HUGE De Gea Pay Off! ICARDI in CAVANI Out? Man Utd Transfer News 

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Man Utd will pay De Gea millions to leave this transfer window according to reports and is Icardi coming in to replace Cavani? Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. United Stand Merch collection united-stand.myshopify.com/
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5. april. 2021





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64mkb 7 dager siden
If Marcus isn't 100% why play him? Give him rest, let him recover. Make use of your other players.
oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah
Cavani is criminally underated. He has performed in both international and league football for a decade and a half now. He doesn't get any respect for being just below the level of lewandsoski
Slabicus Headicus
Slabicus Headicus 8 dager siden
De gea has proved in the past he can be an absolute world class keeper playing with average defenders. But the level has dropped too far for even him with magulof... smalling and Blind were a better pairing ffs. And Dean Henderson couldn’t lace a 24 yr old De Geas boots.
IC7 8 dager siden
People really saying Dean is the next big thing after one season at Sheffield and because he “shouts a bit” 😂😭
Robert 8 dager siden
This is why I don’t support clubs that are trying to get back to their glory days. Any club that doesn’t win the champions league, I’ll support those clubs. I support clubs that will want to create their own glory. A new club wins their 1st ever champions league. That I support. I hope DDG will win the champions league just to run it in on everyone’s faces that pushes him OUT. Will there be headlines?
Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri 8 dager siden
Would you swap De Gea plus 10M for Varane?
Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri 8 dager siden
With Lee Grant, Perriera, Romero all leaving at the end of the year, how can we afford to let either De Gea or Henderson leave?
JG 8 dager siden
“Romero has been a great servant to this club” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri 8 dager siden
Do you think De Gea was dropped because he left the team to go to Spain to witness the birth of his son?
Faizal Kassim
Faizal Kassim 8 dager siden
Daniel O'Neill
Daniel O'Neill 9 dager siden
So hypocritical last week you was praising city for being ruthless with Sergio, now your complaining we are being ruthless simply de gea as dropped off if we sell him for 30-40 million, then we have not lost on he's pay off and we have had are value from him over the years, we can't be holding on to players who are on decline when you have a young asset available it's just a shame we don't have anyone knocking on mata and matics door, ole knows de gea as shown signs of decline especially when you consider he's very much a goalkeeper who relies heavily on he's agility and doesn't have much going for him apart from that, he's agility is brilliant hence he's shot stopping ability but you can see it's dropping just like Rooney when he lost he's pace, acceleration and first touch he went bad very quick. We have to be ruthless and we simply haven't been since fergie went Ferguson's knew Rooney had lost it and was going to sell him but Moyes didn't listen.
HANS HSN 9 dager siden
united is 2nd in the league. where is united in the champions league?
HANS HSN 9 dager siden
bissouma is used to play good football with good tactical coaching, he won't suit man united because united aint got any of that
HANS HSN 9 dager siden
if its unacceptable, sack the coach
HANS HSN 9 dager siden
why would real sign de get? they've got courtois. get your logic right
HANS HSN 9 dager siden
u wanna put donny on the wing, but couldn't accept pogba there
Lubabalo Mhlontlo
Lubabalo Mhlontlo 9 dager siden
The staying alive referral killed me 😂😂😂
Gerard Mengang
Gerard Mengang 9 dager siden
You don't treat players like that! Thesame way we treated Romero- what is Man U becoming ? we have become a like any other cheap-small club. DDG has done nothing wrong, ManU offered him the deal, to drop him is simply WRONG!, DH is no better keeper than DDG. Ole OUT!
Jamil Yassin
Jamil Yassin 9 dager siden
Swap Ole for El Loco Bielsa so that Man U play the “Leeds Way” Don’t know if this lot can cope
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez 9 dager siden
Our goalkeeper situation just simply makes me sad. It's like a bad dream, and I just hope it isn't real.
Jamil Yassin
Jamil Yassin 9 dager siden
Ole will buy Pesuma and then put him on the bench. Amad play for his country and Ole still play Dan James
MUFC CASUALS 9 dager siden
No no no don’t want to see Icardi here
George E
George E 9 dager siden
Icardi is a killer in the box, but that is all he brings , graveyard shifts at no 9 mean he will not get too many chances.
