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Man Utd to keep Paul Pogba? Erling Haaland transfer to United? How much does Solskjaer have to spend. Sky Sports Man Utd reporter James Cooper gives us all the latest Man Utd Transfer News. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here bit.ly/1CmczHm
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29. mars. 2021





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Regan NIcholas
Regan NIcholas 2 dager siden
James copper is absolutely right united will not be spending big in the summer but I think if we box clever we will be wicked!!
AnnoyingAshley 3 dager siden
Just amazing the flow and proper points and options you don't get anywhere else and we need more of plus flex is top 👌👍🔥
Ugyen Lhendup
Ugyen Lhendup 5 dager siden
We have garner for cdm next season. He is proving himself right now at Nottingham. Excited to see him behing pogba n bruno next season.
Andrew Bennett
Andrew Bennett 7 dager siden
Awesome stuff. Thanks.
Velai386 Repai469
Velai386 Repai469 7 dager siden
The disgusted chime preliminarily jam because desert periodically stretch without a capable name. spotted, bright hill
Rio Shaves
Rio Shaves 9 dager siden
What's the point of interviewing "journalists" who rely on conjecture and guesses instead of actual sources?
Tore Sollund
Tore Sollund 11 dager siden
20 goals after 14 games of course.
Tore Sollund
Tore Sollund 11 dager siden
Håland had been somting . But he can choose where he want to play. I’ ve seen a lot of games he’s playd. Incredibly good. Who has 20 goals in 14 games on only 20 games.
John Anderson
John Anderson 12 dager siden
flex is a star.
RAWAY 12 dager siden
This guy is surely trolling. Get off Martials ass you wasteman. He's better than most we have, he is not the problem in Man Utd you troll.
RAWAY 12 dager siden
Flex, do not drop your spirit and do not agree with this doep head. You know Martial isn't an issue, and he is needed in this team.
Jesse Collins
Jesse Collins 13 dager siden
Utd is like a sports car with out the wheels,the most important thing they need to get going just do seem to buy it when its so obvious what's needed...
Carl Keelee
Carl Keelee 14 dager siden
You can't trust Bailly to be brave?!? Can you trust the world is turning, bruv?
ronnie barker
ronnie barker 14 dager siden
40million ed would snatch his hand off
Robert Muliro
Robert Muliro 14 dager siden
We need a proper CDM & a CB to free up our forward lads
Matt Powell
Matt Powell 14 dager siden
Quality discussion lads 👌...
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
Nice... eloquent and insightful interview ...
Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri 15 dager siden
Martial is a confidence player. When he's low in confidence he's terrible.
10rockyman 15 dager siden
Martial is pure shite. Sulks, lazy and dis-interested and on a couple hundred grand a week. This fella is everything thats wrong with the modern pampered premiership player....... get rid quick if there are any takers.....
Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri 15 dager siden
Does anyone think that Dalot is better than Max Aaron's?
Shahnawaz Khan
Shahnawaz Khan 15 dager siden
If we are skint then why are we paying dividends to those leeches
Carl Pitter
Carl Pitter 15 dager siden
Agent Cooper in full affect!! Sancho is the best right winger in the world!!! Always covering up for these blood sucking GLAZERS!!!
Geoff Austin
Geoff Austin 15 dager siden
Absolute fantastic hour of informative and intelligent debate. Yes Flex holds and directs it so well
rob davies
rob davies 15 dager siden
If he knows anything he ain’t going to say
Robin Birgerson
Robin Birgerson 15 dager siden
These two really make a fantastic duo
Monro 15 dager siden
Mark is definitely the best solo frontman, but Flex is without question the best at interviews and leading group chats. Very relaxed, great questions, and genuinely listens to his guests' answers which he then uses to navigate the interview. Really professional top work. Very entertaining.
rayyan syed
rayyan syed 15 dager siden
Gotta give some respect to James cooper, what a lad. The Humour, information
simbarashe chinowaita
simbarashe chinowaita 15 dager siden
united is coming back from broke era they never showed it.
Dave Robbo
Dave Robbo 15 dager siden
Great interview 👌🏻👌🏻
Ibroma1 15 dager siden
Lol 30 mill for Martial?
Reel Tork
Reel Tork 15 dager siden
I do like james cooper but how can he say he cant talk about mcguire but can say fred cost 50million? So so baised towards english players.
Lovejoy 15 dager siden
James Pooper
The_Peoples_Champ 15 dager siden
Great interview as always but hated everything I heard 😂😂 we're definitely in for another bullshit summer!!!
Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson 15 dager siden
Brilliant interview!! Wise words at the end!
