden
These Haaland to United stories gotta stop. Now. Waste of time. Waste of space. Never gonna happen.
Andrew Shearer
Andrew Shearer 13 dager siden
Woodward out, Van Der Sar in.
Andrew Shearer
Andrew Shearer 13 dager siden
Lol he got me with the Ole sacked comment.
Sean Tromp
Sean Tromp 13 dager siden
These days news is just bullshit speculation, click baits and likes mixed with hype trains. News used to be facts not trying to determine what the club wants what Ole wants without actual interviews. But that wouldn't suit reporters and channels like this, because we would have one video maybe two each transfer window. This is just a discussion platform, an online sports pub. Only factual videos are after the transfer window.
Luke 82
Luke 82 13 dager siden
So Pogba needs elite players around him to be elite himself & Maguire needs someone next to him who brings out his qualities... & these are our best players???
Christophe Oosterwijk
Christophe Oosterwijk 13 dager siden
luke shaw, martial, dan james, harry maguire, and donny van de beek on international duty all played well
E P 13 dager siden
Ole wants everyone. It's April fools day everyday at United. The biggest one being United sign the best CB in record deal. ALL HAIL Harry Maguire 🤔🤔🤔🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱 Crappest striker, simple. Rashford
Niyaz Ahmed
Niyaz Ahmed 13 dager siden
Bissouma or Camavinga. Good cheap options.
arvie ocampo
arvie ocampo 13 dager siden
if u gonna swap Donny swap him for the same class as him not lower
DBX 13 dager siden
People bang on about tactics/positions and that certain players can’t play in certain areas which isn’t always the case!🤦🏻‍♂️ Decent players can play in various positions in midfield when they have a rounded game. VDB deserved a proper chance over Mctominay or Fred imo, he presses well, good on the ball, looks forward and has an intelligent range of passing. Fact is Ole more often than not starts a team that he believes won’t lose as opposed to playing a team that is more attacking. VDB and either of McFred Is more attacking end of.
Ryan Wisbey
Ryan Wisbey 13 dager siden
Pogba will leave. VDB will stay. Utd will only get free transfers.seen garb for ages linking haaland to utd. What's happened barca is on. Torres will go same way. Spain. as long a Glaziers and Woodward stay utd will not attract quality
ether 13 dager siden
The hard behavior nally polish because invention orly borrow unlike a tidy architecture. watery, humorous landmine
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 13 dager siden
I agree😂😂👹
Liam Williams
Liam Williams 13 dager siden
Ben chilwell>> Luke shaw lol
Mark United
Mark United 13 dager siden
Nobody would buy Van De Beek
Jose Pedroza
Jose Pedroza 13 dager siden
Pebbles did. Lol
IG: Mrgzart
IG: Mrgzart 13 dager siden
My heart dropped when He said April fools 🥺💔😂😂😂
playa 23
playa 23 13 dager siden
would there be a possibility of donny + cash for varane?
Ryan Mccloskey
Ryan Mccloskey 13 dager siden
Get a cdm and cb this year. Better options out there than rice as well. Think rice is overpriced and prob wont come our way. He will end up at chelsea.
Harijay Bhat
Harijay Bhat 13 dager siden
England will not win anything with Southgate... Agreed. So will Man Utd with Soljkaer. Let us be honest. But who cares. That is NOT the objective of Man Utd at all.
Michael Thangminlien
Michael Thangminlien 13 dager siden
Swap Pogba & Varane, Try a swap for Rice with Lingard+Cash(40m), or straight swap of Lingard with Reuben Neves, Sell dalot,perreira,Jones, matic(raise 20+20+5+5=50m), if Cavani moves, buy Andre Silva/isak for 40-50 m, but retain Cavani otherwise, blow 80 m on jadon sancho & move Greenwood as CF, or just get Pedro neto for 40-50m.. I think even if we get Varane, Neves, Pedro neto, Andre Silva/isak, the team becomes stronger. Maybe even sell Bailey, de gea, raise another 70-80 million, n ensure that we get Rice & Sancho instead of Neves & Neto, hell with more creative transfer strategy,we can even get an elite fwd like Harry kane/haaland
Alfredo Jonstone
Alfredo Jonstone 13 dager siden
Pogba, Woodward, Butt & De Gea gone. All positive except for Nicky. I will be available for free of charge airport drops and (Covid permiting) long pan European drives throughout this summer. Only De Gea gets a free bacon butty for the journey.
