Solskaer's Perfect Transfer Revealed! Man Utd Transfer News 

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Man Utd have their perfect summer transfer firmly in their sights. But will the transfer fee be the usual stumbling block for United? Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. ENGLAND vs POLAND Watchalong nosections.info/green/0K9leJVfenuhlb4/video.html
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31. mars. 2021





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Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies 12 dager siden
Mediocrity has to go but the feeling at present that the team is not balanced, Strong offensively, but defensively they should have been no nonsense defending but our 'Usual Suspects' Maguire & Lindelof were the reasons why we lost those last three semi finals, a quarter final & this season group Stage. If the opportunities arises it would be best to replace Maguire & Lindelof at a loss by recruit at least 2CBs. They Are Not Man Utd type. There's Better Out There, so Man Utd is not a charity but one of the Top Club in the World that have standards to maintain. Why are we always compensating for Harry 'Potter' Maguire 'The Fake Captain'? When he's a 80M, 100kg 15st 10.5lb Joker who can't Run! Maguire and Lindelof are the 'Usual Suspects', Individually & as a pair cannot defend 'Unacceptable' Not Man Utd type. But Bailly & Smalling are 'World Class' Individually & as a pair can defend 'Acceptable'! Man Utd type! Sell Maguire & Lindelof for £30M each and Replace them with Koulibaly & Smalling for £60M. That would be Excellent Business!
Rising Storm 09
Rising Storm 09 12 dager siden
Glazers out but dont forget man city didnt buy kounde last year because he was 80 million why didnt they spend you have to ask why
mark siqendu
mark siqendu 13 dager siden
Wooly Mammoth fc. unfortunately . Screw the Glazers.
Dave 13 dager siden
How did Bayern and Liverpool become the two best teams in Europe without spending much on transfers?
E P 13 dager siden
These videos are repetitive and are boring. Come up with something new.
thethreelions3 13 dager siden
We can literally afford to strengthen all the areas we need for near zero Net spend. Ins: (190m) 4 in CB: Kounde 60m CDM: Locatelli 30m RW: Sancho 70m ST: A.Silva 30m Out: (180m) Pogba 60m Bailly 30m Henderson or De Gea 30m Lingard 25m Dalot 10m A.Pereira 10m Romero 5m Matic 5m Mata 5m Jones free J. Pereira free
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula 13 dager siden
Kounde is not the answer to Utd defence he doesn't compliment Lindelof or Maguire, Koulibaly is the perfect buy for us, Skrinier should be second priority followed by Romagnali, pure aggressive football. Pau Torres and Botman are actually good options Maguire cost 80 million is he good enough? It's not the price it's the quality.
Benson 17
Benson 17 13 dager siden
United will raid Southampton this summer for Ward Prouse, Ings and Vestergard in a last ditched £100m take it or leave it deal
JC Gaming
JC Gaming 13 dager siden
We need to buy haaland in the summer.
Mika-eel Khan
Mika-eel Khan 13 dager siden
Harry Maguire was the 3rd choice, 1st Choice was De Ligt for 75M that summer, 2nd Choice was Koulibaly for 90M. United ended up losing De Ligt, and paid 10M less for a third of the player Koulibaly is in Maguire for 80M, i could swear these guys never went to go study at university somehow managing funds for Man United. "Man United should have the best in class" we're not even in the top 50 there
7th Star
7th Star 13 dager siden
Can Konde cut it in the Prem? The physical demands, amount of games, aggressive fans when he makes a mistake, being battered by bigger players, the constant speed of the game. Its too easy to say get him.... Varane asking price is £50m, so anyone can afford that maybe not his wages. He will decide where he wants to go...perhaps psg easier league, pay him anything.
Joe Mario FERNANDES 13 dager siden
Sc*** Glazers ,Woodward and Ole
Bundhoo Nazila
Bundhoo Nazila 13 dager siden
Mark we are a garbage from top to bottom
VnnXyz14 13 dager siden
United's Perfect Missed Transfer...
uzi94 13 dager siden
I hope De Gea wins at least one more PL before he leaves/retires
Phil Leyland
Phil Leyland 13 dager siden
I've supported the club since the mid 60's. We were further away from the title in the 70's and 80's as we are now. But we played attacking football and we won cups, so we were good to watch. I would sooner watch United then than now.