Dhruv Dave
Dhruv Dave 15 dager siden
PLease Conte , buy Harry Maguire off us.
Omar K
Omar K 15 dager siden
This is FLEX taking over the United stand when Mark retires.
Janice Barker
Janice Barker 15 dager siden
Great show Flex
macattack1986 15 dager siden
Ignore the pandemic, we had summers where our net spend was low even before just now they have an excuse.
macattack1986 15 dager siden
I doubt there will be any stella stellar signings let alone one.
Fisayo Run
Fisayo Run 15 dager siden
Next season to become less Bruno dependent we have to play 4-3-3. A 6, an 8 and Bruno as either an 8 or 10. Playing McFred, McMatic or Fratic as two 6’s in a 4-2-3-1 is just too defensive and not creative because of their limited passing and limited skill in the ball. A Bissouma and Soumare would be ideal alongside Bruno in a 4-3-3 if Pogba leaves.
Alaric 15 dager siden
Great interview once again flex 👊🏽 But why was James able to speak so freely about martial but not about maguire it’s like he had to stop himself from saying what he really thought 🤦🏽‍♂️🤔
Dirty Flo
Dirty Flo 16 dager siden
LOL everything was spot on except the Donny convo....hes way way way better than McFred. Our biggest concern and where we lack creativity/game control/chances created/passing forward is in our midfield mate....and having Donny in that midfield will fix all of that with pogba and with Bruno just in front.
Micah Niemeier
Micah Niemeier 16 dager siden
flex rocking that all saints hoodie 🔥🔥🔥
Anthony 16 dager siden
English biased opinions 🤦🏾‍♂️
GeeOff Rooster
GeeOff Rooster 16 dager siden
James cooper is my sort of guy 👌
AzzyJB1001 16 dager siden
Flex my man. You are getting better or rather better is understatement. Marvellous interview loves every minute. James Cooper is the best out there after Henry Winter for me.
Rajahni Elliott
Rajahni Elliott 16 dager siden
Harland, Varane, rice
Hamish Nembhard
Hamish Nembhard 16 dager siden
Frank Kessie to you United
Hamish Nembhard
Hamish Nembhard 16 dager siden
What do you think about Garner as a CDM?
Cole T
Cole T 16 dager siden
Flex, martial for dembele? Both French as well but another rw and would then make sense to buy another striker
charlesS 16 dager siden
Forget Sancho he has not got the strong mentality got upset he did not get utd move and his form dips weak get Wilfred zaha who is now at his prime age and knows the premier League and is good enough
Girish Nair
Girish Nair 16 dager siden
How can you say that Sancho isn’t the player he used to be. Given he had a poor start to the season given the transfer collapse to United. But have you even seen him play lately? The assists for Haaland? He creates SO MUCH for Dortmund. Definitely my must sign player before next season. On Martial, yes he could be better. But how many chances to we create for our strikers? If you are going to come up with a statement. Back it up with some facts, please.
Girish Nair
Girish Nair 16 dager siden
James obviously stays very close to United. The more I listen to this interview, the more sick I feel. It is obvious that there are major issues at the club from a recruitment standpoint. Further to that, the fact that the coaches rate high energy, high work rate than intelligent play (or Pogba, Donny and Martial) says a lot about the coaching at the club and where our aspirations are at. We are going to be the new Arsenal at this rate!
RIKO 16 dager siden
I agree. Martial has become a problem this year..
charlesS 16 dager siden
Bullshit pogba staying he would have signed new contract by now if he is staying
Charles Flynn
Charles Flynn 16 dager siden
I wouldn’t sell Martial. If we fix the midfield then we will see Martial doing in it day in day out.
gareth coney
gareth coney 16 dager siden
flex did you just say greenwood is young?????? is halaand not young???????
Sam Clark
Sam Clark 16 dager siden
Swap martial or sell him he’s had he’s time an it’s not worked out to get bsvk to the top we need to be ruthless
Pat Bhukkanasut
Pat Bhukkanasut 16 dager siden
Another disappointing transfer window incoming, and Ole is gone by Xmas. Excellent show, questions and comments Flex and James. Drowning my sorrow will be a thing, next season again.
