Solskjaer's HUGE Mistake! Man Utd Transfer News 

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Man Utd are set to lose David De Gea, Jesse Lingard and Paul Pogba this summer transfer window. Is Solskjaer sacking himself? Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. United Stand Merch collection united-stand.myshopify.com/
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6. april. 2021





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eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 3 dager siden
Ole and our Board at United.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 5 dager siden
Spin into space? There were five defenders around him when he received the ball...
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 6 dager siden
Don’t you think there are to many inexperienced people making important decisions.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 6 dager siden
We're the next Arsenal under wenger's last years ...I'm lucky I've witnessed all those glorious Fergie years and can rest me head easy that dem days ain't comin back...
64mkb 7 dager siden
So if Ole won't play Tuanzebe, Williams or Garner or give them minutes, he should let them go. This manager and the use of his squad... Hmm!!
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 5 dager siden
Mark says ole doesn't know what he's doing yet still backs him ,weird.
Lucky chukwuma
Lucky chukwuma 7 dager siden
Pep rotates Rodri fernandiho gudogan. All three don’t play same time. He also rotates sterling, foden debruyne bernard Silva Mahrez. He rotates mendy zincheko and cancelo walker. He rotates Diaz stone and Laporte. They don’t call any bench players. If it’s your turn to play, and based on opponent and match tactics pep plays you and others will have rest. Man U should copy that. Why can’t Man U keep lingard and rotate the squad..rotates Bruno lingard and van der Beek. It’s about rotation. All players will accept rotation
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 6 dager siden
Cooldre 7 dager siden
Tired of these Lingard comments should have played more, he had his chances an went goaless for a year! Hope he keeps performing so we could get 40-50 mill for him!
Cooldre 6 dager siden
@asioe kiou winning Europa would only go so far, his style of play =(boring) and his management skills with players = rotation and strongest team are other key areas he has to change!
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 6 dager siden
We really need to win the Europa now. 2nd is good but it seems 2nd and many are not happy. Ole needs to win the Europa to shut a lot of ppl up.
halmia 7 dager siden
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 3 dager siden
He has played on the RW to be fair but we need to get rid of him
Thee Unsub.
Thee Unsub. 7 dager siden
I would def offer DDG to PsG or Juve for a swap including Pogba with Dybala and Chiesa/De Ligt! 😈
Rossa4 7 dager siden
Rice in, Matic Out Sancho in, Lingard out Haaland/Kane in, Martial out Deano No1, De Gea out Phil Jones out, Phil Jones OUT!
Rossa4 7 dager siden
I have no real faith in our board. Look how long it took us to sign Bruno. And that was a player who wanted to join us, and a player we badly needed, yet it still dragged on.
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson 7 dager siden
There’s 0 progress for united only personal progress for ole because last time he was in this league he got relegated and now he’s second personal progress
A4RON123 7 dager siden
Lingard has had plenty of opportunities at united. He was in a terrible run of form before eventually getting left out all together. Let’s face it, he’s a good player for a mid table club, but lingard is not the answer to winning the top trophies that united want to
JOHN ASHLEY 8 dager siden
Demz hh
Demz hh 8 dager siden
Find a CDM that can do McFred job, and then lingard can come into the midfield and play alongside Bruno if pogba leaves simple as. If VDB does the job then yes he should go and get a solid winger
Gunahlan Subas
Gunahlan Subas 8 dager siden
Channels' MO = speculate to accumulate
tomrob06 8 dager siden
What mark was on about the dressing room we need a Roy Keane who can control the dressing room whilst showing why he controls it
Jack Steedman
Jack Steedman 8 dager siden
I’d sell Henderson Dalot Pereira Lingard James. You can get Koulibaly and Rice for that
Jack Steedman
Jack Steedman 8 dager siden
He has played on the RW to be fair but we need to get rid of him
mark houston
mark houston 8 dager siden
Mark says ole doesn't know what he's doing yet still backs him ,weird.
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
We really need to win the Europa now. 2nd is good but it seems 2nd and many are not happy. Ole needs to win the Europa to shut a lot of ppl up.
Auntony White
Auntony White 8 dager siden
Mick Moore
Mick Moore 8 dager siden
Leaky Lingz..
Harry McDermott
Harry McDermott 8 dager siden
Did u just say a footballers career is 10 years?
