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1. april. 2021





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kennedy njenga
kennedy njenga 10 dager siden
Let's go guys
Raymond Bartle
Raymond Bartle 10 dager siden
Ole would never play that team, as if he did well people would turn on him for not playing it all season like people have been saying all along.
Berdan Ceviz
Berdan Ceviz 10 dager siden
Why would he start Van de Beek
Bijay Malla
Bijay Malla 11 dager siden
After what WBA did to Chelsea I am slightly worried. Anything is possible in the Premier League. Praying and hoping for the best for United.
Young Lord
Young Lord 12 dager siden
I have seen the light Ricky is right dan James is our best right winger
ROGER B-D-R 12 dager siden
HABIMANA Kudra 12 dager siden
Ole out we knw is the best that can happen to us
Kenny Lee
Kenny Lee 12 dager siden
Anthony Martial not included because of injury? Should United cash him, I doubt so. When he down but not out just wait and see when to stand for glory all the hater will feel shy and no talk but keep quiet as a mouse. I have strongly believed he will be stronger away from Old Trafford. That why the United boss believes in Martial.
Gareth Harwood
Gareth Harwood 12 dager siden
Actually don't think you could have seen ben white play. It's the exact opposite to maguire. White is faster, better on the ball, more versatile, better reader of the game. Harry is stronger and better at heading the ball.
Wayne L
Wayne L 12 dager siden
25:30 exactly 💯. We're told we're progressing, and we want to expect to kick on as we move forward; but we can all see next season will be characterised by another major drop off in ALL areas.
nassiruddeen bissessur
nassiruddeen bissessur 12 dager siden
Support donny van der beek
nassiruddeen bissessur
nassiruddeen bissessur 12 dager siden
We r back back back
ultimate exxtra
ultimate exxtra 12 dager siden
Kkkkkkik zvakaoma mkoma Goldbridge
dan schriver
dan schriver 12 dager siden
Petition for goldbridge as sporting director of united
Riaan Bester
Riaan Bester 12 dager siden
Ruben neves for a CDM?
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse 12 dager siden
If we sign Rice then there is no pathway for Garner so we’d have to sell him. We won’t buy Rice when we have Garner for free. Even if he isn’t ready, that will be the thinking.
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula 12 dager siden
Dm. Koopmeiners Cb. Koulibaly Rm. Neto C.f Daka
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula 12 dager siden
Barca won't bring in Halaand unless Messi leaves and even then it's not guaranteed
Jason Girvin
Jason Girvin 12 dager siden
With this board it be more like Torvill and Dean 🤣
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 12 dager siden
I get the whole de gea and Henderson thing. Just I think it’s more practical to get wages off the books however I prefer de gea as a goalkeeper. I highly doubt many clubs would pay them wages that we pay so likely Henderson will be easier to get rid of
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse 12 dager siden
If Barcelona are looking at Haaland that tells me Messi is probably leaving. Can’t see them being able to afford both.
Ben Hunt
Ben Hunt 12 dager siden
Don’t play rashford let him heal fully and play martial
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
Haaland is good when he is surrounded by class players .... he was ordinary for Norway ...
gopishan kliga
gopishan kliga 12 dager siden
Expected result..... Defend till the end... Hoping to win by one.... Pathetic as always
arvie ocampo
arvie ocampo 13 dager siden
why compare from last year martial rashford and greenwood are from no were from last year we need a striker
Hamish Nembhard
Hamish Nembhard 13 dager siden
I Mctominay and Pogba would be a better pairing
Sindo M
Sindo M 13 dager siden
Mct and Fred will start.... Rest all are not important 😂
Nathnael Tesfa
Nathnael Tesfa 13 dager siden
Thomas Board
Thomas Board 13 dager siden
I like the idea of Donny on the wing
IC7 13 dager siden
We were linked with De Ligt, then De Ligt says we were never in for him. We were linked with Bellingham, but he says we were never an option. Seeing a pattern? We’re linked with so many big players because we’re a big club (in popularity) even though we’re never in for them.
