Raoila's MAN UTD TRANSFER Warning! Man Utd Transfer News 

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Man Utd have been warned by Mino Railoa about Erling Haaland and Paul Pogba transfers in another example of United losing their position of power in football. Get the latest Man Utd News on The UnitedStand. NEW Transfer SHOW nosections.info/green/zYeSoHqpf32Jq6o/video.html
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30. mars. 2021





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Christophe Oosterwijk
Christophe Oosterwijk 8 dager siden
28:24 here is what made me worried and then when I found out, it made me cry
Carl Keelee
Carl Keelee 13 dager siden
Hear me out! Manchester City owners are paying the Glazers 100s of millions to run United like garbage and let them catch up on titles!!!!
Debbie Elder
Debbie Elder 13 dager siden
Love Claude
o - o
o - o 14 dager siden
Prays for Claude and his family 😔 🙏
Michael Kung
Michael Kung 14 dager siden
The only way we can return to glory days is to identify a group of young players with potential and develop them to succeed our goals
Michael Kung
Michael Kung 14 dager siden
To hell with Haaland, a single player will not help us to lift the trophy
Michael Kung
Michael Kung 14 dager siden
If Haaland has a serious injury, see how does he react
PixelStacker 14 dager siden
Claude made us all smile. Regardless of who you supported. I hope he is at peace now. 100%!
Eppu Tili
Eppu Tili 14 dager siden
Players who Raiola owns are the ultimate mercenaries: The players will have good deals moneywise but their clubs will suffer because one of their most expensive investments will cause these meltdowns inside and outside of the dressing room. Pogba will not win Premier League or Champions League as long as he is owned by Raiola. Have any player? When players owned by Raiola get to Juventus and PSG they might become champions of Italy and France. PL and CL are too competitive so you can't have these distractions.
RTL 14 dager siden
Man Utd dont want to lose Pogba for free but are also demanding a big fee that's why he stayed this season and his value has dropped further. Incompetence again.
rob roberts
rob roberts 14 dager siden
swap de gea pogba and telles for mbappe
Trigger Man
Trigger Man 14 dager siden
Very sad news about the legend Claude. He was brilliant on NOsections and AFTV. I really enjoyed watching him on NOsections. I loved the one liner.. ITS TIME TO GO.. Rest in peace Claude.🙏🕊🕊
cris alvarez
cris alvarez 15 dager siden
to have the best players and titles you need the best players and the best players are from raiola, a small club who only sells can live without raiola.
LaGregg Smith
LaGregg Smith 15 dager siden
Pogba is foolish. Birds of a feather flock together!
LaGregg Smith
LaGregg Smith 15 dager siden
Riola is a gold digger!
PiggyHorror2020 YT
PiggyHorror2020 YT 15 dager siden
Jack Miov
Jack Miov 15 dager siden
Honestly these players that choose Mino to be their agent clearly have bad judgement we shouldnt want them anyway just because of that
Sylvia Nikolette
Sylvia Nikolette 15 dager siden
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Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong 15 dager siden
Rest up Claude🕊🕊
Connor Lee
Connor Lee 15 dager siden
If I were a player, I'd want rioala as my agent lol. As a manager I'd never want to deal with him
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed 15 dager siden
we had the chance to sign leroy sane, serge gnabry, bernardo silva, cr7, fabinho, danilo, grealish, zaha, ozil, ramsey, rodrigo, rodriguez, van djik, evans, chilwell, manolas, mahrez, dzek0 nd many more
BabAcademy 15 dager siden
Aguero chose to leave and he will get a statue
Brrr Rbbb
Brrr Rbbb 15 dager siden
The way AFTV handled the Claude situation was a disgrace, Robbie has always been a greedy mug
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed 15 dager siden
and cr7's is his c0usin ricard0 hahahaha
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed 15 dager siden
messi's agen8 is his br0 hahaha w0w
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed 15 dager siden
ibra same agen8
rod whitley
rod whitley 15 dager siden
players should pay agents themselves be a short line waiting for his services then
Chris Dolmeth
Chris Dolmeth 15 dager siden
Christ, many adverts we need?
Feeling Well
Feeling Well 15 dager siden
knightr7 u are joking
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse 15 dager siden
Plenty of talented players haven't reached their full potential in the past. I'm not saying he will flop, just that maybe he becomes very good rather than great. That is what sets Messi and Ronaldo above others. They have made the most of their considerable talent through total dedication to being the best they can be. Contrast that with George Best. We all know he had the talent and he was a great player, but other things prevented him from totally fulfilling his potential.
Bleachguy 15 dager siden
Rest in Peace claude
Kslater23 15 dager siden
Raiola is a headache. Leave him and his players alone and other clubs can enjoy the headache
middo11 15 dager siden
Legal traffickers if you want to put it plainly
Bleachguy 15 dager siden
it total disrespect to alex if ole plays pogba il be ole out no matter what slandering our best manager and club
metube 15 dager siden
He's the el chapo of the football world
Satadhi Halder
Satadhi Halder 15 dager siden
dont forget football is a team game who actually care about pogba ! fans needs to ignore these freaks as simple as that.