Jack Steedman
Jack Steedman 13 dager siden
VDB is better than Rabiot
AzYouWere 13 dager siden
Is that elite controller not Rice, the more I watch, the more I like, he really is top draw, I'd take him on his own this summer hands down
Marcus CHIN
Marcus CHIN 13 dager siden
Only now Mark said Donny can play on many different positions. Before Mark said Donny is not versatile !!
Slabicus Headicus
Slabicus Headicus 13 dager siden
Stones better than Lindelof? Having another laugh there! The only difference between these two is the teammate they’re playing beside... Diaz is an actual leader, who doesn’t make loads of individual errors through out the whole season, sucking his defensive teammates confidence dry then scapegoating the forwards for not scoring goals as the reason the team didn’t win 🤣 Lindelof beside Diaz in that city team and you get the same that stones brings, if not better.
Romania Mare
Romania Mare 13 dager siden
Are you harreh from future?
A K 13 dager siden
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith 13 dager siden
The story from the athletic regarding not having a proper pre season build up has hit the nail on the head for me. Give ole a good summer transfer window, give him next season and see how it goes 👌🏻
Mike Farnham
Mike Farnham 13 dager siden
Thumbnail "Gol bridge" last week he was "Gold r bidge" lol 🤪🧐
Luke Smith
Luke Smith 13 dager siden
These Woodward rumours are the best thing I've heard about in a very long time even though they might very well be bullshit, something to be hopeful about!
WaddoCT14 XX
WaddoCT14 XX 13 dager siden
United are waiting on value for sancho and are hoping 50 to 60 mil due to his form this season
Jayden SancheZ
Jayden SancheZ 13 dager siden
couldn’t we play a 4-3-3 (4) ? we need a better Striker and RW, Rashford LW, Pogba and Donny as CM, Fernandes as CAM, Lb Luke Shaw, RB Wan Bisska, a fast CB and Maguire, Dea as GK
Slabicus Headicus
Slabicus Headicus 13 dager siden
Donny isn’t happy, what rubbish ya talking Mark lol. He’s the only one of the 4 Main Ajax players that left the club that doesn’t get a sniff of actually playing. Do you think he rates himself that much less than de Jong, ziyech and de ligt? Doubt it.
Levi OP
Levi OP 13 dager siden
I was so happy for the first ten seconds ffs
Springtrap Lover2010
Springtrap Lover2010 13 dager siden
The problem with Woodward is he should have been in charge of the commercial side, the guy could sell ice cubes to polar bears. He should never have been put anywhere near transfers, but to me I think the Glaziers know that, they need someone to be the scapegoat, take the heat off them and its worked we go on about the manager and Woodward, but ignore the real problem, The board and the owners.
s1hl3 13 dager siden
Swap deal Martial for Kounde makes sense to me, Sevilla wanted him on loan a few years ago
Alfie Davies
Alfie Davies 13 dager siden
People saying awb is bad we should sell him is bollox because he is 23
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 13 dager siden
Rabiot for VDB would be great but Fred must go also along with Matic We should be going in and getting Sabitzer as early as possible
Ryan Shufelt
Ryan Shufelt 13 dager siden
I heard Ole sacked, maguire dropped as captain and my heart heart started racing lol
Giorgio B
Giorgio B 13 dager siden
@Ryan Shufelt It would make my decade!
Ryan Shufelt
Ryan Shufelt 13 dager siden
@Giorgio B that would make our year
Giorgio B
Giorgio B 13 dager siden
The idea of Woodward being forced out is much better than all those April fool'jokes.
