GOLDBRIDGE! Real Sociedad 0-4 Manchester United Match Reaction 

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Real Sociedad 0-4 Manchester United! Mark Goldbridge reacts to a big result for Solskjaer's United. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. Player Ratings Vote Here
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18. feb.. 2021





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Rock girl
Rock girl Dag siden
After that magnificent performance against PSG, the partnership of Lindelöf and Tuanzebe vanished like the Avatar
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 2 dager siden
GGMU Absolutely dominated Real Suckyourdad.
Abdullah Algain
Abdullah Algain 4 dager siden
Amaf motm
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 4 dager siden
Bailly outstanding!!! He is the answer. Why doesn’t ole see it???? 🤯🤯🤯
Larry Uwajeh
Larry Uwajeh 5 dager siden
Ole is blind
Graig Campher
Graig Campher 5 dager siden
Ole out and he should take Harry maguire and lindelof with him and mark we aren't that great manchester united side would never be the same just cause we won I still don't see united going anywhere we just inconsistent and that is it
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 4 dager siden
Bane_Jnr 5 dager siden
Don’t let this result fool you. Ole is still not good enough to take us to the next level
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 4 dager siden
ndumiso nxumalo
ndumiso nxumalo 6 dager siden
Bailey and Maguire must be the main guys at the back not lindelof
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 2 dager siden
Portugues league
Kartik Pandey
Kartik Pandey 6 dager siden
mark at 16:57 "Ricky will say James was man of the match" Ricky:dan James was MOTM
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 4 dager siden
"Marcus, it's the pink boots Marcus!"🤣 Got me rolling and wheezing on the floor
TT 97
TT 97 6 dager siden
14:38 honestly, I'm a bit worried about this too. However it is worth remembering that Spurs were top of the league in December and they started the EL in the second/third qualifying round. So god knows what will happen🤣🤣 Also, Spurs and Leicester are still in the UEL (last time in 16/17, all our rivals were out of Europe by March or not in at all to begin with), whilst Liverpool are probably through to the QF as well. So it certainly won't be as rough as four years ago
TT 97
TT 97 6 dager siden
14:15 you probably have a point, but it's worth pointing out that last season the worst Atletico side (by far) in the Simeone era knocked out the runaway Champions
shaun young
shaun young 7 dager siden
I just can’t get why Ole plays Bailey as a B team player when everyone can see Lindleoff and Maquire don’t work. Please Ole wake up we are running out of patience
shaun young
shaun young 7 dager siden
Unfortunately Ole won’t learn from this and will see this as a B team. Bailey made a mistake but we are so much better with him also James is good and much better than Rashford on the right
Nicho Besty
Nicho Besty 7 dager siden
I hate it when people give keepers lower marks because they didn't have many saves, his distribution was really good, came and claimed loads of high balls that some keepers would flap at...don't get it at all...
Edi Herianto Chanel
Edi Herianto Chanel 7 dager siden
Just listen while watching
Thebest 123
Thebest 123 7 dager siden
Maguire was an 8. He won every header in the box, made a crucial tackle and didn’t give away the ball one time
Thebest 123
Thebest 123 7 dager siden
One thing you have to do when rating the keeper is to take the passing into consideration. Not so much when he makes saves, but when it’s nothing to do like today. Dean showed a lot better passing today than De Gea has for the entire season. I would give him 7
GriffoChaz 7 dager siden
Anyone notices how painful it was for him to credit Dan James? Look at his tweets. Everytime he mentioned Dan James he spent more time saying he's got no future than praising his man of the match like performance
Sorin Rezmuves
Sorin Rezmuves 7 dager siden
I said for years Lindelof is not United quality CB, everyone was stupidly mocking me and defending him... guess what....he would be bad with anyone,only suits the Italian ir Portugues league
Mfundo Mahlaba
Mfundo Mahlaba 7 dager siden
"Marcus, it's the pink boots Marcus!"🤣 Got me rolling and wheezing on the floor
David Lane
David Lane 7 dager siden
Mfundo Mahlaba
Mfundo Mahlaba 7 dager siden
Bailly is a universal centre back, he's the perfect partner
Aria Kaveh
Aria Kaveh 7 dager siden
Lack of knowledge for the goalkeeper rating, he got to so many crosses brilliantly which de gea is terrible at hence why we concede so often from it
Josh Nunn
Josh Nunn 7 dager siden
In my humble opinion Ole should try Bailly and Lindelof in the next Europa game, if Lindelof cocks it up, sell him.