Kyle Murphy
Kyle Murphy 9 dager siden
Bousooma would be a proper signing
The Amature Golfer
The Amature Golfer 9 dager siden
Great show mark. You work hard mate & you articulate a good opinion & argument. Brilliant stuff keep it up pal.
Peter Jones
Peter Jones 9 dager siden
How many seasons has de gea been the player of the year and he has won titles and this disrespectful nonsense towards him is purely because he was rewarded with a long term high paid contract and now they are trying to cut wages. De gea has done nothing wrong and he doesn't deserve to be treated like that
Ryan Wade
Ryan Wade 9 dager siden
I definitely think ole would get another job if we sacked him. Even if it was like mid table Spain or championship.
Akino Awong
Akino Awong 9 dager siden
Icardi is one of the few strikers right now. The majority of the world are false 9. He very underated
D.B.D Alex
D.B.D Alex 6 dager siden
He don't evan make psg xi
Michael Kung
Michael Kung 9 dager siden
Mau pay is better than Icardi
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
Even during Sir Alex's time we used to grind out results as well. I remember the season where Kevin Keegan's Newcastle was smashing everybody left right centre. We were grinding out 1 0 results. I can't remember ... that time ... we had like 6 or 7 1 0 results ... 🤷🏽‍♂️
UP YER KILT!! 9 dager siden
get Glen Kamara in spl winner last 16 in europa league 2x we could get him for about 20 million he would be perfect beside pogba and vdb
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
We talk so much about transfers in every show ... but the Glszers will disappoint as usual ... so what's the point of it all ...
Paul Paul
Paul Paul 9 dager siden
CRIKEY MARK, WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON??? De Gea DOES NOT control or command his area like Peter S and Van Der Sar. ANY QUALITY GK would command his area, shout at his defenders etc De Gea is more of a wimp..he does not TALK at all. Get serious
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
Everyone thinks Declan Rice is the answer ... the next Bryan Robson? ... but ...what if he does come and has a stinker ...
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
Mason Greenwood is better than Haaland ...
J Zcker
J Zcker 9 dager siden
Sorry to say never trust OGS. He lied too many times regarding players. He is biased, MU does not have to buy new players for him. Just let him play his existing favourite players. He got no clues and tactics. MU, please play VDB or sell him for his good, Ole only destroyed his talents if he stays, the same goes with Amad.
Sween JP6
Sween JP6 9 dager siden
Bored of this De Gea talk now lost all interest in it he stays or goes and thats that makes no drastic difference either way
Ted Stan
Ted Stan 9 dager siden
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 9 dager siden
Mark Derby would take Lampard, arteta would get another job. Ole is not a good manager and it's so obvious, his sacking is inevitable.
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 9 dager siden
Mark we are not the second best team in the league, points on table yes but on the eye no. Leeds play way better football than us, so does Brighton and other teams. He has good players to bail him out of jail, that's because we dont have a proper system, arteta has crap players, give Arteta this team we would do much better because he has a clear system, give ole that Arsenal team he would probably get them relegated
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 9 dager siden
Ole cant handle a player with an ego like Icardiif things doesn't go his way his wife gets very mouthy
James 9 dager siden
If you guys want a striker who will actually do something for you then you need a player like Antonio from West Ham
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 9 dager siden
Ole will just waste Bissouma's talent, hes a very tactically driven player, ole is tactically naive and wont know how to use him.
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 9 dager siden
@PrometheusTV Mate,bruno is a very very good player but he isnt a tactically driven player like a bissouma or VDB, when bruno was at sporting he basically had a free role, players like a bissouma or VDB have played in a proper system and get specific instructions
PrometheusTV 9 dager siden
Like he did with Bruno oh wiat
Nathan McGuckin
Nathan McGuckin 9 dager siden
The club is a disgrace the way the club and the media has been targeting David has been a disgrace a legend like him deserves so much better and he’s done nothing the club is disgusting no better then Madrid
utd fan
utd fan 9 dager siden
i became oleout last night, not cause playing style and new toy syndrome and other things that these kids spammed during the brighton game, the ddg treatment triggered me and has shown me that this man cant resist the media and has to get balls and a spine...
