DE GEA Transfer Listed! DEMBELE 2nd Transfer Bid! Man Utd Transfer News 

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Man Utd put David De Gea on the Summer transfer list according to reports and make another move for Ousmane Dembele. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand.
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4. april. 2021





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seeni gzty
seeni gzty 7 dager siden
I’m sorry, but I’ve seen enough to show me that Henderson isn’t good enough to replace De Gea yet 😭
smruthi sharma
smruthi sharma 8 dager siden
I strongly disagree with you on Mata, Put him in a Pep's team or Barca, he would thrive... Our Midfield doesn't have that kinda quality apart from Bruno and Pogba...
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 7 dager siden
de gea 🐐
The legendary Sport: Football
This club is falling apart since Sir Alex Ferguson left
Paul Beadle
Paul Beadle 8 dager siden
If you are a true supporter of United go to Webby and O'Neil a new proper United channel with Scholes etc on there
Paradox 8 dager siden
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 8 dager siden
We have to feel for de gea he put in the work when we need him most carried this team to places and now he is being disrespected. Such a shame
Emily Knighton
Emily Knighton 9 dager siden
I feel sorry for Romero. He was originally used for cup matches however if ever we were ever in the semi final, de gea would step in.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 8 dager siden
maguire is a useless fridge tat is full of himself needs to be out of the club
Noahxking91 9 dager siden
We are making the same mistakes we did to on Lukaku....what a joke club forcing a good ad world class goalkeeper over nobody...
LEMO LEKOBE 9 dager siden
I think we have the wrong captain
Rashid Meyers
Rashid Meyers 9 dager siden
So a huge saying that Manchester United fans can say bad things about the players of other teams BUT NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT AMN UNITED PLAYERS,OTHER THAN MAN UNITED FANS THEMSELVES. THAT. IS BULL
Razorb Entertainment
Razorb Entertainment 9 dager siden
So are you saying you would not have had RVP who was the difference between winning the prem and not???
Jack Mansell
Jack Mansell 9 dager siden
To be fair on Mata, he's missed a large part of this season due to personal reasons, which I'm guessing was actually to do with his mum's illness. Can't have a go at him for that.
PixelStacker 9 dager siden
I'm Standing up for Daivd De Gea what about with Remero absolutely
Isaiah Gere
Isaiah Gere 9 dager siden
So maguire is a white supremacist? 🤣🤣😂
50 9 dager siden
henderson is pants compared to David
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones 9 dager siden
Both goalkeepers fail to fill me with confidence. They both lack stature.
DBX 9 dager siden
Anyone that is influenced by the media is a sheep, end of. Ones influence is only as strong as you allow it to be!
Theophilus malepeng
Theophilus malepeng 9 dager siden
De Gea Fc 🤣🤣 lol I prefer Henderson. I just feel we need to offload De Gea's wages. But I have nothing against him, shoe string budget fc needs every cent to build a squad.
CHRIS14 9 dager siden
Give de gea the respect he deserves
CHRIS14 9 dager siden
de gea 🐐
Wuming Kelvin
Wuming Kelvin 9 dager siden
maguire is a useless fridge tat is full of himself needs to be out of the club
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 10 dager siden
We have to feel for de gea he put in the work when we need him most carried this team to places and now he is being disrespected. Such a shame
A K Silamuddin
A K Silamuddin 10 dager siden
What a player Mata One of the clubs top top player
Mr Ringway
Mr Ringway 10 dager siden
Perhaps De Gea has had enough of being away from his girlfriend and has had enough of the Manchester weather and can't see Ole winning much at all. Is it any surprise the lad might want to go?
Mr Ringway
Mr Ringway 10 dager siden
City let Aguero go. We keep Mata. Enough said.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 10 dager siden
Is this guy from Manchester? Or even the North of England? Nothing to do with you mate . Ho back down south
Pancrie Grech
Pancrie Grech 10 dager siden
David daGea is the only Man Utd player that won the premier league . No other player i the squad that can say that
Gary McCormack
Gary McCormack 10 dager siden
Farcical - frustratingly predictable.