Anthony O
Anthony O 13 dager siden
how was Harry maguire not 1st choice....we chased him under Mourinho and then brought him following season under Ole....then made him captain....you might as well say we never wanted Van Nistelrooy lol
tony m
tony m 13 dager siden
80 mill for kounde is a disaster waiting to happen...our fan's are still moaning about maguire's fee ..
Kylian Mbappe
Kylian Mbappe 13 dager siden
United needs haaland
United84 13 dager siden
Kounde isn’t even 6 ft tall. In the PL that’s a big issue on set plays which were already weak at and when you play teams with physical strikers ie likes of Antonio Giroud etc. La liga nowhere near as physical I wouldn’t go for him
VnnXyz14 13 dager siden
Antoine Grizzmann and Oliver Giroud and not Antonio lol Who hell is this ''Antonio'' ?
Wayne Davies
Wayne Davies 13 dager siden
Kounde is 5'10... How is that gonna work in the prem?
Springtrap Lover2010
Springtrap Lover2010 14 dager siden
Jessie needs and deserves to be playing first team football, he has been influential in any of the success we have achieved since Fergie left.
Christian Rachels
Christian Rachels 14 dager siden
Kounde is NOT good enough! Stop this obsession man!
Rob United
Rob United 14 dager siden
You literally just moaned for 36 minutes straight
Lovejoy 14 dager siden
Kounde is way to small to play Centre Back in the Premier League. He will get bullied more than Lindelof.
Dennis North
Dennis North 14 dager siden
Seeing is believing 😳
S.A. A
S.A. A 14 dager siden
You'd get £30-40m for Hendo but nothing for De Gea due to his wages (and his age and the fact he's on the decline) let alone £40m
Aggelos Stm
Aggelos Stm 14 dager siden
Kounde will be the next vvd, mark my words😍
Izat Azmir
Izat Azmir 14 dager siden
Should have gone with Manolas instead of Fridge Maguire...pacy and good header of the ball...
Izat Azmir
Izat Azmir 13 dager siden
@VnnXyz14 should have bought him instead of Maguire a couple of years ago...and yes, Manolas was available when Utd bought maguire...its not my wish, Manolas WAS actually available back then...man how thick are you???
VnnXyz14 13 dager siden
Should what? You think you mcan get all you wish? Manolas is off any transfer moves...!
Donal Power
Donal Power 14 dager siden
Mark talks like Pau Torres isn't that good but yet he is among the best centre backs in Spain 🇪🇸 But people have this arrogance off no league is better than the Premier league. Yet all leagues is different and if other leagues was so bad the Premier league would not recruit for those leagues
king Fergie
king Fergie 14 dager siden
Pogbas been a success?? Been drinking again Mark 😉
Russel Hughes
Russel Hughes 14 dager siden
The fact that many United fans see top four as an achievement shows how far United has declined under the glaziers
mark houston
mark houston 14 dager siden
Have watched utd in the 70s and 80s and trust me this is the worst football my teams played ever. At this stage I want big Ron Atkinson back ,least I got entertained.
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best 14 dager siden
Since some players want out like Bailly and Pogba, then Ole should do a clear out. All injury prone, aging, diva players out.
Ayan Dutta
Ayan Dutta 14 dager siden
Unpopular Opinion: Kane is the only striker that suits our style of play, Haaland is a complete misfit.
Miles McGrew
Miles McGrew 14 dager siden
I disagree, I think Maguire absolutely was Ole’s first choice CB. If he wasn’t, then Ole would be treating him like DVB after his bad form, yet Ole is going to fall on his sword for Maguire. You don’t do that if you also feel comfortable enough to bench a £35m player because he wasn’t your first choice. Everything about Maguire fits what Ole was doing early on, with his British core. They could have purchased nearly any CB in the world for that price, so the idea that they spent it on a 2nd choice doesn’t add up to me.
Nalen Koirala
Nalen Koirala 14 dager siden
This is just because our coach picks his favourites instead of other quality players to be safe and secured about his job.