Adhar Gupta
Adhar Gupta 13 dager siden
If we manage to get Rice in and a decent Striker(not Halland, nothing crazy, just a dependable 15-20 goals a season striker across all competitions) and manage to keep Pogs, maybe get rid of some of the excess players, I think thats a decent window by our standard.
Kai _on120fps
Kai _on120fps 13 dager siden
Mark we all know u still want roger and Collin the crab in midfield btw it’s a clip from a few months ago
D W 13 dager siden
Play De gea in cups since we need to win something and Henderson in the league
First Name
First Name 13 dager siden
Mctominey would be a good cheerleader for the team
J K 13 dager siden
£5 million for Phil Jones don't be Ridiculous . Injury record alone never mind his passion for own goals and injuring team mates
Jim Craik
Jim Craik 13 dager siden
what do you think about mcginn for Utd
Jack Cunliffe
Jack Cunliffe 13 dager siden
I know Ole won't ever drop Maguire (stubbornly picking favourites is a bad sign imo), but personally would go with the combo of Lindelof & Bailly.
airforce1969 13 dager siden
This club is so fucking pathetic lol.. Edwin Van Der Saar too demanding!? Are you kidding me? If that's true... Jesus Christ.... We will NEVER be a top club again with the Glazers in charge... EVER
J Hanvey
J Hanvey 13 dager siden
Boxclever FC. It’s all you guys say now. Lol
Zachariah to memba
Zachariah to memba 13 dager siden
Fred out
Alan Koh
Alan Koh 13 dager siden
Woodward’s DNA - employed only compliant employees. Juz said Yes Yes Yes Sir. You are right boss. Useless. Absolutely useless.
daniel Lynch
daniel Lynch 13 dager siden
With rashford needing a rest for a few weeks.. might be a chance to give telles a few games as a left winger
Bane_Jnr 13 dager siden
The PE teacher and his band of clowns are back ffs
Alan Koh
Alan Koh 13 dager siden
aka Bus Company
Tay Daniels
Tay Daniels 13 dager siden
Like your formation but want to see Telles
S L Jones
S L Jones 13 dager siden
Dan James must start
Amaan Syed
Amaan Syed 12 dager siden
Jonas Sundbom
Jonas Sundbom 13 dager siden
Fred has played very bad lately he shouldnt play
Jonas Sundbom
Jonas Sundbom 13 dager siden
Lindelof is better than bailly thats why.
S A 13 dager siden
Hope we don't underestimate Brighton Don't want Sheffield United repeat
Manchester United Club
Manchester United Club 13 dager siden
Think rice is way over rated. Maguire came to united for 80mil useless. Lingard who was crap at united shining at westham. Being in man united is a whole different ball game.
David Reed
David Reed 13 dager siden
I wonder if Solskjaer was still playing what midfield and back 4 would he pick?
Veer Agarwal
Veer Agarwal 13 dager siden
If Henderson made some of the saves de gea has made this season, the media would’ve been hauling him as the best gk in the world.
E P 13 dager siden
Neither two come close to being the best gk's in the world.
Bald Martin
Bald Martin 13 dager siden
Why does it feel ages ago since I last watched a look ahead?
Tevin Coley
Tevin Coley 11 dager siden
@Brant Wilson thats fact first vid i watched since the last game
Brant Wilson
Brant Wilson 13 dager siden
Because you've skipped over watching countless pointless transfer videos
Tore Davis
Tore Davis 13 dager siden
Donny needs to start getting games, don’t want him to get dropped from the Netherlands national team
TB1210 13 dager siden
You can't see the smoke screen with Barca about Haaland? Yes, they are broke and can't afford him. Players took pay cuts & they have Messi on their wage bill! They are trying to save face with the fans. They need to rebuild. Don't ask why would Haaland want to go there
No Dirt Restoration Services
The damage Ed Woodward has done to this great club, will take decades to recover.
