BETH! BRUNO GOES EXTRA MILE! Manchester United 2-1 Brighton Fan Cam 

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Manchester United 1-0 Brighton. Beth thinks that the way we play is very predictable and Bruno Fernandes is putting more work than everyone else.
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4. april. 2021





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Kommentarer 84   
Chazie_edits 5 dager siden
What's beths full name
K.ALI 6 dager siden
Greenwood is a crap striker, he can not play upfront the man is disgraceful against Granada today.
Ethiopia hageri
Ethiopia hageri 8 dager siden
We don't have a proper management,. We are winning because of individual. Man United's are like orchestra without conductor
Don Tynan
Don Tynan 9 dager siden
Good point about VDB's movement. Ole, doesn't come out of this looking good!!! No flexibility in thinking, or, utilising the talent at his disposal? You have to explore your options, as a coach, not just blindly follow your failing instincts, and, misplaced loyalty!!!
Reefa Le Funk
Reefa Le Funk 9 dager siden
Beths cams have def grown on me
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 9 dager siden
I would have given Vandeebeek More time to play with Pogba and Bruno.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 9 dager siden
I would love to see Bruno, Pogba and Vandeebeek play together.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 9 dager siden
No support for our strikers also we need a quality CDM. .
steven woodall
steven woodall 9 dager siden
We all see the problems so why can't Ole and other coaching staff?
Jacob Whitt
Jacob Whitt 9 dager siden
Why is the comments full of people basically saying Beth will you go out with me but in there own way
Grant Fisher
Grant Fisher 9 dager siden
Beth is spot on about starting Greenwood up top and putting DVB on the right
mark siqendu
mark siqendu 9 dager siden
Imagine if this squad had a fast pattern of play and a quality cdm. The points gap between us and City would be less this season. More vocal leadership is needed.
Dave Elcock
Dave Elcock 9 dager siden
Beth for dof, seriously.
Sam Boffey
Sam Boffey 9 dager siden
Beth speaks more facts than Ricky btw
Owen Fenech
Owen Fenech 9 dager siden
She knows what's she is saying . Speaks so much sense
DJ Boomfa
DJ Boomfa 9 dager siden
Our players can't read the game, that is the main problem. If they can read the game, every player knows what to do every time a player gets the ball. The problem is, reading the game is something you should be able to do as a kid, not when you turn full professional.
Imaan Effendi
Imaan Effendi 9 dager siden
Beth is so underrated she has a ral wit and knowledge about this club and she picks out things flex, kg, ricky or goldbridge wont even relise
taggart8 9 dager siden
Why do United start off good for 6 minutes then tail off.There is no ability on taking corners.I was shocked at how slow the tempo of the team.Coaching staff are very poor..Excellent analysis by Beth and Flex as usual.
Glenn Mason
Glenn Mason 9 dager siden
If we are going to keep Maguire as a central defender, then phase out McFred and replace them as DMs with Lindelof (who can pass quickly and well) and van de Beek ... maybe put McTominay as a central defender and use his height with Maguire in central defence. Lindelof as a deeper DM and allow vdBeek to frequently move forward and use his passing ability and stamina.
CM Ahmed
CM Ahmed 9 dager siden
Bruno was also poor.
denis omahoney
denis omahoney 10 dager siden
Beth has a clever thinking football brain and a great addition to the United stand family ..now for the game itself ,my god what are we doing in training as our tactics are terrible ..VDB should play from the off he needs his chance but Ole has to get himself some better coaches or he will be gone by Xmas .
James Modiba
James Modiba 10 dager siden
If De Gea palmed the ball back into the danger zone like Henderson did today Beth would asking for De Gea to be dropped.
Vk Deen
Vk Deen 9 dager siden
ddg does it very vary often...Henderson from what I've seen rarely does it. that's the difference. if Henderson did a couple of games in 10 it would 100% get pulled up
Dave Elcock
Dave Elcock 9 dager siden
De gea has been doing stuff like that more often than a keeper of his experience should, Henderson has to be allowed to develop, not dropped when he errs.
Really89 10 dager siden
When did Cavani last play well? I’m struggling to remember. It is as if his head is already back in South America.
Reza Razak
Reza Razak 8 dager siden
@zach robert dortmund lost their last game against frankfurt. where was haaland?
