Solskjaer's Transfer Let Down! Man Utd Transfer News 

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Man Utd will not be back Solskjaer to win a title next season as their transfer budget falls way short of what is required. Get the latest Man Utd News on The UnitedStand. United Stand Mugs Click HERE united-stand.myshopify.com/
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29. mars. 2021





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10rockyman 13 dager siden
interview Nicky Butt...... club is rotten to the core
Kaaviya Suresh vidhya
Kaaviya Suresh vidhya 15 dager siden
Btw no disrespect to white and sarr their just not good enough
Kaaviya Suresh vidhya
Kaaviya Suresh vidhya 15 dager siden
I have a question for you guys, would you rather keep these players and make no changes or buy crap players like Ben white and Ismail Sarr?
Duke JukeBox
Duke JukeBox 15 dager siden
Matic said himself that he is probably leaving.Option is going back to Benfica
CHIGBO IFEOMA 15 dager siden
everybody is talking about a new manager that can turn things around, sir Ferguson becoming man utd legend today was people support, the same man took man utd to relegation, brought them back n started winning trophies, nobody saw that, patient is what we are looking for, ole has shown his best, what he needs now is our support, the club support, the players support, the glazers families support, nobody should look down on him bcus no one is perfect, many of our dead n forgtten players has picked up form through ole, example fred, mc tom, shaw, n bringing in most of our young player to action. pls we should forget about sentiment n look forward. united we all stand
Ragnor Thormass
Ragnor Thormass 15 dager siden
Hi Mr contradiction please call out and state now which keeper you will keep. So that you cant twist it in the future by saying I wouldnt have kept this keeper when they make a mistake. Call it out IF you ha e any credibility
stephen dowling
stephen dowling 15 dager siden
Lol he's pissed 😊
stephen dowling
stephen dowling 15 dager siden
Has he started rubbing under the desk now???
Marvin Clarke
Marvin Clarke 15 dager siden
To me Mark, Manchester United need to make good decisions on and off the field. Whether you keep this player or sell this player, for me is all about improvement of the football team play style and make the team more competitive. So if United have to sell Martial, Pogba and Dea Gea but bring in better players that will improve the team football wise then I'm OK with that. But if we do that and the football is awful then this is spinning top in mud. This ownership and board will never take us to the top again and to add to insults this OJT coaching set up is just driving me mad 😡
Wuming Kelvin
Wuming Kelvin 15 dager siden
the board wont spend 20mil euros when haaland was at salzburg wad makes ppl tink the board will spend 100mil now lolx
Dimetrius 15 dager siden
What I don't understand is why you keep making excuses for Solskjaer..can't believe you said he's inexperienced and learning on the job..he started Managing Uniteds academy in 2008! He has been a first team manager since 2011...so please just accept he is just a very very poor manager, no style of play, no tactics,weak mentality and laughably he has been given a 3 year contract...absolute madness...
Ragnor Thormass
Ragnor Thormass 15 dager siden
Bullion pound 300 million on ole so far and they, he says NOT BACKED. FANTASTIC joke!!!! LMAO
Chrisxerri 15 dager siden
Interesting that the club are reliant on the fans to get their big sponsorship deals, yet don't care what the fans think. What does that say about our owners. They need to be forced out, which will only happen if the fans work together.
mark houston
mark houston 15 dager siden
What James Cooper said about martial was spot on ,hes lazy doesn't move enough .does gamble nothing.
KC.Official_ 15 dager siden
£100mil challenge - £30mil on Bissouma/Tchouameni/Zakaria (DM), £30mil on Andre Silva/Patson Daka/Alexander Isak (ST), £40mil + Dan James for Raphinha (RW)/£40mil on Badiashile (CB)
LiamMufc100 15 dager siden
Also if Pogba leaves on a free AGAIN! next summer I think I might cry 😭
VeganLiving 101
VeganLiving 101 15 dager siden
This ole is inexperienced myth is so not true, he’s been coaching for 12 years+. Simply not good enough nothing to do with experience
Wayne Davies
Wayne Davies 15 dager siden
Mark I love the show but the amount of adverts in this show is a piss take
Jack Bollard
Jack Bollard 15 dager siden
It is truly disgraceful how millions and millions of fans can be sure what they want to happen in the summer but our own board isn’t
United84 15 dager siden
It will be a big shame if United miss out on sancho. English talent, could be one of the best of his generation. They should be doing all it takes to get him the same way they did Rooney
Nikhil Serigar
Nikhil Serigar 15 dager siden
Great video with James Cooper. I hope the fans do not buy into crazy transfer rumours from now on and get their hopes up too high. Let's see what happens and do not interact with ridiculous transfer gossip. Till then, let's get behind the team and be supportive.