Rumel Ali
Rumel Ali 15 dager siden
Riola can't force the issue with pogba so he's using every tool to provoke him..in reality pogba should go but the question is who wil buy him ..no one ..so he stays Riola
Banton85 15 dager siden
How long are these deals gonna keep coming in without us being successful
Banton85 15 dager siden
United won't spend more than 50 to 60 million
David Pearson
David Pearson 15 dager siden
Rest in peace claude
OddsJet 15 dager siden
Leeches Mark, the word you were looking for was ‘Leeches’ at 2:36
Greg Basham
Greg Basham 15 dager siden
Mark vs Mino - XL popcorn please !
Don Tynan
Don Tynan 15 dager siden
I know its a short career, but surely people in Pogba's position, are rich enough, to follow their heart, rather than their bank manager? If he wants to go, fair enough, but why allow, a person, with only his own interests at heart, dictate your career???
It was tuttosport
jaybillyjosh 15 dager siden
how about cavanni going and we go for aguero and him doing a dennis law on city
Saragon Mackeneny
Saragon Mackeneny 15 dager siden
£30m for Camavinga as midfielder purchase without Mini Raiola as his agent. Given Dortmund paid the same for Haaland this is deal United should be pushing for. A serious prospect this player
Valerie Naidoo
Valerie Naidoo 15 dager siden
Fat riola at it again.....
Simon Gurung
Simon Gurung 15 dager siden
Jesse to Barca
Steven clark
Steven clark 15 dager siden
if pogba goes. riola goes. no more hassle
Taylor Thomas
Taylor Thomas 15 dager siden
You handled that situation very well Mark. Very well.
James 15 dager siden
You handled the news so eloquently, thoughts are with everyone today. ❤️
Taylor Thomas
Taylor Thomas 15 dager siden
Very upsetting to hear about Claude. People will still say this and that but at the end of the day he made us all happy and laugh. It sounds like he was also a very kind man. Hope your at peace now Claude. Rest easy up there.
Fungusz _
Fungusz _ 15 dager siden
28:25 When he heard claude died 😭
Red Timez
Red Timez 15 dager siden
Sell Pogba and Never even think about getting Haaland, I can live with finishing Midtable for few years if it meant ditching Raiola permanently
K Chino
K Chino 15 dager siden
Listening to the shown just keeps getting me pissed. I like Pogba and wish he stayed and signed the contract, but going in on SAF really hit me hard. He has to go because of his agent
tango afc
tango afc 15 dager siden
28:25 😢😢😢😢
Raj shah
Raj shah 15 dager siden
I like goldbridge but he non stop goes on about the board and transfers..sometimes its about improving players you have.. Leicester, Brighton both play better football with less budget
Tim M
Tim M 15 dager siden
I think it’s just a generational thing. Mark comes from a generation where people were more fans of the club than certain players. Now it’s shifting to a time where people are more fans of certain players than clubs. The NBA and NFL are already that way and now Soccer is almost there. I understand the frustrations but the change is happening regardless. This is coming from a guy in the US so I would love to hear how people see it in England and other places.
Sylvia Nikolette
Sylvia Nikolette 15 dager siden
The ratty ash morally dust because memory socioeconomically train excluding a loud kiss. oafish, elite boy
Stephen 15 dager siden
Everything bad in football comes from none english people the fa agents and players have ruined football.. roll on 2024 when they all need a permit..
George Korres
George Korres 15 dager siden
Mark answers his own question about Raiola at 25:20, proving that the Italian is right.
Haziq 15 dager siden
Remember the name... Mino Raoila
Matt B
Matt B 15 dager siden
This needs to stop happening, people only care once you’re gone
maduagwu precious
maduagwu precious 15 dager siden
Please follow on ig @chopinxin
barry white
barry white 15 dager siden
this guy thinks city retired cause he wasnt offered a new contract lol. he was talking about retiring two years ago.
John Singh
John Singh 15 dager siden
Footballers have no loyalty either.
Lee Ronnie
Lee Ronnie 15 dager siden
Problem is football is becoming like basketball, Young people support the players now not the teams
Michael Webb
Michael Webb 15 dager siden
the way he talks is like he owns pogba i mean who works for who
Cthulhu 67
Cthulhu 67 15 dager siden
Mino works for satan
Reza Razak
Reza Razak 15 dager siden
nice tribute there Mark.
Frank Zhai
Frank Zhai 15 dager siden
Chris Wood
Chris Wood 15 dager siden
The only way to be not bothered by Riola is to sell pogba and never sign his players again, simple. I personally think he’s coming out with these comments because clubs are pushing back and refusing to work with him
SIR ALEX FERGUSON 15 dager siden
Mr Brightside
Mr Brightside 15 dager siden
Let's be honest United should be going for kane, hes the shearer we missed out on, united under gill before the parasites would be going for players like kane we was also quality over quantity now were the opposite! Maguire & linderof, mcfred 😭😭
Kevzinoo 15 dager siden
Rest in peace Claude 🙏🏼😟
chrsalg 15 dager siden
Football agents are the scourge of football in the modern day era
MK 15 dager siden
When will you address harry maguire?
w1nky77 15 dager siden
Players employ their agents so they should pay for them, ridiculous that the clubs even get involved in that nonsense.