Reza Razak
Reza Razak 8 dager siden
@Bruno Fernandes this literally was his first start since crystal palace in early march. cut him some slack guys.
zach robert
zach robert 8 dager siden
@Reza Razak you put haaland in this team and he's converting chances we've created better like Away at Arsenal Cavani should have put those two in the net
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes 9 dager siden
@Reza Razak he can't seem to control and hold the ball up when he's played past few matches
Reza Razak
Reza Razak 9 dager siden
u put haaland in this team its the same result mate
FINAL BOSS 10 dager siden
What I have realised is, DVB is a fantastic possesion player. Our team right now has problem keeping possesion in games. But I think Ole is trying to see out this season and dont want to change a winning formula. In my opinion now that top4 is secured he should experiment more and let players like DVB and Diallo play. Also I am very impressed by Greenwoods play today.
Imraan Omar
Imraan Omar 8 dager siden
"Our team right now has problem keeping possesion in games", thats because too many players are average doing it in the midfield up. All the midfielders besides Pogba and Donny keep it well and Pogba is also prone to losing the ball stupidly too. Matic, Fred and McTominay are limited, while Bruno tries the risky pass more often than not. Like against Milan 2nd leg in the first half Bruno was giving Milan the ball more than his own team but people will say its fine because he tries to create, while KDB who gets as much if not more assists but has a far better pass completion %. Everytime the ball is lost its a risk to concede and its makes other players game worse. Then Rashford, Greenwood, Cavani dont really keep it simple either and Martial while he does well he has been horrible this season scoring. Its almost like Ole tells them to take risks but then everyone does and it puts more strain on the defending players when United constantly lose the ball and when United lose the ball its again the problem of Lindelof and Maguire when keeping the ball for a bit, makes the other team chase the ball and gives United time to rest
Aldo Gjipali
Aldo Gjipali 9 dager siden
Greenwood has quite good in 2021. He has been a lot better since that game in the FA cup against Liverpool.
angelo Mattia
angelo Mattia 10 dager siden
united style of play looks disjointed. Awful to watch, no real pattern of play,
Le Roi du Hip Hop Na
Le Roi du Hip Hop Na 10 dager siden
😚 you're right beth your right
rupan94 10 dager siden
Best guest on this channel when it comes to breaking down the game!
Ibrahim Nyazee
Ibrahim Nyazee 10 dager siden
We need a real CDM who is good on the ball and can make incisive passes. Everything seems disjointed because of that.
Craig Barlow
Craig Barlow 10 dager siden
Don’t forget that we won
Emmanuel 10 dager siden
It's like our players were just freestyling. Our players don't move into spaces to receive the ball.
Emmanuel 10 dager siden
We just don't move the ball better
Conrad500 10 dager siden
Excellent analysis as usual from Beth.
Manny Rivera
Manny Rivera 10 dager siden
Badass shirt Flex 🙌🏻
gavin Williams
gavin Williams 10 dager siden
I use to play football and all the problem with the team playing style defense attack u name it all down to couching the fact that this team keep making the same mistakes shows the manager and couching staff is not doing good united play the way they are train to play it all start from the training ground
ZiGGy 10 dager siden
Donny for Cavani should have come sooner with moving with Greenwood to #9!
churiio 10 dager siden
We need a cdm and a rw. I think we can control more games with these players
EVA NOVIKA 10 dager siden
Who needs a Haaland when we have a Greenwood👍👍👍
Lindsey Celia
Lindsey Celia 10 dager siden
Man Utd should study Brighton and learn how they play smoothly and swiftly out from defense
BenMax1234 YT
BenMax1234 YT 10 dager siden
I said this at the start of the game, Mason Should start at Number 9 because his shooting at his age is absolutely class, and Wan Bissaka is defensively 1 v 1 brilliant, so he should play Centre Back, he likes to tuck in, but if his position is CB then he’s not out of position because thats where he’s playing, as for Right Back, play Brandon Williams, he’s right footed but only gets to play at left back , he can defend and cross decently, young and can play until the summer when we can get in a proper right back who’s world class
Moonlight Graeme
Moonlight Graeme 10 dager siden
The passing was so slow, we gave Brighton so much time to get into position with our slow play. I’m not happy with ole, he has to go.
