Pogba TRANSFER SWAP? Cavani Decision Made! Man Utd Transfer News 

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Man Utd will be forced in to a Paul Pogba transfer swap this summer if Pogba leaves and Cavani has made his mind up on a United exit according to reports. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. United Stand Mugs Click HERE united-stand.myshopify.com/

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2. april. 2021





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Salah Mohamed
Salah Mohamed 10 dager siden
Pogba is going to leave Man U you have to let him go because he is going to run his contract down let him go
Mike Flynn
Mike Flynn 11 dager siden
Why are United Stand not represented at press conferences?
jon waddell
jon waddell 12 dager siden
ive criticized ole for putting james on the right, but i think ole was right, james should play on the right
Carl Riley
Carl Riley 12 dager siden
If Pogba runs his contract down then the Glazers lose out anyway? Don't get me wrong I'm glazers out. Need a plan. Mark keep positive and thanks for you do on UNITED STAND!
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena 12 dager siden
that is a brazen lie....you and your cohorts said Lukaku was not Manchester United quality..........he has proven that all of you were smoking something strong and bad!!!
soto 12 dager siden
Only way to stop this is for payments to have to be made to use media
Natalie Kieza
Natalie Kieza 12 dager siden
Pogda mst Leave United as Other Clubs still want he aswell as Fred hey Mark
Don Tynan
Don Tynan 12 dager siden
Christ!!! Is Cavani on £200k a week? I thought he came for the weather, cause we do things on the cheap?
619 Trading
619 Trading 12 dager siden
Relax we got Darren Fletcher and John Murtough in charge. They’re On top of this! 😂
619 Trading
619 Trading 12 dager siden
The Glazers are so much in debt they would definitely take the cash deal before any swap. They bought the club in debt and somehow the club allowed this to happen
DAVID WING 12 dager siden
Cb , Cdm , striker then rw il'd say We just bought two right wingers
DAVID WING 12 dager siden
If a swap deal should do it with juvebtus for de ligt
Séñør Tåçø
Séñør Tåçø 12 dager siden
De Gea for Rabiot+Ronaldo
L Steeles
L Steeles 12 dager siden
did you really say we shouldnt sign holland the best young forward in the world with mbaps and we dont have a number 9 now i watched loads your vids but im out after that
Lester Lee
Lester Lee 12 dager siden
This club making good business and football decisions, good joke!
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 12 dager siden
Mark how many times has ole done something that has made you disgusted or angry, but you still back him? And I think De Gea will start btw. Ole doesn't have the TESTICULAR fortitude to upset his favorites
Punit 12 dager siden
I think Haaland will go to City, it could be his father's dream to win with City, which the son will fulfill...I am thinking too far, right? Well...he is a Riola client and with the latest news that both Riola and his father are meeting with 4 clubs including United and City in London, I might not be thinking too faaaaaar you know.
Banton85 12 dager siden
If he wants to go. See ya laters pogba
Andre Martino
Andre Martino 12 dager siden
It’s amazing how Mark and Flex purports to know everything abt Pogba and what he wants to do than everyone else.
Zee One
Zee One 12 dager siden
@A Random Guy Regardless of if that information is correct or not
Andre Martino
Andre Martino 12 dager siden
@A Random Guy it’s called picking on Pogba.
A Random Guy
A Random Guy 12 dager siden
It's called making assumptions on the information available
Zee One
Zee One 12 dager siden
That’s how they keep their cult happy
Jesse Skariah
Jesse Skariah 12 dager siden
All those who post such stuff are vile and subhuman and don't have the balls to come out in the open and express themselves!
James Heath
James Heath 12 dager siden
Why would anyone target a innocent little lad! # Get a Life TWATS
vern187 12 dager siden
Manu can’t sell pogba if there are no buyers. If clubs know he will let his contract run down. Why pay now when you can get him for free? Manu have no control with this.
Zee One
Zee One 12 dager siden
Many do not understand this simple fact
David Riddell
David Riddell 12 dager siden
What about swapping Pogba and De Gea for Mbappe?
Robin goddard
Robin goddard 12 dager siden
I’m sorry but Henderson isn’t good enough I’m not confident when he’s in the team every shot is a scare
David Riddell
David Riddell 12 dager siden
We should definitely keep Cavani for one more season. There was no fee paid for him, and his wages are worth it for several reasons. Firstly the goals he scores and secondly the development of the forward players at the club. We really need to keep Cavani.