M.A 15 dager siden
Good man with a Good heart Claude so so sad! Be good to everyone u can make someone’s day just by being kind, U never know the personal battles they face, My condolences.
bruno Fernandez
bruno Fernandez 15 dager siden
What do you say about Jesse lingard? I hope Jesse lingard stay west ham is good for him because i want to see him he play every game
Don Tynan
Don Tynan 15 dager siden
You're right mate, he's got the freedom to express himself at West Ham, he should stay there, good luck to him!!!
Santiago Barrientos
Santiago Barrientos 15 dager siden
Raiola with the Trump tactics: There are clubs interested in Pogba, MANY clubs, the BEST clubs. He is so full of it lol
George Korres
George Korres 15 dager siden
Unfortunately, he's right.
Da Word
Da Word 15 dager siden
Looks like a battle between M City and Chelski for Haaland, God help everybody else, especially us, and anybody who thinks Pogba will sign a new contract and stay is living in Fairyland.
JJ R 15 dager siden
Ask that keeper at United that the club refused to allow to leave, ask him what he thinks of 'agents' and 'clubs'. Didn't the squad even say they were angry at the club? ...and anyway...less $ for the agents/players just means more $ for the Board and owners.
Widge89 C
Widge89 C 15 dager siden
He hasn't even been played in his best position and your moaning now its crunch time hahahaha should've built a team around him in the first place.
Nesh Michaels
Nesh Michaels 15 dager siden
To me Pogba is wrong for allowing his agent, his employee basically talk about the club and our legend/Father like SIR Alex in this way. Very disrespectful, doesn't sit well with me
bruno Fernandez
bruno Fernandez 15 dager siden
I agree Paul pogba he don't go anywhere he stay
Jus Jokes Joshee
Jus Jokes Joshee 15 dager siden
Rest in peace Claude ❤️ no stress and worries now big man.
Rodrick Muvadi
Rodrick Muvadi 15 dager siden
Who does Mino Raiola think he is? This guy just sells people and it should end there, lets have a petition against him, actually he should be arrested for human trafficking
Crypto U.K.
Crypto U.K. 15 dager siden
Mino mino said big V to united and fergie 😂😂😂 he’s gone get pogba out for free united don’t have same pulling power now years away from winning anything important the league or champions league
Dennis 15 dager siden
raiola must give united a discount because sir alex needs to be respected...what a video
rayon nelson
rayon nelson 15 dager siden
If United was winning titles,Riola wouldn't be talking so much
heyheyhe0011 15 dager siden
28:20 Claude news
Sean Patterson
Sean Patterson 15 dager siden
Don’t be sad, Mark!!! Think of the good times. I hate when you’re depressed
Joe Kavanagh
Joe Kavanagh 15 dager siden
Who's Claude?
heli82 15 dager siden
is there a way to get rid of Raiola and put him out of business?
Jamie Adam
Jamie Adam 15 dager siden
I actually wouldnt mind aguero at united even tho he broke my heart in 2012. But he would be good signing. we should go for it, just like we went for cantona who played for leeds. it wont happen tho. i doubt a club legend will ever go to a rival club.
Mohamed Jamaludeen
Mohamed Jamaludeen 15 dager siden
Looking at the United’s current setup, no big time managers, missing out transfer targets and no trophies for 4 years, we are giving Raiola a good chance to talk thrash. No big time players will stay in such a set up. Knowing Pogba he wants trophies and Ole stated trophies are not progress. Clash of expectations
OGTV kaapstad
OGTV kaapstad 15 dager siden
Are there any hitmen out there that loves Manchester united? I've got a job for you.
Des Thomas
Des Thomas 15 dager siden
How much do you need mate? Ready to back you.
Alex Boyd
Alex Boyd 15 dager siden
If Raiola could actually find a club for Pogba that easily he wouldn’t need to be talking the way he does
Michael Rowell
Michael Rowell 15 dager siden
Spot on, Raiola is just looking for a pay cheque, he has no interest in football really.
Dylan Adams
Dylan Adams 15 dager siden
If he could find a club then Pogba wouldn't be here now
Steven clark
Steven clark 15 dager siden
the deal would be done by now if he could
Pete Lally
Pete Lally 15 dager siden
I agree, I doubt any clubs are looking at that injury record and thinking, "yeah, that's worth north of 250k a week".
Dje bu
Dje bu 15 dager siden
Psg and Juventus are in for Pogba
jared gresham
jared gresham 15 dager siden
Riola doesn’t have his clients best interest at heart. If he did, he wouldn’t get in pissing matches with clubs/managers that could jeopardize his clients going there in the future.