Bundhoo Nazila
Bundhoo Nazila 13 dager siden
Man Utd
Roque Gaeta Marquez
Roque Gaeta Marquez 14 dager siden
we need declan rice
Amit Abrol
Amit Abrol 14 dager siden
Worst with this retrograde mentality on part of the Glazers & their disregard for club or football in general, is they're turning all associated with them, to think & be like them. But have to commend the FANS for fighting this crap attitude, keeping hopes alive, discussing what should be done, creative suggestions et al. Kudos to the FANS!
Dennis Yeo
Dennis Yeo 14 dager siden
Just like England national team United got a group of talented players but with an average manager. What chance of success?
Yolkyy 14 dager siden
I think 60mile for Rice is perfect
Didi Dada
Didi Dada 14 dager siden
Mark i want to confence something...Haallard is by far better than Martial and Rashford in terms of scoring when faced with goalie. His balance and confidence super high than our front three. Same with Richarlison from Everton is by far better than Greenwood and Martial. Pogba this season has given us doubts about his style of play but had been falling on the ground more than His greatness we all know about him. Grealish on the other hand at Aston Villa super great has all the quities united can replace Pogba from. Haallard and Grealish are so good that united cant get them not becausr of how much they cost but too good to play for united that is full of Deadwood. United can win matches with Haallard, Grealish and Richarlison spare Greenwoid, Martial and Vandabeek and Pogba if he stays but if he leave then beat it. The next Jan window unitrd can focus on rebuilding at the back...For me with this new in coming i mentioned can change united attack greatly. To be honest i dont feel Pogba his style has fallen at united...too slow for me and falls lots slopy cant help fall back after calling. Even Martial be has been at united for too long and united needs Everton soares from Brazil for Martial to rotate with Rashford...united has almost 6 players it can sell to get at lest 4 quality players...
cris alvarez
cris alvarez 14 dager siden
To think that de Gea is the last player who played in command of Ferguson, just remembering the past makes me nostalgic, they are not good times to remember and get sad.
Anthony O
Anthony O 13 dager siden
we still have good ol Phil Jones from the Fergie era....imagine he could be the last man standing from that era 🤣
Joni Hartono
Joni Hartono 14 dager siden
Ole not give enough youth game time. Which youth want manutd move. Ole not good manage on youth
cris alvarez
cris alvarez 14 dager siden
after the 5 years of pochetino in tottenham i learn and reborn the idea of give the manager 5 years to get the juice out of the team according to the coach's ideas.
Adithya V
Adithya V 14 dager siden
Solomon Samuel
Solomon Samuel 14 dager siden
Khalfan Nadhief
Khalfan Nadhief 14 dager siden
Absolutely loves the way Mark describes Jesse as a "young lad"! Forever young, forever wonderkid 😁
Demon Headmaster
Demon Headmaster 14 dager siden
People keep going on about the Glazers however they have been there since 2005/06ish and we won many trophies under this regime even tho i dont agree with the way theyv handled business and every other reason people can give me yes i agree with it all but we CAN still win trophies. Have to look at the manager also which deluded fans wana jus brush under the carpet. When we lost to leicster and Psg that wasnt the glazers fault that was in game tactics that cost us that. A better manager and coach would not have lost them games in the manner we did. Glazers aint going anywhere so the least we can do is bring in a better coaching set up. Instead our current ones are doing a favours for mates. Nicky butt left and theres a good reason why yet no one has even spoken about it in detail. Ole is NOT the guy to bring us trophies how many times has he bottled us in competitions now? Getting ridiculous now.
The Toyota 86 Perspective
Manchester United is now officially Arsenal 2.0 (as much as this pains me to admit)
Niall O'Neill
Niall O'Neill 14 dager siden
You have the Club and Glazers sussed Mark, without a shadow of doubt. Let's find someone else to buy the club !!! Then, we can dream again, and our team can play in the Theatre of Dreams again !!! I haaaad a DREAM...LA LAL LA LAAA. i BELIEVE IN ANGELSSSS... LA LA LA LA LAAAAA !!!