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 9 dager siden
Mark Real Madrid already have Curtois
Michael Tomko
Michael Tomko 9 dager siden
Ole and imagination are an oxymoron
S H 9 dager siden
Emotions and balance sheets??!!?? That’s why your a snowflake you tuber! 😂😂😂😂😂
Terry Smith
Terry Smith 9 dager siden
The reason are forwards have not been scoring goals is because the midfield don't move the ball Quickly to many touches before they play the ball forward
Allan Taylor
Allan Taylor 9 dager siden
I did not see it yesterday
Legendary Marv
Legendary Marv 9 dager siden
Bailly is out for Granada so hopefully we will see axel wit Maguire 🙄
Authentic The Exception
spoke about last nights game on my channel.....trash game over all but we got the win....PLAY DVB!!!!!!!!! him bruno and pogba are going to be a handfull for every defence in world football....we DONT need to play so defensive against the lower half of the table
Paulo Ramírez
Paulo Ramírez 9 dager siden
The club can't stop making stupid decisions
Bryan Rubio
Bryan Rubio 9 dager siden
sell fred, matic, mata, martial and lindelof to fund more transfers! these are not united players! also lingard for rice plus £40M.
chad phillip
chad phillip 9 dager siden
Mark I enjoy your show and listen every day but you're talking out your ahse about Bruno, Pogba and DVB making our midfield great
Stephen 9 dager siden
You ad will ad get ad what ad you ad don’t ad want. Joker ad united..ad
Noah Laliberty
Noah Laliberty 9 dager siden
Mark is such a flip flopper lol
Gary McCormack
Gary McCormack 9 dager siden
Over time I can imagine that the United reputation will be damaged by this perceived treatment of players. TBH I don’t see any change coming soon.
M Gray
M Gray 9 dager siden
I totally agree with you about De gea
Full English Breakfast
What a load of rubbish... If that´s the case, then you can say that Lindelöf has created 17 goals this season without touching the ball..
Martin Burke
Martin Burke 9 dager siden
Icardy take all the players wife's 😂😂😂😂
Robert Alvarez
Robert Alvarez 9 dager siden
Maybe Ole made the change because he trusts DDG in a final for a trophy more than Dean.
John Roth
John Roth 9 dager siden
Boussuma turned the ball over a lot yesterday
D Bugatto
D Bugatto 9 dager siden
Totally agree about Greenwood , a diamond in need of a polish .
John Roth
John Roth 9 dager siden
Wait so when city won't re-sign aguero it's good cut throat business. But Romero doesn't deserve to have his time end that way. You can't advocate for city releasing players bc they're no longer good enough, and united are wrong for doing the same... No?!
Sarb Rai
Sarb Rai 9 dager siden
De Gea hasn't been the same since 2018, made plenty of errors since which causes uncertainties in defence. The time is right to replace De Gea, and yes we need a CB, RB, CDM, RM, CF.
gavin greensmith
gavin greensmith 9 dager siden
Great analogy "stayin alive but not living" its why i have always been and always will be ole out. I rate ole as highly as i do woodward and the boards expertise in football matters.
Adoramus Ugonna
Adoramus Ugonna 9 dager siden
I so much love you this man, your card reader to football ⚽.
Steve Webster
Steve Webster 9 dager siden
I agree Bissoumi would be a great addition even I noticed him during the game.
Saqib Akbar
Saqib Akbar 9 dager siden
Don't think Wanda Icardi will like Manchester
Graham Koppenhol
Graham Koppenhol 9 dager siden
You’re dead right, Greenwood is our number 9 of the future.
dabluerover 9 dager siden
Let Amad, Mata back up Bruno in some games. Have Donny replace either Scot or Fred, playing opposite of Pogba. And allow Fred at the CDM.
Jacque Legoy
Jacque Legoy 9 dager siden
The premier league is getting boring. How a team coach by a useless PE teacher can be in second place
Robel Tadesse
Robel Tadesse 9 dager siden
Why do people think De Gea is going Real Madrid? Courtouis is having one of his best ever seasons and De Gea wouldn’t want to be a backup. He won’t even go to Barca or Atletico so the next best option in Spain is probably Sevilla or Villarreal so maybe we could do something with Kounde or Pau Torres instead. This De Gea to Real Madrid story to so DEAD tho
Jakob Puggaard
Jakob Puggaard 9 dager siden
Haaland is not scoring goals and goals for norway, why because the service isnt there, what do people think will happen if he comes to United? We need more creative players on the pitch and thats a fact.