Zanos 7 dager siden
Ole out
Katleho Trey
Katleho Trey 7 dager siden
I think ole should play the false 9 when martial/Greenwood plays upfront I think that would suit the team
Allan Farran
Allan Farran 7 dager siden
Goldbridge must be making a mint out of NOsections in relation to the amount of adverts
Ben Garraway
Ben Garraway 7 dager siden
Dan James was great and we really need a player like him. He's doing nothing wrong at the mo. A great sub, a different option, scores goals when there's space. Great squad player. He might even get better. Let's not right him off Mark.
Dariusz Wityk
Dariusz Wityk 7 dager siden
Lindelof should be sold immediately, he has been nothing but trouble, making the team weaker in every aspect.
Paul McLennan
Paul McLennan 7 dager siden
Brilliant well done United
Tom's Tuppence
Tom's Tuppence 7 dager siden
Real Sosobad
Dennis Yeo
Dennis Yeo 7 dager siden
Utd can only play good football when opponents are Leeds and Sociedad. When we meet teams that play low block we find it hard to breakthrough and drop silly points!
Forever PvM
Forever PvM 7 dager siden
player ratings: 21:10
Luke Brown
Luke Brown 7 dager siden
I’ve got one word for that ‘bloody impressive’ clever mark 🤣’
Seb B
Seb B 7 dager siden
My god our team is so much better with Eric in. Play him till he breaks again! I look forward to seeing squad players get a run out next week. Well done Utd and Ole. And I'm gonna say it, our fluidity without Martial is miles better.
Dan McCall
Dan McCall 7 dager siden
Man that Ricky hates Bruno 🤣
CHINOMNSO AJAERO 7 dager siden
Gary Neville said it all. "Maguire is Lindelof's problem and Lindelof is Maguire's problem."
KEVANI 7 dager siden
Henderson, Bailey and Harry sorted !
ashley Kyrie
ashley Kyrie 7 dager siden
Not Dean
jaydarby1984 7 dager siden
Love ur shows mark
James Kesson
James Kesson 7 dager siden
Why can't you have a defensive partnership like van dyk & rio ferdinand
mark siqendu
mark siqendu 7 dager siden
Dean Henderson is a very good communicator , He looks like he can command the box. his distribution isn't that bad...
tomtomufc 7 dager siden
I was worried about this game and wasn't expecting a result but it's nice to be wrong,some good performance's from a good performance in whole glad to see diallo get a few minutes and all bailly and Maguire proving that's the CB pairing we should be using as much as we can.
MaxRene DeRosario
MaxRene DeRosario 7 dager siden
Jameel Far
Jameel Far 7 dager siden
give bailly 8 not 7
Nihilist Monk
Nihilist Monk 7 dager siden
One word for that...'Bloody impressive!' 🤣
Harami H
Harami H 7 dager siden
Was so happy when I saw Greenwood and martial track back and make some good defensive tackles. Really proud
Zein Mayassi
Zein Mayassi 7 dager siden
Good united won as we want to face u in the final. So saka and auba can score lots of goals
United Fan in Aus
United Fan in Aus 7 dager siden
Like auba at benfica
Jameel Far
Jameel Far 7 dager siden
we could've won with lindelof but could not get the cleansheet forsure
Paul Luke
Paul Luke 7 dager siden
Maybe a change of names is required like Rashwood and Greenford. I thought we would loose so am delighted.
Jameel Far
Jameel Far 7 dager siden
bruno's MOTM for everyone and m happy for that but for me its bailly what a beast he is our best defender in the squad if it could'nt be injurie's he could be even one of the best defender's in the league or even in the world hope ole start's him in coming game's which i know he won't
Giftoz 7 dager siden
i am ole out for real
Damien Daly
Damien Daly 7 dager siden
loved henderdon long clearences into danger areas and ig in doubt kick it out not like de geas awful decisons
George 7 dager siden
Impressive counter-attacking performance but we know that's what we're good at. It's the tactics or game plan when we have to break teams down
Jonas Nilsson
Jonas Nilsson 7 dager siden
Hehe the Lindelöf whine , i gotta get myself some bread. I would be nice to see Viktor leave united and shine somewhere else. He is a better fotballer then McGuire , i admit pairing ain´t that solid. But to think Harry is the man is gonna be fun , good luck though! Barca will take you Viktor , go play in spain and let that rainy Island be brexit boxed. Your too good for this country media and pundits. They complain and complain and when they get a chance to talk to manager it is like , what do you think of Van Dijk´s injury? Total hole in the head ;D
T1NY B0MB 7 dager siden
17th on the trending page in Norway! Keep pushing Goldbridge!