Mark Keating
Mark Keating 8 dager siden
Ole does not no wat he is doing he does not no how to handle the player.s the job is two big for him
James 8 dager siden
Greenwood isn’t developing, he sucks and is way too selfish
James 8 dager siden
Players can’t spin and run into space for your team because you don’t have a striker that makes that possible, Antonio’s run was hat made the space for Lingard
Sean Falvey
Sean Falvey 8 dager siden
Happy birthday Mark
Karl Gray
Karl Gray 8 dager siden
David de gea has just become a dad all he wants to do is to go back to spain and be a family it’s as simple as that, pogba was always gonna go he doesn’t wanna play for united why keep someone that won’t give it all for them
Bijay Malla
Bijay Malla 8 dager siden
When has Solskjaer not made a mistake? In fact Solskjaer himself is a mistake.
Brandon Combes
Brandon Combes 8 dager siden
You know you’ve got too big for your boots when you’re telling people you’re right because you’ve been watching football online for 5 years 😂
Gunahlan Subas
Gunahlan Subas 8 dager siden
that's what happens when you enable a person without understanding their personality...
Nani Nels
Nani Nels 8 dager siden
If Jesse was competing with Scott you would say let’s get him back , but cause his competing with Bruno he must go ? I see you mate
Bleachguy 8 dager siden
one my biggest fears is depth at united not ole fault its board not doing there job 4 competitions to compete in fa cup caraboa CL and prem with a small squad double pivot we have fred matic pogba scott and donny cbs maguire lindelof baily tuanzebe and jones if i was any manager in a prem team wouldnt be worried about that except pogba and donny doesnt strike fear into opponent even say if we get a varane or kounde and a solid dm say next season we have de gea maguire with varane/kounde shaw id nearly go with williams AWB been bad this season then into midfield if pogba is gone and have a dm in with id say donny and bruno rashford martial on wing and mason up front next season is masons chance with all that bench so weak so much united need do about 500mil or more needs be spent on all that srry for long winded message
Bleachguy 8 dager siden
i dont blame pogba for wanting to move but how him and agent have handled it is so bad progress would be winning all our remaining games will put us to 84 points that progress to me
Bleachguy 8 dager siden
for jessie for career he needs move
Janice Barker
Janice Barker 8 dager siden
The problems have come to United since Maguire arrived. DDG is first class and Dean/ Maguire will cost us points.
Janice Barker
Janice Barker 8 dager siden
Maguire needs moving out
Ryan Allen
Ryan Allen 8 dager siden
Who tf is a backup keeper if we sell de gea. Grant? Nope. Romero? Leaving. WHO
Mick Moore
Mick Moore 8 dager siden
I couldn't agree more.
James 8 dager siden
Who cares about a backup keeper, you don’t really need one
David Reed
David Reed 8 dager siden
Solskjaer is the cause of all these problems.
kevani coco
kevani coco 8 dager siden
Lingard should go he might be impressive for West Ham in acounter attacking capacity but if he returns to United and presented with the lower block which we are always faced with he would be clueless like he was before
Fernando Thompson
Fernando Thompson 8 dager siden
Haaland is not that good just saying
Biniamin Surur
Biniamin Surur 8 dager siden
I rekon its lindelof
Adeiye Olomola
Adeiye Olomola 8 dager siden
I want some of y’all to see this and express ur opinion: will lingard be part of the team of the year
Adeiye Olomola
Adeiye Olomola 8 dager siden
Ok cool I didn’t really think as well I meant if he makes the UCL
Mick Moore
Mick Moore 8 dager siden
James 8 dager siden
No, too much competition at his position and more glamorous names, if he keeps playing like he is then he should be ofc but no he won’t be
Nick Panayis
Nick Panayis 8 dager siden
Do u really think that haaland would go to utd if anything city would be a better bet
S L Jones
S L Jones 8 dager siden
We must keep Degea at any cost I wouldn't sell him for 100m. Degea has 10 years left
cedric DCunha
cedric DCunha 8 dager siden
Man U will never sign Haaland !!
Tanvir Rahman
Tanvir Rahman 8 dager siden
This is our only chance. We have to take it. We need DDG. Manchester United needs him to stop what's coming. These are dangerous time. Manu board is out there and hurting fans but we dont know why.
steve black
steve black 8 dager siden
Wish Jesse success but he is doing what many ex utd players do and play well for their new club however he was well past his sell buy date!!!! De gea saved us so many times when we should have got beat!!! Hope he gets a top club next. THANKS DAVID.