Richard Plant
Richard Plant 15 dager siden
Maybe the Glazers are in league with the City owners to topple Man Utd and make City the best club. They will have 5 Premier league titles come May. Wont be long until they have 13.
Angel Figueiras
Angel Figueiras 15 dager siden
Duncan Harris
Duncan Harris 15 dager siden
Great Grammar👍 Do you even know how many quality CB's france have? Kounde is an amazing player and there's over a million people that agree with Mark most of the time🤫
Daniel Shipley
Daniel Shipley 15 dager siden
If only we could've done the job properly a year and a half ago. Could've got Bellingham, Sancho and Haaland all for for about £150 million.
jarzhinio 16 dager siden
I think United's inability to sell is truly atrocious and one of the main reasons people wanted a DOF. Now let's see if the change in structure (or rebranding / job name update) has any noticeable impact on our ability to shift the deadwood, work on multiple deals simultaneously and bring in some revenue to bolster our transfer market activity - if we could do that at least we could see some progress in the summer. Until we see some serious ambition in the summer why should any fans believe there is a real long term plan?
Miguel Logan -
Miguel Logan - 16 dager siden
Even if ole is backed in transfers he wouldn't know how to use the in coming players. He will use his favourite average players like Mctomminy, Fred, Maguire, Lindoloff. OLE is clueless, stubborn and not learning from mistakes. Ole is no better than Lampard in his managerial career, skills and his management of starting team. Doesn't do subs to improve the game.
James C
James C 16 dager siden
I can't believe Rice isn't in the pipeworks.
Norbert Ijebor
Norbert Ijebor 16 dager siden
Ole has given manutd his best....I dont see us winning trophies under him unfortunately....that's the hard reality check for we the fans and the owners to live with if he remains at the helms of affairs.
Alastair 16 dager siden
There is no 'boxing clever with De Gea' no one is paying a fee on top of those wages no matter what! If he wants Hendo, Man Unt. will have to pay to get rid of David just like Alexis- forget a fee lol
William Oo
William Oo 16 dager siden
Mark I am from Myanmar and I am very glad you and the world are start to notice us and hopefully we will get the democracy that we deserve. Mark never stop united stand and your youtube carrer because if there is even only one subscriber in your youtube channels. That will be me so keep creating goods works and pray for us.Likes so Mark can see pls
Carl Goring
Carl Goring 16 dager siden
Glazers and Woodward out, we are being destroyed as a club and this is sabotage. Probably taking the wealth of our club and pumping it into the NFL 😡 while we sit in awe at Oles appalling management and tactics.
Mo 16 dager siden
If we only have 100m to play with, I'd rather we get a CB & DM. Then again we might miss out on good players because they might fail the DNA test 😁
Daniel Krivtsov
Daniel Krivtsov 16 dager siden
AGUERO leaving city this summer. Means city Will bring in a atlest 60+ mil player for that st position. Thinking OF haaland as hes dad Played for city aswell.
Sanket Kumar
Sanket Kumar 16 dager siden
Even if the glazers don't sign anyone this summer people will blame ole and he will be sacked eventually. This cycle will continue as long as we have these leeches as our owners .
Ideozu Blake
Ideozu Blake 16 dager siden
If we aren’t in for a dm it just shows how olé is out of this depth & comfortable with mctominay & Fred being first teamers in those positions because how he doesn’t see that position as a priority is doing my head in
Sohail Damree
Sohail Damree 16 dager siden
Simon Dixon
Simon Dixon 16 dager siden
I don't know how you put up with the dickheads mark re cdm smiley face commenter. Watch your blood pressure though dude. Keep it coming!
Anthony 16 dager siden
If United think a CDM is not top priority then that's on Ole.
Anthony 16 dager siden
Massive shame we sold Daley Blind. Would have been a great DM. Ander Hererra is another one. A midfield of Hererra Bruno and Pogba would have been incredible.