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula 12 dager siden
It wouldn't actually be that difficult tbh most of our problems are easy to fix especially if you've got a cutthroat mentality.
phoenix rus
phoenix rus 13 dager siden
@Shahek ole refuses to play van de beek, never makes subs, plays Pogba out of position etc. Routinely gets tactically out done
E P 13 dager siden
@Shahek beg to differ. Ole has no idea of positioning or game plans. Woodward isn't out there picking the team each week. Woodward isn't coaching the team. Woodward isn't managing the team. Everything that happens on the field starts with OGS and his coaching staff.
Shahek 13 dager siden
@E P nah oles not to blame
E P 13 dager siden
Not only Woodward, but also the PE teacher/ bus driver. Fares please.
S Sheldon
S Sheldon 13 dager siden
Make no mistake, United isn’t a business, it’s a Bank for the Glazers. If it was a business, the emphasis would be on a title contending team. Merchandise, subscriptions and advertising all go up. 2nd at this point isn’t “close” because 1st can’t be seen with binoculars. Realistically, a healthy Liverpool club is also a long train ride away as well and then we are fighting with four clubs for two spots. And don’t kid yourself, Ole doesn’t make the signings, Mark is right, he gets what he gets.
derek mcgrath
derek mcgrath 13 dager siden
Good things aren't cheap. Cheap things aren't good
Handropork 13 dager siden
Donny doesnt have the pace to play wide
mohamed bayoumy
mohamed bayoumy 13 dager siden
Harrland is a 100mill player no more it's too much and completely ridiculous no club should pay more than 120 mill for a player unless they are Ronaldo or Messi football would have gone sheer discusting evil if ur paying 150 for a Norwegian goalscorer
mohamed bayoumy
mohamed bayoumy 13 dager siden
How the hell can you say so relaxed 150 mill for harrland is cheap when shansho is more benifitial to us for 129
wakeup2theNWO 12 dager siden
@Lib don't get me wrong he is a class player and far superior to rashford or martial, but to be honest I don't rate rashford or martial anyway not compared to what united fans are used to growing up
Lib 12 dager siden
@wakeup2theNWO to be fair his having a bad season and still has 12 goals and 16 assists which would be seen as world class for others
wakeup2theNWO 13 dager siden
Sancho is hit and miss where haaland will be the best in the world in 5 years
Daniel Rolón
Daniel Rolón 13 dager siden
VDB, Pogba and Bruno in the same team is idiotic, you yourself said at the beginning at the season it wouldnt work. Your level of analysis is disgraceful
Sanchit Behal
Sanchit Behal 13 dager siden
How much worse could Donny do at CDM when you compare it with Fred. But ole won't play him!
Ashley Halls
Ashley Halls 11 dager siden
He definitely wouldn’t be worse, his passing is levels above McFred. Open your fucking eyes Ole.
Abdel Chowdhury
Abdel Chowdhury 13 dager siden
I am hoping Ole wants to sell Henderson, that's why playing him to increase his value... If only he was that competent...
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula 12 dager siden
@Skeng Man Sadly I agree, the kid is the future.
Derrick Ozoemelam
Derrick Ozoemelam 13 dager siden
@Fahim Rahimi 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Fahim Rahimi
Fahim Rahimi 13 dager siden
@Skeng Man prat
Skeng Man
Skeng Man 13 dager siden
I’d rather sell de gea personally
lord h fisher
lord h fisher 13 dager siden
How do you Pic Fred over Mc sause noan mark drop Fred
Shyaka Andrew
Shyaka Andrew 13 dager siden
I ship McFred n Magalof endgame come Sunday 😆
Neilstuart Patrick
Neilstuart Patrick 13 dager siden
Too much talk and no action...get haaland bought soon as possible...tight arsed man utd bosses...