Caleb Cole
Caleb Cole 16 dager siden
video was so good I watched the ad at the end
Caleb Cole
Caleb Cole 16 dager siden
excellent interview. Flex is that guy
Richard Ting
Richard Ting 16 dager siden
the truth is Haaland don't trust Ole even if he knows him personally simple as that. Not good enough
IT Bro
IT Bro 16 dager siden
I wanted to listen for a few minutes, but it was such a good chat I completed it. Great opinions, very interesting.
ant 2419
ant 2419 16 dager siden
I think we need to change the way we do transfer business. In my opinion if we have less then 100 every year then I believe we should buy all young, talented individuals. Get the best rated teenagers and pray they become stars. Glazers don't mind paying weekly wages but they don't like spending transfer fees. If any of the teens become another Ronaldo then mission accomplished.
Giuliano Di Murro
Giuliano Di Murro 16 dager siden
The goals Martial scores look back and watch them !!! Only Tony could.score them !!! He had a bad season !! His technical ability is just under pogba level !! Martial will bounce back !! He is one player that needs people in the stadium more than some other players !! Leave off Tony !! Some other players need the chop!!!!
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson 16 dager siden
James Cooper you say box clever we can't even box.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 16 dager siden
Weird how he OPENLY criticised Bailley who happens to be our BEST defender but BLATANTLY said he can't criticise Mcguire🤔. This guy is DODGY, don't know why Flex never put him straight😡???!!!
cris alvarez
cris alvarez 16 dager siden
the next year is the anniversary for the last premier league have won manchester united.
Christos Joseph
Christos Joseph 16 dager siden
If donny was brought in case of Pogba leaving why isn’t he playing in the positions Pogba plays. Why not ask that question?
Bucky MacClusky
Bucky MacClusky 16 dager siden
Hes a bit out of touch about sancho and martial tho
Christos Joseph
Christos Joseph 16 dager siden
Christos Joseph
Christos Joseph 16 dager siden
Getting the best out of Pogba he’s playing him on the wing!!!
Andy Manser
Andy Manser 16 dager siden
Flex good presenter
Christos Joseph
Christos Joseph 16 dager siden
So basically we are looking for one centre back
Christos Joseph
Christos Joseph 16 dager siden
Box clever here we go
Christos Joseph
Christos Joseph 16 dager siden
Progress what progress?
harry sivri
harry sivri 16 dager siden
Aguero confirmed leaving Man city end of season which basically means Man city will go all in for Haaland and we won't be able to compete with it. which means city will dominate english football for the forseeable.
harry sivri
harry sivri 16 dager siden
@Joseph Dabo stop lol
Joseph Dabo
Joseph Dabo 16 dager siden
we should get aguero if cavani leaves
David Tran
David Tran 16 dager siden
Love the show and guest speakers that come on from time to time.
Christos Joseph
Christos Joseph 16 dager siden
What I don’t understand is why this guy doesn’t ask the manager why he doesn’t play the united way or why since he was a super sub why he doesn’t trust his subs instead of just telling us these things on here?
Irfan Khan
Irfan Khan 16 dager siden
as i correctly predicted we are bollaxed again next season
Skeng Man
Skeng Man 16 dager siden
Nice guy but every interview he does with flex I always come out of really depressed
Philipe Anatsui
Philipe Anatsui 16 dager siden
Great great great interview. The flow was good, the questions were insightful and was great to listen to.
TheSoulTwins 16 dager siden
Haaland's father has said that his son would NOT go to a club purely because of the manager/coach. [managers regularly get sacked]. He said they look at everything - the club itself, their strategy and ambition, the current playing staff - and of course, the financial deal. Makes complete sense to me - and perhaps this is the real reason why Haaland didn't join Utd last year.
Richie Frass
Richie Frass 16 dager siden
So the British hate martial bcuz of his body language lol football is about brain and not just run for run sake smh rashford run into blind ally smh 🤦🏾‍♂️
Richard Ford
Richard Ford 16 dager siden
Even away from the interview, I just thought this was a really fun and interesting discussion on football
Jonny Cope
Jonny Cope 16 dager siden
Anyone really learn something we don’t know? Sad times just backed up our fears more so.. good interview though
John Bailey
John Bailey 16 dager siden
Yes sell sell sell
Nicholas Hernandez
Nicholas Hernandez 16 dager siden
All of you English lads think wayyy too highly of Dean Henderson. I haven't seen near enough to convince me that he's an adequate replacement for de Gea.
Nicholas Hernandez
Nicholas Hernandez 8 dager siden
@Chris Dawe I've seen Dean let in balls that were directly towards him. He may be loud and he had a good season at Sheffield Utd, but I don't think he's the answer for us. I don't even put him above Romero. Don't get me wrong, if he does replace de Gea I hope he does well. I'm just not convinced by him atm. Also, what would we do w de Gea? Can we afford to have him on the bench on his wages? Who - if anyone - could and would buy him?