Jay Blood MUFC
Jay Blood MUFC 10 dager siden
I dnt no bout ole moving Bruno to left wing but we deffo need to get Bruno n vdb on the pitch together more
kevin kwak
kevin kwak 10 dager siden
Dan James over greenwood? 😂 for what? Ricky needs to retire from the channel
Yeshay Sathanand
Yeshay Sathanand 10 dager siden
God this women is deluded. Fred good? So then you think Bissouma is Zidane. I doubt you even watch the 90 minutes Beth
Jayden _ak
Jayden _ak 10 dager siden
Greenwood will never get better at the 9 if we don’t play him there plus he won’t be any worse he a quality player
Sir marcus Rashford MBE
lakmeister 10 dager siden
What style??? Aint no style! Donny is far more intelligent than the team,and brain death Ole,being wasted and victimised for being quick thinking,imagine him at Citeh????
Chabala Maipose
Chabala Maipose 10 dager siden
hmmm just a thought do we play at a slow tempo to minimise the chances of us losing the ball? They don't trust themselves to pass a speedy ball to a teammate accurately. Another thought, Why doesn't the man off the pall make room for the man on the ball? It's like the Team don't know that they have to always make themselves available to the man on the ball through movement and thus giving him more options to pass the ball.
Robert Doyle
Robert Doyle 10 dager siden
Greenwood is a 9 end of. Just give him a shot at it !
Berton van Esland
Berton van Esland 10 dager siden
And when when greenwood dont get service than his also bad😏
Nathan McGuckin
Nathan McGuckin 10 dager siden
Shocking where we have went from a team full of superstars to a one man team it’s shocking how average this team is if we didn’t have Bruno and a big reason why we will never challenge for the league because we highly depend on one player
Samson Elu
Samson Elu 10 dager siden
Beth stop complaining you love ole and unless he does something blatantly wrong, You only admit he's not a good manager! Stop moaning your a ole lover so deal with the crap football! 🤷🏾‍♂️😡👌🏾
Wayne 10 dager siden
Cavani should be treated as a No. 9!
Michae V
Michae V 10 dager siden
she aint wrong
Wayne Davies
Wayne Davies 10 dager siden
Poor show from Beth this evening. United played sloppily in the first half, absolutely... But we owned the second half. The whole team changed their attitude and uped their game. Bruno, Rashy ang Greenwood overall had a good game. Guys, we're not City... But we're absolutely second best in this league. Yes, we need 4 or 5 first team players but Ole is doing an exceptionally good job with what he has at his disposal
MK26 9 dager siden
He literally bottled the cl ,and his fault for going out against Leicester
Dre Mac
Dre Mac 10 dager siden
Stop saying chemistry-these aren’t new players .... it’s system and being drilled day in day out
Aaron James
Aaron James 10 dager siden
Shock horror she totally understands the keeper situation as it’s what she has been moaning for over the last few months. Funny she always said Henderson is more commanding and better at crosses that DDG 😂 sure showed today. Typical shiny new toy nonsense
Dre Mac
Dre Mac 10 dager siden
If ole is our manager like y’all wanted ... don’t complain this is ole football
Donald Dick
Donald Dick 10 dager siden
Shaw was good to be fair
Pauline Campbell
Pauline Campbell 10 dager siden
Cavani is not getting any service just like other strickers so.not his fault. Ole only have backbone for DeGea and Henderson but not the.other players when he needs to be ruthless.
zach robert
zach robert 8 dager siden
But Bruno and Greenwood are up there on chance creation. What do you kean he's isn't getting service?
Mac Henry
Mac Henry 10 dager siden
Nice one Beth. I don't think dropping DDG was a good decision. Otherwise, agree with all that you said.
Barry From stockport
Barry From stockport 9 dager siden
@Dave Elcock Henderson’s made so many errors but because he’s from our academy and English all you people do is look over it.
Dave Elcock
Dave Elcock 9 dager siden
Dropping De gea is the right move, too costly and I'll bet if we were to drop or sell Henderson, de gea backslides , guy's got a fam in Spain , do the maths.
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob 10 dager siden
The DDG era is over. He and his agent have priced themselves out of the job. Time to move on to better options...
Marcus CHIN
Marcus CHIN 10 dager siden
Beth is excellent in analysing the game objectively. Ole is just stubborn and too proud to learn from others.
Reload TV
Reload TV 9 dager siden
Tbh he's sustained it
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob 9 dager siden
@PrometheusTV it;s not sustainable.
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel 9 dager siden
@Brian Jacob spot on..
PrometheusTV 10 dager siden
@Brian Jacob It doesn’t matter if he plays pussified football as long as he gets results he’s staying in the job
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob 10 dager siden
Ole better wise up and learn to adapt. He plays pussified football that never belongs at Utd. He's got a job for about 8 more months if he doesn't.