Jim Dock
Jim Dock 14 dager siden
Legend Mark
Splendiferous Finch
Splendiferous Finch 14 dager siden
Maguire was 1st choice for 80mil, look how that turned out, doesn’t mean he’s good. Of course other clubs are gonna say their CB’s are worth 80+mil when Utd are interested
asr1227 14 dager siden
It must only be Ole's signing or they will be on the bench...
Sonny Blundell
Sonny Blundell 14 dager siden
Sign Kounde n sell McGuire, kounde looks like he will be a leader and at such a young age he would be perfect, we could probably bring in varane aswell if we sell McGuire and afew other players, we wont do that thoe because it makes too much sense.
Alan Koh
Alan Koh 14 dager siden
Ole destroyed young players: Tuanzebe. Gomes. Chong. Williams. New players: Telles. VDB. Old players: Lingard. Bailly. Martial. DDG
Jon Terry
Jon Terry 14 dager siden
Ole has 100 mil max, they wont spend 80 mil on kounde unless they sell martial, de gae and pogba because we need a striker, martial 4 goals, 9 goals and 4 this season ain't good enough
Kaliph Woods
Kaliph Woods 14 dager siden
We are a shambles in the transfer market with these cheap owners. It's gonna be hard to see city and chelsea spending while we studying progress
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 14 dager siden
25:55 for anyone who needs it
Lukas O.B
Lukas O.B 14 dager siden
Also once this channel has more subs that the official Man United channel, things will get interesting.. Keep it up
Justin Drey
Justin Drey 14 dager siden
The offical channel has 3.9 million
Will 14 dager siden
Kounde is an absolute baller. Could see him making an awesome cdm too he’s got some skills
Lukas O.B
Lukas O.B 14 dager siden
The way the United Stand is growing since I started watching 4/5 years ago - I can see this channel having a huge part to play in getting our club back in 5-10-15 years.. think we are DONE unless the Glazers sell or the fans can force them out. Im prepared for a trophyless decade as things are rn.
MILO ICE 14 dager siden
Haha how are the fans going to force them out? With pitchforks?
Usama 14 dager siden
Mark, a suggestion for this summer’s transfer videos on TUS...turn them in to a series of parodies and just take the piss out of the Man UTD Transfer policy and Ed Woodfuck. Shouldn’t be hard m8 😄
Sindo M
Sindo M 14 dager siden
Woodward will be watching these videos and will be rofl
KING DEDEDEDEDE 14 dager siden
whatever is happening rn let's hope city don't break our pl records or any other records manchester is red
Afaan Grewal
Afaan Grewal 14 dager siden
It's not always about not paying it because we're taking on the boards drivel we've just got a lot of talent coming through. e.g. Galbraith who would suit what we want and have more output than Rice if given the same opportunities.
Nesh Michaels
Nesh Michaels 14 dager siden
Honestly how can these prats run the club this bad. Especially a big club like this with such resources and heritage 🤦🏾‍♂️
Hassy Kay
Hassy Kay 14 dager siden
Same happened with Liverpool tho, Liverpool dominated the 60’s, 70’s 80’s and then for 30 years they didn’t win a league, and the same thing will happen with ManU
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel 14 dager siden
Just shows how far man city are ahead of utd.. They have far better people running the club along with the world's best manager.. Utd as a club are toxic from top-botton run by a bunch of amateurs..
Scott Cousin
Scott Cousin 14 dager siden
Heard he’s not that great tbf
Nesh Michaels
Nesh Michaels 14 dager siden
Thank you. Someone needs to call Ole out on not using the youth. The man is just a fraud honestly 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Niall O'Neill
Niall O'Neill 13 dager siden
@MILO ICE I agree at times, but the likelihood is they think it's better to get the pts at the moment, than risk losing too many games by playing openly with the players they have got, as they know that some of them are not of the desired standard!!! Even Fergie had to be pragmatic at times.
DAZZA 14 dager siden
We have the 2nd youngest average age team in the league but alright Nesh
MILO ICE 14 dager siden
@Niall O'Neill Maybe the football the team is playing? Its lame and cowardly.