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula 8 dager siden
Most fans are happy Jesse is back in form but most also know we gotta sell him, but does Ole and his team feel the same, hell they wanna give Mata a new Deal 😣
FranowaynebyWAF 8 dager siden
We need to sell/put Enderson on lone
Christian Heid
Christian Heid 8 dager siden
Sell Lingard and get a proper right-winger. Sell De Gea and get a decent central defender. Sell Paul Pogba if he doesn't want to be at United and get a top-quality CDM. But with the current ppl in charge of transfers.... KEEP EM ALL :D
YemzLoso TV
YemzLoso TV 8 dager siden
Pogba will play for Ole but deep down he knows Utd ain’t winning no major titles with him and that’s why he ain’t signing no contract.
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 8 dager siden
How can we've made progress when a player that has been here for 5 years who has been under Jose and ole and that player hasn't seen any progression, why do fans see "clear" progression
PaulRoscoe11 8 dager siden
The thing with lingard is he stopped playing well like that for us years ago and he would play like that once or twice a season
Giorgio B
Giorgio B 8 dager siden
A year's worth of coaching from Ole's staff and Greenwood's LESS effective.
Nezzaro David
Nezzaro David 8 dager siden
haaland is OVER HYPED. He is not even as good as Antonio and Calvert Lewin. Haaland will struggle in the premier league. And UNITED SHOULD STAY FROM RAIOLA. Lingard will flop back once he is back at UNITED. United should get GREALISH Calvert Lewin and Declan Rice. These are the players united should get.
Slabicus Headicus
Slabicus Headicus 8 dager siden
I don’t care if Jesse wins the ballon d’or this year, he needs to go. He never has an impact at united in the time period like he’s had at west ham which proves he was either too comfortable at united or he couldn’t ultimately handle the pressure.
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 8 dager siden
Mark Dan james is only good when he has space but yet we keep him, jesse for west ham play on the wing and sometimes No. 10, if jesse isn't good enough then surely Dan James ain't good enough, and even when James has space he still makes stupid decisions and his final ball is horrendous
Edward Wanjala
Edward Wanjala 8 dager siden
As long as OGS remains along with his entire the coaching unit the football will always be sluggish, predictable and blunt - SIMPLE! If the club is loosing pkayers, the coaching staff should also get lost!
abdi libaax
abdi libaax 8 dager siden
What mistake? that's what happens when you no longer play for a P.E teacher
John Daly
John Daly 8 dager siden
Pogba and de gea were both on the pitch that last game of the season......goldbridge one minute says dont have division next min he has all this lot talking about snakes and slagging players off
BK 201
BK 201 8 dager siden
Srsly if anyone pays that 150m for Haaland, Id consider them actively stupid.
tutall bridgeboy
tutall bridgeboy 8 dager siden
Obviously its d coaching. Look at a simple example. Our defense. We concede so much from zonal marking. But we continue to do it. Y ole hasn't addressed it? These simple n little things shows a greater incompetence from ole and the other coaches.
LadFM 2020
LadFM 2020 8 dager siden
that 2nd season for mourinho where we managed to get 2nd was progression from the 6th place we got the season before, there's progression this season. more goals, more points, 10 points ahead of last season at this point.
D F 8 dager siden
watching lingard yesterday ,you gotta wonder about ole,s managerial skills
Ferenc Fajkusz
Ferenc Fajkusz 8 dager siden
Lingard's good form is win-win for everyone. He gets to play and hopefully we won't ever have to see him in United shirt again.
jorge masvidal
jorge masvidal 8 dager siden
How much is sancho worth now?
Terry Smith
Terry Smith 8 dager siden
We don't need to sign haaland, let's build a squad Frist right winger, centre back and cdm should be signed, then a striker lots of strikers about alot cheeper than haaland who can do a good job.
Murathime 8 dager siden
I can't blame ole for lingerds performance we ware crying for number 10 because he was horrible for us ,sell him
TheWallethead 8 dager siden
Lingard is a better footballer than Bruno Fernandes.
Mohamed Hassan
Mohamed Hassan 8 dager siden
Mark uses the word 'generational' way too much.
Darren Field
Darren Field 8 dager siden
The players you say you’d have to remove are the same ones that threw Mourinho under the bus ie Pogba Rashford Martial Lingard.. not first teamers as Goldbridge says 😂😂😂 even Lukaku knew who these toxic twats are.
Oddy Pele
Oddy Pele 8 dager siden
CDM - Yves Bissouma CM - Marcel Sabitzer RW - Pedro Neto RB - Silas Wamangituka Get these players and become serious title challengers.