Darck Clay
Darck Clay 16 dager siden
6:00 do they have the best manager in the world and the best squad or the best squad because they have the best manager in the world , Mark?
Roger Benjamin
Roger Benjamin 16 dager siden
Harry Maguire needs to go and train with the Manchester Thunder. First session: "Harry, these are feet. This is how they work. No. Not like that. That's just...wrong."
SHAFI999 16 dager siden
Another Let Down ☹️
brian luyali
brian luyali 16 dager siden
Glazers out. Ole out
R F 16 dager siden
Ole can't be setup to fail, if he was a failure already as a manager. YOu're trying to put racing wheels on a golfcart when it comes to OLE. Ole could have 10billion at utd to spend and would still fail. That is the sad truth.. I dont trust this board, these coaches, this manager or this club anymore. Sad state of affairs.
Duncan Harris
Duncan Harris 15 dager siden
Are you saying if we bought Haaland, Varane,the best CDM in the world and Sancho we wouldn't succeed? And that's only £370 million
Kaly Rao
Kaly Rao 16 dager siden
ole needs to utilise Amad more he is missing a trick there for sure! play mason at 9 with vdb/diallo to the right with a midfield of pogba fred bruno then leave the lw to rashford & martial
Chris Carleton
Chris Carleton 16 dager siden
Could have shortened this whole video down to. “ I told you so”
Simon Dixon
Simon Dixon 16 dager siden
Liking the beard Mark! Looking good!
Umberto Behounek
Umberto Behounek 16 dager siden
I hope Bruno leaves, he must look after his own career.
Lindokuhle Fortune
Lindokuhle Fortune 16 dager siden
WTF??? Give him the next season??? Why? What did he do to deserve another season? Come on mark.
YJ 16 dager siden
For Mark and the rest of the ole loyalists, they think being on top of the league for two weeks is enough to give ole a 3 year deal.
Varun Chandar
Varun Chandar 16 dager siden
Martial is world class talent but he has a poor mentality. He is emotionally fragile and let's things affects him. He doesn't have the mentality to deal with changes and overcome barriers. Ole has spent so much time on him motivating him and getting the best out of him. Thats why he was amazing last season. But he's way too inconsistent. Martial is dependent on constant motivation. What we need is a self motivated killer instinct lethal poacher as a striker.
DEVILS REJECT 16 dager siden
Don’t give Utd a penny of your cash keep it for yourself if they won’t spend it why give them it
Hmm 16 dager siden
Guys let's be honest there's no progress made at all if lp didn't have injuries, chelsea continue to play like this under tuchel and without individual brilliance from our players. We would be fighting for 4th spot with leicester and chelsea. In fact there's no progress made at all, it's just other good clubs have injury and other issues.
Hmm 16 dager siden
@YJ If they can't understand all these, they're just dumb lol
YJ 16 dager siden
Shushhh you can’t say that, the ole loyalists / top reds will bombard you with “ he’s second in the league “
clive gilbert
clive gilbert 16 dager siden
Surprise surprise...The Glazers ain't gunna spend on a new manager, ..they ain't gunna buy a RW when we have Greenwood, James, Diallo,..even.. god forbid..Lingard who can play RW,...its gunna be a 'face-saving- token transfer/s'....GLAZERS OUT!
Matthew Hyland
Matthew Hyland 16 dager siden
Imagine if City gave Dortmund 250 million for Sancho and Haaland
robert ognenovski
robert ognenovski 16 dager siden
mark united football club are to blame for appointing a coach who had shocking coaching cv ole should of been sacked when united lost to Sevilla in the europa league semi final then if they done that Thomas Tuchel or Erik ten Hag these two are better coaches than 4231 formation favorite and no subs for 70 mins coach ole
Shuo Zhou
Shuo Zhou 16 dager siden
I can imagine how amazing Martial play if he plays in Man City
Duncan Harris
Duncan Harris 15 dager siden
@Devesh Pandey Incorrect, EVERY player plays well in a good team? It's about if the system/tactics and if they suit the player...
Devesh Pandey
Devesh Pandey 16 dager siden
I can even imagine maguire being good at city. It's about a good team. In a good team every one plays well
Regshane 1193
Regshane 1193 16 dager siden
Just can’t enjoy the transfer like I use to anymore. I only watch united for the love of the team but without any emotion. Sad times
Besusu 16 dager siden
Is it just me or is solskjaer starting to look very similar to mourinho in these thumbnails at a glance?