Marcus CHIN
Marcus CHIN 10 dager siden
Just lucky. Without Bruno where would United be now. Ole still not willing to change his ways or listen to others.
Jsmcr89 10 dager siden
You are right Beth. I always say theyve barely tried Bruno and donny together, yet donny has been getting slated when the whole team relies on Bruno so how's it donnys fault? Every time he's played he's looked one of the better players!
Alan Kenny
Alan Kenny 8 dager siden
The few times they played together with Pogba was Everton in League cup where we completely dominated the ball and created loads of chances. How can Ole not see that when you have players in midfield that can keep the ball makes it so much easier for your defenders to defend
manny scholes
manny scholes 10 dager siden
Beth awesome !!!!
Amestan Sadik
Amestan Sadik 10 dager siden
Maguire and Henderson are the result of marriages between cousins.
lukas koky
lukas koky 10 dager siden
Beth is so sweet and knows what she's talking
ItWasentM3 10 dager siden
Beth spot on about greenwood at st. Donnys runs were very good, he is an intelligent player
Joydeep Dey
Joydeep Dey 10 dager siden
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob 10 dager siden
@PrometheusTV This team needs more donny's and luke shaws and fewer Maggies and McTs...
Michael O'Connor
Michael O'Connor 10 dager siden
Beth was spon about the whole performance
PrometheusTV 10 dager siden
Donny should play instead of Pogba on Thursday
James Smith
James Smith 10 dager siden
Refs cheating again just how the hell was that not a nailed on penalty
antonio facey
antonio facey 10 dager siden
We can't able to drop back next season we have to go on and win
Derrick Ozoemelam
Derrick Ozoemelam 10 dager siden
Beth has it Right. Speaking facts gain don’t agree with the de gea situation didn’t deserved to be dropped. Thought we grounded out the result again today but a win is a win GGMU ‼️‼️‼️🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑
Séñør Tåçø
Séñør Tåçø 10 dager siden
@Beth Tucker hi
Beth Tucker
Beth Tucker 10 dager siden
Thank you ! ❤️
fradrick kandikore
fradrick kandikore 10 dager siden
Yes green wood is our no 9
Michael Connor
Michael Connor 10 dager siden
Beth 😍
Nikunj Pasari
Nikunj Pasari 10 dager siden
Pogba's first touch hasn't been good lately.....he lost possession too many times....
User 1013
User 1013 10 dager siden
I am really enjoying Greenwood's development. His overall game and movement is becoming more effective and he seems like a confident young lad. Given Martial's season and Cavani's lack of mobility, Mason definitely deserves a start as #9.
Isaac Matthews
Isaac Matthews 9 dager siden
@Steven Leg yeah but he’s slow. Greenwood isn’t..
Sir marcus Rashford MBE
@Steven Leg think he means mobile as in speed which he isn’t
Sir marcus Rashford MBE
@Beth Tucker omg Beth
Sir marcus Rashford MBE
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob 10 dager siden
Greenwood and Diallo need to be starting. VDB as a winger needs to be explored more also.
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel 10 dager siden
Ole could have both Ronaldo & messi at his disposal where he would still play conservative with 2cdms.. The system needs to change next season with a 433..
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel 9 dager siden
@J haych yes we did.. Pogba was a CDM alongside fred..
J haych
J haych 10 dager siden
@Hazem Kamal deep lying playmaker is different to a cdm
Hazem Kamal
Hazem Kamal 10 dager siden
@J haych yeah....you did. Pogba played alongside Fred, not alongside Bruno.
J haych
J haych 10 dager siden
Well we didn't today?
GNA TV 10 dager siden
Fred was our best player. He was the fastest on the pitch, what did Bruno do before his assist?
J Saintz
J Saintz 10 dager siden
@ItWasentM3 he does it more successfully when next to Pogba cos he can pass to Bruno and Pogba instead of just Bruno. He needs to play like today more often, which he can.
ItWasentM3 10 dager siden
@J Saintz ye that's his job he can hardly do it 90% of the time. If he can play forwards passes every game consistently than he is doing his job
J Saintz
J Saintz 10 dager siden
@ItWasentM3 but how many times did he pass to Bruno or pogba in forward positions. That’s his job break up play and pass to them. He did both well today
Séñør Tåçø
Séñør Tåçø 10 dager siden
ItWasentM3 10 dager siden
@J Saintz passes that are sideways aren't good yk
Vintage HIFI Guy
Vintage HIFI Guy 10 dager siden
Pogba was running in treacle today.