Sir marcus Rashford MBE
And some of our fans still think he used the youth 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Niall O'Neill
Niall O'Neill 14 dager siden
@Alan Koh No, I hear an excellent PE teacher. What is in question is his ability to successfully transfer his undoubted PE skills into his job at Man Utd, and make us Kings of PE, I mean Europe, again. The jury is still out on this one !!!
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 14 dager siden
Mark..don't be sorry for saying the truth..proper reds are all going through your pain..those leeches are killing us!...something needs to change..fast!!👊⚉👹
Nesh Michaels
Nesh Michaels 14 dager siden
Mark is right Man city dont think of us. But who does nowadays. This club is a joke now
Ajmal Cosman
Ajmal Cosman 14 dager siden
Mancity thinks of us, they even put clauses in the contract once they sell players.
Marvin Clarke
Marvin Clarke 14 dager siden
For Ole to succeed he needs to grow big balls show Pogba that Manchester United is bigger than him just as SAF did when star players felt they was bigger. But again Ole is a PRAT
Terry Smith
Terry Smith 14 dager siden
United has a club don't like managers that open their mouth that's why van Gaal and Mourinho was sacked, that's why ole was given the manager's job because he's a yes man and do what he is told
Dar Mon
Dar Mon 12 dager siden
@JC Gaming they won more than ole ole will lose pogba and bruno over next two years and replace them with crap
JC Gaming
JC Gaming 13 dager siden
@Dar Mon Did they win the Premier league or champions league,they did not.Ole just needs the players in the summer.
Dar Mon
Dar Mon 13 dager siden
@JC Gaming they won trophies
JC Gaming
JC Gaming 13 dager siden
No Jose slagged off every player in interviews so he deserved to get sacked and under van gaal we didn't really progress under him at all. Ole has actually done more then Jose and van gaal by removing trash and improving the team. We can have a good season by winning the europa and finishing 2nd.
Alan Koh
Alan Koh 14 dager siden
Can’t disagree more. 💯
Rene 14 dager siden
So Mark according to your logics, Manu is the new Dortmund. Are young players being played at Man City etc., unless they are a generational talent? NO. We cannot want our cake and eat it too!!
Sumeet Kumar
Sumeet Kumar 14 dager siden
I believe what he is trying to say is that LVG and even Jose brought in young players into the team. I remember our final game against Crystal Palace where a 16 year old Angel Gomes replace Rooney and everyone was like what a talent he is. In the end, him and Chong have been wasted by Ole. It is the same for our other youth players who are not being integrated into the team at all. The one that hurts the most is Tuanzebe after his wonderful display against PSG, but he got dropped for the trash HM.
Cali Shakes
Cali Shakes 14 dager siden
It is hilarious. We have this discussion every transfer window. We say the gap grows, no matter who the manager is they can’t win with this team, and we don’t back the manager. Then transfer window closes and we say Ollie out cause he is not good enough when we lose to crap teams. It can’t be both!
C H 14 dager siden
We need a arab or a russian .
gillco 14 dager siden
Hahah I would hate if we bought to the top like city or Chelsea but I’m getting that depressed watching united at the minute I’d wish we go down that route
gillco 14 dager siden
Should be getting skriniar through inter Milan oweing us 43 million
chrsalg 14 dager siden
We are angry 😡
chrsalg 14 dager siden
It’s because it our great club being destroyed
chrsalg 14 dager siden
You right but they do go in cycles but it’s because off owners were in the the downward spiral
Niyaz Ahmed
Niyaz Ahmed 14 dager siden
I would say go for David carmo. He plays like vidic and Bailly. Maguire needs that. He was also Liverpool target.