Christos Joseph
Christos Joseph 16 dager siden
Mark I think it could be 30 plus years no title ahead
Christos Joseph
Christos Joseph 16 dager siden
Mark you look defeated
Christos Joseph
Christos Joseph 16 dager siden
Mark what are you not getting. We are the next Everton
john harris
john harris 16 dager siden
Perhaps we are allowing other clubs to get the dearer centre backs so we are forced into buying the cheaper ones. Sounds like a board plan
Pat Bhukkanasut
Pat Bhukkanasut 16 dager siden
Better progress than no progress. What are we going to do as fans? Leave? 😢 aim for the Europa Cup, only.
Christos Joseph
Christos Joseph 16 dager siden
Mark you need to change your expectations to match the clubs ambition. Everything points to the club having no interest in winning titles anymore so neither should you
Sindo M
Sindo M 16 dager siden
Tomorrows video : OLE's Transfer Lifeline
Nadir Munoo
Nadir Munoo 16 dager siden
Sindo M
Sindo M 16 dager siden
Carrick should be the first person to be sacked if we dont buy a CDM
Sullay BJ
Sullay BJ 16 dager siden
That's why we need a Manager that can turn "Water into Wine" Glazers won't spend
Sullay BJ
Sullay BJ 15 dager siden
@Slabicus Headicus Yup, whatever but Ole ain't it
Slabicus Headicus
Slabicus Headicus 16 dager siden
So basically turn Maguire from a diarrhea to a solid 💩?
Black Rose
Black Rose 16 dager siden
God help you if Rashford is one of your best players
dean burns
dean burns 16 dager siden
Mark is happy that they have reached a million subs, also mark goes in on his subs for not being united fans. Do a poll mark to see how many if you're subs support united
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 16 dager siden
Our board does not believe in investment in our football team.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 16 dager siden
We are owned by the Glazer's, Mark.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 16 dager siden
As long as the Glaziers are here we will not invest in our footballing team.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 16 dager siden
I would love to have taken Chan at United.
Adam McCourt
Adam McCourt 16 dager siden
I wonder how much motivation Mark has doing this job.. because let's be honest there isn't much to cheer or get excited about... I applaud you Mark.
Slabicus Headicus
Slabicus Headicus 16 dager siden
I think doing this gig is probably a release for him. Just like me watching him have infant like tantrums is a release for me.
Capa NG
Capa NG 16 dager siden
He talks about his deepest passion for a very good living, how much more motivation does he need🤣
Adam McCourt
Adam McCourt 16 dager siden
@Ivan Ibhawoh haha
Ivan Ibhawoh
Ivan Ibhawoh 16 dager siden
He's gonna be earning super chats from zein and a lot of other people so that's enough motivation
Banton85 16 dager siden
Martial could go to another team and tear it up. But for us we can't keep passangers. Martial is a lazy luxury player. We need someone who works hard and is consistent
poppy don
poppy don 16 dager siden
Tbh I think haaland will go to bayern
Brian Turner
Brian Turner 16 dager siden
That’s why the board will back OLE because a new Coach would be seeking funds to build where the United Board come to destroy
Banton85 16 dager siden
Mcfred next season. Yippee god help us
Kavenio 16 dager siden
Think fans are winding Mark up by saying things like United should sign Ageuro lol. The solution to United's problems is that they need new owners.
JAWAXX 16 dager siden
KANTE , FOFANA and TIELEMANS.. they came from wat you call the farmers league haha so who is the farmer now ?
Mike Cook
Mike Cook 16 dager siden
Ole loves Fred
Paulo Ramírez
Paulo Ramírez 16 dager siden
I feel so disappointed about the club, the owners don't care about the club, it seems they want to destroy the club just for fun.