Nicholas mbuga
Nicholas mbuga 10 dager siden
De Gea is not good enough. Goldbridge move on, the decision is already made
uu lil
uu lil 10 dager siden
Dean also is not enough to near De Gea LOL
Ivan Mišković
Ivan Mišković 10 dager siden
United is stupid if they sell de gea easly our best goalkeeper dont even @ me.
Ollie Kelly
Ollie Kelly 10 dager siden
I was always standing up to our boys but the only people I don't stand up to is Ed Woodward and the Glazers.
prosper ikpah
prosper ikpah 10 dager siden
Okay, how about loan Dean Henderson to a good club so that when De Gea is retiring or leaving, we won't be losing out at a crucial time?
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez 10 dager siden
It's disgraceful how at the same time Man United is starting their anti-Racism campaign, they allow all this media hate towards their foreign players. Utterly disgraceful !!! I've seen the media blatantly admit their bias towards Henderson because he's English. How can Man United let this continue to happen? If I was Ole I would either kick these journalists out of the press conferences or just walk out myself !!!
Wah Bhatti
Wah Bhatti 10 dager siden
Pogba contract with UTD is up so we can offer him 100k a week if he wants to stay or get rid
mak cine
mak cine 10 dager siden
maguire needs to go back to the championship
stone_cold_creemy_creme . com
Ole out I've had enough he doesn't understand simple decisions like mcfed, lindelof and Maguire ect hes inconsistent he has too many favourites and now he's getting rid of a club legend
oscar oscar
oscar oscar 10 dager siden
Thanks God De Gea is out he is past his prime hurray he's out. You know nothing about football mr Goldbridge do you?
Trickybuz 10 dager siden
Can’t wait for a Henderson to be exposed as someone who’s not as good as everyone thinks he is
henry kwidini
henry kwidini 10 dager siden
We should be talking of signing the likes of hakan calhanoglu on a free and not renewing Mata's contract
ayo aye
ayo aye 10 dager siden
great an overrated English goalie, just because we can't handle DDG'S wages
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 10 dager siden
Is this guy from Manchester? Or even the North of England? Nothing to do with you mate . Ho back down south
gwl78 10 dager siden
De gea is not a top 10 keeper in world football.
gwl78 10 dager siden
Keeping mata lol.
Ela Speaks
Ela Speaks 10 dager siden
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TYPICAL CITY 10 dager siden
Evora 10 dager siden
Attempt to sign Dembele is wrong. Our treatment of Van de Beek is wrong. Our treatment of De Gea is wrong. Please do something that is right
Luckson bvute
Luckson bvute 10 dager siden
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
Mata and Matic ... are done really ... Hannibal and Garner should come in ...