LARNX 9 dager siden
@Vintage HIFI Guy no I’m not. Same thing applies for both of them you donut
Vintage HIFI Guy
Vintage HIFI Guy 9 dager siden
@LARNX .. you're confusing Pogba with Bruno.
LARNX 9 dager siden
Without pogba United is a mid table team
Samii 10 dager siden
Mika-eel Khan
Mika-eel Khan 10 dager siden
Greenwood ain't ready for that 9 spot, he loses the ball way to easily, if he played up front all season we wouldn't get into the top 4.
Mika-eel Khan
Mika-eel Khan 9 dager siden
@David Dowling thats a good idea i totally agree💯 I'd like to see it. I'm just saying he'd struggle next season most probably
Sir marcus Rashford MBE
@David Dowling agreed let him develop and get better there or send him on loan to play more as a number 9
David Dowling
David Dowling 10 dager siden
He ain’t ready for it I don’t think but I do think until the end of the season he should have it, cos we practically have secured top 4
PrometheusTV 10 dager siden
I now know why people call him Jogba.
Cbsc Boys
Cbsc Boys 9 dager siden
No one ever called him that 🤣
Markaz Zainil Abidin
Markaz Zainil Abidin 10 dager siden
😂😂😂 never heard of that
Green Squirrel
Green Squirrel 10 dager siden
Heard that for the first time
Abdul Mehmood
Abdul Mehmood 10 dager siden
I’ve never heard that
Lewy 15
Lewy 15 10 dager siden
Lindelof on the cross wtffff , Wan bissaka needs to block off welback aswell
Immaculate Dirtz
Immaculate Dirtz 9 dager siden
@The Waba The Daba The Wabadabadu I thought it was totally on Pogba. Gave the ball away casually and even more casually just jogs back until we conceded. Really poor moment.
The Waba The Daba The Wabadabadu
The 0:1 is totally on AWB. He looks at Wellbeck and let's him run. And if AWB would warn Lindelöf with a shout, Victor would automaticly take one or two steps back. Yeah he missjudges the cross, but that can happen. Its not like he is miles off.
Snoop Dog
Snoop Dog 10 dager siden
I think it’s about time this girl got replaced, all she does is repeat what goldbridge says!
Matúš Mahút
Matúš Mahút 9 dager siden
What about the Henderson thing? Literally said complete opposite.
Sir marcus Rashford MBE
David Dowling
David Dowling 10 dager siden
Sim C
Sim C 10 dager siden
Best wishes to DMX 🙏
Dabigguy77 10 dager siden
Bit random but yeah, I agree.
KLionFC 10 dager siden
Why does beth always try so hard to make herself look good whenever she does these videos smh 😂
Sir marcus Rashford MBE
She’s a woman smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ you’ve never had a girlfriend have you g ?
eamonn patterson
eamonn patterson 10 dager siden
Why wouldn’t she want to look well? She’s a goodlooking woman 👌
The Waba The Daba The Wabadabadu
Because as a woman, she gets much more hate when she doesn't look perfect. The Internet is a toxic space.
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali 10 dager siden
the fact that this is arguably ole’s best squad and it was getting out classed by Brighton for majority of the game. Even if he does get the players he wants, do you think the football would be any better?
Jude SN
Jude SN 9 dager siden
@PrometheusTV so one guy is your whole argument?
Sir marcus Rashford MBE
Nope not at all
PrometheusTV 10 dager siden
@Jude SN Bissouma is much better than Fred and McTominay
PrometheusTV 10 dager siden
@TALKINGsports Which is why we’ve beaten them three times this season
TALKINGsports 10 dager siden
@PrometheusTV you don’t need sancho and a good cdm to beat Brighton cmon yes they do play good football and have a philosophy but cmon the football was horrendous he’s not a good enough coach
Charlie 10 dager siden
Greenwood is looking more and more like the future #9 for Manchester United. 🤩
Sir marcus Rashford MBE
I don’t know how people expect him to be scoring like haaland. Let him take his time and develop
Wayne 10 dager siden
Of course he is a future No. 9. But if he gets the kind of service that he gives to Cavani - he will suffer
J haych
J haych 10 dager siden
@Dw3x clearly you don't understand football.
Michael Rowell
Michael Rowell 10 dager siden
He is, forget Haaland. Pure fantasy getting him. But we do need a good backup in time.
Dw3x 10 dager siden
No thanks overrated
Seniors Needs to be STOPPED!
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