Raj shah
Raj shah 9 dager siden
Ole lost me yesterday with treatment of De Gea...he was our league keeper and Hendo was cup keeper..why has that been swapped??? What a joke...so hendo is suddenly number one without proving it and De Gea is a cup keeper!! Ole is a joke..cant wait for Xmas wheb he gets sacked
Raj shah
Raj shah 9 dager siden
Lets be real..De Gea has been our number one for 10 years now and plsyer of the year 4 times...Henderson has had one good year at Shef United and suddenly he is good enough to be our number one after a few good games with no crowd!!
Kyle Reed
Kyle Reed 9 dager siden
You've said the same things the past 5 videos. Okay we get you don't want a striker. Doesn't mean you know more than anyone else.
Frantz H
Frantz H 9 dager siden
Why do you feel like henderson and de gea are such a problem? Romero was on good wages on the bench always, arizzabalaga is benched at Chelsea nobody cares, what drives this stupid discussion actually is just you.
T Smith
T Smith 9 dager siden
Icardi ain’t even that good, he hardly even starts in a farmers league and has only 5 goals this season
Deepak Sureshkumar
Deepak Sureshkumar 9 dager siden
Lovely nod to VDB!
I.C.O 9 dager siden
25:40 but Liverpool bought wjijaldum when Newcastle did horrible that season
Ezii Jr
Ezii Jr 9 dager siden
The way the club handles players and we wonder why the likes of Bellingham gave us a quick serve
Ashley Halls
Ashley Halls 9 dager siden
The way they handle injury prone players is attractive tho
Brandon 97
Brandon 97 9 dager siden
Yep exactly
Kaliph Woods
Kaliph Woods 9 dager siden
Henderson is everton quality
Messymouf Entertainment
Never hear shaw should of stopped the cross
Matt Hanley
Matt Hanley 9 dager siden
Nothing will improve our team more than a proper cdm.
PrometheusTV 9 dager siden
@Tremaine Bishop Matic was good when he first came
Tremaine Bishop
Tremaine Bishop 9 dager siden
I remember when we had an opportunity to sign fabinho instead we got washed up matic.
Craig Lawrence
Craig Lawrence 9 dager siden
All this nonsense about disrespect for De Gea, Didn't he try to force a transfer to Real until he got paid 350k a week ?
Seanmufc89 9 dager siden
Ole has probably said “look donny, Paul’s going in the summer you will be an important part of our midfield next season”.
Invisxble 9 dager siden
nice beard
TheDisruptiveOne 9 dager siden
Luke Shaw is player of the year. Bruno has faded.
david cox
david cox 9 dager siden
The Disrespect DDG Is Receiving From The Glazer's/Woodenhead Is Nothing New, These Parasites Gave Jones A New Contract When He Should Have Been BINNED, GLAZER'S/WOODENHEAD OUT🚀
Jason RT
Jason RT 9 dager siden
Michael Webb
Michael Webb 9 dager siden
what if de gea wants the chance to win something again before leaving in the summer and has asked to play the european games instead of the prem games so he can have that chance
R F 9 dager siden
I don't understand the mentalitity that we will lose 30/40mil pounds.. If he stayed and fulfilled his contract , its still paying him the same thing just over 3yrs that he has left or whatever. Either way we pay him the same amount whether he stays or leaves.
The Truth
The Truth 9 dager siden
The difference is we still have a world class goalkeeper that we can use, is it really that hard to understand?
Paul K
Paul K 9 dager siden
sometimes it takes a while to become the DON ...he made us an off we can't refuse
Jon Oconnell
Jon Oconnell 9 dager siden
Did you see Bruno and ole row
Strife SZN
Strife SZN 9 dager siden
What soljaskaer is doing is like what sir Alex did with Rooney played him through injury it’s happening again and rashfords career could be ruined if he gets a bad tackle
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best 9 dager siden
No icardi please..
Jey King
Jey King 9 dager siden
Lol... somebody changed Bissouma’s Wikipedia page to Man Utd 😂
Slabicus Headicus
Slabicus Headicus 8 dager siden
That should happen
Aziz 9 dager siden
Had to check if it was real someone actually has🤣🤣🤣
Mat 5
Mat 5 9 dager siden
Bissouma > Rice for sure
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