MAD MAX GAMING 12 dager siden
Seems like mark love to talk about bogba
J 12 dager siden
Varane and oldegard for pogba + 20 million
Tariq Razi
Tariq Razi 12 dager siden
So saddened to hear that people said such perverse and stupid things about you and your son. May you remain blessed always. Positive vibes for you.
alvitofernandes graciano
Man Utd with this coach and owner,the club is done . Woodward is also a big thorn
Zee One
Zee One 12 dager siden
Ole is not a coach
ingsve 12 dager siden
Stop making up stories to upset yourself. The Glazers do not take a share of a transfer and keep for themselves. That doesn't happen. Dividends are paid out on a very regular basis, it's twice per year and 0,9$ per share owned. No amount of transfers will ever change that so that their dividends are affected by the business we do or don't do. The reason we don't do swaps is because clubs don't offer us any players we are actually interested in. Why would we ever accept someone elses deadwood if those are players that we don't want at our club. It's very rare that a club that has a player we want is also interested in a player we have or vice versa.
Barry B
Barry B 11 dager siden
Our more recent SWOP with Arsenal was a dismal failure for both clubs.
Steven Nostaw
Steven Nostaw 12 dager siden
Let Him[Pobga] Go! Love Him but WE Need Professionals Who dont care about social Media Headlines. People who Play FOOTBALL week in week out. They behave like its not the best JOB in the World at the best Club in the World. TRUE PRO'S we NEED CLARITY
Zee One
Zee One 12 dager siden
Pogba is a professional
John Roth
John Roth 12 dager siden
I hate to say this, but some people need to have thicker skin. Mark what you have to deal with sucks, but that's what comes with fame. In the states we have free speech laws protecting your right to insult people because up until the last few years it was assumed that words do not cut physically. Mental health is totally a thing, but we also need to have mental strength too, the kind where people look past those idiots who will go away after they're given no attention.
Corey Mckernan
Corey Mckernan 12 dager siden
So sorry mark for what these sick people have wished on you and members of your family no excuses 💔
Ric Flair
Ric Flair 12 dager siden
Pogba and 100m for haarland it would be worth the sacrifice
Zee One
Zee One 12 dager siden
As if pogba would there
martyn lloyd
martyn lloyd 12 dager siden
Just about sick of keyboard warriors everyone needs to behave the way they would on the streets no one would say this to your face so I would not even waste my time with these people if you can’t say to someone’s face don’t say it on a screen
Scott Gale
Scott Gale 12 dager siden
Mark I'm truly sorry to hear what happened to you and your family with the harassment you got online but censorship is never truly the answer there are points where people do cross the line and these sites do need to remove posts but once you call for censorship it's a slippery slope and you never know what the line's going to be from day to day.
Dels Trotters
Dels Trotters 12 dager siden
Disgusting behaviour how can someone say that about another person especially an innocent child!!! I am absolutely shocked! Sorry about that Mark hope you, your son & family are ok, what a sad sad world we live in 😪
David Smith
David Smith 12 dager siden
Just get rid of pogba he wants out
Keith Wattenbarger
Keith Wattenbarger 12 dager siden
I am sorry to know someone wished ill to you and your son. I don't always agree with your assessments but I do not wish ill fortune, we need to start as individuals realize a difference of viewpoints does not have to be hateful. Final point Pogba simply has to go, no sense in forcing a bad hand.
Brrr Rbbb
Brrr Rbbb 12 dager siden
Mark is indeed flip flopping on Pogba, HE WANTED HIM OUT AFTER THE CL EXIT
Caroline Mård
Caroline Mård 12 dager siden
Maby becouse of Raiola? I think Everybody has been flipflopping about Pogba.
JamesG78 United
JamesG78 United 12 dager siden
It's so sad to hear that vile crap, wishing you and your family to be ok mate. Ffs wtf really
alibabashero 12 dager siden
So Mark wants Pogba to stay when his agent has continued to disrupt the team and he never got rid or came out about his agent. What a joke!. If that was any other player. Mark would loose his mind. Imagine Henderson done the same. As we all know Mark has an issue with him. Imagine the reaction. Talk about double standards.
Zee One
Zee One 12 dager siden
@alibabashero how did anything he said disrupt the team?
alibabashero 12 dager siden
@Zee One So you clearly mist his agents interview right before utd were knocked out of the CL.? And I suppose the media made it all up and pogba knew nothing about it. Yea sure.
Zee One
Zee One 12 dager siden
Pogba’s agent at no time disrupted the team that’s just propaganda put out by some fans
Mark if pogba wants to let him go pogba is not bigger than the club
Yusuf Yakini
Yusuf Yakini 12 dager siden
I’m tired of Pogba saga omg, what’s new🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Kieran Evans
Kieran Evans 12 dager siden
If we can't sell and he won't sign a contract. Stick him in the reserves for a whole season until he signs a new deal or leaves. Simple fact is the world cup is coming and if he ain't playing his place is at risk. A way to tilt the power back in the club's hand. If he goes for free at the end. Fine. But he and Raiola want to mess with us. We will mess with them.