Bleachguy 13 dager siden
pogba and fred compliment each other freds passing not the best but pogbas passing is brill tho after riolas comments id play fred and donny dont want pogba anywhere near first team and have diallo or james on rw if pogba plays it just shows power for players ole needs a pair and not play pogba
Bleachguy 12 dager siden
@TB1210 ya but with what we have fred better than most other than donny bruno and pogba in midfield
TB1210 13 dager siden
@Bleachguy That is the puzzle. Why did we sign VDB if Ole doesn't rate him? If he is a Pogba replacement we haven't utilised him so far. I hope VDB gets a chance to prove himself in the remaining games of the season. He certainly deserves it. Let's face it Fred's passing ability & vision is nowhere near VDB's(IMO)
Bleachguy 13 dager siden
@TB1210 ya he a creator like bruno just havnt seen best of him with lack of games and i personally think he a great replacement for pogba or we could at least try him out till jan and see how he gets on but we all know ole will go with fred and scott favourites over what best for the team pogba leaves i think best midfield would be based on squad after pogba leaves be fred donny and bruno
TB1210 13 dager siden
@Bleachguy Completely agree with you. Donny has flair and is not DM. His vision & passing are his main assets.
Bleachguy 13 dager siden
@TB1210 ya ole plays scot with fred and pogba with fred even tho not a natural dm why cant donny in a prem winning united i dont think fred would be in it or scott or matic but donny and bruno i think donny has that ability just maybe ole sees donny as a number 10 but i seen him at ajax with de jong donny perfect in double pivot i personally dont see donny as a dm
Brandon b
Brandon b 13 dager siden
We would love to see that team but come on We all know we're not seeing that team ......... bubblewrap.........
Jamie Stapleton
Jamie Stapleton 13 dager siden
I’d rather have trossard.. and he will probably play lindelof , Dan James and mctominay
Rene 13 dager siden
Really?! Put Donny on the right wing before Greenwood? That is a weak team.
Andy Murdoch
Andy Murdoch 13 dager siden
Haaland won't come to Eds corner shop when he can go to a superstore. Pipe dream.
Stephen 13 dager siden
Dumfries romagnoli Lazzari
Andy Murdoch
Andy Murdoch 13 dager siden
You have to account for the fact that Ole is clueless and he will stick with his favourites Magalof and McFred. Brighton will outplay us.
Joshua Kaumba
Joshua Kaumba 13 dager siden
Alan Koh
Alan Koh 13 dager siden
Monitoring FC
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 13 dager siden
Cheap alternatives to (1)Varane,(2)Saul Nguez,(3)Haarland & (4Greylish are : (1)Varane(2) Bissouma (3)we already have Greenwood--(4)we already have Diallo !
Through_The_Turnstiles 13 dager siden
David Moyes, the chosen one back to united. You know it makes sense. 😂
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor 13 dager siden
I don't trust Southgate or rate him but it is a bit concerning that henderson is 3rd choice for England.
Keshav 20
Keshav 20 13 dager siden
Varane and Rice would be like adding Scottie Pippen and Denis Rodman 💪🏽
Sakhile Twaise
Sakhile Twaise 10 dager siden
@Husaam 'Huzzy'Hashmi yes
aswin ashu
aswin ashu 12 dager siden
@talha Ali no one asked
Amged Fraik
Amged Fraik 12 dager siden
@dan schriver Ron Harper facts 😂
dan schriver
dan schriver 12 dager siden
Varane is more like ron harper lol.... benzema kroos modric and casemiro are all closer to scottie pippen (sergio and ronaldo being the respective jordan)
talha Ali
talha Ali 13 dager siden
@Keshav 20 kdb>bruno
Mark Bolton
Mark Bolton 13 dager siden
Like that team , but Greenwood over Cavani for me as Cavani is going so might as well see what mason can do at CF for 2-months. Can’t take anymore mcfred, would rather tuanzebe and Matic
Josh Cox
Josh Cox 13 dager siden
I'd take rice and white but I want a RW or Stiker too
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 13 dager siden
Man United vs Brighton in 4231:De Gea,Shaw,Maguire, Bailey,Wan Bisaka,Fred,Pogba, Martial,Fernandez,Rashford,Cavani
S.A. A
S.A. A 13 dager siden
Just yesterday he was saying he doesn't think Pogba will leave.. The biggest flip flop around atm
Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson 13 dager siden
CB, CDM and get rid of Pogba would be an excellent summer. 👏
Shuhei Hisagi
Shuhei Hisagi 13 dager siden
i like the team mark, but would swap Scott for fred and james for VDB
Ruth Mayers
Ruth Mayers 13 dager siden
Devil red 7
Devil red 7 13 dager siden
Why do you think they put ole in charge 😂
Truth 13 dager siden
Haaland will not thrive in the EPL
Gaming Assassin
Gaming Assassin 13 dager siden
sold Pogba on fm21 today for £150M an bought Bellingham, Fabian, for midfield an De Ligt an Kalulu in defence
Nohman Ahmed
Nohman Ahmed 13 dager siden
is there a flex n kg ahow tonite?