Benjamin Kadima
Benjamin Kadima 10 dager siden
Barcelona begged Messi I see no issue with begging Pogba obviously he isn't as good as Messi bt he is good enough
Paulie Worthington
Paulie Worthington 10 dager siden
The way I look at it is, DDG is on 375k a week, fair enough he's good but Henderson can grow aswell and only cost 150k a week, we probably do need to let DDG go but do it fairly and don't disrespect him, there's so many wages that need to be cut or get rid of, there's no point keeping DDG if we don't win a trophy in the next couple of years, why continue to pay stupid wages, I don't even think mbappe gets the same wages as DDG, it's ridiculous.. I'd let both him go and pogba and bring in some fresh talent that don't want scandalous wages
andy 10 dager siden
25:06 what was that ? lmao
Alpha Bravo
Alpha Bravo 10 dager siden
United fans are proper dreamers 🤣🤣🤣
Michael Kung
Michael Kung 10 dager siden
Change the management and things should improve
Baher Moualla
Baher Moualla 10 dager siden
Discouraging massage, I am missing words , because it really annoying to hear what people are saying about my club,
Baher Moualla
Baher Moualla 10 dager siden
If we keep Mata this will send very discouraging to fans and younger players,
Reshean Kwabena
Reshean Kwabena 10 dager siden
Did he call dambulance instead of dembele hahaha
Baher Moualla
Baher Moualla 10 dager siden
The club has no option but selling Henderson, no one can afford David
Baher Moualla
Baher Moualla 10 dager siden
We need to buy Ed a calculator, he is good in getting more deals, but he is bad when it comes to calculating players salaries
Baher Moualla
Baher Moualla 10 dager siden
Who cares what is the media is saying. What matters is what is happening behind closed doors,
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula 10 dager siden
Gotta admit our owners are the worst and dumbest. Keep Mata, to do what exactly? man dem doesn't play, If we are gonna sell DDG let's do it with some respect please, he is an icon at the club and should be treated as such.
Fearghall Dubhghaill
Fearghall Dubhghaill 10 dager siden
The media and ex players, at fault
Addy 10 dager siden
‘When city were founded in 2008’ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
WarConquest DeathFamine
If de gea goes I'm going..
S H 10 dager siden
JamesG78 United
JamesG78 United 10 dager siden
Our great club is run by muppets, absolute disgrace..I’m just glad I got to experience & live during this great club best of times because it's going to be a long time before it happens again 😢
S H 10 dager siden
Remember when he wanted to leave us? The Club obviously has not forgotten or forgiven him!
Asif m
Asif m 10 dager siden
This season no different to one under Jose..he at least won the euro Cup Utd have not.moved an inch forward..transfer policy a failure..looking for cheaper deal.or free transfers..defenders useless..why should bruno and pogba play for this team??
Tee Josh
Tee Josh 10 dager siden
I don't think Dembele is a player that we need. He is not a good player.
David Reed
David Reed 10 dager siden
This is all down to Solskjaer
Craig Warby
Craig Warby 10 dager siden
In Goalkeeping years, DDG is in his prime. There’s no reason why we can’t both, with Henderson as our cup GK. Henderson has played well but not enough to oust DDG from the club permanently.
Saurabh Mhapsekar
Saurabh Mhapsekar 10 dager siden
Neither of them is going to accept this. Whoever is Cup will demand to leave, there has to be a decision in summer. I don’t see us letting England’s future GK go and especially don’t see us letting Dean play against us in PL
bountylad 10 dager siden
Love DDG but that fat kat salary that he is on places a bullseye on his back during a time when funds are time. No way we should have given DDG a £350k a week contract
DK Elli
DK Elli 10 dager siden
De Gea deserves better treatment.
Mike Enemy
Mike Enemy 10 dager siden
I've never seen a top club as badly run as ours! It's a joke
Matt B
Matt B 10 dager siden
You say you don’t like our players being targeted but all you do is target Maguire, McTomminay Fred etc every mistake they make. Then to defend yourself you say “I’ve always said Maguire was good he just needs a better partner” or “McTomminay is better without Fred” when they do something good regardless of who they’re playing next to. You can’t have it both ways!
Sidney Potter
Sidney Potter 10 dager siden
David de gea is a loyal legend of the club and is better than Henderson. If David de gea goes, it will be a mistake.
sjw genius
sjw genius 10 dager siden
I mean how can you blame the media for going after Giggs? What Giggs done is absolutely horrible and appalling as a human being and deserves every criticism from the media
Gaza Kid
Gaza Kid 10 dager siden
If I was David I would leave too much hate
Alex Guerin
Alex Guerin 10 dager siden
"de gea is being forced out of the club, that doesn't mean he's tranfser listed" the title literally says "DAVID DE GEA TRANSFER LISTED" you suck.