Rebas Da2
Rebas Da2 14 dager siden
We are the AC Milan of England
just me
just me 10 dager siden
@Tutaleni Angula irrelevant😆
Tutaleni Angula
Tutaleni Angula 10 dager siden
Than what is arsenal
IC7 13 dager siden
@Muma Ndubula On the bright side you guys have been going upward lately. From an outside perspective
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula 13 dager siden
Funny thing is I love Ac Milan so football sucks for me
just me
just me 13 dager siden
@Ayushman Bansal were the best club in the country for a long time and now a long way off
chrsalg 14 dager siden
Were the biggest club in the world but with a poor team in 70 80 we were never near the Liverpool’s of70 80
francis kampwita
francis kampwita 14 dager siden
Mark Bruno was not first choice remember that winter window even in the summer it was madisson ole really wanted? And we only bought Bruno after we had a bad run of results.. remember our transfer policy about wanting young british players? 🤷🏾‍♂️ People act like Bruno was an ole master stroke and yet it was just a desperate signing after he knew he could not get madisson in January and just began to hope that signing could help ..and he got lucky..
francis kampwita
francis kampwita 14 dager siden
@Sumeet Kumar exactly mate for me that told he was never the right man..have u ever even heard top teams from spain,germany etc say they want players from their own country? No.. because football isn't played on that basis the only question should be are u good enough? Where u are from should not matter..and I totally agree english players are overrated and overpriced aswell
Sumeet Kumar
Sumeet Kumar 14 dager siden
We do not talk about this issue a lot. This obsession with young British players is just stupid. It is good that Mark always mentions if our players would get into any other top teams. You could probably count with one hand how many of these so called England players would would get into the France team, Germany, or even Netherlands. English players are not as talented they are hyped to be.
Jack Steedman
Jack Steedman 14 dager siden
Would Solskjaer still pick Lindelof over Kounde. I think Solskjaer would pick Koulibaly over Lindelof. He’s probably bench Kounde
VnnXyz14 13 dager siden
You think what? Stop beeing illuded deluded; you will never see Koulibaly wearing United colors !
UP YER KILT!! 14 dager siden
we should be buying morelos for our new striker another potm columbian international 25 million pounds at the very most tavernier as a back up rb and im defo sure he could take awb position and connor goldson cb more goals than martial is 20 million easy there all european experienced and there league winners. it just makes sense
chrsalg 14 dager siden
Mark we were a big club before Ferguson not very successful but still a big club just got shite owners
Manuel Jorge
Manuel Jorge 14 dager siden
Tbf Sven Botman is class.
Ideozu Blake
Ideozu Blake 14 dager siden
For some reason Mark feels if we get a cb for cheap, he won’t start. Like that isn’t Olé’s fault at the end of the day
arvie ocampo
arvie ocampo 14 dager siden
why would pogba want to stay home he, Bruno and Donny leaves
chrsalg 14 dager siden
Incoming mings and ings here we go
Darkstar8473 14 dager siden
And the sad obsession continues...
Mivanp 14 dager siden
The day I get excited over united signing a centre back. I will have give up on football
Sir Jumpalot
Sir Jumpalot 14 dager siden
Every team is ripping the piss out united they are bumping up the price because they know united are stupid enough to do it... “*cough* Maguire *cough*”
Tim Garrod
Tim Garrod 14 dager siden
Jessie really deserves to play first team football ⚽️ good luck to the lad
Mario G
Mario G 14 dager siden
IN: (Kounde £60 million), (Rice £60 million), (Almada £20 million), either Aarons or Lamptey for around £30 million each. OUT: Lingard (£20 million), Dalot (£15 million), Pereira (£15 million), If Pogba leaves £60 million and around £40 million if the French Joelinton gets sold. Lol if only the board were even a bit competent.
Russ Bhagwansingh
Russ Bhagwansingh 14 dager siden
Look for transfer setback tomorrow
Manchester United Club
Manchester United Club 14 dager siden
How are man city and chelsea getting better deals than us? There is something wrong. Dortmond is selling halland for 150mil because man untd are interested. Man city will buy him for 85mil😂😂😂
Sky QA
Sky QA 14 dager siden
Jota went to a Liverpool for 45 mil. A master of negotiation. MU have terrible scouting and recruiting.
jivo76 14 dager siden
If I’m to choose a partner for Maguire then it’s Lindelof. You might say wtf? Yes I believe Lindelof is suited to play alongside Maguire but they need to be trained how to defend and Solskjaer isn’t the one to do that.
Matéo 14 dager siden
Wolly Mamoth FC 🦣🤣🤷‍♂️😢
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