Ry Earl
Ry Earl 13 dager siden
Predicted 2_0 again, wishful thinking as per
Gaz Gaz
Gaz Gaz 13 dager siden
Spain dropped De Gea in their recent matches.
BIG RON 13 dager siden
Mark on the GK front. Have to be ruthless. Jim Leighton had served Fergie well but after that FA Cup final against Palace...he was out...and Les Seeley was in
Carlin Dzikiti
Carlin Dzikiti 12 dager siden
I’d love to discuss this a little. De gea was Motm in his last game and has had a good season without many mistakes. Dean has had I think two total goals that are 100% only his fault?
Gaz Gaz
Gaz Gaz 13 dager siden
I'm not sure finishing 2nd, 3rd or 4th is that big a deal if we aren't good enough to get past the group stage in the CL.
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 13 dager siden
If we didn't get cl..maybe..just maybe the Glazers would go if that happened for a couple of years!😉👹
BIG RON 13 dager siden
We need McFred in a game like this. Hurts to say it but Brighton will over run our midfield like they did in the first game. Pogba and Matic could not cope with it
BIG RON 12 dager siden
@Undisputed- Reaper maybe, but with the players at our disposal McFred would do a job.
BIG RON 12 dager siden
@Undisputed- Reaper We won because we got a penalty after the final whistle. How often does that happen in professional football? Also they hit the wood work 5 or 6 times
Undisputed- Reaper
Undisputed- Reaper 13 dager siden
They would capitalise on mcfreds poor passing
Undisputed- Reaper
Undisputed- Reaper 13 dager siden
We won though and also Brighton was like the second game back so everyone was a bit leggy from the season before
BIG RON 13 dager siden
@Undisputed- Reaper Pogba & Matic got over run last time. Bruno, Rashford, Martial & Greenwood played too. They tore us apart
P R 13 dager siden
You want to play Fred... are you alright?
Dick Don
Dick Don 13 dager siden
Mark is off his head if he thinks Donny is a right winger. He's not even very good at CM, absolute prat!
BIG RON 13 dager siden
Square pegs in round holes is the new United Way/DNA
Harry Law
Harry Law 13 dager siden
We should look at Aurelien Tchouameni from Monaco
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 13 dager siden
We don’t have a clue about players in Europe unless they’re a big name. We keep it simple and go for British players. Cheers, Ole
TheImaginaryBeing 13 dager siden
Fed up of saying oles not been backed. First, he has to an extent and the players he brought in haven’t been quite there (his obsession on youth only was borderline madness). Second, if he’s not been - no excuses, say so. Fall on your sword like managers before you. Either the board listen, or you’re gone. And if you’re gone, let them back the next manager because they’d have to. Ole defending this stuff is just a huge indication that keeping his job is more important than the club. Dividends aside, they probably aren’t backing him because of his failures, not the reason for them. Fed up ole, sorry
ben lennon
ben lennon 13 dager siden
Can u imagine Messi and haaland at barca tho 😭
SETH KIPTOO 13 dager siden
Kounde, Rice, Sancho
Maax1200 13 dager siden
Potter took a no name swedish team to the Europa League.
Maax1200 13 dager siden
@Ole Gunnar Solskjaer You got me there.🤷‍♂️
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 13 dager siden
But how many Norwegian titles does he have? Cheers, Ole
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