Finian McKiernan
Finian McKiernan 16 dager siden
Murtough needs to prove he's Director of Football or resign this summer SELL Matic $ 5 million Dalot $ 15 million Lingard $ 15 million Fred $ 15 million Pogba $ 50 million Jones $ 5 million Mata $ 10 million Lindeloff $ 10 million Van De Beek $ 40 million D'Gea $ 60 million Eric Baily $ 30 million $255 BUY Jules Konde $ 60 million Sancho $ 70 million Varane $ 60 million Grealish $ 70 million $260 million
KING DEDEDEDEDE 15 dager siden
How is lingard not 40 million
Slabicus Headicus
Slabicus Headicus 16 dager siden
Lmao thank Christ you aren’t in charge. Lingard is easily 25 mill now Lindelof is a 30 mill defender at least Matic 12 mill Jones... you’d have to pay someone to take him away.
SqaureOrange 16 dager siden
Is this groundhog day. I wake up every day and Utd are linked with a world class player and then by the end of the day the deal falls through
souleymaneben 16 dager siden
We spent 80 million pounds on making our squad worse. If we hadn't signed Maguire then Bailly and Tuanzebe would be getting much more game time. Both have outperformed Maguire when they've been given the chance.
John O Neill
John O Neill 16 dager siden
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor 16 dager siden
Watch it on an ad free app like I did.
Dwight Pond
Dwight Pond 16 dager siden
Loll imagine if they say phil jones will come back and were retaining cavani as new signings 😂😂
Slabicus Headicus
Slabicus Headicus 16 dager siden
We will have one major signing.
cat n dog
cat n dog 16 dager siden
Broke and banter united 🤣🤣
Nathan Heath
Nathan Heath 16 dager siden
Stop thinking Ole will change his style of play he won't change his style of play what he plays the now is his philosophy.ole will never change his philosophy
jc composer
jc composer 16 dager siden
dont agree with mark when he says bruno will make us 40 mill so the glazers will buy to sell, if that was the case we would have done the same for de gea
Sir Joel
Sir Joel 16 dager siden
If City get Haaland, don't worry about winning the title for the next 10 years.
jc composer
jc composer 16 dager siden
i think we will sign a cb and a rb, we will let dalot go and williams on loan, matic will deffo stay, mata will go jesse will go, bailly will go perreira will go and we will get josh king, cavani will go
Andrew Shearer
Andrew Shearer 16 dager siden
Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Tyrone Mings I reckon.
Jon Terry
Jon Terry 16 dager siden
Only, Rashford, pogba, Bruno and de gae and Henderson are players good enough to be in a team pushing for titles the rest are just bang average players that's how far behind united are, we need 8 players that are top of their group for their position
YJ 16 dager siden
We also need a manager who’s good enough to push for titles. Haaland would suffer in this team as we don’t create enough service
Nesh Michaels
Nesh Michaels 16 dager siden
We need our top players to start applying pressure on the board. Players like Rashford, Bruno and pogba need to start dropping indirects about adding more quality players
Bleachguy 16 dager siden
my friend never wanted ole as manager not because he doesnt like him not a top manager but doesnt blame ole for been hired blames board and is ole out not use team right u need two teams one for caraboa and fa cup and another for prem and champion league and subs and treatment of players he would of went for prem and CL de gea maguire baily shaw awb fred pogba bruno rashford martial and cavani other team would be dean lindelof tuanzebe telles williams matic donny and mata james lingard and mason based on current squad
tomrob06 16 dager siden
The miracle what mark was on about 15 minutes in is New owners which means glazers out them ole is given his budget we rebuild then we start playing (after all that if we lose with a good team then we blame it on the manager appoint a new one)then we start competing with city and Chelsea and eventually overcoming them and Winning the premier league and be back on top I know this is very optimistic but it is a dream that I wish would happen
Nathan Heath
Nathan Heath 16 dager siden
United are NOT progressing being 2nd isn't progress
steveomcbigarms 16 dager siden
No no no... here's what's coming. A CDM.. .CB...RW..Striker
Russ Bhagwansingh
Russ Bhagwansingh 16 dager siden
It's not a let down it's what Ole deserves
Teach United
Teach United 16 dager siden
At this moment, the only signing i can see coming in is a player called " disarray" imo
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith 15 dager siden
This club is dead lets face it , why moan nothing is going to change want too feel success pick another club nothing good is coming with this team for 20 plus years too come
steveomcbigarms 16 dager siden
Where's he play
UP YER KILT!! 16 dager siden
would martial be good with another strike partner like the way he was playing with rashford a few seasons ago. remember everyone was saying they where like yorke and cole........
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Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts
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