Barry B
Barry B 11 dager siden
There is no RESERVE football; this is the new era of TV
Alvin Heng
Alvin Heng 12 dager siden
I never knew the owners of ManU are all born yesterday
S-Roman B
S-Roman B 12 dager siden
WOWW can't believe people think that about a kid your son let alone anyone. Mark you're amazing and your content is great. For every hater you have there is more fans! We love you❤😜🤙 HELLLLLOOOO EVERYBODYYYY GOOD MORNING AND WELCOMEEEE TO THE UNITEDDDDDD STANDDDDDDDD' Also u do things and say things that make me laugh everyday🤣 Goldyyy
Marlon Abner
Marlon Abner 12 dager siden
Put Pogba in the middle in a double pivot.. Thumbs down...
Jayden Bell
Jayden Bell 12 dager siden
The six roast inversely own because tyvek arespectively curve than a loud grill. worried, lumpy string
johnny happy
johnny happy 12 dager siden
SELL POGBA,VDB,HENDERSON,JAMES,JONES,FRED,LINGARD,PEREIRA,DALOT,..=200 million.Haaland,grealish,/rice/kounde= 300 million..glazers add 100 million....team ready for challenging for prem euro cups
Michael Tomko
Michael Tomko 12 dager siden
If he won’t sign then sell him, swap him or whatever. But this board will wait till after July to find out he wants out and he goes for free.
Martin Allbutt
Martin Allbutt 12 dager siden
Utd need a rw lw cdm and cb then I would but sancho. Jack. Rice and we need a CD who can take control
Nathaniel White
Nathaniel White 12 dager siden
Pogba is one of my favorite player but i think that you are 100% with how the club should deal with the situation ! The club is bigger than any player!
johnny happy
johnny happy 12 dager siden
johnny happy
johnny happy 12 dager siden
Liam Smith
Liam Smith 12 dager siden
Can't get into the country without a passport 🤣🤣 go down to Kent and your see it's very possible just in a dinghy
Zee One
Zee One 12 dager siden
It’s even worse in Libya after the UK regime destroyed the country
Andrew I
Andrew I 12 dager siden
No alternative even for the Glazers they will need to swap...either way no sale this season next season they will get zero
Ayad Alrawi
Ayad Alrawi 12 dager siden
Cruelty stems from weakness, kindness flowers from strength.
Pawel Czerniakowski Football stories
Pogba will go for free next season just because no one will buy him now. Simple. Ain't no reason to even talk about this.
Siggi Jonsson
Siggi Jonsson 12 dager siden
Can’t use beek on the right , his acceleration is non exsistent. He also lacks the agility. He is a nr 8 and nothing else. People needs this drilled into their skulls. A nr 8 !
Manufanatic 99
Manufanatic 99 12 dager siden
I think mark has forgotten thousands who enter your country and stay.
Manufanatic 99
Manufanatic 99 12 dager siden
Big brother..
Andrew I
Andrew I 12 dager siden
Nobs making silly hurtful comments need to be eradicated
eslermanu47 12 dager siden
Somebody should kidnap Raiola and make the ------- disappear.
Zee One
Zee One 12 dager siden
This presenter has been talking about disgusting hate against his family and you come out with a vile disgusting comment like that
The PiratePeteShow
The PiratePeteShow 12 dager siden
On Pogba, my fear with these stupid owners, if Pogba refuses to sign they will still keep him hoping he might change his mind
Zee One
Zee One 12 dager siden
You can’t sell a player against his will
Michael Hewlett
Michael Hewlett 12 dager siden
A lot of pathetic LITTLE no BRAIN Super sick bits of human waste in this world .I hope for these bits of waste what they wish comes around
Dwayne Barnett
Dwayne Barnett 12 dager siden
Pogba is the worlds best midfielder... Mark you’re right about the club failing him.. Spot on!
Adam John
Adam John 12 dager siden
Totally agree about the Everton game in the Caraboa Cup. We played so well. He needs to do that again!!