Dennis North
Dennis North 8 dager siden
best thing for Jessie is to go and have games because he`s a number 10 and will have no games as in the Past!! we`re not going to get Haaland and Pogba is going also get your heads together and all Press crapp is boring good Centerback and Right back is all we need and get rid of Linedlof use Mc Tom as Box to box and get VDB in with Fernandes
TheDonStark 18
TheDonStark 18 8 dager siden
Me: slept off while watching youtube Nobody: Bluetooth speaker at 3am: Hello Everybody good morning and welcome to the United stand
Taizya Michael Tembo
Taizya Michael Tembo 8 dager siden
I’d sell Dean Henderson if I had to. De Gea is absolute class. Deserves to retire at United. And is currently the longest standing first team player at the club
Steve Hodgson
Steve Hodgson 8 dager siden
But who starts the bullshit cos mainly it’s the fans add to that the Chinese whispers and Man Utd are bringing in haaland ronaldo messi lol
AzYouWere 8 dager siden
I beleive Bruno is showing on the pitch his frustration, arguing etc, I think he see's ineptness around him and its starting to show. He will be gone soon following pogba due to the boards lack of ambition and the coaching set up. Haland would be a waste as we don't create chances period
Gary McCormack
Gary McCormack 8 dager siden
Lingard should leave, I’m so happy for him!
Stephen 8 dager siden
Ok so if these so called world class players we have Bruno pogba rashford if these players aren’t getting the ball quick enough why aren’t they saying anything it’s the players not ole these players are getting paid so much they just don’t care anymore Bruno is an exception he cares but if we’re not playing the right football for the players speak to your boss like we do at work! Have some balls be united players don’t just show up and do nothing. Pogba needs to leave no matter what big headed send him to Spain with de gea.
Paulo Ramírez
Paulo Ramírez 8 dager siden
In a couple years max. There will be a new manager and I bet he will want another goalkeeper. Getting De Gea out of the club, is a mistake.
Gwyn Morris
Gwyn Morris 8 dager siden
We are 2nd in the league by luck, we are not the 2nd best team in the league, we are in a false position. Ole should not be manager fact, look at the garbage we are seeing week in and week out.
Stephen 8 dager siden
Denzle Dumfries is a rb an cb young to very good player or lazzari rb an rw both less than 40 million or a real shot in the dark lucenbonette
Abdel Chowdhury
Abdel Chowdhury 8 dager siden
If Ole wants Haaland, it will just show again that he's only thinking short-term... Even if we manage to get him, Raiola will want him to move in 2-3 years... Look how he handled Ibrahimovic
Robbo I26I
Robbo I26I 8 dager siden
United the best club financially for the sumemr window is not true , Liverpools owners have just sold shares of the club to redbird Corporation for 580 million which has been put straight into thr club with Liverpool being the only club in the premier league to be operating this summer debt free after the financial input by Redbird
Bongani Chibi
Bongani Chibi 8 dager siden
I want ole's voodoo supplier. Its beyond luck that he's still the manager of my club. Wake me up in Christmas when this nightmare is over Thanks you lot
GEORGE ROE 8 dager siden
GEORGE ROE 8 dager siden
Claudious Bushaija
Claudious Bushaija 8 dager siden
I personally think that Pogba should be left if he is not ready to renew his contract.
alvitofernandes graciano
players can't give their best because of Ole coaching and and there is no pattern or shape for the team under Ole he just happens to be Lucky
Ideozu Blake
Ideozu Blake 8 dager siden
Ole is Lowkey killing our squad players
R B 8 dager siden
The mole is Lee Grant!
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 8 dager siden
it could be Woodward who may be leaking the information for all we know.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 8 dager siden
Our Board will not give DDG a pay off.. if Woodward was smart he would sell Henderson and take in about 40 million , sell Jessie to West Ham and buy a player like Rice.
Kishan Rai
Kishan Rai 8 dager siden
Ole simply doesn't have the personality to manage manutd
Sanket Kumar
Sanket Kumar 8 dager siden
The United stand runs on blaming Ole for everything. If we lose "ole not good enough" and what not and if we win they come up with this.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 8 dager siden
I remember when we lost to Cardiff too. i think this has to do more with our coaching and training at United.
Nikky Blammon
Nikky Blammon 8 dager siden
Dead right bro forget knowone can win the league with this squad ole out he’s not even an average manager 😁👊🏽
thethreelions3 8 dager siden
Garner to Brighton on loan and we take Bissouma for 35m, great deal for both clubs imo
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 8 dager siden
Jessi and James are very similar they both need space to operate in a open space to contribute to scoring goals...
Mark Gallagher
Mark Gallagher 8 dager siden
Blame the coaching staff at Utd..how many players have improved since leaving 😂😂