Hatchet Mac
Hatchet Mac 13 dager siden
edwin acquah
edwin acquah 13 dager siden
The videos are no longer downloadable?
hk mrtwo21one
hk mrtwo21one 13 dager siden
If chelsea do get rice why not try sign kante on the cheap 30 years of age wouldnt be bad for a few seasons
Rudy Reimer
Rudy Reimer 13 dager siden
Why does everyone say der Beek? It’s de Beek...
david cox
david cox 13 dager siden
Yuri Pete
Yuri Pete 13 dager siden
El Poundo
El Poundo 13 dager siden
Gypsy Pinto [Student]
Gypsy Pinto [Student] 13 dager siden
lindelof is also better with sweden
Gypsy Pinto [Student]
Gypsy Pinto [Student] 13 dager siden
how are you a professional footballer but can't pass forward makes no sense
Gareth Marsh
Gareth Marsh 13 dager siden
Van de beek won’t get swapped Ed won’t do that one
Andrew Nicholas Smith
Andrew Nicholas Smith 13 dager siden
Mark you caught me off guard with the captaincy with bruno and maguire 😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😂😂
Carbon Instinct
Carbon Instinct 13 dager siden
I spit out my coffee about Ole getting sacked
Babatunde Omoniyi
Babatunde Omoniyi 13 dager siden
Mark got me big time with the Solskejaer comments! It got me scrambling to all over Twitter for breaking news of him sacked! 🙄🙄🙄
Peter Chen
Peter Chen 13 dager siden
Attack wins you championship, not defence.
Ljuny reona
Ljuny reona 13 dager siden
Right now VDB not worth more than 22ml.Ole....Should've make the assest look more valuable than warming the bench.
Invisxble 13 dager siden
haha april fools yh
cedric DCunha
cedric DCunha 13 dager siden
I hope that needing CDM is not media bullshit as we are desperately needing a player in this position!!!
Jonathan Fa
Jonathan Fa 13 dager siden
Happy april fools
SLM3573 13 dager siden
the delusion is real, Utd cant sell dead wood players because they pay them all over 100-150k a week
Corneliu Guritanu
Corneliu Guritanu 13 dager siden
Bruno captain i would want that to happen
Umar Khan
Umar Khan 13 dager siden
Mancini is product of Atalanta, they produce quality
Freddy Saliba
Freddy Saliba 13 dager siden
if u want to try to keep pogba varane must be bought since they are good friends plus varane is perfect
Leighton Maschilla
Leighton Maschilla 13 dager siden
Why should he stay just going to be brilliant player for another club and If I was him really on this club he would be stupid I would go without any second guess for my career
white owl
white owl 13 dager siden
Ole would turn Mason Mount into the next Jesse Lingard, lets be honest
MAD MAX GAMING 13 dager siden
I was shocked at the start of the video
Craig Dalgarno
Craig Dalgarno 13 dager siden
Verane or Kalidou Koulibaly
BIG RON 13 dager siden
Is Ole morphing into Chris Wilder? The resemblance is getting uncanny by the day
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 13 dager siden
@BIG RON 😂😂😂true and the same colour hair and style!😂😂⚉👹..imagine them in the same dugout!😂😂👹
BIG RON 13 dager siden
@Mick Foskett 🤣 glad its not just me then. Its that Top Man black jacket they both wear...zipped up under the chin 🤣🤣🤣
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 13 dager siden
@BIG RON..😂..i thought that about 6 months ago he looks like Ole's older brother 😂😂👹
Nadir Munoo
Nadir Munoo 13 dager siden
@BIG RON True, lol
BIG RON 13 dager siden
@Nadir Munoo I don't know. They took 4 points of us this season. You could argue Sheffield United style is better than Man Utd's. Crazy times lol
joka619 13 dager siden
halaands dad and mino rialo went to barcelona today to meet for a potential move. i reckon he might go there, he will get playing time there and they dont have a good no.9 atm and they cant afford mbappe and their manager likes to go for youth so i cant see him getting an aguero.
Mick Moore
Mick Moore 13 dager siden
They are in London now for talks with EPL clubs tomorrow including Manchester United.