Al Parillon
Al Parillon 7 dager siden
Ole got the team right. Our CB pairings should be Maguire-Bailly for the league and Lindelof-Tuanzebe for the cups.
Henri Vargas
Henri Vargas 7 dager siden
säger ba fåååå
Jon 7 dager siden
“One word for that, bloodyimpressive.”
Boyz In Motion Dance Company
Maguire probably tells ole lindelof is his favourite partner or maybe it’s in his contract cause I can’t believe ole is that stupid 🤨
Direct Drive TV
Direct Drive TV 7 dager siden
At one stage Bailey was an injury risk don't you think Ollie is managing this to ovoid injury to save him for more important games ? ........
HANS HSN 7 dager siden
didn't united get knockout by a Spanish team last season in the uel?
PyroTGR 7 dager siden
Ole was very serious about deciding Greenwood best position. He played everywhere. Right wing, left wing and in the middle
Sean-Michael Dorrian
Sean-Michael Dorrian 7 dager siden
The team id play against them next week is: Henderson Williams, Tuanzebe, Maguire, Telles Matic Donny Amad, Mata, James Martial Would prefer Lindelof to play over Maguire so it’s a fresh Eric and Harry
ashley Kyrie
ashley Kyrie 7 dager siden
I don't wanna watch Williams play, I'd rather have no RB
Spikie X
Spikie X 7 dager siden
Fact: we play better when Eric is in the side ngl.
DeMarcus B
DeMarcus B 7 dager siden
Happy about the win and performance but I hate this competition so much it ruins our league form. Unless Ole is just going to play reserves players. I dont mind going out and focuing only on the league and fa cup.
Vati Tjipueja
Vati Tjipueja 7 dager siden
Maguire and Bailey, Lindelof and Tuanzebe that's how we should partner our CBs. Dan has something to offer us against a high pressing team. Marcus haters sit down. Bruno is our magnifico! Mason needs more games in the CF position.
Dariusz Wityk
Dariusz Wityk 7 dager siden
Lindeflop should be sold immediately
loler 7 dager siden
Rashford missing sitters🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Parmendra Shaktawat
Parmendra Shaktawat 7 dager siden
We shouldn't forget the fact that ole spent most of his career under the greatest manager of all time. The one and only legendary: Sir Alex Ferguson. Ole have definitely inherited some traits from his manager.
The Reverse -Flash
The Reverse -Flash 7 dager siden
He won the league and the Champions League in 2007/08 using counter attacking football
omgwerockhard 7 dager siden
Real Sociedad looked like a pub team, Adnan Januzaj was awful
omar idriss
omar idriss 7 dager siden
Dan james could be good ole just needs to learn how to use him
Harsh Shah
Harsh Shah 7 dager siden
In the second I would give minutes to Amad , Donny , Shola , Brandon , Axel if possible Phil Jones ( that's too disrespectful for Sociedad ) 😂😂
N K 7 dager siden
When Eric plays you get a glimpse of what Utd can actually be as a team defensively his just so injury prone and that's why Utd need to sign a good fast center back.
Wisnu Nur Alam 2695
Wisnu Nur Alam 2695 7 dager siden
After that magnificent performance against PSG, the partnership of Lindelöf and Tuanzebe vanished like the Avatar
Creddy Fruga
Creddy Fruga 7 dager siden
Deano looked solid today for me gobbled up crosses, moved the ball quickly, made a good save ... 6.9/7.0
Emamboccus umar riaz
Emamboccus umar riaz 7 dager siden
Who is Mourinho in Sociedad???
Manaakitia Rankin
Manaakitia Rankin 7 dager siden
one word for that: bloody impressive
Wisnu Nur Alam 2695
Wisnu Nur Alam 2695 7 dager siden
Even though Chelsea had a chance against Atletico, right now they're on top of their league with games in hand, and I believe they would destroy the blues
Creddy Fruga
Creddy Fruga 7 dager siden
Said the exact same thing about the isak run threw the middle... there was also one round the side where we would of been rubber ducked with the gruesome twosome
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong 7 dager siden
Mason was making runs to make space for beans and DJ
Steven Ow
Steven Ow 7 dager siden
I have said many times, Dan James has potential with his speed BUT he need to hone his touches, dribbling and decision skills. Mata should be his mentor. Plus if he put in a little muscles, he might be the next mighty mouse ala Kevin Keegan.