Football Shorts
Football Shorts 10 dager siden
Dont sell de gea
Nemboy 10 dager siden
If leaving United is De gea's decision, then so be it. Otherwise, forcing him out is just wrong
Uyo Ufuoma
Uyo Ufuoma 10 dager siden
I see nothing wrong with give Mata a new deal because a club that cab give ole a new deal have no idea about football they will give a deal to anyone
Anthony 10 dager siden
If DDG wasn't such a coward he'd be a great keeper. He doesn't come off his line...he's not strong enough...he doesn't throw himself into challenges etc.
Ted Lawyer
Ted Lawyer 10 dager siden
I prefer we sell Dean Henderson.
Olivia Anku-Tsede
Olivia Anku-Tsede 10 dager siden
Justice for de gea. He's our legend
Herakles Eros
Herakles Eros 10 dager siden
DDG is a club legend and there’s no question
Rookie Mboo
Rookie Mboo 10 dager siden
Ole proving his loyalty again 😄
Khabib cherrypicking weight bully
Olly wholly
Mark O
Mark O 10 dager siden
Dont come to United if you want to be respected. Here we do everyone dirty. Ran by fools
Uyo Ufuoma
Uyo Ufuoma 10 dager siden
Why are you ranting about the two gk your pH teacher wanted both of them and yet you want them to give him a new Contract
Mohamed Alaa
Mohamed Alaa 10 dager siden
Watch how Mata gets in the squad tonight
Brennan 10 dager siden
Where is the fucking loyalty nowadays
Jimmy Lai
Jimmy Lai 10 dager siden
DDG was very great for UTD when our back four were not good enough. If Utd are looking to strengthen the defense, they are letting DDG go because of his pay. I can accept it as long as they bring in a top central defender to reinforce the defense. Mata has business in Manchester and will accept not to have his wages be increased. He will stay there as an agent to attract other spanish speaking players. That's strategic and business.
Cal Clark
Cal Clark 10 dager siden
Big Dave can’t leave.... it just can’t happen 😢
A J 10 dager siden
1:35 says it all...for me. So much respect for this video post! Media does some good things, for sports obviously..but I think this criticism is 100% accurate.
A J 10 dager siden
W. T. F. is what I have to say
Bias One
Bias One 10 dager siden
stop trying to keep your retro club relevant by attaching your stale name to clubs that are actually properly run. no city haven't spent a day lookin at your club, other than as an example of what never to become. city have modeled themselves on barcelona, half their setup is old barca personel, the academy model that's la masia all day. your an ill informed old man living in the past.
Andy Murdoch
Andy Murdoch 10 dager siden
Is there ever any good news coming out of this club? The whole set up is a disaster and we are meant to be one of the biggest clubs in the world.
denis omahoney
denis omahoney 10 dager siden
Our club is so badly run by idiots and clowns I’m stunned our once great club is finished so the fans need to show their displeasure by using their feet and getting rid of the Glazers and wankwood ...😡😡😡
Bryan Ng Dawei
Bryan Ng Dawei 10 dager siden
Well the media always pushes English players as if they are the cream of the crop, and foreign players are always either ignored or talked down if they either have a bad game or makes a tiny mistake.
kevin curry
kevin curry 10 dager siden
Brexit has made it worse . Many top players will certainly not want play in England with the poison that English nationalism is now creating even in football
Peezebeuponyou 10 dager siden
Still our best keeper- forced out so the Glazers can cash in.
kevin curry
kevin curry 10 dager siden
Forced out so that the three brexiteers can pick another totally overrated player in Henderson
Andy Murdoch
Andy Murdoch 10 dager siden
City get rid of Aguero and we give Mata another contract. The clowns in charge of this club couldn't run a raffle.
Gaz Gaz
Gaz Gaz 10 dager siden
Unless David wants to go back to live in Spain with his family I don't think he should leave.
javanie thompson
javanie thompson 10 dager siden
Just feel so sorry for David de gea
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