The PiratePeteShow
The PiratePeteShow 12 dager siden
Mark sorry to hear the abuse you got, but especially your son. Absolutely disgusting. Hopefully something changes
nima sherpa
nima sherpa 12 dager siden
Where so you come with all these crap news?
white owl
white owl 12 dager siden
Instagram is creating a feature that allows you to block someone and all future accounts they create, could be a good solution to the constant racism
Lee badman
Lee badman 12 dager siden
Just seen the show missed it live , just want to say what sort of scumbag would say that to a person about their son.. disgusting vile people, please don't ever give up mark cause of those low lifes you do a great job and thank you
ARD 12 dager siden
The United Stand is part of the problem when it comes to people being nasty online. You constantly give these idiots the attention that they crave. You say you ignore these people but you really don't. You talk about them every single day which just encourages them to post more hate. When people behave badly you have to ignore them. This is well established social science. Stick to talking about football and stop giving these idiots the spotlight.
jonny jp joseph-Potts
jonny jp joseph-Potts 12 dager siden
Utd dcm simply can't play on the halfturn! A simple way to turn a players movement into an attacking pass or movement. Good class players eg PP or BF can do easily as you say in a pivot system.
david sild
david sild 12 dager siden
Cavarni is a brilliant player and asset. Shame about his injuries
Francis Lee
Francis Lee 12 dager siden
I dont think we need a bloody striker...we need a bloody proper winger how can supply, a proper CDM , a fast Central defender. Hopefully a better manager.
gavin greensmith
gavin greensmith 12 dager siden
We do NEED a striker mate, but the other positions are way more importsnt
Adam John
Adam John 12 dager siden
Pogba clearly wants out, let him go in the summer. Swap deal makes sense. Don't know what we are going to do for creativity in midfield though 🤷🏻‍♂️
Josh Nunn
Josh Nunn 12 dager siden
Sorry to hear about the comments towards your Son Mark. Disgusting how people would go after someone's young child the actions of coward I say.
Teach United
Teach United 12 dager siden
Why would Haalland leave a big club like Dortmund to join a club call Progress F.C 😮🤔
JR 12 dager siden
What has they win nothing as well.
Reload TV
Reload TV 12 dager siden
I think people are just jealous of anyone successful and want to ruin their day with vile comments 🤦🤦
Joshz_SL 12 dager siden
Sorry about that Mark people like you should never get comments like that hope something can be done about this
Ethan Murray
Ethan Murray 12 dager siden
Hello everyone and welcome to you're bullshit of the day.
CallumJSAFCN5 12 dager siden
He was staying last week aha
Batnab 22
Batnab 22 12 dager siden
Honestly what mark was saying about those people saying they wish it was him or his son is honestly disgusting they think they are safe from spreading disgusting comments as their behind a screen
Zee One
Zee One 12 dager siden
Disgusting comments about this presenter,footballers, club owners ,agents and anyone else is not acceptable
Maxi Felix 55
Maxi Felix 55 12 dager siden
Against Everton Bruno Pogba and VdB didn’t play together at the same time Mark... I thought you had watched it back?
jfranc07 12 dager siden
I dont think he watches back any games or else his subsequent comments and game analysis would be different
Shane Simpson
Shane Simpson 12 dager siden
Absolutely a disgrace Mark, big people sitting behind a screen
macattack1986 12 dager siden
You say the club dont like swap deals because they wont be able to take £20m from a transfer fee but if he goes on a free they still won't get it. Our best option is 100% a swap deal
Really89 12 dager siden
Will be a relief to get back to some football and pour all the transfer speculation hogwash down the drain ... where it belongs. At least, that is, the next time!
HANS HSN 12 dager siden
where is the logic behind any club paying 40mil for DDG? like u said no ones doing it and paying him over 350k.
Rahul Wanjari
Rahul Wanjari 12 dager siden
Nick Pope is someone very much equivalent of Manuel Neuer, product of Championship.
Jaz man
Jaz man 12 dager siden
Evil people is a weakness of not being able to happy for someone else
Paul Nandra
Paul Nandra 12 dager siden
What if mino was in Barcelona negotiating a pogba deal and not Harland
Jack 12 dager siden
Mark: “It isn’t actually true, we all know it’s not true but there may be an element of truth in it” 😂
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 12 dager siden
Pogba swap for Demiral + cash
pezarian 12 dager siden
Didn't know you had a son, do us a favour mate train your son to play CB AND CDM.😅
Leon Lovelock
Leon Lovelock 12 dager siden
Everyday you want a different formation , hope ole stick with what he is doing at least we are second you rate some useless player.
Jester 12 dager siden
Mark I’m sorry people said those things to you. Love you man x
Casper Gaming
Casper Gaming 12 dager siden
U and seb are amazing dont listen to the viral cruel verbally abusive people
Russ Bhagwansingh
Russ Bhagwansingh 12 dager siden
Is Fletcher doing anythin?
Zee One
Zee One 12 dager siden
Collecting his wages
RASHFORD THE GOAT 12 dager siden
2:15 why do some people do this its disgusting
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