Alan Koh
Alan Koh 7 dager siden
sanaz atabaki
sanaz atabaki 7 dager siden
Again with one win all of the sudden ole is a master. Give me a break this channel is toxic
gostopstopgo 7 dager siden
James can develop
neil jones
neil jones 7 dager siden
Impressive 😀 👍
Abdullah Asad
Abdullah Asad 7 dager siden
Whenever baily plays maguire plays well
moagi Thaga
moagi Thaga 7 dager siden
Ole is pure trash. He will be schooled tactically in the EPL .
gostopstopgo 7 dager siden
Didnt give the youth enough time.
TyanOnline 7 dager siden
Mark I think the point of starting a strong team in the 1st leg was so that hte team could do something like this. Newcastle we can beat with the same team and then we play the reserves in the 2nd leg
Asha Singh
Asha Singh 7 dager siden
Play victor with a quick cb he would be great like he was against psg with taunzebe.
ashley Kyrie
ashley Kyrie 7 dager siden
Axel just isn't good enough
Bijay Malla
Bijay Malla 7 dager siden
Bailey looked rusty at the beginning. He must play more matches.
Simon Brooks
Simon Brooks 7 dager siden
@9:00 the only thing I can think of is Bailly used to make big mistakes
Tanay Shah
Tanay Shah 7 dager siden
Dean Henderson✅
Lake of Avalon
Lake of Avalon 7 dager siden
Let alone giving acknowledgement for beating Soceidad, we smashed PSG and Leipzig ffs. The main problem is consistency. We can win 9-0 over Southampton and draw with mighty Fulham in the very next game.
Lake of Avalon
Lake of Avalon 7 dager siden
@The Reverse -Flash That's why I said we could beat PSG or Leipzig in one match and then draw or lose to team like Fulham in the very next match.
The Reverse -Flash
The Reverse -Flash 7 dager siden
@Lake of Avalon Barcelona had bad defenders, Man United had good defenders that game
Lake of Avalon
Lake of Avalon 7 dager siden
@The Reverse -Flash Maybe. But that team just smashed Barcelona
The Reverse -Flash
The Reverse -Flash 7 dager siden
1-2 isn’t Smashed
Simon Dixon
Simon Dixon 7 dager siden
La Liga overrated these days?
Creddy Fruga
Creddy Fruga 7 dager siden
Simon Dixon
Simon Dixon 7 dager siden
Here's an idea, football food on cooking with Goldbridge? Gotta be curry with anything for me.
IPL highlights
IPL highlights 7 dager siden
You cannot make a single video without saying 'solskjaer out'
M Harsha Vardhan
M Harsha Vardhan 7 dager siden
kick ricky out of united stand
ashley Kyrie
ashley Kyrie 7 dager siden
@Ideozu Blake for being 25 years behind
Ideozu Blake
Ideozu Blake 7 dager siden
For having a different opinion?🥴
Togbuiwo Nyigba
Togbuiwo Nyigba 7 dager siden
If Eric Bailly playing next to Maguire makes the latter play better and earn the same rating as Bailly, that amount to Bailly being used as a coolie. So, the next time Maguire will not be on the pitch, Bailly will play next to Lindelöf to make him look better as a defender.
graham marube
graham marube 7 dager siden
Too many Maguire apologists here claiming Lindelof is the problem. The truth is Maguire has never been that good. He was covered for in Leicester by Morgan and Ndidi. He also has no leadership qualities. I'm shocked he's our captain.
Hayabusa Playthroughs & Reviews
Amazing how much the confidence level & how much better the team plays when Bailly is playing. Lindelof is becoming a liability on the level of Jones & Smalling
Michael Tomko
Michael Tomko 7 dager siden
You keep forgetting what we look like against low block crap teams.
Ideozu Blake
Ideozu Blake 7 dager siden
Short term memory mate.
Michael Tomko
Michael Tomko 7 dager siden
Sociedad was crap they couldn’t play defense. The best thing to do with this game is to not get carried away with it just like Leeds. It’s an aberration just like Leeds
Ideozu Blake
Ideozu Blake 7 dager siden
💯💯. Newcastle will be a completely different game.
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