NigelM 13 dager siden
Denis Zakaria is what we need
FTS KING 13 dager siden
you should do a video about who manchester utd should replace pogba with if he leaves
Joe Bates
Joe Bates 13 dager siden
Love Donny... personally, I feel we brought him in a year earlier than planned because they had a free shot at him. Hopefully this season he will get his game time and prove himself :)
kt mensah
kt mensah 13 dager siden
Even if that's the case , they could still have signed him and got him to stay at Ajax till the end of the season if their intention was to ward off the suitors. I also believe he will have his time next season but as to how that's truly the case, no one knows.
joka619 13 dager siden
kounde (or koullybally/badashille) for cdm, camavinga for cdm and if pogba leaves either soumare or de paul, the latter or both! :P
Sir marcus Rashford MBE
Camavinga is a cm
The One
The One 13 dager siden
Soljare sacked?
The One
The One 12 dager siden
@caelo2000 HDgamer your daddy
caelo2000 HDgamer
caelo2000 HDgamer 12 dager siden
Who's that?
Crossdressing Lifestyle
Woodward is an issue without question the real problem is JUDD if you know you know... reason spreadsheet management is controlled by Judd that is confirmed strongly by people on the inside who trade with united.
st3w 13 dager siden
Finn Jacobsen
Finn Jacobsen 13 dager siden
This is just so negativ🤮
Kade Daniell
Kade Daniell 13 dager siden
When I heard “Harry maguire dropped and Bruno captain” my eyes lit up
Marvin AM
Marvin AM 13 dager siden
I was half asleep watching this when I heard ole sacked, Harry Maguire dropped and Bruno captain I nearly Jumped out of my bed 😂😂
DBX 13 dager siden
How could you fall for that when he followed it with Ronaldos coming back and he said ole was sacked!🤦🏻‍♂️😂
Sir Jumpalot
Sir Jumpalot 13 dager siden
Had the biggest cheeser on my face 😁
Dennis Ndlovu
Dennis Ndlovu 13 dager siden
He had me there I have to admit
Hasan Saddieq
Hasan Saddieq 13 dager siden
Had the biggest smile on my face hearing that 😂
RASHFORD THE GOAT 13 dager siden
I remember a few years back on April fools day you made a video saying Rooney was going to China but it was a prank
Mark Goldbridge
Mark Goldbridge 13 dager siden
James garner incoming as the Elite Cdm so get ready lads and lasses we in for a mare!
Mark Goldbridge
Mark Goldbridge 13 dager siden
@Mick Foskett u so fine bruh
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 13 dager siden
nothing wrong with garner..i'd have him in our squad in a heartbeat!⚉👹
gavin greensmith
gavin greensmith 13 dager siden
Ofc we are in for a mare, we have ole as manager next year.
Kristóf Jakab
Kristóf Jakab 13 dager siden
I think we should sign Tjaaland (I probably messed up his name) from Molde, he's 17, really good striker and we could loan him back to Molde, also Ole could probably convince him to come to us, later on he could become a great striker for us.
Kristóf Jakab
Kristóf Jakab 13 dager siden
Not his brother, but they're related, I think he is Haaland's cousin or something like that.
Zaid Arif
Zaid Arif 13 dager siden
Isn’t he haalands brother I have heard good stuff about him
Gabe more
Gabe more 13 dager siden
Exactly mark quality of players they either can do it or they can't. These players just can't adapt to the way ole wants them to play and yes we need a midfielder to control the tempo of the game time on the ball that can pick passes to the t short and long. I still think we need another cb rw and a number 9 for 20+goals need competition for the positions
Epicsmalldude _
Epicsmalldude _ 13 dager siden
You really got me at the start ngl
UP YER KILT!! 13 dager siden
if sir alex got them kind of performances from de gea he wouldve been gone by now
Mncedisi Macoba
Mncedisi Macoba 13 dager siden
April fool's day
Rob Cornish
Rob Cornish 13 dager siden
Pebbles 😂😂😂😂
Kristóf Jakab
Kristóf Jakab 13 dager siden
Wasn't Ole right next to Donny in the press conference where Van de Beek said he can play as a 6,8 and 10,but he's more of an 8 or 6?
Michae V
Michae V 13 dager siden