Chris Dawe
Chris Dawe 8 dager siden
He makes less mistakes than de gea and is a lot younger it’s definitely time for dean to replace David
Elford Douglas
Elford Douglas 16 dager siden
Flex, I'm sad to say I had the misfortune of listening to your interview with James Cooper and between the two of you I thought the comments and analysis of Tony Martial was appalling. It was all the more disappointing to hear you colluding with him. I found the disparaging nature of his assessment of Martial was little short of a disgrace. Listening to both of you, one could almost be forgiven for forgetting he was top scorer and player of the season last year. While I would accept that he is not the best striker in the league and he is sometimes caught on his heels, remembering what he is good at and the quality he brings to the team is almost completely lost. I find it interesting that not so long ago, most people were talking about Cavani being the first choice No 9. However, over time it has become apparent that whoever has the misfortune of playing up front for Man United just now will struggle and starve.
KC.Official_ 16 dager siden
“Mason Greenwood poses as much of threat as Jadon Sancho” is he for real?
KC.Official_ 15 dager siden
@Zak Hussain dont worry about my age big man, I’m no kid. I know JC is the Man Utd correspondent for Sky Sports, I am just saying the justification for not getting Sancho is a problem whether that’s his opinion or the clubs’ opinion.
Zak Hussain
Zak Hussain 15 dager siden
@KC.Official_ actually looks like you aint getting the point 🤣 there's a reason why Greenwood is getting bigged up on levels hes not at and that's because Uniteds mouthpiece JC knows Sancho ain't coming.. how old are you kid
KC.Official_ 16 dager siden
@Zak Hussain yeah whether Sancho comes or not isn’t the point. JC trying to justify us not getting Sancho by saying Greenwood is as much of a threat is what I have an issue with. Sancho is already one of the best wingers in the World, Greenwood is nowhere near his level atm.
Zak Hussain
Zak Hussain 16 dager siden
Looks like Sancho isn't coming Cooper is literally United mouthpiece ffs
Andrew Kanonik
Andrew Kanonik 16 dager siden
James is right,Martial would struggle in the Southern League
Realist90 16 dager siden
Good to see Cooper back on the channel too! 😎
Realist90 16 dager siden
Great work Flex as always!
The PiratePeteShow
The PiratePeteShow 16 dager siden
Everything he said about Martial, buying a striker and CB, talking about Donny is exactly what I have been saying. But Most Ajex players struggle in there first season at other clubs before coming good
Tiago 16 dager siden
the board must watch this channel
M V 16 dager siden
Great interview, I disagree with a lot what James has said, but good to listen to someone elses opinion. He w def have the ear of the club. Jobs for the boys, I would settle for Del boy.
AC Mills
AC Mills 16 dager siden
So what I got from this interview is we have 100m to spend so I imagine a DC to partner Maguire and a DCM, Cavani and Martial out, Messi and Ronaldo in... I don't think I'm asking too much.
Rob Harris
Rob Harris 16 dager siden
The great myth perpetuated ... Man City never go massive on transfers! That’s you, you bunch of muppets
Charles Crane
Charles Crane 16 dager siden
Flex is really natural with the interviews
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies 16 dager siden
Why are we always compensating for Harry 'Potter' Maguire 'The Fake Captain'? When he's a 80M, 100kg 15st 10.5lb Joker who can't Run! Maguire and Lindelof are the 'Usual Suspects', Individually & as a pair cannot defend 'Unacceptable' Not Man Utd type. But Bailly & Smalling are 'World Class' Individually & as a pair can defend 'Acceptable'! Man Utd type! Sell Maguire & Lindelof for £30M each and Replace them with Koulibaly & Smalling for £60M. That would be Excellent Business! The Team as a Whole is more confident & plays better when Bailly the 'World Class Defender' is in the Team, So Our chance of winning the game is a lot higher! Maguire & Lindelof are the worst defensive due at Man Utd for over 35 years!
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies 16 dager siden
Mediocrity has to go but the feeling at present that the team is not balanced, Strong offensively, but defensively they should have been no nonsense defending but our 'Usual Suspects' Maguire & Lindelof were the reasons why we lost those last three semi finals, a quarter final & this season group Stage. If the opportunities arises it would be best to replace Maguire & Lindelof at a loss by recruit at least 2CBs. They Are Not Man Utd type. There's Better Out There, so Man Utd is not a charity but one of the Top Club in the World that have standards to maintain.
Manchester United Club
Manchester United Club 16 dager siden
So we have become a club of people who like each other??nothing about ambition?
What Color Is My Hoodie?
What Color Is My Hoodie?